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Looking for a great new piece of tennis gear? I felt like my topspin forehands had more bite and kick than usual and I was able to hit my backhand slice effectively. When I was punching volleys, the racquet felt good. She said, "Again, I was hitting all my targets with ease, and the racquet was very comfortable and easy on the arm. I did have a difficult time being offensive on any return. It felt like the NYC got pushed around more in this area, and especially so on my weaker side, the backhand. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link:, The retired tennis legend flogged the racket on a German TV show, But the producers launched an investigation after discovering that the buyer was handed the wrong racket, Becker, who declared bankruptcy in November, has since handed over the real racket, The three-time Wimbledon champion claimed the mix-up was due to a misunderstanding, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Aside from the cool name, the Wilson [K] Zen has a 103-square-inch head, is 27.25 inches long, weighs 11.2 ounces, and is head light. Our big hitting testers weren't getting the plow through they were accustomed to from the 10.8 ounce (strung) NYC. Dunlop Sports specializes in the manufacturing of golf and tennis equipment. We're proud to be making sports more affordable, while keeping gear out of landfills. Tennis Industry Hall of Fame: Honor Society, Growing Community Tennis: Hispanic Tennis Stars, Home of American tennis: The Go-To Place for U.S. Tennis. This Radical comes in three versions: the 98-square-inch mid-plus, the 100-square-inch (and heavier) Pro, and the 107-square-inch oversize. Shaped with a racquet to commemorate Boriss good old days in court and how he stands out among everyone else, this tie bar will magnify how sporty you are with everything. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. The cost not only depends on the player but also on the features of the racket. ", Jose - "The maneuverability of the racquet was amazing. The RDS-002, which has a 98-square-inch head, comes in a standard version and a Tour model. ", Also finding good pace and spin was Chris. These holes also allow the user to generate greater racquet-head speed, for more power. It helps with their ability to control their shots. It didn't provided the plow through that I look for in a racquet. I found plenty of pop to help me play more offensively. I'd do the same with this racquet to improve its plow through. , Dunlop Max 200g Grand Slam Edition Worth : $800. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. ", Jason enjoyed the power, spin and general playability from the baseline. I loved the maneuverability and how it allowed me to successfully hit some angled shots from both wings. ", Jason - "Almost everything! The softer response of the TCS improved the comfort immensely, and I was getting better spin, more touch and all the control needed to allow me to confidently stay on the gas. For other inquiries, Contact Us. But the thing is, some players prefer a more traditional response in their racquets, so its clear when they nail (and miss) the sweetspot. I had a hard time hitting the ball deep in the court. When I had opportunities to be aggressive with my return I really enjoyed it. the boris becker delta core nyc tennis racquet is a high-quality racquet that offers a versatile and efficient tool for playing tennis. The tennis legend, who won his first Wimbledon title aged 17 in 1985 wrote: My Wimbledon tennis racket from the year 1995 would be auctioned, but the buyer wanted to have the racket from my last year and we did that.. Boris becker pro tennis racket is an amazing racket that offers a great deal of performance for the price. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. Fischer is also introducing No Tolerance Technology, which eliminates variances in specs and guarantees that every M Comp 95 will have the exact same weight and balance. ", The NYC provided ample control on groundstrokes for Carol. I customized my Becker Pros with weight and really enjoyed them. The construction is also quite stiff. If you don't like it, return it for free! 2022 RacketSource, All rights reserved. Loved the London, but it needed weight. (Reuters) Tennis racquet maker Prince Sports Inc, which pioneered the oversized racquet, filed for bankruptcy protection in a U.S. bankruptcy court citing increased competition, piling debt and a decline in discretionary spending post the financial crisis that led to falling sales. ", The light weight and maneuverability of the NYC was apparent at net, although some testers experienced a little instability. This is a great addition to the becker collection. It was easy to generate the racquet speed, which allowed me to get that bite on the ball. While we wait for the answer to that question, players can enjoy the Boris Becker 11. The boris becker tennis racquets are the perfect addition to any player's toolkit. It was when I had to absorb pace or looked to drop the ball short with a very soft grip on the racquet that I had issues with stability. The Pro also has a more open string pattern, for more spin production. The Black features a 100-square-inch head, is 27 inches long, and is head light. He was with Dunlop for years, then made a switch to Prince (a company on a roll recently when it comes to inking endorsement deals). Looking for a top of the line boris becker delta core london tour tennis racket 93sq in. Head had a wider product range and a more appealing design. Chris