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Read More All About the Honda CBR500R: A Half-Pint Beauty (2013-Today)Continue. Most throttle sleeve motorcycle locks are universal and not built for specific bike makes or models. That last line is important. The outstanding feature of bar end motorcycle throttle locks is they do not take up any space on handlebars. The Omni Cruise (pictured above) is a high-quality, hand-made throttle lock made by a guy named Brian in his studio in Anaheim, California. Well, I am. Theyre attractive, not hard to install, and very easy to use. What really makes this throttle lock stand out is your ability to adjust your speed incrementally. You should be able to adjust it with your throttle hand as you ride your bike. It acts as a throttle assist and allows you to operate the throttle with a relaxed hand so it doesn't cramp up. It fits on a large variety of bikes and helps relieve pressure in your hands during long trips. It's simple to adjust with your finger. Its not meant to hold a steady throttle position for long periods. You might even prefer to not have any cruise of any kind to keep your motorcycling experience pure. This isnt a cheap option (dont confuse this with TuneECU, another hacky engine reprogrammer) and still costs hundreds of dollars (generally between 4-600 Australian dollars, or roughly 3-500 USD).

Theres likely to be an hour of dealer effort, too. (Check the latest for an idea of what youll see.). You can easily control it using your thumb and forefinger. If I had one Id probably keep it, but if I had neither, Id prefer the Omni-Cruise. I really like it because its discrete and looks like part of the bike which is important as a persnickety police officer may make trouble for you if they perceive it as something that doesnt let your throttle return to rest when engaged. * Means moving your hand around on the throttle, * Real cruise control adjusts with inclines. But the differentiator between these and the friction knobs is that. Either I get it, or Amazon/eBay keep it! Check the User Guide PDF to find your bike and determine which is appropriate for your handlebar setup. You can tighten it down using the top screw to adjust the fitment. It comes with interchangeable rubber inserts that let you create a custom fit to the size of your handlebars. I currently have it on a BMW R nineT and previously used it on my Honda CBR600F4i. However, these types of throttle locks have one big disadvantage. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the 2Wheel Ride Go Cruise Black 7/8" Motorcycle Throttle Assist. If you have aftermarket grips, its compatible with an outside diameter of 1 inches to 1 inches. Tl;DR: If you want to get a bar-end style throttle lock, get the Kaoko Throttle Lock. Youll find that this throttle lock is easy to install and use. Luckily, if you buy it from the website, shipping is free. The major caveat of friction knobs is that it requires a bit of retraining in emergency braking. Quick buyers guide Motorcycle Cruise Control Options from Cheap to Expensive, Brake lever rests Omni-Cruise, Go Cruise (Cheap and effective), Friction knob/bar-end throttle lock Kaoko Throttle Lock, Throttlemeister, Wunderlich, Advanced friction plate designs BrakeAway, Atlas Throttle Lock, BrakeAway Mostly for cruisers; has brake release, Electronic Cruise Control OEM, MCCruise, Tuneboy, OEM Electronic Cruise Control (Triumph, Harley-Davidson), MCCruise aftermarket electronic cruise control, Tuneboy (Some Ducati and Yamaha models only), MCCruise installation process on my BMW R nineT, this story of how they were founded, all their ups and downs, and their emphasis on quality, Ducati DesertX Five Ways Its Actually Different (and not just a marketing gimmick), Motorcycle Braking Systems and Specs Explained A Complete FAQ, Boxer Unobtanium: The BMW HP2 Motorcycles (Enduro, Megamoto, Sport), Buyers Guide to a Yamaha Tracer 900 / 9, Standard and GT, The Honda CB1100 Has a Place in Our Hearts, * Not true cruise control (but do you need that? Check out the best motorcycle throttle locks in our buying guide below. I myself prefer simple motorcycles. Reviews on the software are that it has bugs (and lets not forget that its Windows only), and reviews on the cruise control are that its great when it works, but sometimes the additional buttons dont work in general, opinion is that it is not as good as that offered by MCCruise. Most do not require you remove the grips during setup. You can use them to keep within 1-2 km/h. Youll also love how easy this throttle lock is to install. Is it possible to add cruise control to a motorcycle? You can brake as usual, but therell be friction against the throttle. It has a universal fit and virtually fits every motorcycle. A guide to the Ducati SportClassic range the Sport 1000, the Paul Smart 1000 L.E., the GT1000, and the Biposto. It comes as either a top or bottom control design, depending on your bikes handlebars. Buy the right kit (usually a bottom kit with the buttons below the housing, but sometimes a top kit if you have obstructions see their fitment chart), Choose a colour (black or chrome. > See our article on all the (sometimes unexpected) motorcycles with cruise control. It installs on the handlebar without a lot of fuss and you don't have to make a lot of modifications to your bike during installation. Sometimes the throttle will snap back into the neutral position, and other times youll have a steady loss of speed. When you want to disengage cruise control, you simply roll off the throttle manually. 2022Recurrent Ventures.

