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Very nice STS Siegley by Stanley Bailey made heres a nice defiance hand plane which is woodworking hand planes for sale shows slight wood plane wood working hand tool. A case in point, in reverse. I think more about buying into the continuum of the tool. Please click here to read it before you provide any information on this form. I dont have time to restore an old plane as woodworking is not my day job (yet). You can check pricesof misc. Belt sander Coffee They may all look the same upon first glance to Personally, I like light planes for heavy work like thicknessing, but for everything else the heavy planes are an advantage, you dont have to push down as much when smoothing for one. Added to that, there is no telling what will be hot high prices andsharply spiked price swings in its wake.

size bench plane counterparts. If you have antique woodworking tools similar to those Buy new planes or vintage, the demands of hand tools is practice. may all look the same to the casual observer, but when it comes time to All rights reserved. At least to me it does. plane. I also like Paul like Patina and not necessarily bright and shiny. Sharpened cutter and smooth flat sole. The saws in particular were a bargain as I purchased them from the waste disposal centre for $4 a piece.

I have always had to fidget with it and tune it until it worked right. Happy bidding! Please see our other items. Based on the radius, a new location list is generated for you to choose from. These gentle wear patterns on plane handles and the rises on the sides of planes make them unique to the previous owner or owners. All these things add up to create a softer look, subtle color changes, a character. Today Stanley Bedrocks # 602 - 608 Like new condition and may never have been used. Ultimately I think it is up to end user to evaluate their own willingness and patience to do what it takes to make old tools work, and of course finances get mixed into the decision as well. Six lifetimes?? Im adding more exclusive bidding offers at my listing. The good news is that the new tool will probably force you through this process anyway. One was only good for parts. The others serve as spares or a bit of practice. Has adjustable mouth and corrugated bottom . In the case of replaceable bits and blades, I would usually just purchase new ones, rather than risk sharpening one improperly (with my limited knowledge) and have something go wrong at very high speeds and injure myself or someone else. High end planes come sharp and sometimes ready to go. Stanley #5C jack plane, type 13, 1925-1928. It would take me 50 years to put into that plane what the former owner put into it and in my estimation it will take another 50 years of use easily. currently listed for sale, and I am always looking for new Motors & Fans, * * * exhibits the next photo shows an example of a desirable form ofwooden molding plane. planes and their features, and this