uses a full-western forehand grip, has a fast swing style and hits a one-handed backhand. Our racquets are made of the best materials and are extremely durable. boris becker racket puma winner raquet collector What made his matches thrilling spectacle and his fans filled up the stands to watch him whenever and wherever he played is because of his athleticism and tendency to dive while volleying. Racquet Sports Industry. My choice would be Babolat Pure Drive or Head Speed MP. Heres the deal: Each racquet has the large, grommetless string holes, or Speedports, which deliver a dampened feel and bigger sweetspot. Copyright 2004-2022. ", Jose found spin production to be high, saying, "I notice some extra spin on my kicker and extra power on my flat serve. You can customize the weight and feel of your golf clubs, and now Prince is bringing a similar level of customization to its racquets with the new O3 Speedport Black and Speedport Tour. It is a pretty hard job to pick the better racquet between Babolat and Head. I loved being able to take full cuts at the ball and have it land in because of the heavy spin. The German tabloid also claims that Ein Herz fr Kinder has yet to see a penny of the auction price. Colour:AntiqueSilver You can use this racket with confidence, which can give you a good sports experience. Orders over $50 will ship for free! Chris found that the right string setup really helped with this racquet's performance. Advertise with Racquet Sports Industry, Home TI magazine Frames Frames of Reference. Some Restrictions Apply. Movable Type Development by PRO IT Service. Head had a wider product range and a more appealing design. ", Chris - "I love the cosmetic, the crisp response and the access to spin. Details racket tennis rackets Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Of course, there's also the delta core london tour tennis racket which has a professional look and feel. When banging the ball with big spin and power, the racquet responded immensely better and felt much more solid. Similar to the Vlkl DNX 10, this is a heavy, 12.2-ounce, head-light racquet for advanced players. Racquet Sports Industry magazine archive Copyright 2007 - 2022. You can bank on young juniors, who are trying their first serious players frame, to try the [K] Zen, too. What size tennis racquet does a 11 year old need? Good blend of power and control on the frame. ", Jason would have liked more mass, too, as he got caught out on really aggressive serves. As Boris Becker jet sets the world from Grand Slam city to Grand Slam city with his racquet names (Melbourne, London), we next land in NYC. ", Jose struggled with being aggressive, saying, "It was easy getting a racquet on most serves to get them back in play. (Reuters) Tennis racquet maker Prince Sports Inc, which pioneered the oversized racquet. ", Accuracy was key for Carol. Like other companies this season, Yonex is offering one of its new racquets in different versions to find the biggest audience. It is also well-made with a good feel. I was surprised by the power because it is only 10.8 ounces strung. I'm not saying they were the most successful serves, but at least I felt like I could hit them. What made his matches thrilling spectacle and his fans filled up the stands to watch him whenever and wherever he played is because of his athleticism and tendency to dive while volleying. As a teenager, Boris Becker is a German tennis player who is really famous all over the world for his epic rise to stardom. When you save big on high-quality used gear, youre also keeping more gear on the field and out of a landfill. Jose: 5.0 baseliner with a semi-western forehand with a 2 handed backhand. However, with a sub-11 ounce strung weight this NYC is easily customizable and well worth the effort, our team found, because of the impressive control, ease of swing and spin potential. Every purchase is protected by our buyer guarantee. Search Made from durable materials, this racquetbob has a weight and feel that is perfect for any tennis game. It is used but not used often. ", Jason - "It could've used slightly more mass. The 9Hundred is even bigger, with a 113-square-inch face, a half-inch extra length, and an extremely stiff construction. We also participate in various other affiliate programs, and at times we earn a commission through purchases made through links on this website. With a 95-square-inch head, head-light balance, and flexible frame, and tipping the scales at 12.3 ounces, the racquet is designed for advanced players. ", Jose enjoyed the NYC at net, finding good directional control. Toward the end of the test we put some Polyfibre TCS 16 string in the racquet, and it took the performance to a new level for me. In other words, youre getting two racquets in one. A little lead tape would fix this one up for me, and in stock form I'd call this one a good platform for weight/balance customization.

Product Code: 1060-TB Available in a mid-plus and an extra-long oversize, the Boris Becker V1 is tailored to players who crave a forgiving response, even on off-center hits, and will also appeal to those with arm issues. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. This racquet even inspired enough confidence that I started trying to hit kick serves in games. I liked the angles I could find on spin serves and found I could quickly dial in my targeting and find more of an angle without sacrificing consistency. We provide sellers with a prepaid shipping label, and buyers receive tracking notifications until the item arrives at your doorstep.