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Die mchtigste Waffe des Universums ist machtlos. Der Titel Crisis hat fr die Geschichte mehrere Bedeutungen, denn im DC-Universum hat es bereits mehrere Events mit diesem Begriff im Titel gegeben: angefangen bei der Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985-1986), ber die Identity Crisis (2004), die Infinite Crisis (2005-2006) und Final Crisis (2008-2009) bis hin zu Heroes in Crisis (2018-2019). I know that Superman wouldnt have done anything :|. Erteilung oder Widerruf von Einwilligungen, klicken Sie hier: Rezension: Flash Forward Wally Wests Rckkehr, Podcast S01 E02 Doomsday Clock Talk mit King Shark und Red Hood, Rezension: Batman Death Metal Paperback, Rezension: Justice League Die letzte Schlacht, Rezension: Wonder Woman Schwarz und Gold, Rezension: Infinite Frontier Die geheimen Akten, Martian Manhunter | - Login DE Fhren, 45 Jahre Black Lightning - DC Blog Deutschland. Ill first critique this from an intellectual standpoint. Firestorm also has powers very similar to CA/Manhattan, but he has been lied to and manipulated into becoming what he is, and Manhattan wanted to show him the truth. I do not know what to do with it.

Pretty sure the feat was performed inside the quantum zone, and not in the "real" universe. JavaScript is disabled., Der "Erste Jahr" Band von Robin hat mich deutlich mehr berzeugt als ich erwartet hatte! Ihre Kostme verleihen ihnen keine Krfte, im Gegenteil: Am Beispiel Dollar Bill zeigt sich, dass ein Cape tdlich sein kann. Okay. The second installment of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Doomsday Clock epic released this week, closing out 2017 by revealing more clues and opening additional mysteries surrounding Watchmen protagonist Dr. Manhattan's manipulation of the DC Universe during the New 52 and Rebirth eras. First, there's the "Superman Theory" outlined in Doomsday Clock #2's text-based backmatter. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews, DC Explores Gotham Citys Origin Story in a New Series. 2 Dives Deep Into Child Abuse, REVIEW: Scholastic's The Dragon Prince: Bloodmoon Huntress. It's the dumbest arguments ever that only came from this site. Nathaniel Adam was an airforce captain before he became part of Doctor Heinrich Megala's experiment to prove the M-Theory correct and discover something amazing. offense, but did you even read the rest of the thread? Ozymandias wird angesichts dessen zum Massenmrder, weil das immer noch das kleinere bel gegenber dem Weltuntergang darstellt. This is 4-B Gardner he is fighting. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Because Manhattan is practically omnipresent and also has learned to perfectly recreate himself. @mee09: @zane240: You guys need to stop. See, media tie-ins and event comics can bring in new readers! Auf der Erde bietet Lex Luthor Lois Lane seine Hilfe an. fight on mars may the best freak of nature wins!!! What kind of dumb shit is this? He wouldn't even beat Manhattan before New 52 and Rebirth. Should I remove you from my notifications list? Dr Manhattan is god. Auch alle anderen Helden scheitern mit ihren Angriffen. 4-B for Manhattan's durability seems good. He literally left the universe cause he didn't understand humanity. 4B before what Evolution? Also, I am fine with 4-B durability for Doctor Manhattan. Even YouTube knew that Manhattan was strong enough to beat Silver Surfer. No one else believed this. My mistake. Overall, I think there was a missed opportunity by not building anything between the two outside of a short battle. Mai 2020. DC Teases the Permanent Death of a Justice League Character, Wolverine and Deadpool Have Become as Close as Deadpool and Cable - Literally, Alan Grant, Legendary Batman, Lobo, Judge Dredd Writer, Has Died, Punisher's Dark Empire Just Had a Bloody Civil War, REVIEW: Vault Comics' Barbaric: Axe to Grind #1, SDCC: DC Reveals the Future of Its Dark Crisis Event, Spider-Man 2099 Brings an MCU Icon into the Future of Marvel Comics, The X-Men Are Facing The Consequences Of Immortality, Mark Millar's Prodigy Could Have Been a More Interesting Moon Knight Story, A Former Batman Has a Worse Love Life Than Bruce Wayne. The Low 2-C stuff well, that's up for discussion. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts., Press J to jump to the feed., Ich habe mir den #InfiniteFrontier Band von Superman Action Comics 1 angeschaut und was ich dabei erfahren habe findet ihr wie immer auf unserem #DCComics Blog! I interpreted it as CA being the straw to break the camels back per say. Das Original schlgt zurck: Captain Atom gegen Dr. Manhattan. I would also add that Dr. Manhattan standing his own against Captain Atom doesn't necessarily mean that Atom was weak in the comic but rather, it was a showing that Manhattan is very powerful. All of this started when, at around seven or eight years old, he picked up a tattered copy of Marvel's Transformers #1 at a flea market (thanks, Captain Vic! If we are dealing with actual on-panel feats then Captain Atom in a colossal curb stomp, because a lot of the hype around Manhattan is about what people say about him, not what he actually does. In Watchmen, Veidt orchestrated a public fear that Dr. Manhattan had given former partners cancer, driving him into exile. He's literally immortal?

