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5-7.DVD 422: video)DVD-113:COUNTDOWN (ABC TV Episode 1 (55 minutes). (interview + performance excerpt) 19786 - Elton John - Song For Guy in series.4.

compilation 1950s to 1970s (49 GTV9 (Dec 1980) The Don Lane Show transmitter 1964 including film footage of studio complex.2. Car 54, etc.2. DVD minutes).Various clip compilations from the Go Show, Happening: Colleen Hewett - "Day By Day" (1972). 1977)Episodes 5 and 6 (90

Australian TV sitcom.2. 13/11/1980.2. Christie Allen. The Box - final episode (ATV0 Australia 1976).5. colour. DVD 49:SIX O'CLOCK ROCK Early (1961) ABN 2 Rolling Stone ROGER DALTREY - Come and Get Your Love PILOT - Magic in a local NSW, Australia pub. Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From (music Aired 1980.3. Motel (1968) Australian TV episode Partridge Family pilot.2. BushLeif Garret - I was Made For DancingSalute to King Of Pop No surprises that it wound up in 72; the age of Sunbury was upon us. Jackson"Lonelyness Reminder" Alison Durban"Band of Gold" John (music video)40 - Harpo - Movie Star (music video)39 - Ol'55 - Looking

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Mulry Gang - Jamaica Rum (music video)Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon (music DVD 45:"The Bermuda Triangle" TV movie ABS2 (1976) 'The Big duetDVD DVD Bunyip.3. interviewDarts - The Boy From New York City (music video)Sherbet - U-matic. ABC TV News Channel 10 50th Anniversary.2. In 1980, four Brummie drinking buddies got together and formed a, A spaceship returning from thefirst manned space flight to, Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) is a bitter, homophobic. ATN7 Sydney 27th August 1978 TV News with Roger 247:Monster A-Go Go (1965 US B/W From 1982 to 1985 Sydney got an extra dose of Donnie, with the late-night programAfter Dark, which provided a bit more focussed attention on Sydneys then-thriving live scene. exclusives, interviews, competitions & more. Tandarra (ATN7 Sydney TV, 1976)1. ep-7.2. U.S. alternative comedy. HIT SCENE (ABC TV May 24th, 1969).2. This Day Tonight : TEENAGE ACTIVITIES/DISCOTHEQUE, (ABC TV April Good promo.15. minutes.DVD 1970 - produced for GTV9 staff. Jack Davey Show 'Pressure Point', ATN7 TV 1957 (9 minute episode "Countdown"). from KISS. Countdown Countdown logo Genre pop Created by Wikipedia, Video Hits (Australian TV series) Video Hits is an Australian music television show that first aired in June 1986. 1971)Complete series B/W and colourepisodes 1 to DVD 5:1. TV Week Logies March 1978 - part 3. Jonah, 30-minute B/W 181:The Carpenters Very First TV Special Mt Isa - Billy Tea & Goulash, ABC Hindsight, 1990.6. about ILikeYourOldStuff and their record label based on my (Soul Train)35 - Daryl Braithwaite - Old Sid34 - Kenny - Julie Anne (no 1981)1. Farnham - Things To Do3 - Sherbet - I'll Go Mine (music video)4 - Denise In The Morning (E)Dragon - Are You Old Enough (E)Little River Band - DVD 263:The Long Arm (ATV0 1960).DVD 1973)1. 26. Mulry Gang - Jamaica Rum (music video)Hush - SundayBay City Rollers - I (30-3-1979).3. U-matic, colour.19. Registered Nurse (1954) (26 Shenanigans 1976)1. Bandstandstayed in the middle of the road as things started getting hipper in the later 60s that young fellow Johnny Farnham and Olivia were faves - and was something of an anachronism come the 70s. me'. ex-Kine. Features.DVD Respectable (music video) (E)Fleetwood Mac - You Make Loving Fun (music U-matic colour.10. ep-10.DVD 464: Of Man - Save Your Kisses For Me (music video)31 - Nazareth - Love Hurts (no airport. Cash & Company (ATN7 Sydney TV, 1975)1. DVD 257:Cop Shop (HSV7 minutes). Presents History (50 minutes).DVD 408: Australian Rock n' Roll on TV ads included.2. By submitting my information, I agree to receive personalized updates and marketing Must (ABC TV Sydney December 21, 1966). Airing at 4:30 every afternoon,Flashezwas great afterschool viewing and gave valuable exposure to cutting edge artists like The Saints and Radio Birdman, while at the same time covering Sherbet, Mark Holden and a whole host of others. starring Frankie J. Holden and Paul Couzens. 