potted douglas fir trees for sale near singapore

Of course, that also means that they sell out faster compared to other shops. Put your tree in a semi-sunny area. In that way, you are trying to relive the holiday season and the Christmas tradition of your family. You can check out their website to get a glimpse of designs theyve done in the past. This convenience is something that well gladly spend our money on, seeing that not all shops offer all these services at once. They also have some of the most affordable fresh trees on the market, so it isnt surprising that they sell out pretty quickly too. Moreover, this tree has no fragrance, so families with members who have allergies need not worry about fits ruining the holiday spirit. Then fill the hole with mulch and protect the soil with a tarp until you are ready to plant your Christmas tree. Another unique feature of the trees is that theyre coated with anti-rust paint. There are many reasons why people prefer to buy an artificial tree rather than a natural one. At Little Flower Hut, we are passionate about delivering flowers and gifts that bring a bright smile to your loved ones. Pine is also known for its excellent needle retention, so you dont have to worry about fallen leaves that could leave your tree bald even before Christmas! Really, the best part of purchasing a tree from The Green Corner is that it comes with free delivery, installation, and disposal. Artificial Trees; Promotional Prices), $123 $684 (4 ft. to 11 ft. Fresh Trees), From $120 (2020 Price Estimates for 4-5 ft. Fresh Trees), From $104 (2020 Price Estimates for 4-5 ft. Fresh Trees), $99 $1,450 (4 ft. to 12 ft. The auntie at the cashier is not helpful and pushing the job of writing the receipts to one of the workers! Michael Toh, Google Reviews, Great service on site! Otherwise, delivery fees are fixed at $10 for orders below the minimum amountstill pretty low compared to others! On top of a very reasonable price and apparent high quality appearance, we made the decision to buy in appreciation for their cause and eco-friendly manufacturing process. Thank you Masons for making Christmas really special this year Uma Pillai, Google Reviews, It was a delight visiting their showroom. Love the smell of pine from the fresh trees. These additional costs may mean that theyre certainly not the most affordable option out there. On top of that, their trees dont come with a stand, seeing that youll have to purchase those separately as well. We always get our Noble Fir Christmas tree from Far East Flora. Moreover, its worth mentioning that Princes Landscape was the first in Singapore to offer fire-retardant coating for Christmas trees. Still, you dont have to worry about shipping costs as those are already included in your order. Aside from flower arrangements, Craftway Floral also has a Christmas catalogue, one that features a large selection of Christmas trees and flowers, decorated christmas trees, garlands and wreaths, and even ornaments. The boxes that theyre shipped with are also made from sturdy recycled cardboard, which you can reuse to store your trees after the holidays. Regardless of your chosen tree, each one can last you for a minimum of 30 years. Instead of cutting down trees and discard it afterward, your potted tree will continue to live even after many years. And its not just because of the lower price and long-lasting fun, there are also some environmental benefits to choosing an artificial tree. From what weve heard, the trees sold out within 2 weeks since they launched them in late November last year. Just like any other. If you are placing your tree in a room near an independent heat source, shut it off every time you leave the place or room.

