6x14 enclosed trailer near bangkok

None Your balance due will equal the total Price minus the total Deposit.).

Prices per mile from Manufacturers address to your address.

Also, there are gooseneck trailers, and enclosed car trailers available for sale. Ladder Rack ($140.00)This must be a number!

Price is for each. Sheffield Customer service hours are Mon-Fri: 8AM-5PMLoan processing hours are:Mon-Sat: 8AM 10:30 PMSundays: 1PM 8PM. While most customers pick their cargo trailer up direct at the factory to get the best wholesale price, single and full load delivery is available, click here for a cargo trailer shipping quote.

Interior Height (ramp opening 90) ($560.00), Type your color choice in box. Price is for each. AS OF Black (Upgrade to .030 Metal) (+$210.00)

Dark Red (Premium- Includes .030 Aluminum Upgrade) (+$210.00) Black (Upgrade to .050 Metal) (+$630.00) This enclosed cargo trailer is great for multi-use and durable for years! Those are Indigo Blue, Dark Red, Champagne, and Dark Green.

Copyright 2021. Select total number of feet needed. We can install extra on floor or wall. The Beast Package includes: Axle upgrade, Torsion axles, 12 o.c. w/ 5200 lb. Extra height needs .030 gauge for smoother look. However, if you want to avoid it then an alternative way for you would be to choose a new trailer. Please enter your contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you with more information. All 6 x 14 ft enclosed trailers are manufactured in the order in which customer trailer deposits are received. 2- Plastic Side Vents ($30.00)This must be a number! Interest rates vary by person and trailer. Our sole aim is to provide our customers a trailer that lasts for years and meet their requirements. Richard Luke After your approval, we instantly start working on your cargo trailers in our Georgia based factory. The main factor that can affect your final decision for a purchase is your budget. Copyright 2022. 24 On Center Cross Members, .024 Aluminum Metal, ST205 15 Radial Tires, 2990 lb Drop Leaf Spring Axles, 24 On Center Tubing Roof Members, Semi-Screwed Exterior, Aluminum Jeep Fenders, Flat 4 Pigtail On Units Without Brakes, 16 On Center Tubing Sidewalls, Interior Height 75, Galvalume Roof, Ramp Door w/Flap, 2000 lb A-Frame, Jack w/ Sand Foot, 3/4 Plywood Floors, Plastic Side Wall Vents, E-Z Lube Hubs, 2 Coupler, 3/8 Plywood Walls, V-Nose w/24 Stoneguard, Door Hold Back, 3 Steel Tube Main Frame, (1) 12vt Dome Light, LED Full Light Package, 32 Side Door w/ Flush Lock.

It includes enclosed vending trailers, and enclosed stacker trailers. Please enter your contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you with more This combines the blackout & the motorcycle package together in one package at a great price.

You may view other trailer color swatches on our enclosed trailer color options page.

Select the exterior color of your trailer. ($275.00)This must be a number! Requires generator or electricity. Price is for each. Lewis Vickers

See your custom choices below.2.

During the manufacturing of your custom enclosed cargo trailer, our team, out of South Georgia, pays close attention to all the details you specify to ensure you receive a top quality built enclosed cargo trailer. It is a key reason behind why a large number of individuals fro different areas of the world always choose this small size as it matches best according to their requirements to have a cargo.

Black (.024 Metal Thickness) Select number needed. Note: When ordering a 6x14 tandem axle trailer, you will be charged the deposit only. Silver Frost (.024 Metal Thickness) Heavier rated axles have more payload, larger tires, larger hubs and bearings that run cooler. 4- Aluminum Wheels for 3500 lb. Empty Weight 1400 lbs.

Choose from our long list of popular upgrades. Tonya Kight Requires the electric package. White (Upgrade to .030 Metal) (+$210.00)

View Color Chart, .024 gauge aluminum thickness is standard and is the industry starting point. Also you can find FAQ section if you still have any other questions. Deposits are reflected in the Deposit column.

Check out our Black Diamond Package! A standard trailer includes 4 floor D-rings. Top-quality Diamond construction.

Interior Length: 14 2

So, this process can help you to uncover any issues that are present in it and will sure affect the longevity of a trailer.

