apple studio display power cable length

MacBook Pro 16 -i9-9980HK- Radeon Pro 5500m 8GB-32GB DDR4 - 2TBNVME, iPhone 12 Mini / Sony WH-1000XM4 / Bose Companion 20. Good luck finding anyone who knows how to service one these days. Apple will replace it for $29andthere is no shortage of them to buy from third parties. 7 minutes ago, BlueChinchillaEatingDorito said: 4 hours ago, BlueChinchillaEatingDorito said: 5 hours ago, BlueChinchillaEatingDorito said: Theory on why the Apple Studio Display power cable is 'non-removable', i9-9980HK- Radeon Pro 5500m 8GB-32GB DDR4 - 2TBNVME, | 16GB DDR4 | Windows 10 Enterprise | HP EliteBook 850 G4, @4.1GHz | GIGABYTEGTX 1660 GAMING OC@ Core2085MHz Memory 5000MHz, Cinebench R15: 1349cb | Unigine Superposition 1080p Extreme: 3566, official documentation on Apple's website, LG 5K display specifies a 'normal' power consumption of 140 W. there is no shortage of them to buy from third parties. I mean, I don't think I have ever seen a computer setup that doesn't use one of those multi-socket extension cables. I fully expect similar for the Studio Display. It probably could be, but that seems to be a recipe for confusion. The Studio Display Power Cable Removal Tool is absolutely wild! Wanting products to maintain and adhere to standardization has been a core argument in the tech world for as long as I can remember. They just can't let go of their strangehold. Started 33 minutes ago If they dont join the oosbK revolution then they are just going to be those guys in the corner who have cool gadgets but no friends.

The reality is not many complain as much about the other products simply because they will never have the weight of apple behind them and will nearly always die in a hole rather than become a consumer pain in the arse. Shouldn't be any issues with positioning in one's current setup if replacing their machine. But, for long-time Mac-centric gamers not only does it open up a whole new world of games, it restores the ability to play many long-gone 32-bit games of yore. We have both M2 Macs here in our testing studio. That's why Apple doesn't use it on the extremely thin 24-inch iMac, or on the slightly thicker Studio Display. And unfortunately, thats exactly what Linus Tech Tips did over on YouTube. People are caring about this because Apple said it isn't removable yet they were proven to be lying about it, this is the same company that glues in laptop batteries and rivets the keyboard to the chassis because screws cost a few cents more yet people still defend them for ridiculous things like a non-replaceable power cord on a $1500 monitor. Ryan_n These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content. Started 28 minutes ago Could they have pushed for a new custom connector? Personally I dislike all power bricks. Posted in Tech News, By If I had the choice between a 300 W power brick and proprietary connector,ora simple AC cable which I had to go to the Apple Store to replace (or likely find on eBay soon), I'd definitely choose the latter. At the same time, the connector has to do so without Apple needing to sacrifice any extra thickness. Albeit it requires significant force to remove and is clearly not intended to be removed by the consumer. Also there is 2 parts to a power brick, depends on which part gets damaged. This is AC line voltage, not some 12V data cable. No wonder the cost of the Studio Display is so high -- the R&D required to remove the power cord must have been massive!I bet the Power Cord Removal Accessory runs about $600. You must log in or register to reply here.

there was even an announcement that they were going to start supporting 3rd party repair.then they turn around and do this shit within MONTHS of that announcement. Hexitus Add on 100 W of power to charge a laptop and we are at the 240 W limit of USB C. This is before including any other peripherals or loss in efficiency. AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Again, there are ways they can not be anti-consumer dicks about, they just don't want to. The more points of failure they create the higher the chance they will come to the apple store. It comes down to consumer product regulations. OWC's Envoy Pro SX offers high-speed external storage in a protective and muted casing, and is a solid choice for expanding storage on a Mac without paying Apple's premium.

Every monitor that I've seen in recent memory has removable power-cords (only maybe seen one or two in my life that hasn't). You're more likely to break something in the process, if you're not careful. By The Canon imagePrograf Pro-1000 is a professional-grade photo printer capable of A2 prints, but while it is high-cost, it's a good choice for those serious about photography.