A cared-for fraser fir tree can also last you about 4 to 6 weeks on average. The wrapping actually holds the water that drains from its pot. We know that prices are a primary concern for many so before anything else, lets deal with that first. And today the experience there is still the same. Once the Christmas season is over, you can plant your potted Christmas tree outside. What really touched me too was when I had to change my delivery date and they accommodated my request and even went the extra mile to deliver it earlier. The only major downside is that prices can be a bit steep compared to other local shops. Ah, IKEAthe land of Scandinavian furniture, Swedish meatballs, and affordable real Christmas trees. While the lack of installation services in this shop may be a drawback for some, the trees themselves have easy-open hinged branches. Most of the Christmas trees from Craftway Floral are of the artificial variety, which is perfect for customers looking to own a tree that lasts long and can be reused in the future. We hope your holidays are as bright and cheerful as the tree youll decorate. Locations, delivery services, FAQswe have them all listed in this article. The combination of quality with convenience is hard to refuse. When you take these discounts into consideration, they easily have one of the most affordable Christmas trees on the island! First, their selection of fresh Christmas trees are native to the Pacific Northwest and grown in the wild mountains of Noble Mountain tree farm, Oregon, USA. Additionally, Dazzle Decor gives customers the option to have their orders delivered or picked up. While there are bundles that you can get along with your tree, we highly recommend checking out their individual products so you can customise your tree. Every component of their trees is made with 100% recycled PVC plastic, from the leaves and branches down to the stand. When shopping for trees this year, we noticed their packaging and the statement that they manufacture their trees using 100% recycled PVC plastic. Admit it, having a Christmas tree at home makes the holiday season even more special and meaningful. They have distinct spruce like appearance, and the needles are soft to the touch. Yes, you have read it right. Take out the foil wrapping around its pot when you are watering them. When decorated, both artificial and real Christmas trees can be hazardous to pets, especially cats. And speaking of budget, you can already purchase your tree as early as now to enjoy discounted rates. Weve taken note of the price range and delivery fees you can expect from each shop in the table below. Well have to keep an eye out for the conditions theyve set in place this year, seeing that theres no word on any of these yet. While placing them in an air conditioned room helps, make sure to put them in an area away from your ACs direct line of fire. The line is a bit long because they need to control crowds, but it makes it a nicer shopping experience inside. Victor Ma, Google Reviews. In the true spirit of Christmas, we didnt forget to write about gift suggestions for your family and friends. Pick the perfect spot for your potted Christmas tree. In fact, miniature potted Christmas trees can be found anywhere especially in the floral section of your supermarket. Otherwise, the lack of water can easily dry and kill the tree even before Christmas. The tip in making a potted Christmas tree last longer is by waiting until as close to Christmas as possible and keep it indoors for as little time as possible. Instead of sending your trees to a landfill, we highly recommend dropping them off at local recycling centres or parks with recycling initiatives such as Wildlife Reserves Singapore. Apart from fraser fir trees good needle retention, their needles also have an interesting trait: they remain soft even after being cut. Were also a bit disappointed to see that youll also have to pay for delivery separately. If youre looking for something live, though, theres no need to fret since Craftway Floral also carries Live Nordmann Fir Christmas trees. Unfortunately, there are no prices listed online, but customers are free to contact Craftway Floral through phone or email to learn more about the trees available. Craftway Floral is one of the longest-standing flower providers in Singapore, having been established in the 1990s.

Wait until your potted Christmas tree to be accustomed to a new climate inside your home before you can re-pot them. Potted Christmas trees have an amazing scent. Christmas is the season to be thankful and bond with your family. They still offer it today and were fans, given that its transparent, odourless, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and environmentally friendly. Not to worry: you can always ask for a quote at no extra cost. This tree makes an excellent choice given its exemplary needle retention traits, which gives the owners more space for decorating needs. Instead, they sell fraser fir trees, which may not be as majestic but are known to be quite sturdy. Very full and even nicer than the picture that I saw. Ricardo Garcia, Facebook, My family would absolutely recommend Oncor Trees. Most Christmas tree suppliers have a professional tree disposal service. In their lineup of trees this year, they carry noble fir and nordmann fir trees of different sizes, ranging from 4 feet to 12 feet. Heres what customers have been saying about their Christmas trees: Got a Christmas Tree and it was really smooth process with the workers there. In that case, we recommend placing decorations up your tree and safely securing them to avoid mishaps. The Green Corner by Princes Landscape, 1. Know any other hidden gems that sell amazing Christmas trees? Whats worth mentioning is that they also carry a bunch of different ornaments, garlands, and decorperfect for customising your tree. And while were at it, dont forget to keep your stand filled with water everyday. Next, we have Vanda Wina shop that specialises in artificial flowers and plants for all occasions, including Christmas. So, we have plenty of reasons to expect about the same set of trees this year. Whether you prefer wide or slim trees, you have the option to choose the best one according to your preferences and budget. Were just a bit bummed to know that they dont really offer delivery services, which can make things quite difficult for those with no private vehicles to transport a tall Christmas tree. The ideal spot where you can place your tree is near a window where it can only get minimal sunlight. Alternatively, you can also have your order delivered in boxes, just in case you prefer to decorate your tree by yourself. Instead of putting them in an area near any heat source, place them in a cool spot of your house. And because theyre a family-owned business, you can also expect pretty affordable prices here, which are considerably less compared to mall stores.