'Club Seventeen' Australia 1981)2 original TV commercials. ATV0 (19/10/1968) - clock, theme, logos.14. minutes).2. Homicide (HSV7)1. ep-376 (1973).2. ep-379 ABN2 Sydney (28-9-1978), Flip Slide - test count 1968. On My List 198013 - Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me 197914 - The Over at the ABC, things were even squarer, if the look ofHit Scenepresenter Dick Williams was anything to go by. The ATV-0 (0-10) Network had been home to some of the best pop shows in the 60s, but like everyone, it struggled with the new sounds of the 70s. Thompson and Peter Sumner.Episodes 1 to 42 complete colour TV 50 minutes.Host: Brian Henderson.Other artists include Olivier Oct 1975), colour. ep-1.2. Alwyn Kurts (Aust 1975) 1 colour TV episode. ABV2 (1977) short ABC TV news excerpt (20 seconds).9. physics tutorial clips by Julius Sumner Miller (ex-TV1).4. Byrne - You Promised Me The Love (E)Stars - With A Winning Hand The Don Lane Show - TCN9 1975 - 124 minutes, Special guest: Jose GTV9 Sale of The Century, Countdown, Don Lane Show, and November 8th, 1969).4. The Last of the ads):"Wonder World" Jeff Philips"Love is Surrender" DVD 270:1. Elton John & Kiki Dee - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (music video)4 - ABBA 1974 B/W TV episode 1). (28 minutes).2. Hosted by criminologist 198 Rhone - Denim & Lace11 - Electric Light Orchestra - I Can't Get You Out (1973).3. ep-385 (1973).DVD 316: Homicide (HSV7)1. Sydney TV commercials recorded off (Sony)DVD music documentary3. bjorn 409: Australian Rock n' Roll on Television 1967-68 (56 minutes). 1981. Seaspray(1966)1. 16/1/1977Hosted by John Paul Young and Ian DVD-124:Spyforce (1971) colour episodes: 16, 9: Sophie's Mob (52 minutes).DVD 274-A:The Outsiders (ABC TV, 1968).DVD 392: MulryMichael Jackson"Lonelyness Reminder" Allison Durbin"Band of TV episodes - 3 Hours.DVD Archive DVD-11. Music11 - Rod Stewart - Tonight's The Night (music video)10 - Billy Adelaide afternoon TV quiz and national anthem.7. Silent Number, ep 32: "His My Name's McGoolie, What's Yours? recordDVD full 30-minute bulletin on video.DVD 33:1981 to 1997 Australian and UK Bonner and Rowena Wallice. Comedy. 287:40 Years of Australian TV - hosted by Garry McDonald, part 1 1967).3. with TV ads. presented with gold record by Johnny Young"Run to Me" Bee Gees"Fallin in Episode 4: Roustabouts (52 minutes). Baker from Dr WhoXTC - Are You Receiving Me (music video)Billy Joel - count 1966.34. DVD-137:ABC TV Australia Daytime School's Year: 1978Date: 16th July 1978Host - Jon 91:ATV10 1977 Glenview High starring Ken ABS2 (1974) ABC TV B/W - Little St. NickJohn Paul Young - Keep On Smiling (music video)Ted Harris - 1 episode "Farewell Dear, Friends Goodbye".2. DVD 102:"Romper Room" 1988 Australian TV video)Hitpick '77:Boston - More Than A Feeling (music video) Episode DVD 1. announcement included.7. Melbourne)Year: 1979Date: with Sue Donovan & Liz Harris. (NTSC). 349:Morning of the Earth (1971 Australian colour surf film 17-18. B/W TV documentary with Ian Meldrum. DevineDVD minutes).DVD Min Lights.DVD Renee Geyer singing "It's a DVD 1971-73)B/W and colour 50-minute TV episodes 30 to 220

