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He returned to Rome, all right, but he didnt disband his army. And the latest episode of Discovery, Rubicon, COULD have been that most coveted of episodes. CBS/Paramount, Fan Productions, Star Trek Axanar Spring 2017 Symposium | Show Me the Money: A Discussion on the Business of Sports Agency, Spring 2017 Symposium | Employment Visas Under the New Administration, Fall 2017 Symposium | Whats Next in the Pipeline?A Discussion of the Legal, Economic, and Societal Implications of the Keystone XL Pipeline, Spring 2016 Symposium | Drone and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Technologies, Fall 2016 Symposium | Chief Compliance Officers: Their Evolving Role, Please join us in welcoming our new Volume 12 Juni, We are honored to share the latest AUBLR publicati, SPRING SYMPOSIUM ALERT AUBLR is pleased, STEP ONE: Rank AUBLR #1 during Write-On. However, even with the existence of OTW, it still remains unclear whether protection organizations such as OTW can successfully manage to create awareness and recognize the legality of fan fiction. But then we had episodes dealing with (in this order) finding a rogue Romulan ninja nun, Tilly leading a group of Starfleet cadets (and Adira) to safety after a shuttle crash while Burnham and Saru try to talk NiVar into rejoining the Federation, and then freeing trapped prisoners in the path of the DMAs destruction while an experiment on board Discovery nearly destroys the ship (and introduces Ruon Tarka). With the copyright infringement trial just 11 days away, Star Trek fan film Axanar producer Alec Peters settled with plaintiffs CBS and Paramount Pictures. 2022 CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corporation, and CBS Interactive Inc., Paramount companies. But if you go into viewing these productions with a mind open to seeing what fans with little money but lots of heart can manage to do, then youre sure to come away satisfied. Lets take a look at both sides now, win and lose, and still, somehow. In fact, he took his soldiers with him, which was a HUGE no-no (like, treason and insurrection illegal), and once those soldiers crossed the Rubicon River, the die was cast. Well, you can see for yourself, as they have already released the opening three minutes of the project in a vignette titled PROLOGUE. For the past few episodes of Discovery, the decision facing the Federation (with Michael and Book on opposite sides of the issue) was whether to try to make peaceful first contact with Unknown Species 10-C or risk a war with them by striking first at their DMA generator and preemptively destroying it. 316 comments so far. By: Anthony Pascale And worse than that, Michael and Book arent seeing eye-to-eye. Both arguments sounded reasonable, something which has been a part of Trek since TOS. | April 6, 2016 |

CBS/Paramount, Fan Productions, Star Trek Axanar Conventions/Events/Attractions, Fan Productions, Shuttle Pod, Star Trek Axanar, Star Trek Beyond And a little bit is good. Then, well, nothing specific after that. Federation Falling? The project has now raised over $560K, with more coming in by Sundays deadline. [5] The prelude film caught the attention of Paramount and CBS executives who as a result, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in federal court in California in 2015. Before we get to the winners, lets take a moment to send a shout out to the full listing of the 2015 nominees: Star Trek Continues Project: Potemkin Star Trek: Rendezvous Star Trek Secret Voyage Starship Exeter Star Trek: Reliant Star Trek Natures Hunger Starship Valiant Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar Starship Farragut Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II, Fan Productions, Interview, Star Trek Axanar The huge amount of new information and new (or amended) court filings peppered with celebrity commentary has left a lot of the fans wondering whats the deal with the Axanar lawsuit anyways, and how should I feel about it? 2:15-CV-09938-RGK-E, 2017 WL 83506 (C.D. | April 26, 2015 | Webster got its start when show-runner RANDY LANDERS and his wife moved from Pelham, Alabama two states north to Lexington, Kentucky and reached out to local Trekkers and fans in the area to be a part of what turned into Potemkins NINTH creative group (you can access all of the fans films from the various teams here). [11] Daniel Kreps, Star Trek Producers Settle Lawsuit Against Crowfunded Film, Rolling Stone (Jan. 20, 2017), Well, those castaways set out on a three hour tour and ended up spending a LOT more time stuck in the same place. In many ways, All In was the A Fistful of Datas/Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang/Bride of Chaotica episode of Discovery. The 2022 Calendar features scenes and quotes from Prelude to Axanar, and a spectacular cover image by Brendon Goodyear. By: Carlos Pedraza So far, so good. Whatever the meaning, some detractors of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY have begun to deploy the word woke in criticizing the show. Titling the episode Rubicon would be like titling The City on the Edge of Forever instead The Tragic Death of Edith Keeler.. Webster. Rather, they were made with devotion and love for what their passion is and has been. Hollywood studios mandates that fans, who are invited to spend as much as they want on their fan films, not to profit off their work. (video interview with JOHN BROUGHTON and JOHNNY K.), Is STAR TREK: DISCOVERY really WOKE? (editorial, part 1). It also failed on a number of levels. The first half of the season ended with a strong cliffhanger and the promise of even more revelations and action in the final six episodes. As for the most recent year delay, thats another story that includes, sadly, a personal tragedy. As for Farragut Forward, an announcement was made that the planned series was being tabled. Be the first to review Axanar Calendar 2022 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition (250). New ongoing series from IDW to debut in October! Fan Productions, Star Trek Axanar