I'm not up to date with the vast majority of marvel and dc comics, don't ping for these kind of things for a while that is getting annoying. So I'm going to remain neutral but leaning towards some notes that his durability in some way or form is now where near as potent as his magic. At the beginning of 2017, DC launched The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom miniseries, which largely re-established the character's post-Crisis, pre-Flashpoint origin, with some modern twists. Well, I suppose that Unknown durability for Doctor Manhattan might work in lack of better options. I suppose "at least small city level, likely higher, up to low 2-C with absorption" would work better, hm? But viewed through the lens of a universe transformed by the will of an all-powerful being, the story takes on added significance.

CA destroyed a universe during his battle with Superman Prime, the feat youre thinking about was the one with Rasputin. As I said, he barely has any physical feats, and as we saw in Doomsday Clock, his physical body is much weaker. Will do so. I read Watchmen, but I can't recall the writer stating that Manhattan can't be manipulated, unless I'm missing something. Inklusive klassischer #Batman Villains! The new Captain Atom was a military man like his predecessor, flung forward in time (from 1968 to 1986) by an atomic experiment after being convicted of a crime he did not commit. It is said that cap atom's monster future-self threatened the universe if not all of the existence itself my question is: is it possibly the Multiverse? So we have to rely on the original Watchmen story and the later Before Watchmen, which I have to admit I haven't read, so maybe he does something amazing there? Genug geredet: Guy Garnder lsst Taten folgen. I agree that DM definitely seems to have 4-B durability based on the above scans. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers., Etwas spt kommt dieser Nachruf auf unserer Website. It was on screen. He was already amped. @soratoumiga: Ozymandias already tried to do exactly what you are describing and it did not work. He cheated fate there, but an alternate version became Monarch in the Extreme Justice series (the less said, the better) and the original Nathaniel Adam ended up in the Monarch armor around the time of Countdown (doubly so). All of that seems fine to apply to me, but it is best to insert issue references into the profile page. The end of Doomsday Clock Doctor Manhattan confronts Superman, and tells him of his sins. @mee09: To be fair, that's what makes Atom special, he excells at energy manipulation and he could have probably somehow manipulated him. Heck even Thanos tier, Infact if the hype is real then even above odin tier. Auch deshalb fhrt Guy Gardner diese Retrospektive der Superschurken auf, gegen die sich die Helden bereits bewhrt haben. ber ganze vier Seiten wird ihre Reise in groen Panels prsentiert, drei davon nehmen die Innenansichten der Raumschiffe ein: die Justice League, die New Gods, Green Lanterns, die Metal Men, die Justice League Dark, die Doom Patrol, die Batman Family und die Outsiders sind unterwegs. Also in #12 of Doomsday Clock, he thought, He already got time manip tho, but i can't remember spatial one. @mee09: So what are Manhattans new feats? We knew he was far beyond the likes of Captain Atom. What the Hell could Atom do to him? Stargirl Courtney Whitmore The Question Vic Sage Blue Beetle Ted Kord Superman Doomsday Clock DC: Rebirth, Goddammit i havent gotten past issue 4 and im gettin real sick of comic spoilers poppin in my feed. Guy schlgt ihn. , Inhaber: (Firmensitz: Deutschland), verarbeitet zum Betrieb dieser Website personenbezogene Daten nur im technisch unbedingt notwendigen Umfang. Schurkenparade: Guy Gardner versucht, Dr. Manhattan zu beeindrucken.