They are usually 18 to 24 inches in height. 24/7 FLOWER DELIVERY HOTLINE: +65 6503 9750. Instead, allow its soil to almost dry before watering them. While their 2021 collection isnt out yet, theyve carried noble fir and nordmann fir trees of different sizes in the past few years. Nordmann fir trees, on the other hand, are quite broad in shape and have a subtle scent, making them a great choice for those with allergies. This feature makes set-up and installation quite fast and easy! And that wraps up our list of the best places to get Christmas trees in Singapore. If you know how to take care of your potted Christmas tree, they will surely last longer. But like many things in life, convenience comes with a price. Artificial Trees), $59 $79 (2020 Price Estimates for 5 ft. and 6.5 ft. Fresh Trees), From $25 (2020 Price Estimates for 4 ft. Heres what customers have to say about their recycled trees: Yes I would definitely recommend Oncor Trees. We choose to flock our trees this year and when handling the individual branches and pine needles to create a more realistic tree form, it was apparent that the quality was much higher than wed experienced with other trees. The rental Christmas trees can come pre-decorated, saving customers time during the holidays. If you are planning to have one this Christmas, here are some of the tips that you should remember in taking care of your own potted Christmas tree. Heres another shop that you should put on your radar. From what weve noticed in the past though, Far East Flora normally takes pre-orders by the first week of November. You are not only helping the environment, but you are also providing a natural habitat for wildlife. You see, Oncor Recycled Trees is based in China with no physical stores in Singapore. Their trees sell like hotcakes, so make sure to visit their Facebook page for updates. For us,Flower Delivery is not just sending nice thoughts but bringing happiness to your recipient. Check out some comments by happy customers: Our 3rd visit in all these years and each time, we purchased our Xmas deco and tree here except for this most recent trip. Whether youre planning to get the real deal or faux ones that can pass as genuine, weve got you covered with our list of the best places to get Christmas trees in Singapore! Keep the soil of your potted Christmas tree slightly moist. Most of the Christmas trees that you can purchase are root-bound which means its roots have confined in the pot where they grew.

Furthermore, Oregon Noble Fir Christmas trees have a full natural shape with sturdy, layered branches to support heavier ornaments. The best time to have your tree delivered would be the first or second week of December so you can enjoy a fresh tree until the end of the month. Even if you are not buying, its a nice place to go for a short walk. Daniel Sam, Google Reviews. Recently purchased one and it is amazing. Now, this is something for those with a limited amount of space.

Home > Shopping > The 13 Best Places to Get Christmas Trees in Singapore. If youre wondering where they got the trees from, they source them from a nursery in Canada. Live Christmas trees too. Verian De Souza, Google Reviews. Apart from that, youll also need to pay for disposal and tree stands separately.

The staff that attended to me is very polite and knowledgeable. With this, you wont have to race with last-minute shoppers to get the tree that you like! The end result was incredible and beyond what we expected. On top of that, we also suggest buying your decorations early to avoid long lines and huge crowds, as it can get pretty busy in November and December. Hence, we highly recommend making the most of this early-bird promo to enjoy even lesser rates and avoid disappointments. If you are decorating your tree using an LED, it is better. So in sum, theyre a good shop if you want attractive and fresh Christmas trees. Masons Home Dcor is a local shop worth checking out. Self-collection is done by appointment, while deliveries are often done on the same day or the next. Another option that you can consider if youre thinking of getting real Christmas trees is Candy Floriculture. Bedok Garden & Landscape also houses some of the finest fresh trees on the island, sourced all the way from the United States. But if you happen to pass by Geylang Road come September, its pretty hard to miss their shop, which is then converted to a Christmas wonderland covered in dazzling lights. Trees also provide clean air. Hence, we highly recommend purchasing a tree early to secure a spot. But for what its worth, the high price tag does live up to quality, based on what weve seen in the previous years.

