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Out in Space Crafts used trailer lot, we saw a bunch of 2014 and 2015 top-of-the-line fifth wheel trailers that had been traded in for Space Crafts after just one season on the road, because they werent up to the job. On our way from our refrigerator repair to our plumbing repairs, we stopped in to visit the unusual custom fifth wheel builder, Space Craft Manufacturing. And since you are not commercial, in Texas alone, you would needto post a $10,000 cash bond for a permit. That is at the front on mine. Tube steel. So, what is fundamentally different between a SC semi-trailer build and their 5th wheel build. I'm looking to visit them after the holidays. Few times we have come close to scraping. Hope you get it this year. Theyll install whatever you ask for! Underneath, their trailers are equally uncluttered, and there is no flimsy corrugated plastic screwed to the bottom. Just pure, fine lines and solid construction. griffinmike December 13, 2017 in HDT. Thats RV LIFE. Bottom line - the main advantages of the semi are: After that, it is up to you to specify the rest of the infrastructure and put in what you wantmost of which could also be put into a conventional 5er. Look for some new stuff in the Spring. I've never seen a bigger fifth wheel trailer Research Campgrounds, Plan RV Safe Routes & Turn your phone into an RV GPS. Yes, that is a 57' Space Craft semi-trailer RV. They need rugged trailers that hold up to big cats and great apes! If money were no object, I'd have a custom semi trailer(45') built by Spacecraft. Copyright 2022 You can do pretty much whatever your innovation senses and pocketbook allow. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. By 5th wheel? This post may contain affiliate links, This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy. The DC and AC wiring in the basement of a Space Craft is a sight to behold. They put a 5ther wheel ball hitch on it. New to this site? Started Sunday at 08:52 PM, By Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And to muddy the waters a bit furtherground clearance is affected by axle placement. Two practical tips for staying warm in your RV this winter: Stehekin Ferry Cruise to a Hidden Gem in the North Cascades! Semi traileryou have to have an HDT truck to move it. RV 5th wheel, a 3500/350 or bigger can move it.. RV_ October 2015 During a wonderful 8 month season of RV travel that had taken our fifth wheel trailer 10,000 miles from Arizona to Big Bend Texas to Floridas Gulf Coast and up through the Smokies via the Blue Ridge Parkway to Nova Scotia and then over to Acadia National Park in Maine and west through New Yorks Finger Lakes, culminating with a fabulous stop in Maysville, Kentucky, we had not only seen some beautiful sights, but we had visited several RV and trailer repair shops on the way. Looking for a trailer a little larger than usual? The problem is, planning epic RV journey is somewhat complex. Circus folk dont have the time to fuss with repairs. Clear editor. Thanks everyone for the great insight. Just cost you money and time. sapien hyper 1986 another star movie movies posters bestsimilar trailer When I chatted with Wyatt, Space Crafts designer, about what he feels is important in fifth wheel construction, he made it plain that easy access to all components and leak-proof, solid construction were his first priorities. Another consideration is the length. Semi-RV is usually built on a 53' frame. Add that to a tandem HDT with the larger sleeper and there are not too many campgrounds that will accommodate you. I run into problems with my rig at 67' total. I would not try to take that semi based one some places I take my HDT and 5er. The flat floor plan of the semi style can be a plus because it opens up room for designing the layout you want. to me, the downside of the semi is the steps to gain entry aren't as convenient if you want to overnight at Wally world or a rest stop. The interior storage is as much if not more than a regular frame 5th wheel. And as someone else stated with the advent of the LG mini-split systems, a true clean roof can be achievedwith no openings if you want it. This allows for a taller interior. I believe Marsha has a package option that raises the sidewalls 4". There is more basement storage in a semi. essentially you have storage from end to end, side to side, 36" tall or so. (I don't know the exact height) Subtract room for tanks and systems and it's still a huge area. There seems to be more belly/basement storage in the semi-trailer model and somewhere it stated that the frame on the semi model had a more rigid frame. Thanks Glenn. Space Craft will build a semi-trailer in lengths from 28' to 57'. Actually, Spacecraft builds all their frames in-house. That is not a "Converted" cargo trailer. Every RV they build has a purpose-built frame. It was confusing to me. In the last 15 years I have hauled specialty vans from 22' to 57' long purpose built with drop decks, double drops, flat floors, suspension systems that take up almost no floor space, almost anything you can imagine. And certainly Spacecraft is as good as anyone addressing this market., You can build a semi-style trailer that has 8' headroom, a large under-floor storage area and great inside storage. Some of that height can be recovered with a split unit AC in the basement and raising the sidewalls but it will never match the ceiling height of a std fiver or have the interior storage of a fiver. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Subscribe She says the locals there are all accustomed to Space Crafts unusual customers who swing through now and then for repairs or to upgrade to new units. Chassis to ground is 17" on mine. Very educational. You will lack the 9' ceiling that is in parts of some 5ers, but you will have the 8' the entire length (well, almost, you do have some slight rises, but you will always have 7' 6" at least). So lengths other than 53' or 57' are possible. Utah Off the Beaten Paththen FURTHER Off the Beaten Path. Happy Trails!! Thanks Glenn. They dont bother with marketing, because they just dont need to do it, although they do take a trailer showcasing unique design features to the Tampa RV show most years. ty for this vid I can say one thing if I ever win the lottery I will have one of these beautiful rigs!