This makes it perfect for being exposed to the elements. To release the throttle, you rotate the throttle forward. Never know when a cheeky kangaroo will jump on the road! Here are our recommendations for which cruise control or throttle lock to get in a nutshell. You may find that its not strong enough to hold your throttle at your chosen position. Once you tighten it down, it stays there. Its more expensive, but it is a lot easier to use because of its knurled design. Unfortunately, just resting against the throttle to hold it in place isnt the most secure throttle lock method. To use a Tuneboy electronic cruise control, you connect your Windows computer to your motorcycles computer via a USB cable and flash the ECU to enable functions. If you ride a motorcycle for long distances, you have likely experienced hand fatigue. A lot of motorcycle riders will say Cruise control? Before the naysayers: Why even think about cruise control on a motorcycle? Users who have installed the Tuneboy software and used it said the documentation was poor, but they could figure it out. 1xpair lockable qls When the throttle is locked in place, your hand can rest as you only need to control it every now and then. Of course, the best kind of cruise control is one thats connected to your throttle and works dynamically, adjusting for engine speed. You should also be careful when installing it because it could scratch the finish on your handlebars. This is because its not made out of metal like many of the other locks on this list. It's hard to move around on your bike and relax when your muscles are overtaxed. If you like what you read here, and youre a fraction as obsessed as I am, you might like to know when Ive published more. A good motorcycle throttle lock offers the right amount of resistance. If yours didnt come with it, you can get a dealer to install a module and configure the ECU to support it. Decisions! It can fit OEM handlebars with a diameter of to one inch. Whats nice about this throttle lock is its universal fitment. It can be challenging to install but the end result will be worth the effort. Firstly, these arent a cruise control theyre a throttle lock. Unfortunately, youll find this style of throttle lock hard to use. You may also find some tutorials online. Krator Motorcycle Cruise Control Throttle Assist, 2Wheel Ride Go Cruise Black 7/8" Motorcycle Throttle Assist. The best motorcycle throttle locks are easy to engage and disengage. The parts are created and tested with the assistance of four-wheel and two-wheel racers from around the world. I sympathise. Youd have to be very committed to one bike. This is harder, as its rarely an option on its own you either get it in a deluxe pack with a bunch of other things, or you dont get it at all. What options are there for aftermarket motorcycle cruise control? This will relieve the pressure on your hand and wrist when on longer rides. Buyers Guides Guides to buying motorcycles, used and new, Our Aftermarket Motorcycle Cruise Control Recommendations In a nutshell. Its easier to release, luckly. If you're looking to increase the comfort of your bike with something that will not inconvenience you, get this cruise control that's designed by Sound Off Recreational. I have lived in a dozen countries, speak almost as many languages, can deadlift a motorcycle, make a mean cappuccino, and do one great card trick. You may also find that it doesnt hold a consistent speed and will let you gradually slow down. You can also adjust the throttle to any position while the lock is engaged. This bright silver-colored throttle lock is made from 6061 billet aluminum. Its made of high-quality billet components and is made in the United States. The 2021 Yamaha YZF-R7 How its different and special, compared to competitors. This type of lock ensures you don't constantly grip the throttle, tiring your wrist. Its a little hard to parse through the marketing and read real-world reviews, but thats what Ill try to present here. At very least, contact the owner first and say hello and ask any general questions! Because of the complexity of installing an MCCruise unit, many owners opt to get a mechanic to install it and they usually get the job done within 3-4 hours, even if its their first time. Installing a brake lever rest throttle lock is easy. This is true of the original brands as well as the knock-offs that have permeated the market. I really like the BrakeAway because of its auto-release mechanism. It functions as a throttle lock, a throttle assist, and a cruise control. The Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control is one of its best creations. Brake lever rests are the simplest type of motorcycle throttle lock. In a car, its because youre on a boring highway and dont want to worry about speeding, or want to give your foot some relief. This lock has three features: throttle lock, cruise control, and throttle assist.

