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The church was built in 1763 and consists of three buildings with a large cemetery. The Scriptures present it; we ought to have it! Early in 1973, a small group of Christians became convinced that a Bible-preaching church was needed in the Alamance area, south of Burlington, North Carolina. If men want to be entertained let them be honest enough to go to some secular hall of amusement and be entertained; let them not pretend to be worshiping or in a service when entertainment is the order of the day. Diamond City, Alberta, Website:, Phone: Pastor Ryan Case: 403-320-9748 | Marvin Burton, Lay Pastor: (403) 317-9071 | Darrell Burgess, Deacon: (403) 328-1561, Email:,, Address: 599 12 St NW Required fields are marked *. We believe that when we come together to worship this great and glorious God of the Bible we ought to do so with reverence and with godly fear.

V2P 2E6, Email:,, Address: 120 Talbot North, Essex, Ontario, Address: 2470 Huntley Rd, Stittsville, ON K2S 1B8, Website:, Address: 100070 Highway 25 We believe in missions, home and foreign and we believe that we ought to seek the souls of men in every way that is consistent with the Word of God. The following categories describe(s) Providence Presbyterian Church of Bustleton: Use the following telephone number to get in touch with Providence Presbyterian Church of Bustleton: Check the following website for Providence Presbyterian Church of Bustleton: Looking for other churches nearby? So Reformed Baptists are to be governed by not tradition, not by the opinion of men, not be sentiment, nor by pragmatism, but by the Word of God alone. Box 405 Leah also graduated from Providence Baptist College in 2007. At age 13, he trusted Christ as his Lord and Savior at a summer camp. We know that they are unpopular truths, but truths they are, and we receive them and rejoice in them. When the Word of God does not warrant something we are not going to be brought under bondage to it; but where the Scriptures clearly call for something, no consideration ought to make us do without it. In December of 2020, Pastor Hall and his family moved to Burlington, IA and on January 1st, 2021 he assumed the pastorate of the 28 year old church previously started by Jeff Bowersock and then pastored by Brad Cranston for the majority of the churchs history. Meanwhile, several acres of suitable land was purchased on Kirkpatrick Road near the Municipal Airport. We believe that it is our responsibility to make known the gospel first in our own community, and in the United States at large, and indeed in all the world. What are services like? Toronto, ON M9W2J5, Address: 51529A Range Rd 262, Spruce Grove, Alberta T7Y 1C1, Address: 61 Main St Ottawa ON--Morning Enter your email address to receive an informative welcome email from Historic Providence Christian Church. We gather to worship God and equip Gods people, and scatter to represent the Lord Jesus Christ in our communities and throughout the world. Frivolity and childishness seem to us to be out of place and incongruous with the worship of God. Baptist churches used to have an eldership years ago; in most Baptist churches today you cannot find it. Casual, Down to Earth, Spirit-filled, Friendly, Progressive, Historic, Multigenerational, Lots of kids, Programs We gather to worship God and equip Gods people, and scatter to represent the Lord Jesus Christ in our communities and throughout the world. Used by permission. We believe that there ought to be a sense of AWE in our hearts when we gather to worship this God! All rights reserved. In the next place, we would like to affirm that Reformed Baptists believe in the necessity and responsibility of evangelism. bethel Address: 6225 9e Avenue Est Qubec Qc G1H 4A9, Address: 193 Bath Road Kingston, Ontario, K7M 2X6, Website:, Email:,, Address: 161 Talbot Street, Cottam, Ontario, Canada, N0R1B0, Website:, Address: 35 Lytton Blvd. What if I'm not a Christian? When we gather to worship, we want to keep the world out; we want to appeal not to the flesh but to the spirit; we want not the sophistication of the world but the simplicity of Christ. This is a list of 26 Reformed Baptist Churches in Canada. First of all, a Reformed Baptist Church is a local church which acknowledges the supreme authority of Holy Scripture. You are a child of God and loved unconditionally by God so who are we to be any different. The first is not desired; the second is. Graham, NC Address

The services are attention holding, touching, and motivational, lifting up Christ and God's promises and challenges!

Yes, indeed, we agree, but equally surely it must be a joy which is a joy in God; a joy not arising from some natural "good feeling" but a joy arising out of the knowledge of the Lord, and a joy tempered and controlled by reverence. Sorry, no records were found. Secondly, Reformed Baptists believe in the pre-eminence of the preaching of the Word of God. Ive been attending since I was 16 years old, started playing on the softball team. The Lord has blessed them with four amazing children: Brayton, Cooper, Hunter and Edith. Holly Rd., Burlington, 2280 S. Church Street, Suite 206, Burlington, Mike Scott - Broker Realtor Keller Williams Realty, 2280 S Church Street, Suite 206, Burlington, Barber Shop, Beauty Supply Store, Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Cosmetics Store, Makeup Artist, Hair Salon, Makeup Artist, Skin Care Service, Beyond Beauty Salon & Training Center, Inc. East Location,HEADQUARTERS, 11 Covey Road, Apple Hill Plaza, Burlington. gothic landmarkhunter county Would you consider subscribing to ReformedWiki2.0? There he worked in a variety of different roles, primarily as the youth pastor and outreach director. The original auditorium was renovated and enlarged to include a new entrance vestibule and spacious Welcome Center and occupied in 1999 without debt. We also believe that our music in the church ought to be governed by the great central fact of the One whom we worship. But we believe that if we are going to be truly patterned on the New Testament churches we need to return to the concept of eldership. Our Pastor, Steve Janicello, is extremely well educated in biblical studies.