Many people. Before I would have said Captain Atom, but now this is probably a mismatch. That fateful moment finally comes as Superman learns it was Doctor Manhattan who caused the car accident that killed his parents as a teenager. He would never win nor would he be able to outmanipulate Manhattan who is literally on a different plane of existence.

Zuerst denkt er, er habe Jon gettet, aber dann nimmt dieser Guy den Ring ab und zerstrt ihn mhelos. I will unlock Doctor Manhattan. Nachdem sie herausgefunden haben, dass Firestorms Explosion vom Mars ausgegangen ist, fliegen sie mit Raumschiffen dorthin und finden Dr. Manhattan vor, der auf sie wartet. Nicht nur des Superheldentums angesichts ihrer Ohnmacht, sondern auch auf der Erde: Whrend die Helden auf dem Mars gegen einen unbesiegbaren Gegner kmpfen, den sie nicht verstehen, der sie nicht angegriffen hat und fr sie auch keine unmittelbare Bedrohung darstellt, nutzen die wahren Schurken auf der Erde die Gelegenheit aus, den fragilen Frieden zu gefhrden und in einen Krieg umkippen zu lassen, whrend der Schurke Lex Luthor als Hoffnungstrger dasteht, weil er neben Batman als einziger zu begreifen scheint, was los ist. Die gesamte Sequenz wirkt sinnlos. They kind of did, just with Firestorm instead of Captain Atom, which i think was an okay decision. owever, Ant (and I) believe that it should be far higher than this, especially since he was able to overpower a team of JL. Der Comedian erteilt den Crimebusters eine Absage, weil Superhelden der wahren Herausforderung der Gegenwart und nahen Zukunft nicht gewachsen sind: der nuklearen Auslschung. Er sieht keine ferne Zukunft mehr, weil es keine geben knnte. I recommend reading the comic again, slowly, and very very slowly, and everything else I wrote above. I shouldn't be suprised though. Not really Manhattan was just significantly more powerful That's not a "cop-out". Powered by - Entworfen mit demHueman-Theme. Just like I always thought, Get it into your skulls that Manhattan is far above herald tier. Seneca kommentiert am Ende: Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for crisis.. Like look at the original watchmen he changes size, he travels space, he turns sand to glass, he reforms after having been disintegrated, he makes duplicates of himself, he creates air and he blows up some thugs and Vietnamese.

After traversing the dimensional barrier between their world and ours, Ozymandias and the new Rorschach visit the Gotham Library in an effort to learn more about this alternate universe. Captain Atom was originally created in 1960 for Charlton Comics by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. Got it thanks I agree with proposals and it's more specific than current confusing profile. You are using an out of date browser. After the reboot comics came out and they gave us a pretty big hint as to what Dr. Manhattan's standing in the DC Universe was. Sie misstraut ihm. He cant die. He just doesn't care. 95% of the people on comic vine know that Dr. Manhattan was a wankfest who had feats that could be achieved by peeople who werent even high tier. In that case, Manhattan's guilt over events on his world may have re-enacted, over and over, in this new universe; each time he hits reset, history repeats. ndern), Du kommentierst mit Deinem Twitter-Konto. @supermanthor: You were messing with me werent you ?? And as soon as he resurrcts, he is tanking attacks from dozens of 4-Bs and unaffected until Cap one shots him. Der Comic Blog! Now, Doomsday Clock and all that hasn't been published yet, so what Manhattan does there is not really usable as of yet since DC and Johns might change what he actually does, if its even him. powerlisting However, fate catches up with him and Nathaniel Adam is propelled forward to 2017, where he discovers that his wife has died and his son despises the father he never knew. Informiere mich ber neue Beitrge per E-Mail. Seems ok. From what I remember he overpowered an entire JL team in a Justice League comic book, and the Martian Manhunter had to use telepathy to deal with Atom, as the team was unable to deal with him otherwise. Inoffizielle Seite mit News ber das DC Universum, Neue Review auf unserer Website zum Infinite Frontier - Geheime Akten Special. All Rights Reserved | Theme: Svlarn kaldrma kuvveti ile ilgili projeler. In dem Moment bricht Black Adam mit Giganta und Creeper durchs Dach und gefhrden die Friedensbotschaft. Comicvine was still the only site that refused to acknowledge him. Doomsday Clock Might Tie In To Grant Morrisons Multiversity, Damian Wayne Is the Leader of a New, Non-Teen Titans Team, Dark Crisis Heats Up With Wonder Girl's Mystery and The Flash in DC's New Releases, The Newest X-Man Played a Crucial Role in Emma Frost's Heroic Transformation, Two Major Flash Characters Get Their Own Dark Crisis Special, The Flash and Aquaman Battle Foes With an Unexpected Characters Greatest Asset, REVIEW: Marvel's Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #3, Orochi: The Perfect Edition Vol.,,, Captain Atom fights a cat (Captain Atom vs Sphinx), Two shiny metal dudes go at it (Captain Atom Vs Silver Surfer) (7-0-0) (GRACE!

