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You can find all of this information and more in the following article! We recommend thisfree personality assessment.). As a CS rep for approximately 15 days - I found out on day 15 that one of the lines of products was known in house to not function as advertised, and quit to avoid lying about it - I solved more problems and moved more product than 90% of my compatriots without leaving the business-address method. Without an outlet for INTJs quest for evolution, frustration mounts quickly, which is bound to happen to an INTJ in this field. In person can be difficult.

INTJ, what did you have to learn to become more successful in your career? It keeps us locked in busy work when we should be tackling bigger problems. Their high standards and aim for perfection are necessary components for a leaders resume. If you have a traditional job with no staff under you, you cannot directly delegate. You can hire a virtual assistant for just a few hours a week. The trick is finding an environment that welcomes innovation, intellectual curiosity, and is free from nonsensical bureaucratic processes.

This makes it an excellent career choice for INTJ personality types.

With the type's inherent quest for knowledge and mastery, finding a job is usually easy as they'll come armed with many qualifications. I wasn't rude, I was polite and did my job. my job isnt purely customer service, but when tickets get out of hand i have to come to the rescue and help dealing with it.

They have grand ideas about the world and require the space to execute them, and wish to be recognized for their talent and skills. Its their responsibility to coordinate all shipments for all locations and review and analyze budgets, expenditures, and operations. Sign up! I had all the technical skill and knowledge and loved learning it, and it's easy to fake a polite tone. It is a detailed job that requires focus on both long-term goals and the minute details. What Are the Best Jobs for ESFP Personality Types? But not every career lets you delegate the same way. I took courses, read books, and spent as much time as possible with others who have succeeded. You can easily use being introverted to your advantage within the right setting. This rare type (just 2% of the population according to 16 personalities, and only 0.8% of women) often forgesher own path in life which results in interesting, unique careers.

They may or may not use your idea. The project manager takes the lead to organize and supervise every aspect, from the most minute details to the big-picture view. It sounds like you are doing in-person customer service as opposed to CS via phone or email. This is not what we want in our workplace as INTJs, but its not usually something we can avoid. I made up for it by making it my personal mission to get everyone the lowest price on their prescription as possible, so with most people, the saving them hundreds of dollars usually outweighed the not smiling at all times. That was then an aspect of the job that I excelled at given typical INTJ traits like trying to optimize processes, organize systems, etc. This job works perfectly with the innovative yet logical INTJ personality. This type's careful logic and strategy help with crafting resumes and cover letters which address the central needs of the companies they apply to. They find nuance and deep satisfaction when solving a problem. But that's also because my view of "customer service" is pretty damn dim. They dont want to be part of any job void of deep impact. Then get out of the way. Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging, Using Holland Codes for Careers and Occupational Choices. Figure out which of these INTJ careers could be right for you, and be confident that you have the potential to excel in your new position.