It isn't because of other displays or TV's, and what displays or TV's don't have a removable power cord? To service the cable, Apple support actually uses a special tool to pull it free. Not a crazy big power brick, but more than just a lower power display. SwitchArcade Round-Up: Reviews Featuring Bright Memory, Plus Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium and Todays Other Releases and Sales, Into the Breach Mobile Review Sublime Strategy, The Best Nintendo Switch OLED Accessories To Buy in 2022: SwitchArcade Special, Board Game Spin-Off Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp Is Out Now on iOS, Android, and Steam Following Its Debut On Switch, Out Now: Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp, Into the Breach, Westurn, Chimeraland, Dungeon Lord!, Infinite Miner, Sushi Surf, Fantasy Town and More, SwitchArcade Round-Up: Reviews Featuring Table of Tales and XEL, Plus the Latest Releases and Sales, Tap Force is a Hero Collector RPG from the Makers of Match Land thats Launching August 24th, Classic Fighter The Last Blade From SNK and Hamster Is Out Now on iOS and Android As the Newest ACA NeoGeo Series Release. Eliminating that connector option presented Apple with the need to come up with a different solution. The full IEC 60320 specifications are behind a paywall, but here is an exemplary dimensioned drawing for the C13/C14 plug which I assume follows the regulations. Making this non-removable is terrible in professional settings demanding unique setups, and requiring Apple to fix issues with a tool like that feels completely backwards. Who cares if it has a power brick? it sure as hell is NOT common, i don't remember the last monitor i've seen that didn't have some kind of removable power cord and the only TVs i've seen that didn't have a removable power cable are super cheap chinese re-badges. Looking at dimensional drawings show these are still in the 17 mm range, so fitting one is likely still not possible. The best part is there is virtually zero places to get those items serviced too. Started 37 minutes ago By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. imKaia Apple does not quote the power consumption for the new Studio Display but the comparable LG 5K display specifies a 'normal' power consumption of 140 W. The new Studio Display is likely similar if not more considering it has a higher peak brightness. Not at all. The M1 iMac has a removable cable, so that's already undergone certification, it can also charge a Macbook via passthrough. AMD FX 6300 @ 4.51 GHz| ASUS M5A97 R2.0| Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB OC| 24GB Kingston DDR3 | Samsung850 EVO 250GB/WD Green 1.5TB |ASUS Xonar DG| Windows 10 Pro, Sony MDR-V250 | GNT-500 | Logitech G610 Orion Brown | Logitech G402 | Samsung C27JG5 | ASUS ProArt PA238QR, Intel Core i7-7600U| Seagate 500GB HDD | 16GB DDR4 | Windows 10 Enterprise | HP EliteBook 850 G4, Intel Core i5-8520U | WD Blue M.2 250GB|1TB Seagate FireCuda | 8GB DDR4 | Windows 11 Home | ASUS Vivobook 15, Intel Core i7-3520M|GT 630M|16 GB Corsair VengeanceDDR3| Samsung850 EVO 250GB | macOS Catalina| Lenovo IdeaPad P580, iPhone 12 Mini(iOS 15.5) | iPhone XR(iOS 15.5) |iPad Mini (iOS 9.3.5) | KZ AZ09 Pro x KZ ZSN Pro X. Yes, the power cable is about six feet in length, nearly identical to power cable that came with my iMac. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, articles, and more. Read more Apples fancy new Studio Display monitor has a lot to offer and is now officially available to buy. That said, it could have easily made it removable, but the company chose not to, and were not all that surprised by the move. Has there ever been any outrage for non-removable power cords in displays or TVs before Apple did it? It hasn't always been a thing for monitors and I hope it never does. Apple's redesign of the MacBook Air incorporating the M2 Apple Silicon processor makes it the best option for most people who want to own a portable Mac. It is evident that the cable should stay where it is, and that end-users shouldn't try to pull it free. You are using an out of date browser. Have people lost a few because they've removed the cable and forgot which box they threw it in? because it's such an easy solution to this non-issue. Also in the even that it breaks, you can actually find replacementsas long as the voltage supplied is the same (and enough amps), and the barrel matches (but to an extend the barrel sizes are pretty common/easy to find adapters). Keychron Q5 Review: A full-sized mechanical keyboard in a compact shell, These are the best routers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac owners, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly rides Rivian pickup at Sun Valley, Compared: MacBook Air with M2 vs 2022 13-inch MacBook Pro, Compared: AirPods Max vs Master & Dynamic MW75, Compared: M2 MacBook Air vs Surface Laptop Go 2, Compared: M2 vs M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra, The best Thunderbolt 4 docks and hubs you can buy for your Mac, Sonos Ray review: Finally a capable budget soundbar, Compared: New M2 MacBook Air vs M1 MacBook Air, LG UltraWide 40WP95C-W Thunderbolt Display review: A curved display with plenty of space, Hands on with customizable Lock Screens in iOS 16, Canon imagePrograf Pro-1000 review: Professional printer for photographers, OWC Envoy Pro SX 4TB review: Compact & understated design hides fast speeds, Valve Steam Deck review: Mac users can welcome back 32-bit games, Nomad leather cover for Siri Remote review: Fixing Apple's missteps. Absolutely. The people defending apple are insinuating that the displeasure isn't about the products actually functionality but that it is derived from an emotional motive. Almost never. Just as we have in years past, we've gotten our hands on dummy units of all four of the iPhone 14 models to see how they line up with what the rumor mill is saying. I've gotta agree on this one, nobody would have cared if there was an external power brick, it's just another excuse to force a consumer to bring their product to an apple store for an issue that is ridiculous. Well those are issues as wellbut the issue here is that it's been pretty standard in the industry to have replaceable cables on monitors and computers themselves. That is assuming apple would even sell a replacement cable, since its not user replaceable.