Soon after I started using it I had to sharpen it. I did pay attention to blade and cap iron assembly, simply because clogging with shavings was obviously interfering with my joy. repro scarce beader Just like my jack plane, it took many times before I got the hang of it. play a part in the value of antique tools. Faint owner etching on the cheek. Find a good user and rehab the tool. are worth double or more than their more common Stanley counterparts. rarer, and harder to find, but not worth all Its comparable to a stanley no 5 in size and feel. FAQ'sQuestions stanley hand woodworking tools in excellent condition. It is really not that hard, it is satisfying to get tools in working order. Plenty of blade left (sharp) On the right is a Stanley #602 Bedrock. I found a #4 at a thrift shop a while back for cheap. It is all about determine the year of manufacture for various planes or other The sidebar is hidden on mobile and tablet devices for this page but is still available here: Paul Sellers & Company Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with the company number 10347569. And I know that even in my lifetime that potential wont be reached. Phone Jack for more info or desirable next year. me Sears marked planes (Fulton, Dunlop) claiming they are far rarer because fewer were made, but if no one cares, and no one does, they are worth just a the casual observer but that is not what antique Way back when, tool Even the greatest tool manufacturers have turned out some real stinkers, or end users have left tools to sit uncared for and in bad conditions, leading to things like ruined soles that no amount of at-home flattening can correct. Mint condition 95% Japanning. My final comment is to perhaps reduce your expectations. In my view its as much about continuum and less about nostalgia. is explained by demand. This is a great box of old carpentry hand tools. speak to some of the subtle differences that occur in Router and bits Needs a clean-up. Heres one for you! subtle differences. For an archive linking to posts from each month going back in time click here. so vintage works for me. In my opinion Paul, one should invest in a quality new hand plane as their first acquisition. the details. You have answered my question nicely, I will continue to let the plane do the work and will just push in the horizontal until the peaks are level with the troughs. As I said! Razor Scrapers: Fast and efficient, razor scrapers offer an easily replaceable, super-sharp blade for fine scraping and shaving work. I suppose as I feel the need I will keep buying them. The vast number of books, blogs, and videos you can access makes this easy if you can accept failure and step up from there. sell yours, you better know which is which. I think the biggest thing is truly knowing when you have tuned up the old plane. This adjustable throat model adds I saw the trend begin 30 years ago and at the same time saw that no one was countering it. greatly affected by these details. I dont mind how long it will take to get it into shape though, as Im an amateur hobbyist. Not all issues jump right out. One of my smaller planes is 2.5 x 9.5 which gives just shy of 24 sq ins of sole, logic tells me there is no way I am going to be able to make much impact in pushing down through 24sq on anything but the softest of woods. lot of 5 vintage hand plane in excellent condition has been completely cleaned, shaped. antique tools and planes you want to sell please contact me at watched paul . 21 inch with drill bit hand drill 17 inch wood plane no blade 26 inch wood plane no blade 10.00 each located in linwood. Enter David Smith in your Search bar for many more mint vintage items. I have previously sold visit the past sales archive pages from the right In truth Id probably really enjoy the process. what does the number ( 4 or whatever..) mean???? If you have just paid a hefty sum of money for a plane, and it doesnt quite do what you expect it to do, maybe because of an assembly flaw or a bad adjustment then it would be a logical thing to blame one self that the thing doesnt work. One patent date on base- APR.19.10. Good chrome on lever cap To date, with the aid of Pauls information I have brought back to life three handplanes and several saws. francine from quebec,canada and quite new at woodworking.. Its not so much a logical pattern but identifies a smoothing plane. But, many beginners dont. Whether you are looking to buy or attempting to sell Very good condition and works well, cuts thin shavings. that much more, and in fact until recently most sold for far less. I may be wrong on that and stand to be corrected. Perhaps once retire Ill find the cost equity has switched. I cleaned it up but was confronted by the task of sharpening again. Next is a compass or circular plane that was made by Click "more" and read the FULL description. collectors wanted primitive Woodworking hand planes for sale all brand new plane has hairline crack near left nut in front antique vintage wood working hand plane. Any question Please ask! Its the little things that you discover over time that continually make you return to stopping woodworking and working on your tools. Now a couple of questions, one really to Paul and the first poster, whats all this about heavy planes and pushing down on the plane? research has created a knowledge base which has led to the ability to closely One has parts missing (wedge for licking blade) Selling for $325. New planes need sharpening and adjusting from new, usually. I have not had this problem as of yet. So Ive decided to take my savings and buy my first new plane, a Veritas spokeshave. However, who I am today is not who I was when I was say 15 or 20. So I can see how a professional woodworker or even a serious hobbyist might be put off by the idea of restoring old tools. I know how it is suppose to glide over the work, what the blade sharpness feels like vs. the bottom is still out of wake. Some issues may be your skill, some the tool. I like to tinker ( comes from my Engineering Background ) but as mentioned this is not for everyone. Most people could clean and restore ten hand tools in a few hours I think. Some might see me kindly as an older woodworking craftsman in his 60s. Wooden planes, Stanley 4 1/2, compass plane, 78, block plane, Carter router plane, English chisels, saws, sawset, tape, rules, brace and bits, squares, pliers, cutters, clamps, micrometer, mallet, sharpening stone in box, spirit levels, marking gauges, drawknife, spokeshaves etc. morals or stories that go with that fact, and the same stories or Original tote & front knob Other desirable size Bed Rocks are the You want to get working, not spend your time fiddling with gear and the like. Angle grinder ryobi Secondly another poster opens with I do not have time to restore an old plane and At this point in my life my time is more valuable to me than the extra cost of buying new quality planes I do not know the poster but can only guess that they have an incredibly well paying job otherwise their maths make no sense whatsoever. Anthony , this is exactly what I did. Previous owner has repainted the bed and painted the lever cap green. sharpened and tuned, and they work just fine , working them over and fixing them up was like being introduced to a future good friend , I now know the tool works and I know why it does, so when it balks I have an idea of where to go to get it running again, you dont get this with a new set up tool , but it will get to the same point as an old used tool and you will have to learn its secrets any way,the 300$ I saved I can spend on wood. With the advent of eBay we now have access to planes and tools in general at cheaper prices than ever before. If the plane instead was a bargain, I know from myself, that I would be more willing to try to fix the problem. Im way late to this party, but after reading all the comments I had an interesting thought: If buying vintage is really the way to go, then where did all of these old vintage planes come from? It includes expandable hard side 28- and 24-inch bags with wheels, telescopic handles, Have for Sale a Stanley/Bailey #4Hand Plane in Original Condition,Needs a Clean Up,Located in North Alton a Minute off Exit 13 on hwy 101. Another thing is that I feel privileged to be able to work with old tools just for a hobby. [quote] shoulder/rebate/rabbet planes.[/quote] Thanks, that jogged my memory. If it adds $100 more to the cost, Id still do it in a heartbeat. All in all, this is a solid plane in great user condition.

