is constanta romania safe

The poor thing. Sorry but is very clear for me that on top that surely you never visited the country but you also did not even bother to document properly your article. P.S. As all countries and capitals, there are "bad neighborhoods", but you're unlikely to get there. In aqua-parks women cant go topless, but on most public beaches you can - and not a few girls and women wear tongs. Im Romanian, close to 40 yo, lived here all my life and : I think this article will put a lot of people off going to Romnia which is a shame as in my experience the romanisn people are the most hospitable and welcoming people I have met outside my own country. They can start hunting clients, especially in the train station area, where they can go as far as taking the luggage to put it in their trunk so you dont choose the taxi anymore; the taxi chooses you. I have not visited your country yet. - While hiking, be aware of shepherds dogs and bears. Food for . I, personally, have nothing against gays (I dont think I know any; Oh, yes: a neighbour thats 18 yo? For those living in the city, there will be the advantage of participating with minimum to no costs, depending on your will to buy a ticket or not. Visiting the beaches though is just one of the important things to do in the city (click the link to check them all once youre done reading this article!). 4. If you love the beach, you may be considering Constanta not only as one of the best summer holiday destinations in Romania, but also as a candidate for a more permanent move. What else can you dream about a city?

Is it Safe to Go to Copper Canyon in Mexico. - If you plan to stay for a few weeks and want a car you can find a working Matiz (car brand; its a Daewoo car, like a very small one that stopped being made 15 years ago), to buy, for around 500 Euros, but its more complicated with the papers, so the best bet would be to rent it from somebody selling it without papers (youll find adds like this; you just make a hand-written contract :D ) and return it when leaving, but I would not recommend it as its illegal in many-many ways. I say this every time I get to Constanta and to the seaside resorts around. Contact us for full details. This public LGBTQ its new here and people will look at it as at something strange and some will be bothered, some wont care, but