Like most shops on our list, they also offer early-bird prices once they open for pre-orders in November. Speaking of delivery, youll have to spend another $30 for delivery costs island wide, unfortunately. Last year, the trees came in 2 sizes: 5 ft. and 6.5 ft., which cost about $59 and $79 respectively. So, you dont have to worry about pricking your fingers or your kids while hanging your ornaments. Were glad to highlight them here primarily because of the convenience of collection and disposal of the tree. Delivery charges are waived for orders above $100. We did not lose pine needles and our hands & arms were not irritated by the material. I would highly recommend this shop . If thats the case, we highly recommend planning your trip accordingly to avoid hassles. It does come with an iron base stand, though, to make sure that your tree stays up all season. If you have a real tree, make sure to cover the water container so your pets dont try to drink from it. Despite these drawbacks, we still think that theyre worth considering, especially now that pre-orders are open. 5 Periera Road, 04-01, Asiawide Industrial Building, Singapore 368025, Mon to Sun: 11:00 am 8:00 pm (From Oct. 1, 2021 Onwards), Fresh Live Mini Christmas Tree (40 cm), Artificial Tree, Christmas Decorations, Fraser Fir Christmas Trees (4 ft. to 11 ft.), 32 Punggol Road East, #01-02, Singapore 828824, Noble Fir and Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees (4 ft. to 11 ft.), Noble Fir, Nordmann Fir, Premium Noble Fir Christmas Trees, Recycled Artificial Christmas Trees of Different Sizes (3 Ft. to 12 Ft.), Fresh Christmas Trees (5 ft. and 6.5 ft.), Artificial Christmas Trees of Different Sizes, Artificial Christmas Trees of Different Sizes, 734 Geylang Road (Near Lor 44, Next to Grandlink SQ), Singapore 389645, Artificial Christmas Trees (4 ft. to 15 ft.), 11 Tanjong Katong Road, #03-25/26/27, Singapore 437157, Christmas Trees, Decorations, and Accessories, Have been selling Christmas trees since 1987, Price of trees already include: free delivery, setup, dismantle, and disposal (tree stand will be on loan and will be collected back during dismantling of the Christmas tree), Showroom will be only open Oct. 1 onwards, Ideal for people with allergies (Nordmann Fir), Ideal for people with allergies (nordmann fir), Delivery surcharge applies in certain areas. on How to Preserve Fruits Properly to Keep them Fresh? Taking care of a real fir tree in a tropical climate can be tricky, but not impossible. We are One of The Best Same-Day Flower Delivery Services in Singapore! BEST FOR, Fresh Flower, PRICING and Speedy Delivery Services. We wouldve liked to see their prices from the get-go, though, as those arent readily available on their website. But if you dont have time for any of that, you can also avail of their pre-decorated Christmas trees, which, compared to others on our list, offers a wide variety of themes and colour schemes. And the best part is that you have the option to choose from among a wide variety of Christmas trees in different sizes and colours. The staff is so polite and Ashley even gave great advice to questions I had. Not only that, but their plastic needles are also made with flame retardant material. We like the fact that their trees are easy to assemble, since the branches are already hinged to the trunk. Aside from designing arrangements, they also offer to deliver flowers, artificial plants, table arrangements for events, and even offer bridal car decorations anywhere in Singapore. With just a few clicks, theyll have your tree delivered right to your doorstep from November 20 onward. While this service gives you a perfect excuse to buy one at the last minute, be warned that stock is highly limited. Little Flower Hut is a homegrown florist shop in Singapore. Check out a review by Sing See Soons customer: Been here countless times. Looking forward to my Christmas tree delivery Victor Ma, Google Reviews. You can also ask a family member of yours to pick one every holiday. It offers a wide range of flower arrangements that vary in style, many types of flowers, and designs that they guarantee to all be stunning and in the highest quality. But even if the Christmas season is over, you can still plant your potted Christmas tree outdoor. There are potted Christmas trees that you can purchase from a garden store or even from your local florist. And they have such a wide selection of flowers, plants and gifts. Melvin Tan, Google Reviews, A great place to get your Valentines roses and other festive plants such as CNY orange tree and Christmas tree. Tan Yap Hong, Google Reviews. on How Much Fruit do you Need to Eat During Pregnancy? Put your potted Christmas tree away from heat sources that may potentially dry out its foliage. How much do Christmas trees cost in Singapore? Similar to most shops on this list, they have a pretty wide range of Christmas trees in different sizes, colours, and types. How Much Fruit do you Need to Eat During Pregnancy? But thanks to The Green Corner by Princes Landscape, your dreams of having one for the holiday season can come true! Noble fir trees are known for their lush and full shape. The shop prides itself in their highly skilled and talented florists, who always go the extra mile when providing services for their clients. They have varieties of Christmas trees and a lot of decors to choose from. If you dont have time to decorate your tree, you can also purchase ornaments with a prearranged theme of your choice. Nothing screams Christmas more than a decked-out tree. So if you want to have your own mini tree in time for the holiday season, you might want to get one around late November when ordering from Tidings. Despite being a furniture shop, they actually have a pretty impressive selection of holiday decor, including for Christmas and Chinese New Year! Heres what customers have to say about their Christmas trees: We bought our Christmas tree! Lets go over them. Not only that, but there are also timber carvings of nativity sets, as well as life-sized Santa or snowman figures. If you are determined to have a potted Christmas tree, you should at least purchase it a month before Christmas. Otherwise, you can also cut the tree in parts if you wish to dispose of it on your own. Why buy a candle or artificial pine scent that will cost you money when you can have a safe and natural fragrant at home? Compared to our other entries, IKEAs low prices take the cake for the most affordable ones in Singapore. Will definitely recommend this shop to our friends who are looking for Christmas decorations. Kim Yee, Google Reviews. This includes the fact that it cant exactly hold heavy ornaments, so youll have to take it easy when decorating. Since there are a lot of varieties of evergreen growing, you can try a different one every year. If you have pets, we also highly recommend investing in a Christmas tree with a sturdy base so your pets dont easily knock it over. And it makes it even more meaningful if you and your whole family decorate it together. While those arent available in-store as of writing, were expecting to see them on display come the third or fourth week of November. While delivery wont take place until late November, you can already pre-order your tree now before they sell out. Yes, you read that rightIKEA launched fresh Christmas trees last year as part of their special holiday collection, and were anticipating the same thing this year! In case you havent heard of them, they have a reputation for having one of the widest selections of fresh fir trees in Singapore. In Singapore, most trees last up to 30 days. The size of the hole must be twice as wide as the root ball. There are so many reasons why they earned a spot on our list. With its wide range of decorations, artificial christmas trees and other diverse products, they are sure to have just what you need for the perfect Christmas. The store specialises in artificial Christmas trees and offers customers the opportunity to buy their own or rent a unit. Of course, having a cute tree also has its own share of drawbacks.