Plenty of blade left & sharp

I love my Stanleys, Bedrocks, Keen Kutter K series which is identical to the Stanley round side Bedrock. If I bought my plane in the mid sixties, which I did, I and I used it on average for three hours a day, six days a week, my Stanley plane has been used for 45,000 hours. Great debate that you have going on here. Selling for $325. Stanley Bedrock 608, Antique Primitive tool, block plane, hand planer,solid wood, Vintage STANLEY No 71 router plane w 2 cutters Made in USA, Champs Journey 3-Piece Hard Side Expandable Luggage Set - Red, PENDING PICKUP Vintage RECORD no 07 jointer plane, Vintage RECORD no 04 woodworking hand plane, Vintage Stanley Hand Jack Plane Cast Iron 14" L Made in Canada, Champs Journey 3-Piece Hard Side Expandable Luggage Set - Black, HAND MADE RECYCLED TIN CAN MODELS POP CAN MODELS BEER CAN MODELS, VERY RARE!! My first plane was a #4. page for under 3K for years and it never sells. With that said, there are many other reasons, reasons I think to be even more important. (Blade) MEASURES 430mm Long x 74mm Wide x 2¼" Iron (Blade) William Marples & Sons, Hibernia Works, Sheffield, England (1859 - 1971) Ideal for Woodworking Craftsman, Cabinetry, Cabinet Maker, Vintage Hand Held Tool Collector, Hand Tool Restorer Etc. So my maths see this as three hours spent on second hand plane to save 150 is 50 per hour, if you really value your time you have to be earning in excess of 1750 per week (average 35 hr week) to make the buying of a new plane the time/money economic option. size of a standard #4 plane, but has cut out sides to make them The thought that spending hundreds of dollars on a brand new Lie-Nielson plane that I would eventually have to flatten or sharpen caused me great concern. Even after your classes I am sure over time the individuals that have fixed up their planes have needed to do more work on them. Let them grow together. The next pictures are some more examples of popular and desirable patented I think it is more of a generational thing if you like them or not. A woodworking plane can create a precisely smooth area for your woodworking crafts without leaving machine marks to mar the surface. Please see our other items. Getting them into working shape didnt take much more than brushing off the accumulated dust and a little rust, a quick sharpening of the iron and back to the bench I go. chamfers of a 18th century plane, is unmarked and thus worth $20 or less if you can At times we have many quality antique tools and MILLERS FALLS No 9 HAND PLANE for sale is in great condition! Welcome Steve, good to hear from you. Shoes, wine, door handles, gloves, slippers a leather belt or chair. Overall in decent shape with a lot of original bid for this lovely woodworking hand pl. I am right behind you age wise and my last structured woodworking was school woodwork some 48 years ago, I have recently decided to take it up as a hobby which could possibly develop into a pension supplement in the next year or so, so I started reading and researching only to read several articles about heavier planes and bearing down on the plane.

Besides the many vintage Stanleys I own and wood body planes, I also have WoodRiver at work, Lie-Nielsen and Veritas at home. As anvil stands go nothing beats a solid hardwood log section - the more weight you hav. thanks and a very happy and healthy new year to you and your family!! My first plane was a beautiful 4 1/2 from LN. What did new Stanley top-of-the-line planes cost 100+ years ago? All Rights Reserved. I only wish Paul had started this blog before I bought four routers, work sharp 2000 and 3000, biscuit joiner and coutless jigs. up for auction is this hand made woodworking planes. And Yes, we all have different perspectives that arent as conflicting as we think some times. If you like this item and would like a QUOTE on FREIGHT - POSTAGE & HANDLING (If Feasible) PLEASE Feel Free to TEXT / SMS PREFERRE, Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. At Garrett Wade, weve been offering quality hand tools for decades, some from the same supplier that entire time. Obviously you still have to learn the skills to use the plane or tool. I just recently purchased a #3 made by Union and once the blade was sharpened it performs flawlessly. It is all in the details. I think that they started to feel like they were me after I had used them six days a week for 20 years. plane planes hand stanley woodworking supertool blood gore tool bailey wood works smooth superior patrick lie plane hand nielsen edge left friend email highlandwoodworking