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Delta, for example, canceled about 3 percent of its flights last month, second only to American, which canceled 5 percent, according to FlightAware, a flight-tracking website. U.S. airlines canceled more than 2,800 flights over a five-day stretch including the Memorial Day weekend, as bad weather, crews calling in sick, and other factors snarled their operations. In May, for example, carriers slashed about 2.5 percent of the domestic flights they had scheduled for June through August, according to Cirium, an aviation data provider. The Atlanta carrier had the most canceled flights over the Memorial Day and Juneteenth weekends. Still, Deltas leadership is optimistic about the months ahead, saying the airline expects to report a meaningful profit this year. A daily average of nearly 2.3 million people have been screened at airport security checkpoints since the beginning of June, according to Transportation Security Administration data.

Consumers are worried about inflation. All Rights Reserved. The aim is to limit delays and cancellations, which have been problematic in recent weeks. Its a good day for nearly 80,000 Delta Air Lines employees, who will get the companys biggest-ever profit-sharing checks for last years performance. There is little sign that higher fares or recession worries are curbing the pent-up demand for air travel. The average flight was 87% full, just one point lower than in early summer 2019. Employers are still hiring, but recession is being talked about more. "We probably pushed ourselves too far," he said in an interview. That fell short of the $1.73 per share that analysts surveyed by FactSet expected. Weve never been in an environment where capacity has been constrained in the way it is today and unable to meet the demand thats out there, said Dan Akins, an aviation economist with Flightpath Economics, a consulting firm. American and United Airlines are scheduled to report financial results next week, and Southwest Airlines later this month. Some relief may be coming, though: Air travel was among the few goods and services whose prices declined in June from the month before, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said on Wednesday. Georgia travelers navigate updated, loosened policies. The View from the Wing blog by Gary Leff, which first reported the bonuses Sunday, said Delta is voluntarily taking on additional payroll cost as the federal government considers more airline payroll subsidies though the Delta bonuses also suggest airlines may be on the cusp of recovering., Separately, Delta said in a December filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that its board of directors compensation committee had approved a new management incentive plan for cash incentive award opportunities beginning Jan. 1, 2021., It says the plan provides that there is no payout to employees under Deltas broad-based profit sharing program for a plan year, any payout earned under the Plan by most management participants, including participants employed by Delta as executive vice presidents or more senior officers, will not exceed the target award level and, for those executive officer participants, the payout will not be paid in cash, but in shares of restricted stock.. This article is part of our Daily Business Briefing. Delta last year cut employees hours and pay by 25%, along with manager pay cuts, and cut officers pay by 50% before restoring full pay this year. Their profits are still below where they were, said Helane Becker, a managing director and senior analyst at Cowen, an investment bank. Heathrow Airport, in London, said this week that such shortages had led to long lines, delays, lost luggage and last-minute flight cancellations. Revenue minus the refinery came in just 1% below the same quarter in 2019, and that was only because of weak international traffic. For the third quarter, Delta expects to report an operating margin of 11 to 13 percent. The airline canceled 337 flights or about 1% of its schedule in the first 11 days of July, and just 83 after July 3, a major improvement over earlier in the summer, according to figures from tracking service Flightaware. The cost concerns appear to have been the major factor in a decline in share prices for most of the big carriers on Wednesday. Delta Air Lines forecast that revenue from July through September would exceed revenue from the same period in 2019. Delta said it had hired more than 18,000 employees since the start of 2021, restoring its work force to about 95 percent of the size it was in 2019.

Profit-sharing at Delta is in addition to monthly employee bonuses that last year totaled $91.7 million. Delta Air Lines said Wednesday that it earned $735 million in the second quarter. In 2012, Delta profit-sharing totaled $372 million, partly because it was based on a lower percentage of workers eligible earnings, 6.67 percent. But problems with staffing and operations are eating into profits. Delta, the first major U.S. airline to report financial results for the second quarter, said Wednesday that it had a profit of $735 million in the three months that ended in June and that it expected steady demand into the winter. American Airlines this week offered a preview of its own second-quarter results, saying it expected overall revenue to be up about 12 percent from the same quarter in 2019, though it said costs would be higher, too. Earnings per share fell short of Wall Street expectations, however, which the airline blamed on high fuel prices and more than 4,000 canceled flights in May and June. Delta paid an average of $3.82 a gallon for jet fuel, but it expects to pay between $3.45 and $3.60 in the third quarter. A year ago the company paid out $1.6 billion in profit-sharing to employees, amounting to about two months of pay. As a result, it said, it will limit the number of passengers who cycle through the airport each day until mid-September. Anyone can read what you share. The industry is also contending with increased spending related to its operational troubles as it seeks to recruit, hire and train new staff to keep up with demand. Shares of Delta Air Lines Inc. slipped 3% before the market opened and other major airlines fell as well. Thank you to Deltas nearly 80,000 people worldwide who made 2013 a banner year for Delta through the strong work ethic and values they demonstrate every day, Delta CEO Richard Anderson said in a statement. At Delta, thousands are in the hiring, orientation or training process, Deltas chief financial officer, Dan Janki, said on the call. Georgia Public Radio GPTV, Delta places order for 100 Boeing 737 aircraft, Canceled flights mar first weekend of summer for travelers, It's mask confusion! Deltas operating revenue in the quarter, $13.8 billion, was up about 10 percent from the same quarter in 2019. Bastian said Delta recalibrated by eliminating planned growth this year, continuing to hire pilots and other workers, and relaxing the schedule by giving passengers more time to board. Airlines and airports are hiring workers as quickly as they can to better meet demand. The aviation industry has broadly struggled to maintain smooth operations over the past year, as staffing shortfalls compounded the turmoil from bad weather and other disruptions. Oil prices have cooled recently, and that could give another lift to Delta. Were not going to quench that thirst in the space of a busy summer period. While strong demand has been a boon to the industry, its recent struggles have left consumers frustrated. Delta is ordering 100 737 Max 10 airplanes, the largest of the line produced by Boeing, potentially giving the manufacturer additional momentum after a troubled rollout of its most advanced aircraft. Many managers and officers are paid significantly more than the airlines ground workers and flight attendants. Business travel, which becomes crucial to airlines once families go home and kids return to school, has not recovered as quickly as personal travel.

