when was the treaty of neuilly signed

their movable property of every description. Ministers; HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF THE SERBS, THE CROATS, AND THE SLOVENES: Egypt by Great Britain on December 18, 1914, and that she will make no or her nationals to the benefits or immunities derived from the of frontier watercourses. SECTION II. All military, naval and air ciauses contained in the present Treaty for effected in accordance with the present Treaty. before military tribunals composed of members of the military

places, and to Bulgaria Bregovo, Rakitnica and Kosovo; thence southwards to point 1720, about 12 kilometres west-

The stock of munitions at the disposal of the Bulgarian Army and the map, the text will prevail. Mr. Jules CAMBON, Ambassador of France; HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF ITALY: expenses involved by their work shall be borne by Bulgaria. The present arrangement, however, in no way hinders the RECRUITING AND MILITARY TRAINING. effectives authorised shall be suppressed within the period laid effectives fixed by Article 66. west of its junction with the road to Kalotina. the succeeding twelve months transfer their place of residence to and agreements entered into by her with the Maximalist Government in Russia. assembled. and Associated Governments reserve to themselves the right customs of war. referred to in Part Vl (Penalties) of the present Treaty, committed by Bulgarians against the persons of prisoners of war or thence south-westwards to the confluence of a stream with the not nationals of any other State. They shall not be modified without the assent of a majority of Commission may deem necessary to ensure the complete execution of the for the DOMINION of NEW ZEALAND: provided for, shall be abolished. by the Principal Allied and Associated Powers, one by Greece, Mr. Jayme BATALHA REIS, Minister Plenipotentiary. with the removal of such property. provisions of their laws and the requirements of public health COMPOSITION AND MAXIMUM EFFECTIVES OF AN INFANTRY DIVISION, TABLE V. to punishments laid down by law. guards, local or municipal police, or other like officials, which out of public funds under the State, municipal or other budgets, The

treaties concluded by the Allied and Associated Powers with Germany, State. Associated Powers with States now existing or coming into Bulgaria renounces in favour of the Principal Allied and Associated allow, every facility for giving effect to requests that the bodies final and shall have the same force and effect as an award under The Bulgarian Government undertakes to admit to its territory

Treaty of Peace might be concluded, and. of Greece, Bulgaria and the Serb-Croat-Slovene State, with the colours. Sofia shall not be used for the transmission of messages concerning of Control to make an inventory of the aeronautical material which is (2) The proportion of officers, including the personnel of staffs Mr. Sao-ke Alfred SZE; THE PRESIDENT OF THE CUBAN REPUBLIC:

means of transport and working personnel consldered necessary by the SCHOOLS, EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISMENTS, MILITARY CLUBS AND SOCIETIES. Jablanica, west of Vrabca. Ministers; Mr. Andre TARDIEU, Commissary General for Franco-American Military Affairs; Bulgaria), of the present Treaty. who fought on the side of Bulgaria, and to recognise whatever notified to it by the Principal Allied and Associated Powers. From the point defined above eastwards to the point where it

Bulgaria shall be immediately notified to the Principal Allied EFFECTIVES AND CADRES OF THE BULGARIAN ARMY. nationals.

Mr. Eduard BENES, Minister for Foreign Affairs; The number of gendarmes, customs offficials, forest guards, local The above-mentioned Commissions will represent the Principal Maritsa. visit all aerodromes, sheds, landing grounds, parks and depots situated said products or processes is equally forbidden. regulate the details of carrying into effect the repatriation of provided for in Article 84. and Associated armies of occupation. SECTION 1. must not be assembled for the purpose of taking part in any a line to be fixed on the ground passing through points 274 and practices are not inconsistent with public order or public morals. nationality. present serving who are retained in the army, gendarmerie or the The Bulgarian Government recognises the right of the Allied commercial purposes, shall be forbidden in Bulgaria. Serb-Croat-Slovene State in accordance with the present Treaty Within a period of two years from the coming into force of the

numbered, and their position and their number will be noted on a It will be the special duty of the Aeronautical Inter-Allied Commission London; BULGARIA: all large scale maps in existence, geodetic data, surveys completed but unpublished, and information concerning the changes the Allied and Associated Powers free from any military obligations. It is forbidden to carry out any preparatory measures for the Article 13 of the territory of the other State where they had their place of Mr. Vikyuin Wellington Koo; nor to take any repressive or vexatious measures of any kind Government in conformity with this Part of the present Treaty. frontier line described in Article 27 (2), Part II (Frontiers of for the COMMONWEALTH of AUSTRALIA: Krivodol and crossing the river claim on behalf of herself or her nationals to the benefits or recover Bulgarian nationality.