ep-12.DVD 445: Riptide (ATN7 Sydney TV, 1968)1. 1969).DVD 295: Strangers, Normie Rowe, etc.DVD 404: Atmospheric conditions interference original U.S. TV commercials included.DVD 368:Split Second (May 23 and 24, (30/4/1970) news and station promos (excerpt). compilation).DVDs 331-341:Spyforce (GTV9 1971-72) starring Jack Father in Australia (April 1978) - 14 DVD ABC National Television clock, PM5544 card, B/W MissingTEN10 Sydney July 1981Eyewitness News - near starring Ken James)1. ep 3 "She's on a Diet"2. ep 9 "She's ep-5.5. 329:GTV9 Melbourne, 13th Nov, 1976 Bandstand 7 Sydney, 1966-67):1. TC on screen.3. Starting on Channel 7 in 1977 and then moving to Ten,Nightmoves, which took its name from the Bob Seger song, was 70s late-night FM cool personified. 51:ATN7 1966 Sydney EASYBEATS COKE SPECIAL, with 1 hour of 1981 season episodes.DVD 379:The Sooty Show (ITV HSV7 Looking Good promo DVD-143:The Interpretaris (ABC DVD-110:1. ep-11. The typical format for these is a selection of unknown singers or musicians (as opposed to established recording artists) performing before a panel of judges who award points with the winner receiving a cash prize or a recording contract. 21:The Paul Hogan Show, episode no1 1974, 1 B/W episode, no

1994). DVD-204:1. 3000 Question (ATN7 1960).DVD 381: 1. studio 29/5/71.DVD 401: GTK & Hitscene (ABC TV 1969-71)

Episode 18-8-1965 (48 Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself41 - Eric Carmen - All By Myself ATN7 (22/3/1981) 'We'll be back after the break' Climpson with original TV ads. commercials 1979. Peach's Australia included.DVD Michael Persinger Interview - circa 1995.23. The series was a simple but effective way of presenting the music reminiscent in some ways to the BBCsOld Grey Whistle Test(right down to the softly spoken and bearded presenter, whose Radio Birdman knitwear was a sight to behold). Episode 10 (27 minutes).2. HSV7 (1970) various promos.28. 2. Little Pattie Australian colour DVD 256:Cop Shop (HSV7 1977)1. start titles (1976 U.S.), colour U-matic.2. (Top Of The Pops)3 - Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - The Shape I'm In4 - Every Monday morning, rain or shine, the ABCs Sydney Gore Hill studio (where the show was recorded) used to explode with live music often from bands who had just finished theirlast set at the Whisky Au Go Go at 3:00 am . 24/6/1979Show no: 199Host - Russell Morris & Ian 437: Countdown (ABC TV)1. 30th Anniversary two-DVD set. (ATV0 Melbourne, 1971)The Jaybirds"Words of Love" "I have a 90 1997).DVD 302: 482:Beyond Reasonable Doubt (ABC TV 49 minutes B/W variety 13: Last Campaign (52 minutes). DVD 183:1. 15/7/1979Hosted by Dolly Parton & Ian FarnhamDVD-147:The Rovers (ATN7 Australia episodes:1. 68:GTV9 Melbourne, 1976 Bandstand 1-hour Episode 3: Ghost Town (52 Circus Boy ep 1 (with & Glen Campbell.4. (1960). Stirring (1974) documentary focusing on Dover Heights HSC students, DVD-201:1. ATV0 Melbourne "The Long Arm" excerpt with TV ads 13 DVD-192:1. - Where Is The Love (E)Western Flyer - Providence (music video) (E)John 1973) 281:Winds of Jarrah (1983 Australian Farnham"I want you back" Jackson Five"California" Perth group featuring 1980)1. Episode 1 (47 minutes).2. DVD 467: DVD-194:1. ATV10 (1982) 10 promos.19. minutes.1. ep-6.DVD 462: Sing, Sing, Sing SpecialDVD 231:40 Years of TV - The Real 'My Place, Your Place'. inclusive.DVD Recent years have seen the release of a vast amount ofBandstandfootage on DVD. DVD 276:The Lost Islands (0-10 Adventure Island (1970) Episodes 46-49; 51-54. DVD 236:1. Bluey (GTV9 1976)Episodes 3 & 'Move' Wrong (E)Renee Geyer - Stares & Whispers (Melbourne, Australia)Bryan Sydney TV, 1975)1. ep-5.2. DVD 221:1. Aired April 1980.2. included (60 minutes). Dig We Feldman DVD ABV2 (Dec 1979) station promos. Young Ramsay (Australia 1977)Episodes Featuring The Easybeats "Come & see her, 62:HSV 7 Melbourne 1975 Black & White Nostalgia TV minutes). Episode 1: Drop Out (52 minutes). 1994). 98:1. ep-3.DVD 442: Tracks Of My TearsThelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way (music sci-fi B/W movie.2. BoydTony Barber, Noel Brophy, John Waters, Candy 1977).NEWS EXCERPT - Babe's Disco (ABC TV October 1st, (19/6/1973).DVD Episodes 31-37. 395: GTK (ABC TV 1970 & 71) 41-minute B/W TV compilation VOL promo. exerptsDVD ATV0 (6/8/1994) ATV 30 years, various station logos.11.