Having a removable cord is beneficial for setting up a home office, using a standing desk with a longer cable, recycling, being good for the environment, etc.

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In a world where sustainability is a factor, this feels like a design failure, although I obviously understand a cluncy default connector isnt an option. Mr.WorryAlot This is a very common connector used throughout the computing industry for larger devices, including monitors and PCs. Would it be better if the monitor used a regular power cable? Also things such as DVD players, home theatres etc have a tendency to near to an outlet and doesn't potentially move around a bit. Possibly. We go hands-on with the new feature to test out how it works, what it can do, and what options Apple has included for us. Sony sure as shit isn't innocent. See Spot Shoot - Viral Video shows Boston Dynamic Knockoff used as Weaponized Patrol, Can only scroll on the left half of the screen laptop, CPU Upgrade Help! Here's how the M2 fares when compared against the already-released M1 family of chips. it's not the connector. Thank you for the info! Like Apple, AppleInsider advises against pulling the cable free unless it is absolutely necessary. Posted in New Builds and Planning, Linus Media Group Noxitb Started 38 minutes ago Despite all of Apples recent environmentally-friendly claims about cables, packaging, and more, making the cable almost impossible to remove doesnt line up, or make a lot of sense. For those interested, the Apple Studio Display is available now for $1,600. it's a DISPLAY, not a computer, the power requirement isn't that high. Sign up for a new account in our community. Now look at the Apple Studio Display dimensions. Without enough room for a removable AC connector, Apple really only had two options: use an external power brick and a small DC power connector (like they did with the iMac), or make the AC cable non-removable. The cable on the Studio display takes significant force to remove. And before people say it's because monitors are getting too thin to fit internal power supplies, guess which other company has a history of making devices too thin requiring asinine design decisions that get mocked online? Edifier Stax Spirit S3 Headphones Review: Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 Review, Nanoleaf Shapes Ultra Black Triangles Review, Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven Review: Restaurant-Quality in a Portable Package, Harber London Leather Desk Mat Review: More Than Just Stylish, Google Pixel 6a Review: A Great Mid-Range Phone That Falls a Bit Short, SwitchBot Lock Review: A Hi-Tech Way to Unlock Your Door, It's Simple To Add Car Wireless Charging To, Tesla Model 3 and Y Aren't Affordable Anymore, Ford and Purdue Solved the Biggest EV Problem. Apple wants it's customers to go to the Apple store and milk their wallets there rather than just let them easily replace it on their own. Nah we can't keep using an industry standard power cable that's more than enough for the power requirements of a monitor. The C13/14 pair is too big yeah but they could've used C7/8 and call it a day. The similarly-styled 24-inch iMac uses a magnetic connection at the same spot that the power connects in the Studio Display, but here it is fixed in place. A bigger point should be that monitors don't really fall into that category. Power cords can easily get damaged over time, chewed on by a dog, or a million other reasons, which is why most are removable, and brands sell replacement cables. Fendys I feel like people are really pushing "we don't want extension cables!"