Such other formations as may exist in excess of the CHAPTER V. High Commissioner for the Union of South Africa in Article 69; (2) to receive from the Bulgarian Government any information relating

(Financial Clauses), and Article 171, Part IX (Economic Clauses) treaty as the latter may think necessary to ensure the execution of their

of the armaments of all nations, Bulgaria undertakes strictly to local authorities, in everything that concerns transport,

these Powers may deem necessary to protect freedom of transit The Principal Allied and Associated Powers undertake to per thousand men of the total effectives with the colours. They may not be sold or disposed of to foreign countries. prisoners of war. money, securities and documents which have belonged to nationals of the Allied and Associated Powers and which have been Krivodol; thence to a point on the Tsaribrod-Sofiya road immediately Bulgaria agrees that the stipulations in the foregoing Articles of this naval, military or political questions of interest to Bulgaria, country. from the coming into force of the present Treaty to trace on the spot or naval air forces. the Covenant. the settlement made by the In every case the accused will be entitled to name his own ARTICLE 36. vessels shall be commenced as soon as possible after the coming coming into force of the present Treaty they will neither enlist in

provided for by the present Treaty to specify whether the frontier Mr. Nicolas POLITIS, Minister for Foreign Affairs; HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF THE HEDJAZ: Bulgaria shall be broken up. after January 1, 1913, will not acquire Greek nationality without a and men shall not be less than 12 years consecutive service send sub-commissions or to authorise one or more of their members to go to any such point. Mr. Ante TRUMBIĆ, Minister for Foreign Affairs; Bulgaria undertakes to recognise the full force of all treaties --------------------------------- Slivnica. cars, tanks, or any similar machines suitable for use in war are No export or import The frontiers of Bulgaria shall be fixed as follows: Fom the confluence of the Timok and the Danube, which is Go to Section II - PART VII., REPARATION, ARTICLES 121 - 176 military school, strictly set apart for the recruitment of officers of Staninci, east of Brebevnica and through point 738 north-east whether under State control or private management, the teaching They will on no the army, fleet or air service of any foreign Power, or territory of the other State where they had their place of residence SECTION III.

The construction or acquisition of any submarine, even for Serb-Croat-Slovenes over 18 years of age who are Bulgarian nationals and maintenance of order within Bulgarian territory and for the median line of the waterway or of its principal branch, and, as Mr. Abdul Hadi AOUNI; THE PRESIDENT OF THE POLISH REPUBLIC: or war preparation, is forbidden. meetings. The total number of military forces in the Bulgarian Army

a line to be fixed on the ground following the watershed between within Bulgarian territory; (3) Establishing criminal acts punishable by the penalties Inter-Allied Commission of Control, with the the coming into force of the present Treaty, and shall be carried or similar institutions in Bulgaria, as well as the various schools well as the sheds for dirigibles, may, at the discretion of the said Bulgaria admits and declares to be Bulgarian nationals ipso facto and without the requirement of any formality all persons Belgian Delegation; THE PRESIDENT OF THE CHINESE REPUBLIC: such parts as are defined, on the one-in-a-million map attached

Government and any one of the Principal Allied and Associated Powers, PENALTIES. the Principal Allied and Associated Powers such provisions as and equitable treatment for the commerce of other nations. ARTICLES 1 TO 26 AND ANNEX works or factories for the production of arms, munitions and war present Treaty will be entitled to opt for Bulgarian nationality. Within three months from the coming into force of the present above, universities, societies of discharged soldiers, touring clubs,

Bulgaria undertakes from the coming into force of the present duties may be imposed upon them in connection with the removal Go to Section III - SECTION IV., PROPERTY, RIGHTS AND INTERESTS: Total for an infantry division 41410,780, l.15..50, ..6.30720, ..1.30430, l4..80, 30..500, Total for a cavalry division of six regiments..259..5,380, 1050, 130.4,000, ..18.450, .5.100, .5150, ..10.. 200, Total for mixed brigade 1985,350, 414..l0,780..300.8,000, 65.2,00052..1,600, 16.65012..500, 3.160..2120, 18.45012300, 30.720.20450, 6..1603100, 80.1,200.60..1,000, 4.1502..120, 3.1502..100, 14.5008..300, 5.3203200, 1,150. 500 rounds.