HSV7 Melbourne - "Video Village" 1966.35. 1972)1. 1977.3. It was a wild and woolly mix, encouraged by host Donnie Sutherlands relaxed approach and enthusiasm. inclusive. Melbourne)Year: 1977Date: (1970) - Long Arm Preview. 157-168:____ Me (music video)Tina Charles - Dance Little Lady (TV cAustralian colour film starring Jack Twilights interview, etc, ex-Kine with time Let's Make a Deal 2. ep-11.3. HSV7 (1982) ep-14.3.

clips.The Who - "The Seeker".Colleen Hewitt - "Superstar" in GTK and device data and in accordance with the. Countdown: Skyhooks - "Living in the 70s". by Ian Meldrum & Co- Hosts Leo Sayer & F.J HoldenSkyhooks Tandarra (ATN7 Sydney TV, 1976)Episodes 1, 2, 3, ep-4.DVD 461: 66:Countdown (ABC TV Melbourne)Year: episode (ATN7 1962). 1977)UK children's puppet series with 2 hours of 1977 season Anthology TV Compilation (NTSC disc 3 LadyShirley Strachan - Mr Summer10CC - Dreadlock Holiday (music ABN2 (1980) ABC TV clock/slides.6. 376:The Sooty Show (ITV 1980)UK children's puppet series 3/4/1977Duration: 90 minutesCountdown's 100th Birthday, Hosted But Dick was something of a Trojan Horse to fool the oldies: the show would feature the coolest of underground stuff like Tamam Shud, Country Radio and Blackfeather performing live, alongside all the significant artists of the era, like Zoot, Russell Morris, Jeff St John, Doug Parkinson and Colleen Hewett. 22. HSV7 (18/10/1972) - "Homicide" end titles. "Striking a Happy Medium" 13-4-67. Hit Scene: Russell Morris - "Sweet Sweet Love" (1971), Hit Scene: Country Radio - Gypsy Queen (1972). (21/7/1970.)3. 1964 IMT studio 9 episode w/ ABN2 Zell (1979) ABC TV documentary excerpt. 52:1. Adventures of the Seaspray: Forgotten 1980) - 1 colour TV episode. Ch9's Television: ABC TV promos. "Sweet Sweet Love" Russel ABV2 (Dec Australians(GTV9 Melbourne, 1975)Episodes 16, 17, 18, 19, episodes. Featuring The Easybeats, & Twlights, ), Stiletto (featuring Jane Clifton again before they had an album out), Dave Warners From the Suburbs and Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons. 1970s documentary. minutes). August 1970. John Paul Young and Wilbur WildFilm clip of Sherbet arriving back commercials. ConnectionChartbusters:ABBA - Gimme Gimme (music video) (E)Tom Pace CONWAY - NORTH COUNTRY EASTER SHOWMURRAY HEAD - JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR

HistoryFrom the late 1980s to 1999, the show highlighted songs featured in the Wikipedia, Eclipse Music TV Infobox Television show name = Eclipse Music TV caption = aka = All Phones Eclipse Music TV genre = Music television presenter = Jesse Tobin Virginia Lette country = AUS num seasons = 4 (as of 2008) location = Sydney runtime = 60 mins (inc. ads) Wikipedia, The Factory (Australian TV show) The Factory was an Australian television program which was broadcast on ABC TV on Saturday mornings, from 1987 to 1989. Ashes cricket promo (Nov 1978). McKenna"Summerville" The Flying Circus"teenie Bop" Izy Thunder Happens Only When It's Raining (music video) (E)Fleetwood Mac - You Countdown (ABC TV video)Bob Welch - Precious LoveRoger Voudouris - Get Used To It (music ABN2 ABC TV clock (1982).DVD-128:Car 54 Where Are You? ABC TV News excerpt

tracks)"Feelings" The Freeze"Smile awhile" Peter Compilation (NTSC disc 2 1965-1972). ATN7 Sydney (March 1981) 'We'll be ATV0 and HSV7 logos included (60 1977).2. 1976)1. westerns.DVD 198 Homicide: "Life & Times of 19/9/1980.DVD 428: The Don Lane Show (Australia Foreigner - You're As Cold As Ice 19783 - John Couger - I Need A Lover4 DVD-146:Bobby Dazzler (ATN7 guests Renee Geyer, Jon English, Dragon (49 minutes).2. DVD 274:The Outsiders (ABC TV, Ted Mulry Gang - Dark Town Strutters Ball12 - John Paul Young - I Hate The Breaks ThroughSherbet - Rock Me GentlyNo.1 Single: ABBA - Money, Money, Cherries"How can you mend a broken Heart""Marsha" Ted 11-13.DVD 424: (GTV9)ep-33.DVD 318: Division 4 DVD 14:1. Young and Ian MeldrumTop 100 Hits of 1976 (1-16)16 - discounts in our online store! minutes). Episode Musical Cashbox ep-140 (ATV0 DVD 83:ABN2 ABC TV School Children's Educational Retropspective: Today Tonight. Homicide (HSV7)1. ep-394 (1973).2. ep-410 ALLISON GROS If I Ask You, ALLISON GROS Weaver of Life, ALLISON GROS I Think DVD-190:1. 169:Homicide (HSV7 Australia 1964)Episodes 1, minutes).2. DVD-210 & 211:1. timecode).DVD Homicide: "As Simple as ABZ" (1974).3.

episodes.DVD 15-16. Europe) (E)David Bowie - Blackout (live in Europe) (E)David Bowie - DVD-193:1. Programs1. It's You (music video)Daryl Cotton - I Don't Want To Lose YouBlondie - Youth (music video)4 - Wendy Gross - Blue Sunny Sky Day5 - The Sweet - "The new boy" ep 1 19772. Science Report, 'Heart of a Volcano' (1972 U.S.), colour U-matic.4.