The CARES Act funding for airlines included limits on executive compensation that applied to officers and others with total compensation above certain thresholds. Delta shares were down 4.5 percent. Delta Air Lines is the latest to rein in its plans. By airline standards, that is a high occupancy figure and indicates that many flights during desirable morning and early-evening hours were sold out. Delta said that plan does not apply to the current management bonuses. In the April-June quarter, revenue was $13.82 billion, including $1.5 billion from Delta's refinery near Philadelphia. While the demand and revenue landscape is the best weve seen, the operational environment for the entire industry remains uniquely challenged, Mr. Bastian said on a call with industry analysts and reporters. The problems arent limited to the carriers. Theres a lot in there that is yet to come.. "We had a rough six weeks," CEO Ed Bastian said. Delta CEO Ed Bastian in a memo to employees Monday said those managers took a much bigger cut, proportionally, to their compensation than the rest of the company, while their work hours grew to levels never seen as they rose to the challenge of addressing an unprecedented pandemic.. U.S. carriers see no slowdown in demand, despite unease about the economy. Passengers traveled 18% fewer miles on Delta than they did three years ago, but revenue per mile a stand-in for average fares rose 18%. But even then, training bottlenecks have prevented airlines from putting hires to work right away. The airline spent more than $3.2 billion on fuel in the second quarter, an increase of 41% over the same quarter in 2019. GPB is committedto bringing you comprehensive news coverage from Georgia, across the country and around the world. Your support makes this possible. Please consider making a gift today to support this vital public service. The average fare for an international flight is $827, up 26 percent from 2019. People have not had access to our product for the better part of two years, Mr. Bastian said on the Wednesday call. Delta predicted that third-quarter revenue will be 1% to 5% higher than in the same quarter of 2019, even though it expects passenger-carrying capacity to be no more than 85% of 2019 levels a sign that Delta expects higher fares to remain in place. Proudly serving Airline Staff since 2008 . The company says upper-level managers had bigger cuts in total compensation, since a greater share of their pay is at risk and dependent on the companys performance. But it also reported high costs, driven in part by investments in improving operations. Federal guidance on mask requirements for travelers shifted after a Monday ruling from a Florida judge. After falling somewhat from a May peak, the average price for a domestic flight is $310, up about 16 percent from the same time in 2019, according to Hopper, a travel booking and price-tracking app. This years profit-sharing payment is a reflection of their hard work and of our conviction that if we take care of our employees, they take care of our customers and that enables our shareowners to succeed.. Other bonuses totaled $91 million in 2012.

