exotic glaive pattern drop rate

It's even worse than a garbage drop rate. The upcoming Destiny 2: The Witch Queen patch will increase the drop rate of these weapons in Wellspring. Near the Postmaster and Vault in this social space, there is an Evidence Board that provides quests. Yeah im probably about 30 ruins in since I completed the glave quest for the first Exotic and I have still not found one. 2022 Forbes Media LLC. I burned out of Wellspring before I even got the weapon patterns. I got them on two consecutive runs after unlocking the first one You are like the top 0.001% luckiest person out there. Cause that's all I really want. You make the first exotic Glaive. This turns into a massively lengthy grind in Wellspring where the other two patterns are just random drops from the activity. American education system moment. She knew she wanted to be a writer early on, back when she got a floppy disk and she wrote "My Book" on it. the only problem was the people who were so bad they throw a fit when they don't get the 2nd rally on defend. And since the drop rate was dog shit and the community was raging they increased the rates. You make the glaives- they dont drop. It involves going to the Queens Bailey portion of the Savathuns Throne World map, killing enemies that spawn upon placing an offering, and then traversing further into the map to kill Hive that drop Resonant Runes. For your first class, you can do a bunch of sub-missions from the Evidence Board on Mars to eventually get your first one, and that was delayed because it required waiting for RNG for weapon patterns from Wellspring which had to eventually be buffed. Additionally, players using the melee part of the glaive will not gain more energy to spend, and using the shield will deplete energy accumulated, resulting in two of the three functions of a glaive becoming less useful. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Does it drop from the activity completion or the final chest itself as a gold triangle or engram? Well in their infinite wisdom bungie doesn't seem to think that is the case. Look on the bright side, to reach that point you managed to unlock the Wellspring weapon patterns, something I've yet to achieve. Be sure to reach out on Twitter with any questions, or send me a Bungie Friend Request so we can play together! Oh yeah,I heard raid. This is why I dont bother. They've only ever dropped for me or someone else in Master Wellspring so idk what the drop rates are for normal. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not alone in getting shafted. Didn't know you didn't get patterns via quest the same way. you don't need gally to do the run, just stun the ogres and super the adds down.

That is where the 2 remaining exotic patterns come from. Try equipping the weapon you want the pattern for, this worked wonders for me, And of course, the siphuncle is essential.

At the very least, make sure you're running it in administrator mode. 43 master wellspring runs without any drop, I dont know why Im even trying the glaives all suck anyway, I got the warlock one and its cool I guess but its a gimmick and Im sure it will never be used for anything serious. Edit: My first comment to you came off pretty snarky after reading it again. Subscribe to my free weekly content round-up newsletter, God Rolls. Destiny 2 players need Ascendant Alloys to unlock enhanced perks on crafted weapons. I lacked the warlock and hunter glaives. . All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. For all three glaives, to activate the exotic ability, you must 1) fully charge the weapon up with multiple shots, 2) hold down reload to change its firing function and then 3) your next shot will fire the special shield/healing/lightning ability. Over 70, and still no patterns. The exotic glaive? However, fans have observed that they are exceedingly rare at the moment. I'm a solo guy so most of my clears are normal. Holy shit. Yep Ive not done anymore runs since getting the 2nd pattern and D2 checklist says Ive had 108 clears. Blackburn was referring to the quest line that requires fans to craft all of the new weapons before unlocking one of the three new Exotic glaives. None of them come from wellspring. Apparently they buffed drop rate of glaive patterns but still haven't seen one. Glaive weapon patterns can drop on any character on any day on any difficulty. It personally took me 20 plus runs in order to get the two necessary Red-Bordered Tarnation Heavy Grenade Launcher weapons to drop. Matchmaking is not an option for this difficulty level, so I recommend using the Destiny 2 LFG Discord server to form a fireteam quickly. You may opt-out by. 2022 Warframe Today. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Oh I only really play one class. So, only 10-15 runs here and none yet, but those are rookie numbers compared to you all. Kust ran 30 wellspring0 pattern. Definitely didnt mean it that way. This means that Destiny 2 players who run a harder version of the game and kill all of the Champions will have a better chance at obtaining the Alloys. Andrea became a gamer for life at 7, thanks to a Pokemon Red cartridge and her Game Boy. So boring and one-dimensional. Im not trying to run a bunch of wells with no reward. then they sit in their meetings sucking their thumbs and crying like babies because no one wants to play their content they themselves have burnt us out on. So my post was just asking if other people were having just as much trouble. 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For the first exotic glaive you need to do a quest. You craft one in the story, you can loot one in the raid, but beyond that, there are three exotic glaives, one for each class, that you can get through a lengthy process. If they aren't my life wont be affected in any way. There isn't any quest related to the other 2 glaives. I don't even think there is bad-luck protection. Players get their first glaive in Destiny 2 by playing The Witch Queen campaign, eventually shaping The Enigma at The Enclave's Relic on Mars. I have a notepad next to my mousepad that I sometimes write destiny related stuff on when I'm watching YouTube. I thought it was some legandary thing ,lost sectors. This RNG layer can be an excruciating step to complete the Resonance mission, meaning it's important that Bungie upholds its promise to investigate the drop rate for Wellspring weapons. Yesterday was Fel Taradiddle day. And the answer is yes. I ran my warlock first and got that one from the quest Im working on my titan now but theres nothing at the evidence board so I can only assume the quests are account wide but I havent really done much wellspring for my titan I been knocking other things out I guess Ill have to do more wellsprings lol. But I have done 9 or 10 master ones too and still nothing.