These traveling folks work full-time and are very hard on their trailers. Any estimate on the length or GVWR? Its not the destination, but the journey. Visit RVers Start Here to find where we keep all the good stuff!! You can have RV-style end caps, RV axle will look just like a conventional 5er, but on steroids. In particular the Kenworth guys!!! Display as a link instead, In Kansas, we tackled a slew of plumbing repairs, from a new fresh water tank to a new kitchen faucet, rebuilt toilet, new black tank sensors, new black tank sewer valve, and a repaired window leak, among many other things. commercial running gear that can be fixed anywhere and is unlikely to break; Allowing great confidence at highway speeds and easing ongoing maintenance.

The downside is the "Look". Being a big rectangular box can be intimidatingwhen arriving ata campground. I already get enough comments about the truck. Having a semi style 45' trailer might become an issue at some parks. Granted they are heavy, but people associate big semi truck/trailer to weigh80k or more. With the semi-trailer, you can use the regular commercial hitch on your HDT. The frame is beefy enough to withstand the twisting and turning. I don't think there is an air ride hitch that can handle the pin load. (Getting close though), A 5th wheel style is more conventional. You can have the same interior height in the main area, but you do loose bedroom height. And your floor plan is more limited due to the interior steps. It can be towed by other than HDT or MDT and lesser trucks. This will help when reselling occurs, or a roadside breakdown. You can have a hybridair ride system. Dexter Ridewelluses a combo torsion axle and airbag assembly. It works well. True air brakes I don't know about. With a 19.5" wheel, I know you can source air brakes for trucks, but I haven't sourced them for a trailer axle. You will sacrifice roomin the basement though due to a larger wheel well.. You might have to be patient to find the one you want. Have been looking for the right RV for almost a year and the search continues. But, in real life, there are a lot of gently used 5ers out there that would serve you well. Assume either option would be about 40-42'. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Related Posts Cool Factory Tours and Different Kinds of Trailers: More of our Latest Posts are in the top MENU above. RV Life is FUN and EASYGood EQUIPMENT makes it even better!!