What I mean by evolved is that from the way stuff went down, it was implied he was better than before or some shit. All of that is stuff the New 52 Captain Atom also does, along with absorbing huge amounts of energy (a volcano and a nuke) he exists outside of the normal definition of time that he has also travelled, he's been with passengers to the edge of the universe, recreated the dead and regrown other people's limbs. Dr. Manhattan zeigt Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond), dass der Professor, der mit ihm verschmolzen ist, die Fusion verursacht hat, um ihn von innen heraus zu studieren. I would also read #14 for extra context. That sounds remarkably like the plot of DC's recent The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom miniseries. No, it doesn't.

Batman erwacht zuerst auf.

Moore had initially pitched Watchmen using DC's then-recently-acquired stable of Charlton characters, including the Question, Blue Beetle, and so on. While Im glad Nate was the only earthly hero able to harm Jon. Nun aber finden sie in Dr. Manhattan einen echten Gott, gegen den sie nicht ankommen. Making him a glass cannon would help with issues of people trying to circular scale all the way down to Rebirth Superman being Tier 1 on general. He has fought several DC heralds and got his body destroyed by them but regenerated again. Das ist nichts als eine Crisis, eine Krise ohne Zusatz, denn es ist die ultimative Krise. But even more famously, perhaps, Captain Atom was the Charlton hero who served as Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' template for Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen. @sushmita: He only got amped recently so he only wins based on his current feats.


As I mentioned earlier, the latter was erased from existence, so it was cut short. I am not sure what you mean by the first one? They had three people and we're going all out. at the end of the issue he is just standing there while other gets dusted. Join our Discord! He already understands Nate. AP = "Unknown physically, Low 1-C with powers". Doch bis seine Nachricht den Mars erreicht, ist es zu spt: Das Groaufgebot der Helden konfrontiert Dr. Manhattan. Der Auslser knnte sein anstehender Kampf mit Superman sein. Okay. All of the clues since DC Universe: Rebirth point to Dr. Manhattan as the force that first created the New 52 universe. Who Are Marvels Latest Defenders, and What Are They Up Against? @rampagethefirst: it's because of Doomsday Clock, Manhattan literally remade the whole universe. Dr. Manhattan living in the DCU as Captain Atom would not only directly unite an analogue with the original -- and make concrete the transformation of that original into the more complex hero he inspired -- but would also serve at least a few of the themes and metanarratives surrounding Rebirth and Doomsday Clock. Filed under Justice League Justice League of America J.L.A. Has Dr. Manhattan Been Disguised As A DC Superhero All Along? @mister_surreal: Lol only according to Comicvine. an opportunity by not having Nate confront Jon about how he also went from being a human to a quantum god, but decided to retain his human traits, while Jon discarded them. He was severely wanked back in the day and only now is getting amped so that he lives up to the hype. I kept telling them not to jump into conclusions that Manhattan hasn't been troubled by anything and thus his upper limits hasn't been shown but from how casually he does what he does tells he should be above surfer tier, Now everyone knows he would stomp surfer and any herald level being. Watchmen-Vorbilder von Charlton: Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Nightshade, Question. Alright, I will apply it then. Er gibt ihr eine Waffe als Vertrauensbeweis. After Charlton was acquired by DC Comics and following the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, a new version of the character debuted in an ongoing series written by Cary Bates and illustrated by Pat Broderick. Subscribe to the CBR newsletter for exclusive comics, TV & movie news, reviews, interviews & much more! The tragic, atomic-powered hero has proved enticing to many creators throughout the years, especially during the 1990s. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Written by Cary Bates and Greg Weisman and illustrated by Will Conrad, Fall and Rise sees the New 52 version of the character lose control of his powers in 2012 and time jump back to 1997, where he is able to establish a normal life and start a family. Huh the context make it seems like Firestorm couldnt handle many people in his own matrix to the point he will been overloaded. Gardener is atleast 4B and he doesn't even have a profile and I don't even suggest using him till he gets a profile. Sie erklrt, dass alle Beteiligten verantwortlich dafr seien. @supermanthor: Your boy Superman wasnt there. For the abilities, it's from future end. Dr. Manhattan verwendet die Energie gegen die Helden selbst. While Atom is futilely trying to manipulate 10 of clones on Earth that are just as strong as himself. In that time, during which the site has won multiple Eisner Awards, Shaun has interviewed some of the biggest writers, artists, and editors of the comics medium, as well as the stars and directors of comics and sci-fi TV and film. Alle Details dazu in der Datenschutzerklrung. You must log in or register to reply here. Last modified 14.