The daily weapons don't have anything to do with the exotic glaives. The powershell trick seems to crash my game these days. There are better options for Exotic weapons, and some Legendary guns still do something similar to the Exotic glaives - but more consistently and often. As such, Destiny 2's Exotic glaives are not worth the grind at the moment, and only substantial changes can make them usable. I had the Warlock's drop on my Titan at a 103, and then my Titans drop on my Warlock at a 104. Ya only 2 legendary glaives. MORE: Destiny 2: How to Get First Vow of the Disciple Chest Solo. I hope that this guide has been helpful. About 90% of the game right now. Idk what I have to do to get even one to drop. There are 3 exotic glaives in the game. Considering how bad they are, it should've been just one run of Master, on each alt. These need large overhauls, and Id argue glaives in general need help with both its shield mechanic and a base projectile speed increase. However, I only got them both within my last 5 runs, I completed the Witch Queen campaign on my Warlock last, with the Hunter being 1st and Titan 2nd. It's just the patterns for weapons that you need to craft the objectively worst glaives in the game. My bad. Wellspring is one of the worst activities to date. I think Im done tho. I'm only doing master I've done at least 30 by now and still not a single patterned dropped. The Enigma and the raid one. So you get 1 pattern, you can choose between the 2 you have left. But after that no pry cared for exotic glaive anymore because they are shit. Is it all cosmetic? Got the warlock one but will never use it since I don't have a lock. You need to make it with the character associated with said glaive.

I had to do Master to get Tarnation to drop. Definitely a ridiculous grind. The quest takes at most twenty minutes to complete. Welcome to Destiny Reddit! Sucks I was on my Hunter when the last evidence board dropped so I completed the quest on Hunter first. I didn't even know it showed in the feed when someone else got a glaive pattern. What is the benefit? I've been running Wellspring both difficulties quite a bit for the past few months. Run wellspring, hope the pattern drops, craft at enclave. I usually run wellspring only for awhile and just write down how many clears I get each session. Lame. Red borders drop every few runs in normal since they increased the rates. Luckily, Hotfix was recently deployed which helped increase the drop rates of the Wellspring weapons. Just LFG with a no mic group. I can only get those glaives by completing Wellspring. So my real life RNG is absolute shit too. I also host a weekly podcast with my fireteam, Conquerors Corner, available on Spotify, iTunes, and other podcast services if youd like to learn more. The Forbes Worlds Most Influential CMOs List: 2022, Everything You Need To Know About The Dragon Prince Season 4: Time-Jump, New Clip, Release Date And More, The New Dungeons & Dragons Movie Looks . Yeah it does like ascendent alloys. 1st one is given when a quest is completed. Doesn't need to be Master, I got the pattern for the Titan one from regular Wellspring. Doesn't do any of us a favor if I e can't aquire patterns under logical methods. She is often found playing Destiny 2, for which she also makes guides. I'm also disabled and my 40th surgery is in 10 days. Proably not. Stay strong! I'm stuck on the two weapon patterns before the exotic board quest. My experience was the team moved pretty smoothly, I didnt die much, and I crushed enemies with Deathbringer and grenades. I just finished a really, really long grind for something that I now realize was not worth it in the least. Do u know that there is a rotation and the weapon today is neither tarnation or come to pass?