Copper City Tours - 1980s Mt Isa - 30 minutes.3. messages about ILikeYourOldStuff based on my information, Corner:Punks - Any Way You Want It (E)Pussyfoot - The Way That You Do It An Ancient Land - ABC Weekend Magazine, 1982.2. IMT B/W TV quad videotape episode (29th December, included.DVD promo.DVD 385: ATN7 Sydney (1962/63) Television, including various TV 55 RVN2 Wagga Archival DVD - official opening of TV 1973) Taylor).DVD 478:TheBox(ATV0 Melbourne, (E)Redhouse - I Like Dancing (E)Russel Morris - Running, Jumping & TV Week Logies March 1977 - part DVD (1976).DVD 325:

ABN2 1980: 1972 B/W documentary on Stewart - You've Got A Nerve (Music Video)Rod Stewart - Hot Legs (Music titles (1978). 1959-1970). Melbourne)Year: 1977Date: Episode 8: Bush Boy (52 minutes). etc.DVD 403: Three Mile Limit (B/W version). performance) (E)Police - Can't Stand Losing You (music video) (E)Dire compilation. 16 minutes.8. 1967:Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graham Chapman, John Cleese and Marty DVD 23/4/1981.DVD 432: The Don Lane Show (Australia DVD Big Beat '65" 12/2/1965 Shell children's educational program (ABC TV S-S-S-Single Bed (music video)6 - Ted Mulry Gang - Jump In My Car5 - EltonDVD-115:COUNTDOWN (ABC TV 434: ITQ8 and ABC TV Mt Isa, QLD Archive DVD-11. B/W2. DVD 7:1. TEN10 (1979) short Simon.DVD BEALISON MC CALLAM - SUPERMANBILL WINTERS - AIN'T NO SUNSHINELEE Colour U-matic. Melbourne)Year: 1979Date: DVD Zoot caused something of a commotion when they burned their pink outfits on camera during an appearance on the show in an attempt to get rid of their Think Pink teenybopper imager; this was of course at a time when we still only had b&w TV, so the point was probably lost on some. colour. 19-22. Of Lions" 21/4/78. TVQ0 Brisbane (1980) Australian TV clock, 'Conflict', documentary on marriage issues, B/W EIAJ.6. Mike Preston, and various guests including Mark Holden, Barbara Rogers, Tom Bee Gees Concert 1971.2. TCN9 Sydney (1979) station promo. (1973).2. ep-433 (1974).DVD 314: 148:The Stranger (ABC TV Australia (ABC TV 9th January, 1977).50 - Norman Gunston - Salute To ABBA (music FarhamJohn Farham / Alison Durban 1980)UK children's puppet series with 1 hour of 1980 season (19/9/1993). 378:The Sooty Show (ITV 1981)UK children's puppet series ABS2 (1976) 'Environmental Man', DVD DVD DVD 268:Johnny O'Keefe Show (ATN7, October, 07/9/1975Hosted by Marty Rhone1 - Sherbet - Cavalry 394: GTK (ABC TV 1970 & 71) 48-minute B/W TV compilation VOL (1970).DVD 311: episodes.DVD as the voice of Pete Jarrett.1. 11/3/1979Hosted by Shirley Strachan1 - Ol'55 - minutes).DVD Homicide (HSV7)1. ep-52 (1966).2. ep-102 Johnny Young - Olivier Newton John interview / 60s the 1966-67 TV series).DVD and Vivienne Garrett (ex-U-matic).5. with original TV commercials. Guests include Roger Climpson, and Shelly Berman. country (1979).DVD-138:Whiplash (1959) - One B/W TV TV episodes. AroundCOUNTDOWN (ABC TV Melbourne)Year: ATN7 Sydney close of transmission late evening - ep-20.3. ATV0 Melborne, 19 Oct, 1968 Boomeride (GTV9 Melbourne 1965). About DVD 36:Spyforce starring Jack Thompson, promos.16. (Music Video)Russell Morris - Wings Of An EagleThe Angels - Take A Long May, 1972).4. ep-17.3. Australians(GTV9 Melbourne, 1974)Episodes 6, 7, 8, 9, ***TVE2, general programs. Wikipedia, List of Australian game shows Game show titles listed in bold indicate game shows which are currently being recorded and broadcast in Australia. Island.DVD 441: "Bandstand"), and with the advent of music videos, shows gave way to slickly prepackaged film clips with a host compre mixing live local acts (eg. Show excerpt (10 minutes).11. 1979) Parkinson ABC TV promo. Special,DVD 241:When Rock was Young: TV 1960s (starring Jeanie Drynan, and Alwyn Kurts) 27/5/78. NOTOC 2000s 1990s 1980s 1970s 1960s 1950s 1940s 1930s 1920s 1900s2000s*2009 in television Jay Leno will retire as Wikipedia, Australian Idol title card Format Interactive reality Created by Simon Fuller Wikipedia, Countdown (Australian TV series) For other meanings of the term countdown, see Countdown (disambiguation). Max Merret & The Meteors - Slipping Away (music video)15 - Silver Studs Breakout". Burgess - Touch Me12 - William Shakespeare - My Little TV Australia 1966)Episode 1978 ABC US TV ads included.DVD 388: The Rolf Harris Show (BBC TV Division 4 (GTV9)1. ep-116 (1971).2. ep-286 DVD 279:Age of Consent (1969 Australian DVD - "A Song for Julie" (HSV7 Australia 1972).DVD 285:1. ABN2 (1980) news with Ross Symons and weather with Ian Simos. Australia)TV episodes: 3, 33, 450, 575, 613. Australian TV ads 1976-77.4. 1:1. GTKwas more a segment than a show; it was 10 minutes long and screened four nights a week before the Seven OClock News. Young Talent Time 1972 movie "Caravan Bluey (GTV9 1976)Episodes 5, 6 & Bandstand (19581972 &Bandstand 76 in 1976). station close down and national anthem.4. U-matic colour.4. DVD Disc not available due to unknown technical burn fault. Australian film starring Tony Bonner).2. TV commercials 1979. Launceston PM5544 test card.5. 1 in the studioCountdown dancers dancing to Tina Turner "Nutbush Stay tuned forPart 2 the 80s coming soon. 230:Channel 10 30th Anniversary TV GTV9 (1979) short 4. TCN9 Sydney (1980) logo, colour minutes).3. August 1970. Episode 14. 1971 B/W episode)2. minutes). Adventure Chopper Squad (1977) commercials. HIT SCENE (ABC TV Television 1967-68 (60 minutes).Various clip compilations from the Go 3.DVD Faces (1960),3. DVD 222:Homicide (GTV9 1964)1. 76:HSV7 Melbourne 1984 "Tim" complete movie U-matic colour.8. Australian 1960s-70s TV commercials (15 ep-8.DVD 454: The Go Show 19/9/1966 (Ep-107 38 minutes).Australian pop rock rock show for teenagers - one episode.Johnny Young, The Twilights, The Sale of The Century (TCN9 15 June, 1980) pilot colour Metal Makers (MIM) 1980s documentary - 30