4300 Nebraska Avenue, N.W., Capital Hall Suite 11, Washington, DC 20016, Subscriptions Perfect pacing so far. There is a general perception out there among certain fans that Discovery portrays an overly diverse cast in terms of race and ethnicity. As part of the settlement, Peters has agreed to make changes to Axanar and any future Star Trek fan films produced by him or his company so that they follow the guidelines distributed by Paramount and CBS in June 2016. But seriously, folks, lets start with what, I believe, was the inherent strength of the episode, Back in 2016, after a decade of producing an impressive parade of both live-action and animated Star Trek fan films, the team at STARSHIP FARRAGUT began production on the series finale Homecoming. But the bittersweet ending to this celebrated fan series was much more sweet than bitter because, at the same time, they announced plans to begin production on a new project that would take the crew forward into the Star Trek movie eracomplete with monster maroon uniforms and brand new sets! When entering, the submitter can choose up to five categories for which that fan film can be considered for an award: After all of the ballots have been tabulated, aBest In Festwinner will be determined as the fan film that receives the most votes overall in all of the categories combined (so its advantageous to submit your film for the maximum of five categories). Fall 2020 Symposium | DONT TREAD ON MY IP: The Role of Foreign and Domestic Influence on Intellectual Property, Fall 2019 Symposium | Corporate Counsel as Business Leaders. If youve entered or are planning to (before the end of Tuesday! Play Star Trek Fleet Command On The Big Screen! For the first half of season four, the pacing of the overall story arc was decent. (editorial review), FARRAGUT FORWARD finally funding ferociously formidable fan film! What I mean by perfect is an episode where even the little flaws dont bother you (or me). The anomaly (DMA) wasnt even introduced until the end of the first episode, and it kind of took a back seat over the course of the next few episodes, although the second episode dealt with the trying to collect data on the distortion while spotlighting Books emotional devastation. For the answer explaining the first 35 years of production, I invite you read this 6-part (hey, it covers three and a half decades, people!) And considering that this relatively new production team only launched 16 months ago, thats going at a pretty decent clipespecially when one considers there was a pandemic lockdown for a decent potion of that time.

For me, despite other obvious weaknesses of the episode, the humor and lightheartedness were the most welcome and refreshing aspect this time around. It has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride for those of us watching the ups and downs of the lawsuit filed by Paramount and CBS against Star Trek fan film Axanar. 116 comments so far, In the day since part 1 of our interview with Alec Peters was posted, the Star Trek Axanar Kickstarter gathered another $150,000 (helped by a social media plug from Star Treks George Takei). And now the main story arc had taken center stage, exactly when it should have, building to a big clash in episode seven (just before the holiday hiatus). to do some relaxing gambling and mixed martial arts ring-fighting. But maybe thats why we need a little vacation on a floating barge hidden behind a holographic sea serpent (hey, maybe this episode DOES have holoemitters!) For anyone not familiar with the Rubicon River in Italy or the phrase Crossing the Rubicon, it comes from ancient Roman times. (editorial, part 2), Is STAR TREK: DISCOVERY really WOKE? The Axanar copyright lawsuit has just claimed its first casualty: Not Axanar itself (yet), but the sequel to the recently released and well-received Star Trek Horizon. Of course, theres a LOT more sets to build and costumes to craft (by hand! So, yeah, a little bit is good. Obviously, the word woke hadnt yet fallen from grace. | January 20, 2017 | Star Trek has inspired so many people and invigorated the imaginations for generations. Five episodes in, and there was a steady build-up of the DMA in importance. ROSS TROWBRIDGE visual FX producer and artist. [UPDATE]: Alec Peters has made an official statement in response to the lawsuit. But thats not exactly what Im talking about. | December 30, 2015 | | August 22, 2014 | (editorial, part 2), on Is STAR TREK: DISCOVERY really WOKE? (editorial, part 1), DISCOVERYs The Great Barrier was a lot to get through (editorial review). It became a crass insult directed primarily at liberals and progressives who were ridiculed for everything from cancel culture to critical race theory in their desire to stand up for what they believed were marginalized and persecuted groups and minorities both within America and beyond. Its now a year later, and we FINALLY have a hard, locked-in, carved-in-stone, cross-my-heart-and-hope-kiss-a-salt-vampire date for the anticipated debut of this fan film that saw its first raw footage shot in the Angeles National Forest just three weeks after the introduction of New Coke! So what has taken so long to finish this fan film? The Star Trek Axanar Kickstarter wraps up Sunday, but it has already set a new record for independent Trek production crowdfunding. blog series filled with quotes from show-runners STAN WOO and JOHN AKTIN. The results were staggeringly skewed toward white actors and actresses (35 total) versus Black actors (8 total) and those of Latino, Asian and other/unknown ethnicities (also 8 total). What each of these stories has in common is a sense of fun and games where the cast and production crew can just kinda let themselves go in an episode thats lighthearted and funny, has a little pizzazz, and isnt simply filled with melodrama, angst , tension, and gravitas. STEP TWO, AUBLR is proud to announce the Volume 12 Executive, Come meet the AUBLR executive board and learn more, AUBLR is proud to publish the following scholarshi, Meet AUBLR Volume 11 Associate Managing Editor, Mo. Jan. 3, 2017), [6] Aaron Smith, Star Trek fan film sued for copyright infringement, CNN Media (Dec. 31, 2015), Most fan productions were made with no intent to profit or to infringe on copyright. All In does essentially the same thingjust without the holoemitters. Cal. But Im still counting it. [9] The settlement has been finalized and the terms are slowly beginning being released.