Lots of good ideas. But well be watching out for these details as soon as theyre ready on their Facebook page. However, you have to re-pot your potted Christmas tree because they need fresh and new soil. So, expect to pay from $30 to $50 for this service alone, depending on the size of your tree. Well, you can say that to Oncor Recycled Trees, which, as you may have guessed from the name, sells recycled artificial Christmas trees! The Best Places to Buy Christmas Trees in Singapore, 1. However, you have to protect them from any sudden changes in temperature. Having a potted Christmas tree is always a good idea especially if you want to save a lot of space at home. If you decide to take this route, you have the option to ask them to deliver your fully decorated tree right to your doorstep. Check out our guide for the best gift ideas in Singapore! Unfortunately, their fresh trees sell out very quickly. Far East Flora is a veteran company when it comes to fresh Christmas trees. All these and more make fraser trees an excellent choice for first-time buyers. Luckily, IKEA doesnt fall short in their selection of artificial Christmas trees and ornaments, which are restocked regularly. All About Ornithogalum (Star of Bethlehem) History, Meaning, Facts, Care & More. If you dont mind having an artificial tree for your Christmas celebrations, then we recommend checking out Dazzle Decor. Everything was just pretty. Far East Flora also typically offers delivery and disposal services. Normally, nurseries and shops around Singapore offer noble fir treesthis species is the most common one in the market. But if you are having a rosemary tree, theres no need to keep the soil slightly moist. #bentleyridgetreefarm #pig #pigsofinstagram #treesofinstagram #grimes #westdesmoines #iowa #desmoines #desmoinesiowa #treefarm #grimesiowa #horticulture #gardening #waukee #lawnornaments #lawnart #farm #iowafarm. We heard that they imported their trees all the way from North America and Europe, all of which have been cultivated in a pest-free farm. Take a look at what a previous client said about them: Just wanna say the service is great and the decorations on the Christmas tree is beautiful. Their decorations have various themes, including: bear, traditional, horizon, and fairy and butterfly. So, make sure to buy them before Christmas starts. They are a retail channel of Princes Landscape Pte Ltd. Providing gardening needs, top quality plants, and gardening essentials. Dont hesitate to let us know your experience! You wouldnt initially think of getting real fir trees in sunny Singapore. If you are planting your potted tree after the holiday season, just dig a hole in your desired area preferably in the late fall just before the first breeze. Our Florist Expert love to Share. But not Sing See Soon. Families reunite and exchange gifts on the eve of Christmas. On the other hand, you can schedule the disposal of your tree from December 27 until January 10. Tidings offers fresh and cute Christmas trees that are just 40 cm. Dont underestimate their trees due to size, as they still boast that fresh pine scent that we love so much about real trees. The Green Corner by Princes Landscape, https://thegreencorner.com.sg/product-category/christmas/, https://craftwayfloral.com.sg/product-category/christmas/christmas-trees/, https://www.candy.com.sg/205-all-xmas-tree, https://dazzledecor.com.sg/product-category/christmas/christmas-trees/, $208 $2,308 (4 ft. to 12 ft. Fresh Trees), $69 $1,199 (4 ft. to 12 ft. We also love the fact that each order comes with free same-day delivery island-wide. Ms. Zen was very nice and accommodated all our questions and requests. From the get-go, you can tell that Henry Christmas is a one-stop shop for all your Christmas decorating needs, from trees to ornaments.