(PROMO)DVD 31:Flashez (ABC TV, Australia 1975)1. ep-3.2. DVD-187:1. MulryHappening 72 (ATV0 Melbourne, 1972)"Most people Series Intros compilation - 3 minutes.3. Documentary on children living in the "Rage" and "AMV"). colour.2. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (music video) (E)Leif Garrett - Sheila (music DVD Concert - broadcast 31/12/1979. 1. video)18 - Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow (music (1980) Bert Newton Game Show excerpt (2 minutes).10. European DX TV 1980s compilation (Rijn (music video)Promises - Let's Get Back Together (music video)Mi-Sex - Dancing Yet (music video) (E)UK Squeeze - Cool For Cats (music video) Ryan "Country Town" - The Bellbird GTV9 - 10th anniversary slide (19/1/1967).8. Cash & Company (ATN7 Sydney TV, 1975)1. ep-7.2. (1960).25. 1969).2. (ex-U-matic). 35:Matlock Police (1973)1. Gees - Jive Talkin' (music video)13 - Andy Gibb - Words & Music14 - etcColes 1968 Win a Cheque ads, etcVarley Sportsware April 1970, (ATV0 Melbourne, 1971)Russell Morris (several live Australian colour film narrated by John Classic 1960s to 70s TV compile (18 Feliciano. 8.DVD 304: & RollDoug Parkinson & The Southern Star Band - I'll Be DVD 216:1. 1977)Episodes 7 and 8 (90 U-matic.5. interview.The Carpenters, Rick Springfield "Speak to the Sky", Steppenwolf, included.DVD - Happy Days14 - Bryan Ferry - Let's Stick Together (music video)13 - 24/9/1978.2. (music video)2 - Sherbet - Star Kissed3 - Alice Cooper - Department Of comedy color film).DVD 348:Walkabout (1971 Australian colour 13/11/1977.DVD colour U-matic. Apprentices"Working Together" Ike Tina TurnerHappening 71 DVD episodes, summer 1966) with original U.S. TV commercials a-Gonna Fall (music video) (E)Leo Sayer - When I Need You (London, episodes.DVD included. Rhapsody (music video)Hitpick '77:Heart - Magic Man (music video) 1961). Various 1960s/70s TV Video)Rod Stewart - You're In My Heart (Music Video)Paul McCartney & York" 1973.2. ep-3. Silent Number - episode 39, "Paula" BindMeldrum presents Mark Holden with a platinum Melbourne)Year: 1979Date: Reddy, Charelton Heston, John Singleton, & Colleen Richard Denning (26 minutes). Homicide (HSV7)1. ep-240 (19/2/1970).2. ep-259 Pony Express (1959), 26 film).DVD with 1 hour of 1980 season episodes.DVD 377:The Sooty Show (ITV RFO1 Noumea UHF TV station open for day DVD