Now THIS is a well dressed RV electrical installation! Copy, reproduction or use of text or images is not permitted without written permission from the author or photographer. The flat floor plan of the semi style can be a plus because it opens up room for designing the layout you want. to me, the downside of the semi is the steps to gain entry aren't as convenient if you want to overnight at Wally world or a rest stop. The interior storage is as much if not more than a regular frame 5th wheel. And as someone else stated with the advent of the LG mini-split systems, a true clean roof can be achievedwith no openings if you want it. This allows for a taller interior. I believe Marsha has a package option that raises the sidewalls 4"., If you want to email me I'll be happy to have an indepth discussion on this topic. There are definitely pros and cons to the semi, but some of the info here is dated, or based on commercial frames.. Jack is correct. Tiny details like the superior construction of slide-out rooms are a given. Legal in about 6 states. Air brakes on the trailer put you into CDL requirements right away in almost every state I can think of. --Emily & Mark Fagan, traveling by land and sea since 2007.

What is the hitch or bed impact of a semi-trailer RV. During our visit, a 53 two bedroom two bath model was on the line. What does one of these babies cost? How does the ground clearance compare to your 5th wheel? Therefore different hitch and bed heights and locations. Just trying to learn, as I had not considered or looked enough at Hutch. Your email address will not be published. GR "Scott" Cundiff The nice thing is that if you want a top quality unit that doesnt have an island kitchen and is in the mid-30 range, a nearly extinct mass-market design, Space Craft can engineer and build it for you. So looking for some clarity on the different options of a semi-trailer hitch and the impact to the HDT bed design. Assume an HDT for either option (and it will be a short WB, with no Smart or deck vehicle). Step 2: Plan your dream RV trip. What are the trade-offs between a semi-trailer RV and a 5th wheel RV. Our Teton is fairly low. I was astonished to discover that a 37-38 fifth wheel would come in around $125k to $150k, depending on options like hydraulic leveling, disc brakes, pre-installed solar power, generator, etc. You dont need a house because when you travel, youre home. That is very comparable to the MSRP on Continental Coach (Forks RV), DRV (Thor), Luxe (Augusta RV) or New Horizons semi-custom fifth wheels. A Sneak Peek Inside Gogo Campers Vintage Egg Trailer Rentals, Build Your Own Camper Van With These Conversion Kits, RV Oddities, Calamities, and Curiosities, Quick Thinking And Good Luck Saved This GMC Truck And Fifth Wheel Trailer From Tumbling Into A Ditch, 5 Handy Shower Caddies To Make Your Campground Showers Less Of A Hassle, How To Build Out An RV Garage With Living Quarters, How To Get A Great Dane (Or Other Large Dog) Into An RV Hauler, Try the RV LIFE Pro Bundle FREE for 7 days, RV Mods RV Guides RV Tips | DoItYourselfRV, Unexpected Uses For Everyday Items While RVing, Lake Superior Campsites With Great Reviews, Airstream Introduces Twin Beds Option On Flying Cloud, The Best Water-Saving Shower Heads For RVs. An Exuberant 4th of July in Othello, Washington! A newly completed Space Craft 30.5 fifth wheel trailer. Step 1: Click here to learn more and sign up for the free trial. Thanks for the continued education. They build their own frames to accommodate placement of various components. Depends on the 5ther. If you travel with unusual pets, no matter how big or how exotic, Space Craft will surely take it in stride and will build the rolling home of their (and your) dreams! You can have an all diesel unit. The beauty of getting a Space Craft is you can have anything you want. This buyer wanted house-like painted walls rather than wallpaper fiberboard. Absolutely no intention of going there!! Your previous content has been restored.

It would seem that the semi-trailer RV is a great park option. Nascar hospitality suites, medical labs, military aircraft simulators the list is absolutely endless. Even the underbelly has fine lines and no dangling parts or corrugated plastic sheeting.

I believe you still have a design with Marsha and know a lot about Space Craft. Started 23 hours ago, By There is actually a semi trailer conversion 2 campers over from us. Space Craft will build a semi-trailer in lengths from 28' to 57'. When we first poked our heads in the door of a finished Space Craft 30.5 fifth wheel trailer, we were astonished by the quality. The above is based on commercial trailers, the RV built semi trailers may be far different. . You cannot paste images directly. Required fields are marked *. Love fifth wheels but need more room? Based in Concordia, Missouri, Space Craftbuilds custom fifth wheel trailers.