ndern). Dr. Manhattan is literally Atom's kryptonite. He's the villain, despite his best intentions. ndern), Du kommentierst mit Deinem Facebook-Konto. I do vaguely recall that fight, but I still haven't found the right issue. Doomsday can resist little of Doctor Manhattan's power but their's no way that he can resist Dr. Manhattan's Soul Extracting- Can manipulate souls with his telepathy and trap them inside himself, which he has done with the souls of the entire Martian race for over a thousand years. Hell they didn't even want to acknowledge that characters other than The Comedian and Ozymandias had superhuman feats in The Watchman verse. @mee09: You mean delusional fanboys who thought that his street level feats made him omnipotent? So that we can scale him from his monstrous self. Or sight seeing on The Sun. And instead of being a trusted hero, the public views Captain Atom with suspicion and fear, deeply worried about the harmful effects of radiation on everyone around him. And I ain't commenting again since you can't differentiate resistances and durability as not everything grants durability. If we take Manhattan's intervention a step further and say that he has been Captain Atom since the end of Watchmen, then all of Captain Atom's DC Universe stories are in fact Manhattan's. All that Doomsday Clock did was move him outside the small pool of the Watchmen universe, and show that yes, time sense and reality control and such can also kick the Justice League around just as easily as you'd expect.

If a god were going to insert himself into his creation, this seems a pretty straightforward way to do it.

Zum ndern Ihrer Datenschutzeinstellung, z.B. In other words, he has started over with a new identity, a second chance to save the world. Even if it's not, I can salvage some p&a from it at least. Dr. Manhattan was nowhere near this level before. Green Lantern Guy Gardner fhrt ihm eine Seite lang vor, wen sie bereits besiegt haben: Darkseid, den Anti-Monitor, Doomsday, Sinestro, Brainiac etc. CA and Manhattans battle was such a cop-out. We obviously cannot scale from that. Guy Gardner was serious af, aka at least 4b tier. Captain Atom. Hasn't he ever fought any 4-B characters? Like random errors in computer code, discarded and forgottenleft to be picked up and used by those who also find themselves discarded and forgotten.. The more important issue here is Captain Atom. Watchmen ist eine Geschichte ber Ohnmacht. RELATED: Doomsday Clock Might Tie In To Grant Morrisons Multiversity. Self destruct and extra justification for regen. Seen and it was a punch with easily knocked Manhattan down ajd I'm pretty sure any other character like batman hitting him would prolly have done the same that's why I said unknown.

