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Experst claim the islands will promote growth for seagrass, oyster reefs, mangroves and more. At the time of this writing there is free, easy parking onsite in an overflow lot. There are many tragic stories of people being run over or injured by boats while swimming and snorkeling. I think the best time to visit Peanut Island is early in the day. At high tide, beautiful, clear ocean water floods into the Palm Beach Inlet. There are several, large, covered cabanas sprinkled around the island. She is interested in sustainable traveling and marine conservation. If you're into exotic fish and hermit crabs, this place is for you! One great thing about Peanut Island is that you dont have to fight for expensive parking! Photos of the campground and facilities are included below. It will take about 18 months to build the islands. If you dont have your own boat, I highly recommend the ferry/shuttle boat! During low tide its still very nice, but the water is murkier and visibility is worse. Snorkeling is the best at high tide. There can be very strong currents! Each cabana had a large number of picnic tables, and some have charcoal grills under shade. The parking lot is a very short walk from the ferry dock, and youll walk past cool sea-life murals. But, the boat crew helps families lift strollers and beach wagons. Peanut Island Park is closed after sunset, except for registered overnight campers. Lifeguards patrol the area during the summer season, and on weekends during the winter. There are also many open-air rinse-off showers available for free to all island visitors. Just to be safe, if you have wheelchair needs or other mobility questions Id be sure to call and ask before you go. Many people are injured with cuts and scrapes from rocks. Some people also love low tide, but for other reasons. Easybreath full face mask review Is it good for snorkeling? Its big enough that you can almost always find a relaxing spot to enjoy. Arrive early, or wake up at your campsite, Explore and walk around the island. Every weekend, a flotilla of boats arrives and anchors offshore of Peanut Island. Anett is a certified scuba diver, freediver and an expert in snorkeling with more than 10 years experience. The process was super easy and was not a hassle at all. Best $20 we spent on our vacation! To know when high tide is, check the marine forecast before your trip or ask the shuttle boat staff who also can inform you about the conditions. You get a sense of the cold war history, and our tour guide was very well informed. Its common to see tropical fish, stingrays, starfish, and other sea life. Upwards of 1,000 manatees pass through the area and due to a lack of seagrass, many are dying of starvation. Should you plan a longer getaway to this idyllic place, the park offers designated campground with 17 campsites that come with picnic table, grill and tent pad. Plus, youre right next door to the famous Manatee Lagoon manatee viewing center! Besides these activities, the more than 1 mile long walking path is perfect for walking and jogging! Bring ur own food and drink. It takes most people about 40-60 minutes to walk around. Its a perfect little spot to pack a cooler with grilling gear and enjoy a great, affordable beach day.

Prices are listed on their camping page, which also includes the camper ferry ticket prices. Theres busy boat traffic almost every day of the year. Please note, that there is a chance for a strong current as the tide changes so weak swimmers recommend staying close to shore and it is good to wear an inflatable snorkel vest. The Best Places to See Manatees in Florida, Palm Beach Maritime Museum and JFK Bunker, Three clean, full-service, enclosed bathroom buildings, Outdoor rinse-off showers are scattered around the island, The Peanut Island ferry is located inside the. The event was famous for becoming unruly, even by Peanut Island party standards. The Florida Guidebook is supported by our readers. The Palm beach Maritime Museum and JFK bunker were very popular, and often described as must-see attractions while on Peanut Island. Since then , she is traveling all over the world to discover our waters. Here you can spot crabs, lobsters, shrimps, sea urchins, sponges besides coral species. Jelly fish are often present, so lots of people wear rash guards to help guard against stings. Spring and fall can offer pleasant weather when it will be warm enough to swim, but the heat will not be overwhelming. Peanut Island is truly a hidden gem. The sandbar is not technically part of Peanut Island, and so alcohol is allowed, and flows freely. During high tide, the inlet fills with water from the Atlantic Ocean, and becomes truly crystal-clear. There are often jellyfish, so lots of people wear rash guards to help guard against stings. Not everyone loves it as much as beach snorkeling. Give Light and the People Will Find Their Own Way. Spring break in Florida varies by school district, but usually lasts from late February until mid April. are not allowed, Beach buggy or wagon with sand-safe wheels, Shade for when you want to get out of the sun, Waterproof camera polarized camera filter, Ferry is relatively expensive for such a short ride. Additional dog rules can be found on the Palm Beach County website. At that