If youre paying in USD, you will pay between ~$500-850, depending on your model of motorcycle (which informs what bits of hardware youll need). They make a beautiful, well-functioning piece of machinery that is designed to be intuitive to use just like pushing a cruise control button. A: Most throttle locks will come with instructions from the manufacturer. Youll also find that its one of the more expensive locks on this list. The BrakeAway is very highly built and complements a shiny, chromed-out motorcycle. Unfortunately, youll need to use friction pads to refine the fitment on your bike. But there are inevitably boring bits of highway in between the fun bits. Note I have owned and used all three of the devices I recommend writing this article was my research process! Installing one of these types of throttle lock is a bit more tricky. Like other throttle locks, the Atlas Throttle Lock just provides enough friction to hold the throttle in place. Without it, you have to hold the throttle at all times in order to control the speed. However, it is not the easiest throttle lock to use. The BrakeAway throttle lock was initially built for cruiser motorcycles and is compatible with a bunch of Harley-Davidson and Japanaese-built cruisers.

But if youre hesitant about whether its worth the cost and time bear in mind that a) people LOVE MCCruise, b) the company is still a small business and youll get that high-touch customer support, and c) just read this story of how they were founded, all their ups and downs, and their emphasis on quality and safety and you just might be convinced. For this reason, though, the BrakeAway throttle lock is model-specific you cant just pick it up and bung it on another bike (without modification, anyway). Once installed, you can set the lock to hold your throttle in a chosen position. I personally have used the Atlas throttle lock (on a Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa). Another caveat is that the Kaoko throttle lock comes in a large number of SKUs (around 200) for many different kids of motorcycle. All about the Honda CBR500R Hondas pocket sport bike. Its like attaching a vice grip to your throttle. Read More Using AirPods Pro on Motorcycles (for Wind/Engine noise)Continue. To brake, you have to rotate the throttle forward as you brake. Do not use a throttle lock in traffic because it will require a lot of adjustments, which can be very inconvenient. Electronic cruise control exists mostly on modern motorcycles that have ride by wire throttles, though it also exists on older motorcycles (like older Gold Wings) that have traditional throttles operating the throttle via a servo. He got the name from the Kaokoveld in Namibia where he had gone for an adventure trip. However, there are a few things you need to know if youve decided to get this throttle lock. They are usually designed for specific motorbike makes and models. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The way you use a friction knob is before accelerating, you shift your hand to the outside of the handlebar, so that youre over the throttle lock. It is ideal for dual-cable bikes but also works on single-cable bikes. My deep-dive review and buyers guide of the Honda CBR600F4i a classic sportbike from the 2000s that hasnt seen a parallel in a long time. The screw also makes it difficult to engage and disengage. We always aim to offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks. For this reason, I prefer the more advanced (but similarly priced) Atlas throttle lock, below, electronic cruise, or even a humble brake lever rest (which also requires re-training, but is easy to install and remove). Even when its super tight, its easy to roll forward. It is not easy to engage and disengage because of the screw. This all-black throttle lock has a minimalist design. The Atlas Throttle Lock is a newer entrant on the market. Most of these throttle locks use a composite material that acts like a spring. This throttle lock is meant for use on a Yamaha or Kawasaki cruiser. Diavel (All models except the DVT 1260 cc X-Diavel), Multistrada 1200* (2010 to 2014 models with the Mitsubishi ECU) , R1 (2009-2014 AND 2015+, two different packages). Read more. You always have to keep your right hand on the throttle because removing it will decrease your response time in case of an incident. It also makes efficient throttle locks like the Kemimoto Motorcycle Throttle Lock. MCCruise (not McCruise, as Im tempted to pronounce it, as if it were a Scottish touring vessel) is an Australian company that produces really nice looking push-button electronic cruise control units that plug into your motorcycles harness. Most models are US$179, and then the ones for Harley-Davidsons are $209. Even if you dont tighten the screw enough (or if it comes loose over time), its easy to re-tighten the screw later even with motorcycle gloves on. ), Ensure theres enough space between your throttle and its housing wall (there usually is, but you might have to loosen the grip slightly), Make sure that area is clean (so the Atlas Throttle Lock grips), and. Using the Atlas Throttle Lock is much more intuitive than using a friction knob. Theyre cheap and effective, but using them can be a bit annoying, especially when braking. All I need is a throttle, some brakes, and some bits in between.. This lets you refine your speed and adjust for traffic and road conditions. Remember, the main reason you buy a throttle lock is to enhance your comfort. The switchgear unit is expensive (~$1200 for a BMW F 900 R I enquired about) and the dealer has to know how to enable it, but its possible at some dealers. Like other throttle locks, the Atlas Throttle Lock is not a true cruise control. You can quickly perform these two processes with your thumb. Some of the information on different pages conflicts e.g. the years of Yamaha motorcycle for which the cruise control software work doesnt match up. Functionally, cruise control and throttle locks have similar purposes, but theyre not the same. It might be to have fun, and it might be for safety (e.g. This isnt for people who are averse to technology! And the intention is usually to give your wrist a bit of a break, so you can shake the tingles or pain away, or maybe pick your nose briefly (dont do that because it means youre not wearing gloves.