Weeks with ideal weather are listed above. But no additional costs with accommodation and transport to get to Constanta, if you live here already. During my travels, I have come to appreciate country folk and their genuine and I would also like to ask about the approachableness of the locals? Last but not least, one of the major flaws of living in Constanta is the fact that its not one of the big University centers in the country. Constanta is one of the cities with the greatest proximity to Bulgaria. What are the Deadly Toxic Chemical Found in Your Water? Romania is one of the safest country in Europe with a terrorist threat almost zero and with a low small crimes level. All types of nature are so close and accessible from Constanta making it a great city for nature lovers. And they wont risk their freedom and career for solving something for you, no matter who brags with what (likely they just want to scam you themselves). Do incidents happen? - Any bribe is illegal and might get you in trouble with the law. Its a warm climate all-year round, with milder winters and hotter summers. If youre the same sex and hold hands and are not a child people will turn heads. For example, on the week of April 23rd there are no days of precipitation on average. Like if you know what to look for you can find better prices for even better products, but generally they have good prices and good products and a safe choice for a foreigner. The graph below shows the average snow on the ground in Constanta (in). Drinking water supply in Constanta is very good and is provided by the main distribution pipelines that bring the supply to different localities. Tourism data for this area is extrapolated based on nearby areas. On top of that, the sentence construction is poor and ambiguous. I found this very opposite to my experiences - Also, in sea resorts, during the summer season, the are lifeguards on all public beaches - those that dont have one, are not official beaches. I have been in Romania since the pandemic One could easily read this as "What you need to know is that petty crime occurs in Romania". - You can find a Mc Donalds anywhere and, in bigger cities, KFC and a many other fast-food brands. Police officers that stop you are in uniform etc.. You can ask them their name - and they should introduce themselves anyway. The average high during this season is between 49.7F (9.8C) and 38.3F (3.5C). Additionally, we do not plan to stay in the city center preferably towards the residential area in the cities of Romania as their air bnb is cheaper. I have visited 35+ countries and Romania is one of the safest countries that I know of. Please note that not all content is translated or available to residents of all countries. (2) Crime and Scams in Denmark: Tips to Stay Safe The overwhelming majority of visits to Romania are problem free. You can - and might even want to - find places where you pay on arrival, with mo reservations, but be a serious person and, if you change your mind at least let them know, since they will be keeping your room for you. Most Romanians travel with at least some significant amount of money - and own a laptop, many wear expensive jewelry and clothing 24/7 etc.. - We have Ikea here, with 2 stores in Bucharest and delivery points in a few other big cities. Guides are nice, but more expensive and not always worth it - but you might make a nice friend and get some reliable info). The middle-year months have very comfortable weather with high temperatures that are comfortable. Dont dress too not dressed :D , dont go where there are no people around, dont walk on empty streets alone at night, watch your drink if you go to a club, be careful whom you befriend etc. Apartments or studios to rent by the day are more expensive and, usually, are used by people that want to XXX :D, to the dance for a few hours, but dont want to go to a hotel. Judging by the salaries and prices of goods these doesnt seem realistic. - At least now, face masks are mandatory indoors and you might not be let in in many shops without them. - Police can ask for IDs (like they are at least 2 policemen and they wear uniform), but not for wallets or stuff like this, doh! I couldnt disagree more with this article! Me and my gf would be travelling to Romania next month. Not every city has a beautiful lake to walk next to and even to explore with boats and short trips Constanta does! :). My husband on the other hand would definitely love it. Positive Results of Tap Water Softener and Its Advantages, The 10 Dangerous Contaminants in Your Tap Water, The 5 Amazing Properties of Alkaline Water, The Importance of Using A Water Filter for Your Home, The Risks That You Need to Know When Using Tap Water. Hy! One of the oldest attested cities from the territory of Romania, Constanta is one of the few Romanian cities bordering the Black Sea and the largest port on the Black Sea coast. Flights between cities are not very popular with common people. 2. (Its kind of like money if you have youll find anything!). You can find more expensive ones that are worse. and that youll give them a copy of your passport and explain that you are renting a house only since its cheaper than a hotel and you might offer them a bigger rent (like 50 to 100 euros) since youll end up paying less, anyway, than in a hotel. Romania is a cash country, but in the last 5 years card payments developed masively, especially in the major cities. Another big plus worth mentioning here is represented by the three bus lines dedicated to children going to the kindergarten and to school a quite unique and very useful public service. - Most chain supermarkets have cooked food (Carrefour, Auchan, Penny, Lidl, Kaufland, Cora, Mega-Image, Profi and Angst; Metro and Selgros need special member cards to shop there). "Is Romania Safe? Fast is called post (read it just like you see it written) and there are many products that have de post written on them (meaning like for fasting) at decent prices (and, also, you can ask anywhere about such meals and products, in any restaurant or kiosk, since they will tell you if they contain something that came from even from something that came from animals). Quite the contrary. A well-developed country, Romania, like most countries, still harbors criminals who prey on visitors unfamiliar with their surroundings. If you are a vegetarian the post word is your best friend and Romania is the country to go to, hihihi! Here are our tips to travel safely. Romania is a cash economy. As of Oct 07, 2019 there are no travel advisories or warnings for Romania; exercise normal security precautions. These months see the least precipitation with 1 to 3 days of precipitation per month. If youre gay and you hold hands and decently kiss and show affection in public places will people look? "My card got cancelled by my provider because of attempt of cloning" - NO SHIT???? and one is for receiving the salary), but I know more than one person that had her/his money stolen from the card in their wallet, so an RFID wallet would be a good idea. I have been to budapest. Best Times to Travel Central Park, Romania Constanta, Romania, Tourism graph is based on Google searches for services used by tourists relative to the rest of the year. Displayed data is calculated, Overall travel experience by time of year. I asked for details of my address to be handed back but they refused. - You probably wouldnt leave your bag unattended in New York or London, so why do it in Romania? Firstly, the shows organized here are great educational materials for your kids free weekends, and something different than the ordinary zoos and parks. When can you find snow in Constanta? I actually went to the beach less than half of the time. What is Alkaline Water and what is Kangen Water? Some people did not do very well in school, so they dont know any English, obviously. The area is somewhat temperate in the 54th percentile for pleasant weather compared to tourist destinations worldwide. Also, when you go hiking tell somebody where are you going and the route youll be taking. Also, in rural areas you might not find an ATM in many villages (look on Google maps for them or just ask around). Theres, mostly, no big gay scene as theres, mostly, no other big scene. And thats it! They have a site and you can look there for whatever you need. There are, also, many local supermarket chains like a chain of 2 to even 50, locally own, supermarkets that are in a certain area (they were small stores that did good and expanded). Daily highs (averaged for the month) usually give the best indication of the weather. The warmest time of year is generally mid July where highs are regularly around 84.1F (28.9C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 69.3F (20.7C) at night. To Joel Tong: come relaxed. It's a very nice country with lots to see and do! Of course in Bucharest, let's say, there are dangers as in any other major city. The above data is comprised of subjective, user submitted opinions about the water quality and pollution in Constanta, measured on a scale from 0% (lowest) to 100% (highest). sucevita voronet monasteries