But if your space is too small for a Christmas tree, you can opt for a potted Christmas tree. Check out some reviews by customers who purchased trees from Masons Home Dcor: So pleased with my cashmere 6ft tree which is so beautiful and the best quality purchase ever. Make sure to check with them prior to ordering. We even heard that 4-foot Christmas trees can cost as little as $25! Did you know that Christmas trees are sensitive to drafts and radiators and other heat sources? Definitely will patronise this shop in the future. Andric Teo, Google Reviews. Typically, you can re-pot them 3 to 4 weeks after you purchased them. A Guide to the Best Latex Mattresses in Singapore, The 16 Best Bedside Lamps in Singapore for Your Home, 12 Best Mattress Toppers in Singapore for Better Sleep. Hanging decorations and lights also make great toys for cats, which can cause digestive issues when ingested. In the last few years, theyve offered noble fir, premium noble fir, and nordmann fir Christmas trees in different sizes. The Yext script you entered is empty or incorrect: . Apart from that, we also like the fact that the shop has a large variety of ornaments and decorations. The main concern that some may have about artificial trees is that they arent really eco-friendly due to their plastic material. So, wait until your tree has acclimated to the climate that you have at home. Dazzle Decor is an online store for all your Christmas needs. Good place to get your gardening needs and wants. However they still have a huge selection of Xmas deco and trees here @ Henry Christmas.

Hence, we highly recommend visiting their shops on those dates if you want first dibs on trees, holiday decorations, and even gifts to give your family and friends!