The small lock will fit a handlebar in diameter of inches, while the large one fits a handlebar thats 1 inch in diameter. Rent your dream bike from Riders Share and get $50 off your first rental! If youre on a highway and going at high speed and suddenly a deer, wild boar, cow, or kangaroo jumps out at you, then when you progressively get on the brake you have to also remember to progressively roll forward the throttle and maybe release the throttle grip. And its still much cheaper than MCCruise. I personally own and use an Omni-Cruise. A throttle sleeve lock is easy to engage and disengage. A friction knob-style throttle lock is basically a bar-end that you install just as you would install any other bar-end, but that has functionality to hold your throttle in place. All Rights Reserved. It is ideal for Honda motorcycles with -inch handlebars. Youll love this throttle lock on your sport bike because it includes a unique feature, the immediate release trigger. This article contains links to Amazon and eBay for which I get a commission for things I recommend, but I only recommend the best things. MCCruise make units that work for cable-actuated throttles, ride-by-wire motorcycles (those that are modern enough to have RbW but which dont have cruise), and other variants. Each lock features a simple and robustly-designed friction nut that is integrated with a bar end weight. You may also find that it restricts your throttles movement even when its not engaged. The internal components are made of stainless steel. If you have a ride-by-wire system its quicker, but if you have a conventional throttle cable and more than one cylinder, you have to install a servo that can pull on the throttles, and a new cable splitter that connects to the servo. This throttle lock is specifically designed for sport bike throttles. The Driveand its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. I love learning and sharing what others might find useful. ATGATT, baby!). These motorcycle throttle locks mount securely to bikes and are not susceptible to theft. It should offer friction resistance to the throttle to prevent it from swinging back. One thing I love about it is how easy it is to swap out to other bikes. Rather than look at what they do, I like to think about what your intention is in installing motorcycle cruise control. These designs work in the same fundamental way they provide friction against the throttle to hold it in place. The bright machined metal finish may not look good on your bike. Its not that its expensive per se. ATLAS is an acronym which stands for Adventure Touring Leaves All Signs. Unfortunately, if you have a motorcycle that isnt a sport bike, youll probably find that this throttle lock isnt compatible with your handlebars. The device is black and features the KAO branding. The TL;DR summary (of my opinion) is that the best compromise between cost and functionality is the Atlas Throttle Lock. Late-model Harley-Davidson and Triumph motorcycles often have the option of factory cruise control. Its made of aluminum alloy and silicone. When it comes to safety, this feature is key because it removes the revving of your throttle in situations when you need to brake. The two downsides to MCCruise are the cost and the installation complexity. I really like it. Owners of the BrakeAway are happy with it and think its a great upgrade over having a throttle assist lever of some kind. This compact cruise control is made of glass-filled Zytel nylon and fits many Honda motorcycles with 7/8-inch handlebars. Rider, hacker, and self-taught everything. So with that in mind, a throttle lock can give you most of the benefits of motorcycle cruise control on a motorcycle at a fraction of the cost. Why do you want cruise control? If you want to spend the least, get an Omni-Cruise. I like to understand how they work and be able to service them. You might be tempted to think Wait, is this just an automotive cruise control mechanism adapted to motorcycles? and while that was the case in 1997 when they first started their business, by the year 2000 they were already building their own controllers and computers with a ton of safety mechanisms because the stakes are so much higher with motorcycles. Tuneboy has a flash to enable cruise control on these motorcycles: Of course, the 2021+ Yamaha MT-09SP and 2022+ Yamaha XSR900 now come with cruise control. It holds the throttle with just enough pressure and can be easily twisted to increase or decrease speed. A: Its important that you read the manufacturers description. Installing the switchgear unit on the handlebars. Unfortunately the ECU configuration does have to be done at a dealer (unless youre brave and know the flashing sequence), so this option isnt cheap. You might be bothered by this if youre riding a large cruiser or adventure tourer, like a Gold Wing (which has cruise, anyway). Heres the chronicle of my MCCruise installation process on my BMW R nineT, for example. Then unscrew the clamp and slide it onto your throttle. It uses a friction nut to hold your throttle in place and replaces your bar-end weight. This practical throttle lock is easy to install and relieves hand cramps. This will help it to work better than many of the other universal compatibility throttle locks on this list. I also investigated adding OEM cruise control to BMW motorcycles. Whats the difference between cruise control and a throttle lock?