Jane Austen, Michelle Obama, Tim Ferriss, John August, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Susan B. Anthony, and Augustus Caesar are all said to be INTJs (as well as some "evil geniuses," such as Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes, and Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars). Their determination, dedication, and unbreakable focus are extremely rare among other personality types. We only recommend products we truly believe in. He's an INTJ if I've ever seen one and pretty much everything he says cracks me up because it resonates so deeply. Fiction-writing INTJs love the ability to create entire worlds with words, while journalist and editorial minded INTJs enjoy the challenge of research and crafting a story. But probably somewhere up above them, making major company-wide decisions, is an ENTJ or INTJ. Others might view them as emotionless, when in fact theyre just rational thinkers. When I was at a pharmacy I was really good at all the technical skills but I sucked at customer service. Share your professional experience or ask for advice you can even post anonymously. Illustrators must be creative and driven, producing individual artwork that enriches the message of the broader work. INTJs may have trouble with the idea that they have to gradually build their way to the top, for example, starting as team members and slowly moving up the professional ladder to General Managers. Im not faking the politeness/niceness but idk, I act more peppy and people-pleasing. INTJs are motivated to set high standards and goals for themselves and dedicated to achieving them at all costs. Press J to jump to the feed. We have all pondered the inevitable question, What career would suit me best? And some of us have wanted to change the trajectory of our career and start walking on a fresh new path. If anything, many of these customer support positions require reading directly from a script, while embodying an optimistic and rather fake role, which adds another element of undesirability to the job. I'd rather communicate in writing (that way, there is a hard record of what was actually said}), AND I'd rather handle business online rather than on the phone with customer service. Jobs at companies dedicated to hiring more women, Advice and support from an authentic community, Events that help you level up in your career. Such careers usually involve grasping complex theories and analysis, applying superb problem-solving skills, and long-term commitment to a specific field. Yes, we do have emotions, but for us, its a private matter. This INTJ job is excellent for an INTJ who wants to work toward a long-term goal. Or else Id def be hearing about being withdrawn, quiet and not taking initiative. Mostly feel sorry for people who have to work in phone support, I'd go batty in a week having to listen to complaining people all day. So long as they are prepared to be different, they will be able to embrace their unique personalities. So if that sounds like you, let's put you on the right track to where your personality will shine. Our best posts. A job that requires non-stop communication with people surely isnt the best match for INTJs. 6 Things To Do When You're Feeling Lost at Work, The Journey Back: Northrop Grummans iReturn Program Helps People Return to the Workforce, From Mentorship to My Favorite Work Perk: Lessons Ive Learned as a Developing Professional, Tough Conversations You Need to Have When Working Remotely and How to Get Through Them, How to Leverage the Power of Habit Stacking for Increased Productivity, Leading By Example: The Women of the Santander US Leadership Team. Their Thinking (T) preference makes them extremely good at memorizing and comprehending facts. The perfect occupation for this intellectual personality type is one that allows them to express their greatest strengths. I hate my job just because I have to try to fake it. But you dont have to learn to be a social butterfly. Related Topics: Career Advice, Candidate, Career Path, Reflection, Personality, Best Jobs. While she didn't pursue STEM in college or after (opting instead to get a degree in communications with a hope for a writing job one day), she was relieved to find many successful writers also share her type. You take the initiative to fix things (with or without permission sometimes), have no problem assuming more responsibility, and can handle a large workload. The handshake is showing them what you can do. That is not at all their intention, of course. Nevertheless, sticking to a strict routine with little intellectual reward can quickly become problematic for an INTJ, as it begins to feel monotonous. Anyone gave any good stories on their experience dealing with customers? Ask for a Ticket Number and their employee number. Working with contractors, builders, and architects, quantity surveyors will provide the most cost-efficient plans to complete a building while meeting high-quality standards. Developing creative solutions to complex problems is the bread and butter of INTJs, so any job requiring strategic vision is an excellent fit. I did it for 1 year and I'd rather shoot myself than do it again. Well Im finishing up grad school right now, so I wouldn't exactly consider myself a failure. There was a time when a customer asked how much was 30% off a $27 item and she was holding her iPhone, I just told her she could use her phone but because the iPhone calculator had no percentage, she didn't know she could just do a 0.7*27, I was just like what? INTJs need to view their potential weaknesses as strengths and apply them in their search for the perfect job. Most career choices they prefer require years of proper education, and once mastered, they can easily start impressing everyone around them. Id love to talk. That, along with the repetitive data-entry heavy duties often required of this position is a recipe for a burned out, unfulfilled INTJ. INTJs might get bored of this mundane routine pretty quickly. They are sincere and can be counted upon. I have always found it unnatural and uncomfortable but it forces you to work on some of your weaknesses. But as every INTJ knows, at some point, you will have to deal with emotions on the job. This career feeds INTJ's desire for meritocracy. In his spare time, he pesters his cats, makes up stories, and swears he's fixing his bicycle. You cant always count on a friend to network for you. Remember that plan you came up with for improving the database? And while some might think that theyre narcissistic, in actuality theyre simply achievement-oriented. Content writing may be the ideal gig for the INTJ who wants to learn about everything. Check the r/INTJ rules and the FAQ before posting. (Whats your personality type? Ive learned from experience that when a colleague has strong feelings, the work will not get done until those emotions are acknowledged.

I enjoy helping customers out with problems though (albeit that being more about the fun of problem-solving). I was basically like, a genius at the job. This article will explore various favorable careers for the INTJ personality, unfavorable careers to avoid, and a list of college majors that INTJs might want to consider. Reviewers have described Lnasa Days as "a masterpiece of magical realism." Testing systems, managing computer database systems, and coordinating changes are just some of a database administrators duties. Andre Slo is an advocate for introverts and highly sensitive people, and the co-founder of Highly Sensitive Refuge. individual. Dont be surprised if this personality type gives their notice in the middle of a shift on the quest for their true professional purpose. I just want my problem fixed or the instructions on how to fix said problem myself. highest earning introverted personality types, Best Practices for Leveraging INTJ Strengths (and How to Be a Likable INTJ), 5 Things the INTJs in Your Life Wish You Knew About Them, If Youre an INTJ, Youve Probably Had These 5 Annoying Experiences, Heres What Gets Each Introverted Myers-Briggs Personality Type Red-Hot Motivated. And other research shows that INTJs are among the highest earning introverted personality types. Workplaces with rigid processes and bureaucratic structures are a huge turn-off for this systems-minded personality. My issue is when a supposedly easily solvable problem is not solved by cs, and their attitude is "Oh well" meaning "so damn what!" The loan officer acts as a liaison among financial institutions, individuals, and businesses applying for loans and needs to know the ins and outs of policies and processes. When I was in retail for example I started off like any other person but eventually indicated interest and learned how to do shipment. If you ask INTJs whats holding them back (which I did, via an INTJ Facebook group), they give remarkably similar answers: These may be our weaknesses, but for other personality types (especially extroverted ones), they are strengths. After all, every train has its passengers! And plenty of people have to take jobs they don't like, either because of the lack of availability of other jobs or taking time off to help with family/ they can't afford to go straight through school. The only thing is that I once forgot to break character when I got home. Soon enough theyd find that even the smallest amount of structure this job brings to their lives isnt enough to keep them behind the desk. A peculiar personality type, the INTJ shines brightly credits to their profound intellect, wisdom, discipline, and perfectionism. But if you do this consistently, dont be surprised if they ask you to come meet with them. What Are the Best Jobs for ENTJ Personality Types? It seems like call centers are training their cs agents to do a lot of "empathy mirroring" stuff like, "I'm sorry you're experiencing that" or "I understand how that would be frustrating." They may not be as charismatic or as outgoing as their extroverted twin, but INTJ's long-view vision abilities and high-level expertise allow them to lead extremely effective teams. Unfortunately, we face roadblocks in the workplace that other personality types dont. Their ability to see deep connections that dont seem visible on the surface is hugely important for this career. First, I would really suck at it and do damage to my employer, and second it would drive me nuts and probably make me physically ill. No one should do jobs that don't fit them. cover letters which address the central needs. They want to make impactful changes to peoples lives, and what better example than the thrill of solving a crime? For those who score INTJ on MBTI tests.