time, lots of infrastructure was being built in Florida, including the creation of the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW), the Lake Worth Inlet, and the Lake Worth Lagoon. so you dont forget. Dredge material stored in the port's spoil site on Peanut Island will be used to construct 7.8 acres of mangrove island, 1.7 acres of oyster reef, 26.8 acres of seagrass recruitment area, and 0.2 acres of shorebird nesting habitat. Therefore, we regularly share ocean facts including conservation topics and interesting things about sea creatures. Concerns, hazards and facts. Bonefish Cove project expected to take about 18 months to build. inlet manatee Sadly, both the Peanut Island JFK Bunker are closed, along with the old Peanut Island Coast Guard Station. Theres free public parking for Peanut Island in the Riviera Beach marina, where you catch the ferry. At low tide the sandbar at the north end of the island might be exposed, which is a fun place for boats to party and for people to play frisbee with their dogs. Tip: if you are looking for budget-friendly accommodation nearby, we recommend La Doral Aparthotel on Palm Beach Shores! There are many picnic tables and free charcoal grills available for us on a first-come, first-served basis. Camping ticket can be purchased by the shuttle boat operator too for 20 USD per person that includes camping gear. Believe or not, this little paradise has such an interesting story. Most people come either with their own boat, or the Peanut Island ferry. The island is usually less crowded on weekdays. Thanks to the island good location, the ocean temperatures stay mild even during winter making Peanut Island snorkeling trips possible anytime of the year. The Palm Beach Inlet is a busy, and possibly dangerous, waterway. Dogs are allowed on Peanut Island, as long as theyre on a leash which is 6 feet long, or shorter. Snorkel rental is 10 USD per day. The tides have a strong effect on Peanut Island snorkeling conditions and water clarity. There are several things you must know to stay safe! biologist reefs marine The lush greenery, tall coconut and palm trees feel like a Caribbean paradise. Joe; it's a 10 minute ride, $10 per person of any age. In winter, manatees may enter the lagoon as they search for shelter in warm, protected areas of water. The Peanut Island Ferry does offer some delivery options for basic materials, listed on their Camping page. There, the water is the clearest, and the sandy beaches are the biggest and nicest. Many boaters dont know, or follow safe boating practices. For reservation, contact the parks office! You can do fishing in designated areas, from the pier or from boat. You may find natural shade opportunities, especially around trees and unused lifeguard towers. After sunset theyre reserved for campers staying inside the park.

We havent tried this yet, so if you do, please let us know how it goes! Those who enjoy capturing the beauty of the oceans can read our waterproof camera recommendations as well as snorkeling photography tips. The water is crystal clear, clean and shallow. Being considered as one of the best snorkeling spots in Florida, the Peanut Island Park gives visitors the opportunity to observe many different fish species as well as invertebrates. Should you arrive with your own boat, docking at Peanut Island is free. Be very careful of boat traffic, especially while kayaking, snorkeling and swimming! The floating dock at the end is reserved for 10 minute load/unloading only, and must remain open for the ferry boat and emergency services. Peanut Islandand the Lake Worth Inlet in generalare great and popular kayaking and paddle boarding spots. There is no bridge, you can get to the park by shuttle boat, paddle or kayak. The best swimming and snorkeling on Peanut Island is on the southeast part of the island. Crabs, birds, fish, vulture, Hawks. Theyre day-use only during the day. The process started in 1918 and this piece of land slowly became an 80 acre park. Peanut Island is a small island in Floridas Lake Worth Lagoon. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews. Peanut Island has a fantastic campground! Just look for the giant signs that say Peanut Island Parking. The 80 acre park can be found in Riviera Beach Palm Beach Country, South Florida, between Palm Beach Island and Singer Island. The west side of the island also faces the Port of Palm Beach, which has a more industrial feel. The beaches are sandy and usually have gentle sloping entries, except in areas where beach erosion causes steep drop-offs. Adrenalin junkies can rent jet sky too. A nice place to walk around. Before any camping trip or picnic I always do a dry-run at home so Im sure I dont forget anything silly. Its a hidden gem in Florida, and isnt talked about very much, from what I can tell. Its easy to find this section- just turn left (south) when you exit the island ferry dock. Lifeguards guard this part of the island during the summer season and on winter weekends. There are two sets of docks on the island: one on the east side, and one on the west. Through the recently approved Bonefish Cove project, the Port of Palm Beach plans to fill the large holes with recycled materials. Rash guards and sun shirts are great protection from the sun, too, and can save a ton of money on sunscreen.