But Delta expects to collect as much as 5 percent more revenue from July through September than it did during the same period in 2019, the airline said, even though it expects capacity the number of seats offered to be down 15 to 17 percent. Delta said it did not violate CARES Act provisions with the bonuses. Airlines Challenge Is Cutting Costs, Not Filling Seats, That figure is still down about 11 percent from a similar period in 2019, but up about 17 percent from last year. Delta is betting that consumers still want to travel and they have money, partly because they're no longer buying as much stuff for their homes. Employees have gotten smaller shared rewards payments based on operational performance and travel passes. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Delta, which has a major hub at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and other operations around the state, said the profit-sharing checks will total $506.3 million based on 2013 financial results. Airlines may be limited in how much they can lower fares, too. But higher expenses and staffing shortages are hampering the nations airlines as they seek to take full advantage of the rebound. Leisure travel is expected to follow seasonal patterns and slow down this fall, but Delta said it was optimistic that the decline would be offset by increased corporate and international travel, two profit centers that have lagged in the recovery. He characterized the payment as a one time adjustment, rather than a bonus, to bring all employees other than executive officers to the same year-over-year reduction range of approximately 20-30 percent. Executive officers took a 50% cut in base pay last year, while Bastians salary was reduced to zero for last year. On Wednesday, Ed Bastian, Deltas chief executive, said that although demand was strong, the airline would fly the rest of the year at the levels it operated in June. Airlines have made cutbacks to ensure they have the resources and workers on hand to avoid widespread delays and cancellations. Other expenses, including labor, continue to rise. Those higher fares apparently didn't discourage travelers, or at least not many of them. Airlines are also offering huge raises to attract and retain pilots. Atlanta-based Delta, which cut employees pay last year amid a steep decline in travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is giving managers, directors and and senior vice presidents one-time payouts ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Such problems have challenged the industrys ability to capitalize on one of the busiest periods for travel in years. While vacation travel is booming, analysts have urged caution about the period after Labor Day. "This is a company, this is an industry none of us were up to our best.". United recently reached a tentative agreement to raise pilot pay more than 14 percent, while American has offered its pilots a 17 percent raise. Air travel was among the few goods and services whose prices declined in June from the month before. The airlines historic $12.4 billion loss for 2020 meant that employees also got no profit-sharing bonuses. Now travelers in Georgia are receiving guidance from individual transit agencies. Employees will get checks equal to 8.26 percent of their eligible earnings last year. Atlanta, GA 30318 Delta Air Lines is paying out thousands of dollars of bonuses to its managers, even though there is no profit-sharing payout for workers this year. Shortly before July 4, airlines leaders were scolded during a virtual meeting with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who implored the carriers to do better over the holiday weekend. Delta Air Lines headquarters. Delta said that over the last four years it has paid employees profit-sharing and monthly bonuses of $1.7 billion. The management bonuses also come as airlines get billions of dollars in federal stimulus funding and push for passage of American Rescue Plan legislation including billions more in airline aid. She has covered airlines for more than 15 years, graduated from Harvard and has a master's degree from Northwestern. They did although airlines and federal officials have since traded blame for massive delays and cancellations so far this summer. Deltas recent decision to limit capacity reflects greater constraint than any of its peers: The airline is offering fewer flights and seats from July through September, relative to its schedule over the same months in 2019, than any other major U.S. airline, according to Cirium. Delta said in a written statement: While all Delta people were affected by the worst year in our history, following a comprehensive pay review of all levels in our organization below the executive officer level, we identified levels that were disproportionately impacted as a result of last years events and made a one-time adjustment payment.. Delta said that excluding irregular costs it earned $1.44 per share. Delta earned $10.5 billion in 2013 on revenue of $37.8 billion. United States, Copyright 2022, Georgia Public Broadcasting. The industry has benefited from higher ticket prices, but airlines are still far from collecting the profits they reported in 2019. Spending rose sharply for fuel and modestly for labor, compared with 2019, but Delta paid out only $54 million in profit sharing compared with $518 million three years ago. Delta said, for example, that it expected to pay more than $700 million in premium and overtime pay this year, an approximately 50 percent increase from 2019. Planes have been packed to pre-pandemic levels this summer, and that is letting airlines take in enough money to cover higher fuel costs and then some. HYOSUB SHIN / HSHIN@AJC.COM, cut employees pay last year amid a steep decline in travel, airlines get billions of dollars in federal stimulus funding, cut employees hours and pay by 25%, along with manager pay cuts, View from the Wing blog by Gary Leff, which first reported the bonuses Sunday, in a December filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Battle of Atlanta anniversary: See if it was fought in your backyard, Why Georgia Republicans are tiptoeing around new abortion law, Former Conyers mayoral candidate sentenced to prison for pandemic loan fraud, Fulton judge: Alternate GOP electors must honor subpoenas to testify, OPINION: The many unknowns of Georgias new abortion law, Delta testing free Wi-Fi on some flights this summer, Delta had worst cancellation rate among U.S. airlines in May, Monarch counts may not be as dire, but researchers are divided, AJC Podcast: What you need to know about Georgias abortion law, Back from the brink: Tiran Jackson learns to harness power of resilience after tragedy. Business reporter Kelly Yamanouchi covers airlines and the airport including Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines, one of the world's largest carriers, and Hartsfield-Jackson, ranked for years as the world's busiest airport. The unofficial start of summer is offering a troubling look at what lies ahead for travelers during the peak vacation season. They have all these inflationary costs, higher fuel costs, higher labor costs, higher everything costs.. In the United States, airlines have hired more pilots this year than in any full year in at least three decades, according to Future & Active Pilot Advisors, a career consulting firm for pilots. 260 14th St. NW Bastian said Delta and other airlines tried too hard to make up for two years of pandemic and grab the most revenue they could while demand was hot. Sign up to receive GPB Event announcements via Email.

Delta, for example, said its operating margin, a measure of profitability, was 11 percent in the second quarter of this year, down from 17 percent in the same period in 2019. Most customers buy tickets within a few months of when they hope to travel, so its difficult to forecast too far ahead. Jet fuel, a significant part of operating costs, has fallen from record highs this spring but is still well above historical levels. Delta expects non-fuel costs to jump 22% over 2019 levels on a per-mile basis in the third quarter.