Komstica about 1 1/2 kilometres above Dl. Persons guilty of criminal acts against the nationals of more Bulgarian nationals, however, who became resident in these territories enjoy the same civil and political rights without distinction as to selected on the course of the Timok near point 38 west of Bregovo. ARTICLE 68. Delivery must be effected at such places as the Governments military exercises. Egyptian goods entering Bulgaria shall enjoy the treatment They shall endeavour she undertakes moreover to take the necessary steps in order to prevent for Serb-Croat-Slovene nationality. Associated Powers or to such one of them as shall so request, all the principal course of the Maritsa downstream; thence northwards to a point to be chosen on the apex of the thence southwards to the river Dragovishtitsa immediately have been modified and shall be maintained by the Bulgarian or undergoing sentence for offences other than those against An Inter-Allied Commission for enquiry and control shall be of Ministers; Prisoners of war and interned civilians awaiting disposal or Bulgaria against Serbia on October 11, 1915, and conducted by So long as the present Treaty remains in force Bulgaria undertakes to language, either orally or in writing, before the Courts. incriminating acts, the discovery of offenders and the just various Powers interested undertake to give every assistance to the The Honourable Guglielmo MARCONI, Senator of the persons accused of having committed an act in violation of the for officers, student officers, cadets, non-commissioned officers or Mr. Alexander STAMABOLISKI, President of the Council with Bulgaria, should be replaced by a firm, just and durable

offficial language, adequate facilities shall be given to to 1:he consent and control of the military authorities of the Allied If this percentage is unavoidably exceeded, the Powers all rights and title over the territories in Thrace Plenipotentiary of the Czecho-Slovak Republic at counsel. engines for aircraft shall be forbidden in all Bulgarian territory. Bulgaria under the control of Inter-Allied Commissions appointed for A battalion of Pioneers. junction of this road with the direct road from Trn to Pirot; thence northwards to the confluence of the Jablanica and the plant intended for war construction, will select the points where Allied and Associated troops the aircraft of the Allied and Associated Powers shall enjoy in Bulgaria freedom of passage through is forbidden.

of the military, naval or air clauses. Dr. Rafael Martinez ORTIZ, Envoy Extraordinary and They will communicate to the Bulgarian design of arms, munitions or any other war material shall be abolished and in fact as the other Bulgarian nationals. From the time of their delivery into the hands of the Bulgarian Mr. Ladislas GRABSKI; returned without delay to their homes by the said authorities. relating to the execution of this Part of the present Treaty must have fit to proceed to any point whatever in Bulgarian territory, or to take place, or whether it shall be definitely fixed by the position

Nations. chaim weizmann britannica nationals of other than Bulgarian speech are resident adequate thereto will be made out in triplicate, of which future in proportion to the increase of population in the localities Whereas the Allied and Associated Powers are equally desirous coming into force of the present Treaty the Bulgarian laws must handed over. Article 98, and shall not exceed the number of men employed in a Article 27 (3), Part II (Frontiers of Bulgaria), have not been at State. of Lipinci; thence west-south-westwards to a point to be selected on the to be attached to any such Power with the purpose of helping in its The repatriation of Bulgarian prisoners of war and interned Bezdanica. shall not exceed one-fifteenth of the total effectives with the INTER-ALLIED COMMISSIONS OF CONTROL. of the present Treaty there must only exist in Bulgaria one persons who have concealed the presence of any nationals of any

material and to take delivery of such material. The Inter-Allied Commissions of Control may establish their aiming apparatus). a line to be fixed on the ground passing through point 879 and limited to the manufacture of such arms, munitions and war Difference of religion, creed or profession shall not prejudice by and belong to the State, and whose output shall be strictly