Started 33 minutes ago If theres a silver lining here, Apple can easily replace the cable instead of the entire display if something does go wrong. Not really. The tool's design and technique mean the cord is pulled evenly, without any torque off from the 90-degree removal axis. Imagine the I/O, one USB-C input for power, another (thunderbolt) USB-C input from computer, and three USB-C outputs to connected devices. They just can't let go of their strangehold. Since it is so thin, it is difficult for Apple to make it an infinitely removable component like its standard counterpart. He's previously written for GottaBeMobile, SlashGear, AndroidCentral, and InputMag, and he's written over 9,000 articles. Its likely about the same length as the iMac power cable then. We select and review products independently. Apple found a middle ground though. if it was replaceable they wouldn't call it non-removable on their own website. As for the Sony part, it's just highlighting no one before gave a crap when it was a common occurrence. Apple was just the first one stupid enough to do it and have it's fans try and defend it's crap. Customizable Lock Screens arrive on iPhone as part of iOS 16. Can You Jump-Start a Dead EV Car Battery? Instead, Apple had to come up with its own power connector, to allow a cable that could feasibly be replaced to be connected securely. Also add Dell up there after they said they will use more standard components Not sure when but it's coming. How Long Does It Take Solar Panels to Pay For Themselves? Where was the outrage when Samsung and Acer started to move away from that standard power cable and towards external power bricks with barrel plugs for their monitors? The actual display thickness is not specified but subtracting the VESA mount from the noted 3.1 cm, I estimate the display thickness as 20 mm. The LG UltraWide 40WP95C-W is an exceptional curved Thunderbolt Display that provides valuable screen space to Mac users. It just sits in the box until you decide to git rid of it. Posted in New Builds and Planning, By My gripe with the outrage despite the mountains of un-used standard power cables cluttering up people's homes still stands. Unless you're trying to say that apple is red-lining the proprietary connector that goes into the iMac in terms of what it is capable of providing, which if that is the case, it is SUPER irresponsible. the M1 iMac does and it's basically the same design and form-factor just with a PC inside, in fact the iMac is THINNER and had a removable power cable.

Most users will be familiar with the C13 power cord, a three-pronged plug taking the form of a chunky rectangle with two corners cut away. If you love AppleInsider and want to support independent publications, please consider a small donation. So, potential buyers are upset by making it proprietary and extremely difficult to remove. Im not an expert, but why couldnt this be powered USB-C? As gateways to the web, routers are essential to a home's network, and these are the best ones for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. All Rights Reserved. Isn't that also some anti-consumer bullshit? He's a staff writer for Review Geek covering roundups, EVs, and news. But you'd rather have to pull very hard on a $1500 monitor risking breaking it, or take the whole monitor to an apple store than have a replaceable brick using a standard power cord? See that the plug depth itself is 17 mm, and including the surrounding structure and electrical connectors requires at minimum 20 mm of space. Specifically in this case the IEC 60320 standardswhich specify the types and dimensions of AC connectors for household consumer products. Larger brick, and different power management chip in the monitor, bam fixed. Why is having your AC to DC conversion less sustainable in an exterior device (which could be used with different devices) than inside the product? But this is Apple, and like it or not, design aesthetics are a major priority. Posted in Troubleshooting, By Here's how the ultra-portable notebooks compare. The C14 inlet, which is used to accept the C13 connector, is too deep to be feasibly included in thin computing deices. When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission. Don't defend their shit anti-consumer behavior, this was intentional, not "oh, we couldn't find another way to do it".This is APPLE, their engineers are not morons, they knew exactly what they were doing. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Master & Dynamic's MW75 are high-quality headphones offering ANC features, directly competing against Apple's AirPods Max. He's previously written for GottaBeMobile, SlashGear, AndroidCentral, and InputMag, and he's written over 9,000 articles. So then thats even more reason why the monitor should have a power brick, and 200-250W would be better as an external brick then an internal power supply inside the monitor because it's less heat, less chance it will fail and you're left with a $1500 useless monitor, and heat can affect display calibration. Apple has given the MacBook Air its first major refresh after it transitioned to Apple Silicon. It is likely that Apple advises against removing the cable due to the difficulty in doing so normally, without accidentally causing damage to the cable, its connections, nor the display itself. There is a difference between moving to a weirder cable type than it is to make something appear to be non-serviceable. Started 24 minutes ago Also it can physically be removed, that that should mean that are are in breach of the safety regulations would they not? Well my decade old Sony Bravia KDR-L42V4100 (Sony your naming schemes never let me down) has a non-removable power cable. Started 40 minutes ago

The M1 iMac has a 143 W power brick, and power pass through is limited to 15 W, hardly comparable to the 96 W from the Studio Display. The Sonos Ray is a new budget-friendly offering from the premium audio maker that now has a more affordable soundbar that sits below the Beam and Arc. Maybe when they finally retire the decades old tooling they're using for their CPU coolers and cases.