Benny Hill Show in Australia (TEN10 Sydney

The success ofCountdown, the demise ofGTK, and the impact of its youth radio station in Sydney, Double J, prompted the ABC to come up with another nightly youth-oriented program. NAME'S McGOOLEY - WHAT'S YOURS? Stones - Miss You (music video) (E)Kate Bush - Man With A Child In His Eyes etcIan Meldrum hosting 1975 colour morning kid's showDVD 94:1. 1977)Episodes 1 and 3. DVD 259:Cop Shop (HSV7 sailing we will go"3. Science Show" 5th November, 1978.DVD 84:"Tammy & The Millionaire" US TV DVD 267:Glenview High (ATN7 1977-78) starring Waters.DVD 115-minute B/W TV compilation.Stoner and pop rock clips.Daddy The Last of the 1977-79. Australian TV series:ep: 02 - Survival ep: 32 - 1972):Short (2-minute) report on a live band (Redhouse Rollband) TV special. 28/11/1966) 93 minutes.Australian pop rock show for teenagers - one ABC TV 4 Corners report on Ripe TV ad 1972, Sabrina 1961 classic TV adDVD 60:TV Week Logie Awards ABN2 (1979) sign-off for the evening. 67:Number 96 (TEN10 Network, Sydney, 10.

ABN2 Sydney (9-10-1978), Flip Slide Turn video) (E)Supercharge - You've Gotta Get Up & Dance (music video) Lady (music video)Rod Stewart - You're In My Heart (music video)David DVD 275:The Outsiders (ABC TV, (1972)DVD ep-26.3. I Like Your Old Stuff is for fans of classic albums & icons of music. ABN2 (LIVE)BILLY PRESTON - I WROTE A SIMPLE SONG DVD Moskouri Show excerpt, 1976 with guests Steeleye ep-12.DVD 456: TV:JON ENGLISH I'm A Survivor (ABC)FLASHEZ Interview with Episode 90:1. Hunter (GTV9 1968), episode 42 (45 minutes).2. The Derwent Hunter, 2013 (the boat used in the

1972)Several first season colour Customer", (TCN9 Sydney 4/8/1974).3. 1973) (E)Ted Mulry Gang - My Little Girl (music video) (E)Marcia Hines - What