These INTJ jobs speak directly to your strong points. As introverts, INTJs prefer being left to their own devices over social interaction. You just have to do feelings.. And lets be honest INTJs dont usually stress over the opinions other people have of them. The one that your supervisor said was not what we need to focus on right now? For an INTJ, the list is simple: nothing that requires extroversion or teamwork. Being a creative thinker who loves to learn makes you an asset to any employer. They review and compare pricing, document materials needed and used, and track changes to plans. With this, they are brilliant at grasping complex ideas. The role requires someone who can analyze financial histories, prepare loan proposals, and evaluate loan applications. Maya Angelou said it best: Im too good at pretending to be the smiling, polite employee. Great at the job. Check. Im sure you all love it as much as I do. Typically in these roles you start to be able to really become subject matter experts and that can differentiate yourself. Sometimes the best solution for an INTJ would be to become their own boss. Civil engineers require vision and acute problem-solving skills to design and execute vital infrastructure. And for those who are about to begin their higher education journey, we have prepared a list of college majors you might want to consider. Their affinity towards problem-solving makes them apt to become successful lawyers. Your ideal workplace environment values constant learning, logic over emotions, minimal repetitive work, creative problem solving and independence, according to Career Planner, a career testing and planning platform. Luckily, INTJs often find success using job boards and applying directly to open positions. What makes INTJs stand out? Phone calls were a lot better to deal with because you aren't there with the customer right in front of you. As a result, we may find ourselves doing all the boring work ourselves instead of trusting someone else to do it. The best careers for INTJ reflect their confident and determined nature and allow INTJs to concentrate on building, designing, or solving a problem. We all know its useful to make a great first impression in customer service, otherwise, the desired gratuity may be on the line. While an INTJ could do an excellent job at this career (or any that they put their mind to), it's not a happy fit with the people-forward requirements of this career.

But if you do find other INTJs, the benefits of conversation within our type can be powerful: Every week, I check in at a private Facebook group with almost 200 success-oriented INTJs. Managers of INTJs in these types of roles will likely find themselves at odds with INTJ's impeccable logic which challenges the status quo. I'm curious how well other INTJ survived jobs that involve customer service. Their careers are very demanding and detectives are constantly faced with difficult-to-stomach situations. They are extremely reliable and are known to give honest opinions. Its not just people skills that make this career option undesirable for INTJs. Each has influenced the world in some life-changing way. This may mean following a logical path or established procedures, but if a better way exists, the INTJ will find it. If your boss is an INTJ, you'll be rewarded with independence and ownership over your work from the start; however, if you don't deliver results or if you have a core incompetency, expect to be called out immediately. INTJs are thick-skinned and prefer to do things their own way, without worrying about what people might think of them. They create a timeline and budget, and stick with it. And finally, INTJs just wouldnt be fond of being told what to do by their bosses all the time, an absolute mood buster for the independent Strategist type. In the end, an accomplished INTJ would realize the true challenge they have had to overcome was in fact understanding and honoring themselves. They are ingenious, innovative, resourceful, and have high standards of performance, both for themselves and those around them. Precision and the highest standards are crucial to all fields within civil engineering. INTJ career choices will reflect a genuine desire to learn and build. You might have a sensitive coworker, a wild and passionate boss, or a staff person who gets stressed easily. I'm fine as long as it's not face to face. Especially one that requires them to put on a fake smile and chit-chat for hours on end. This independence and drive are apparent in famous INTJs including Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Susan B. Anthony, and C.S. Customer service in person, I struggled at, for the same reasons. The information in our press releases, blogs, articles, testimonials, videos and presentations should be considered accurate only as of the date thereof. What are the Best Jobs for ESTP Personality Types. Ive become convinced that INTJs have what it takes to succeed if we can just get recognized in our extrovert-obsessed workplaces. Here are some popular job alternatives for The Strategist type: INTJs can maintain their focus for a long time so a career in computer programming, IT, coding, or even robotics may be very suitable for this introverted and logical personality type. But for the INTJ type Introversion, INtuiting, Thinking, Judging), known as the Scientist, Architect, or Strategist depending on the source it's likely to be true. Some illustrators work in traditional media, using watercolors or oil paint to produce their designs. I'm great at it. They need to find a happy balance between desire and ability when choosing their career path, and this requires some planning right from choosing a college major.