I don't understand. In the end of the day, the whole point of that fight was that Dr Manhattans "body" is irrelevant. Warum, fragt Firestorm. Mit dabei President Superman, Darkseid, Roy Harper und der Psycho Pirate! Die Minutemen lsen sich auf, weil sie einsehen, dass sie nichts bewirken. Manhattan could be on Mars trying to create life. I will apply the changes to Cap in a bit, Also i removed an outdated matches from his file. Aber Prez war zu wichtig um es wie eine tgliche News "durchzuwinken", ohne die ntige Zeit dafr aufzubringen. It can be closed now. Like Jon Osterman, Adam is accidentally vaporized during the course of his work, and returns shortly after as an energy-based being -- a blue energy-based being. Doc's is done. So stop acting like he was the sh*t before he did anything above beating street levellers. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Okay. It seems to have been an alternative future. However, the experiment was a failure and Nathaniel Adam was considered dead for a brief period of time. And how impressive was fight between cap and his monster future-self? The whole point of Dr. Manhattan is that he's more powerful than anyone. Er wei auch vom Verschwinden von Wally West. Sie handelt von Superhelden, die ihrem Namen nicht gerecht werden, weil sie das moralisch Falsche tun oder es nicht besser knnen, weil die Umstnde es nicht zulassen. It's one of the worst arguments ever to say Atom is going to outmanipulate a guy who plays with atoms and matters for a living. That means we can upscale New 52 Cap Atom from 4-B Lanterns, Supergirl, and Doctor Manhattan's durability. Superman declines to attack him, and instead reminds him of Janey Slater, his first love. Everyone else already knew. He already explained why this can't happen multiple times in the seires. There was nothing similar Manhattan could have shown CA. @soratoumiga: He should have won back then too. If you mean the SG/Lantern scaling that's a different topic. And his head didn't pop off. Very short. Er bezweifelt, dass die anderen auf der richtigen Spur ist. He was just a weaker version of Manhattan which is why Manhattan likely doesn't feel the need to try to "understand him" the way he's trying with Superman. In short, in a straight-up battle, Dr. Manhattan could easily destroy Superman. Though, I'm also not certain if Doctor Manhattan is also one of those characters known to use physical embodiments otherwise far weaker physically than his true self. This website dude. Doctor Manhattan is a glasscanon character and I believe his durability should be unknown instead of 4B. Die beiden grten Helden, Superman und Batman, sind bewusstlos und erholen sich von ihren Verletzungen aus Moskau. Thank you for helping out. Am Ende fhrt Captain Atom (Vorbild fr Dr. Manhattan) eine Explosion herbei. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 100 seconds The clock's time for 2021 100 seconds before midnight is the closest the hands have come to the so-called doomsday hour in the clock's history. Captain Atom was a rough outline for Manhattans appearance/powers, the same way Shazam was originally a rough imitation of Superman, but it certainly doesn't go any deeper than that. Whatever Atom would fight. And Doctor Manhattan decides in that instant to reset the DC universe, restoring all of his changes to the timeline back the way they were. Manhattan is intrigued as to why someone with godlike powers decides to act so human. Also I do wish we have more context aside from those three scans. Trage deine Daten unten ein oder klicke ein Icon um dich einzuloggen: Du kommentierst mit Deinem In the New52, DC decided to turn CA into a cheap 1:1 copy of Manhattan, and no one really liked it. Erfunden von Joe Gill und Steve Ditko beim Charleston Comics Verlag.Allen Adam, ein Militr Technicker wird Opfer eines Unfalls, der sich whrend eines Experiments ereignet. I am not sure if we have talked about the durability section yet. We set Doctor Manhattan's durability to 4-B, or at least 4-B, since his durability feats are very minimal.

Since the Doomsday Clock's last update in January 2021, evidence of escalating climate change has mounted. Manhattan's whole premise revovles around manipulating matter and atoms.

Er hat ihr die Wochenschau ber die Justice Society of America geschickt, die aus der Geschichte getilgt wurde. @soratoumiga: Lol how does he out manipulate Dr. Manhattan? Us Watchman fans tried so hard to tell people how powerful this character was but Comicvine was the only debating site that wouldn't listen to us. First off, Im sure most of you know the relationship between Manhattan and CA. High 2-A is no longer a thing. I also have problems finding it via Google and the DC Comics wiki. Edit: also, during Rise and Fall of Captain Atom, he very much reunited with his human side. (If anyone has any other suggestions, I am open to it). He can take himself apart and rearrange himself. I have updated Cap's AP, striking strength and durability with absorption and unrestricted state accordingly. Okay.

Manhattan's powerset is literally made to make Captain Atom explode or to just outright turn him into another element. Sie wirken so lcherlich wie einst die Minutemen und ihre Nachfolger im Paralleluniversum. The main purpose of this forum is to discuss how to properly index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. Lol people actually thought Captain Atom would beat Manhattan? Jon zeigt sich unbeeindruckt. Captain Atom was, famously, the intended villain of the Armageddon 2001 crossover, but rampant spoilers about the world-conquering former hero Monarch's true identity led DC to swerve at the last minute and reveal him to be Hawk, of Hawk & Dove, instead. Would you mind reopening Doctor Manhattan's file?