Ceiling Insulation (requires ceiling) ($196.00), Double 3/4 Plywood Floor (2 layers) ($336.00), Alum. All materials within these Web pages are protected by copyright - Copyright A1A2Z, Inc. Scroll down for Links to our Individual Enclosed Trailer Pages, Scroll Down For A Full 6X14 Enclosed Cargo Trailer And Optional Equipment, 6 Reduced Ceiling Height ($15 Per Linear Ft), 12" Additional Height ($25 per linear ft), 24 Additional Height ($43 per linear foot), V-Nose (Requires Semi-Flat Roof Structure), 7,000 Lb Torsion Axle / Elect Brake / Radial, 7,000 Lb Leaf Spring Axle / Elect Brake / Radial, 5,200 Lb Torsion Axle / Elect Brake / Bias Ply, 5,200 Lb Leaf Spring Axle /Elect Brake /Bias Ply, Upgrade to Chrome Rim & 15 Bias Ply Tire, Upgrade to Magnesium Rim & 15 Bias Ply Tire, Upgrade to Magnesium Star Rim & Radial Tire, Heavy Duty Ramp Door with Spring Assist - 4.5k capacity*, 2-Way Sidewall Vent Aluminum (Set of 2), 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner with Heat Strip, All Other Colors Other Than White ($11/linear ft.), 24 Colored Metal Trim on Sides ($23 Per Linear Ft), Upgrade to Aluminum Tread Plate Jeep Style Fender (Set of 2), 24 Anodized Plate on Sides ($29 Per Linear Foot), 24 Aluminum Tread Plate on Sides ($23 Per Linear Ft), Additional Ladder Rack Sections (Per Section), Smooth Screw-less Exterior ($25 Per Linear Ft) (Standard Height Trailer Only), Black and White Checkered Tile Floor ($27 Per Linear Foot), Aluminum Tread Plate Floor ($29 Per Linear Foot), White Metal on Walls ($29 Per Linear Foot), White Metal on Ceilings ($27 Per Linear Foot), Polystyrene Ceiling Insulation ($14 PLF) (Requires Ceiling Liner), Electric Tongue Jack / 12V Battery / Battery Box, Models 14' and under - 4 Inch Tube Steel Frame. One can find a great amount of information to learn about. floors, .030 gauge aluminum, Dual Led tail lights, Extended tongue, Red and white tape. Requires 4 week build time. If you are interested in investing on a great deal and in search of options regarding 614 enclosed trailer for sale then you need to do one thing! Hence, we always suggest people those who are interested in buying these types of trailers must always take out enough time to discover what would be the benefits that you will receive after investing your hard earned money.

Trailer Options & Pricing. Penske Yellow (Extra Premium- Includes .030 Aluminum Upgrade) (+$280.00)

See chart for premium colors. However, you can soon come to know about people who are interested in maintaining a good condition of their trailers.

surcharge increase then our surcharge to the customer will be the If you want to be a great acquisition then no other way would be better than to take out enough time to check out what all you can get in your fixed affordable budget that is available with you. Requires at least 3 sections. None

Heavy Duty Ramp (ILO 2500) ($400.00).

Both are top rated in the industry providing financing solutions for almost any buyer.

TOTAL PRICE OF YOUR ORDER. ($250.00)This must be a number! Interior Switch ($30.00)This must be a number! Our Popular Trojan Package (Standard on all Trojan In Stock Trailers). current.

Includes: Aluminum wheels, Stabilizer jacks, 24 diamond plate or color sides and rear, 6 total D-rings, Aluminum side vents.

12 x 12 Fuel Door ($150.00)This must be a number!

For aluminum wheels match your axle size.

Power 12 Volt Roof Vent (each) ($100.00)This must be a number!

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See pics and info of options on our Option Gallery page.


Exterior Length: Add 36 to the length of trailer for the tongue (17 10) Dimensions: Interior Measurements Low Price Guarantee. However, you can check one from the huge number of choices available in the market that can match up your requirements.

Wavy siding or oil canning is not pretty. We will estimate your total expenses and let you know about the cost. that it's become impossible to to keep our website pricing It needs enough time for one to do a proper inspection. Motorcycle packages are not just for motorcycles. All payments are estimates. Upgrade in Options to a thicker gauge metal for a sleeker finish and to have more color options.

You can look for different types of enclosed trailers. Select number needed. Charcoal Gray (.024 Metal Thickness)

Anita Herndon Getting the 614 Enclosed Trailer that will meet your needs and having it equipped properly is the key to making a satisfactory purchase. Jarrett Stone

6 free standard colors to choose from.

w/ Aluminum wheel for 3500 lb.

All Rights Reserved. If 6x14 is not the perfect size, or if you prefer a single axle trailer, we invite you to browse our selection of cargo trailer sales, including enclosed trailers, open deck trailers, and all aluminum trailers. Motorcycle Package or Blackout Package includes the aluminum wheel upgrade. Hence, the first thing that you need is to do a proper research and after then only you will be able to take a best decision about this type of acquisition.

w/ Steel wheel for 3500 lb. You will not get better offers so easily and tougher will be case when you are expecting superior quality with an affordable rate. Black (Upgrade to .040 Metal) (+$350.00)

Price is for each.

Matte Black (Extra Premium- Includes .030 Aluminum Upgrade) (+$280.00)

Qualifiedcustomers will find that our options will enable you to get the right trailer, with the right equipment for ultimate hauling results. USA Cargo Trailer. A heavy duty ramp is great for loading heavier items.

($175.00)This must be a number!

Interior lighting is inexpensive so make sure you have enough. Black mods price is for any size axle. Vents allow air flow and help remove fumes, odors or keep trailer cooler.

($150.00)This must be a number!