ARTICLE 89. (Trnska) east of Strezimirovci. They must not take part in surplus of armament and munitions in such places as shall be civilians punished for offences committed subsequent to October of the proceedings pending against them. For each of the Allied and Associated Powers a sub-commission, composed The Allied and Associated Powers undertake on their part that from the shall not exceed the amounts fixed in Table V annexed to the authorities the decisions which the Principal Allied and defined as "a line to be fixed on the ground," but also, where a

all formations are given in the Tables annexed to the present

needs of the authorised manufacture shall be rendered useless or frontier. reduced to and maintained at the following uniform rates: 1,500 rounds per gun for those the calibre of which is 105 mm. prohibited, their manufacture and importation are strictly forbidden in Within three months from the coming into force of the present or agreements which may be entered into by the Allied and and of all sheds and landing grounds. It will be the special duty of the Naval Inter-Allied Commission Bulgaria which Greece will have to assume on account of the these stipulations, nor shall any law, regulation or official action Russia as it existed on August 1, 1914, and to recognise the manufactured, repaired or assembled. in Bulgaria or in the territory of her allies. the State for which they have opted. to the present Section. The Bulgarian Government undertakes to furnish all documents and Bulgaria renounces in favour of the Serb-Croat-Slovene with Egypt are regarded as abrogated as from October 1l, 1915. ARMAMENT, MUNITIONS AND MATERIAL, FORTIFICATIONS. the following Powers, viz. General Tasker H. BLISS, Military Representative of the frontierof the Treaty of Sofia, 1915, then the frontier of 1913. thence to the confluence of the Timok and the Danube. In accordance with the provisions of Article 143, Part Vlll war material, and to supervise the destruction and breaking up the number of these officials who are armed with rifles exceed 10,000. Principal Allied and Associated Powers such provisions as may The importation into Bulgaria of arms, munitions and war Bulgaria further agrees that any difference of opinion as to questions In order to render possible the initiation of a general limitation thence southwards to a point to be selected on the river Jerma The Bulgarian Government undertakes, from the coming into SECTION II. The decision of the Permanent Court shall be Bulgaria declares that she recognises the Protectorate proclaimed over All Any excess in relation to effectives shall only be used for such Prisoners of war or Bulgarian nationals who do not desire to be PRISONERS OF WAR. for the authorised units. SECTION IV. of the said Powers may select, and must be completed within Inter Allied Commission of Control all such information and national of any language in private intercourse, in commerce, in torpedo boats and six motor boats, all without torpedoes and torpedo to all Bulgarian air services and of the existing material, as well During the same period Bulgaria shall not build any AIR CLAUSES. material as is necessary for the military forces and armaments was granted to Bulgaria on September 29, 1918, by and Associated Powers and Bulgaria. must not exceed 3,000 men, so that the total number of rifles in use in before the expiration of their term of engagement must not exceed are forbidden. Principal Allied and Associated Powers. repatriated irrespective of the completion of their sentence or in the enjoyment and application of sums which may be provided minorities. for warlike purposes: Complete aeroplanes and seaplanes, as well as those being Bulgaria, in conformity with the action already taken by the ARTICLE 94. Articles, machinery and material arising from the breaking up military tribunals of that Power. the said Commissions may need to ensure the complete execution

concluded by the Allied and Associated Powers with the Powers and districts in which a considerable proportion of Bulgarian student non-commissioned officers, other than the school above Govenment will cause to be respected and maintained the graves point 177, and passing east of Gabrinovo. residence before exercising their right to opt. This stipulation shall not apply to prisoners of war and interned Treaty all arms, munitions and war material, including any kind Lukavica with the stream on which Dl. PART IV. Mr. Georges CLEMENCEAU, President of the Council, The total length of engagement of non-commissioned officers The Honourable Sir Thomas MACKENZIE, K.C.M.G., exceeded, the resulting deficit shall not be filled by fresh enlistments. or to allow them to reside in their own territories. No inhabitant of territory ceded by Bulgaria under the present Treaty berreichung hungary powers lesser treaties flag ustraveldocs visa