Copyright 2022 ReformedWiki. Thirdly, Reformed Baptists unashamedly declare their belief in those doctrines which are sometimes called the doctrines of grace. We rejoice that the doctrines of grace are clearly set forth in the Second London Confession of Faith of l689, and in many other historic Baptist creeds. We believe that seminaries and Bible Colleges ought to be pre-eminently places where preachers are produced and encouraged. By this expression we mean in particular the doctrines of total depravity, unconditional election, definite atonement, effectual calling, and the perseverance of the saints. Other things could be said, but we have sought to touch on some of the basic points. I would not hesitate to reply, "We are a Baptist church!" If a church does not fully hold to the 1689, or the website is not clear, there will be a Note about this. You say, "But surely there must be joy as well." God has graciously manifested His presence and power over these years in the salvation of souls, strengthening of believers and the solidifying of the congregation. We believe that much that is called evangelism today is little more than psychology and salesmanship; we are appalled by the superficial work which goes under the name of evangelism; we are appalled by the pressures, gimmicks and schemes all calculated to produce "decisions" and impressive statistics but which work havoc in the souls of men. In all matters of faith, that is in the things we believe, and of practice, that is the things which we do, our sole authority is the Word of God. Your email address will not be published. This we abhor and reject as having no place in the worship of God. Perhaps many people take it for granted that they are Scriptural, but if they were challenged to produce Scriptural evidence for these practices they would be hard pressed to find any. We believe that in evangelism as in everything else, as we said earlier, we must be governed by the Word of God. The message of evangelism must be according to the Scriptures, and the method of evangelism must be governed by the Word of God!

Now it is true that we do NOT believe in much that goes under the name of evangelism in this twentieth century. We desire to have our conscience bound to the Word of God, for there we believe is true freedom. 27253-0405, Directions For a list of all of the Reformed Baptist churches in the directory, visit Reformed Baptist Church Directory List . Get directions on Google Maps. The attitude which says, "It doesn't matter what the Bible says, this is the way we have always done it," is to us frightening, indeed sinful. Please adjust your search criteria and try again. May God raise up many such churches all over the land and all over the world which desire the same things and strive towards them. Meeting in the cafeteria of E. M. Holt Elementary School for several months, the church was forced to find another location when a national fuel shortage caused the School Board to conclude that they would be unable to heat the building on weekends.

We have no more liking for Hyper-Calvinism than we have for Arminianism. 819 North Main Street We believe that there is a world of difference between a "dead" service and a serious, spiritual service. All ages and welcoming! Be sure to check out these: Also check these Real estate agents nearby: Providence Presbyterian Church of Bustleton, Christian Church, Nondenominational Church, Religious Organization, Church, Religious Center, Religious Organization, Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Burlington Twp, NJ, Wayside Community Church, Burlington NJ Reverend Hilda J. Covington, Pastor, 36 East Broad -United Broad Street Methodist Church, Burlington, Anglican Church, Episcopal Church, Religious Organization, Religious Center, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Presbyterian Church, Religious Organization, Pentecostal Church, Religious Center, Religious Organization, Colombian, European, Latin American, Spanish, Brickwall Tavern & Dining Room Burlington, Fratelli's Italian Restaurant of Burlington, Comfort Food, European, Italian, Pizza, Seafood, Ramada Burlington Hotel & Conference Center, Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Burlington (Elon), NC, 2155 W Hanford Rd # I-40/I-85, Burlington, Joanna Schlansky CRS SRES CBR Residential Specialist Elite Realty Experts, 101 Cambridge Street-Suite 210, Burlington, Dudley Realty Group, LLC a division of Keller Williams Burlington, Mike McCann, Keller Williams Burlington, Realtor, Meredith Fuqua: YOUR Real Estate Advocate, 2280 S Church St Suite 206, Burlington, NC 27215, Burlington, Barney Lawrence Realtor/Broker #kwburlington, Michelle Huffman Homes / Burlington Real Estate Agent, Emily Overman, Realtor at Keller Williams, 2280 S Church Street Suite 206, Burlington, 2313 Burlington-Mt. That which is sacred ought not to be prostituted and used as entertainment. More important than physical facilities, pastors and people grew in grace and knowledge of Gods Word over the years, and the church moved to a reformed understanding of salvation.,, 161 Talbot Street, Cottam, Ontario, Canada, N0R1B0,, 35 Lytton Blvd. The pastor isGreg Barkman. God has graciously manifested His presence and power over these years in the salvation of souls, strengthening of believers and the solidifying of the congregation. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date Reformed Baptist church directory on the Internet. If I were to be asked, "What kind of a church are you?" We believe that our day needs the doctrines of grace, and that our people need to be instructed in them. Community Service, Faith and Work, Addiction/Recovery, Children's Ministry, Young Adults, Youth Group, Choir, Missions, Nursery, Adult Education, Music We believe that God's people everywhere ought to be encouraged to pray that God would endow men with gifts of preaching, and that He would give to His churches preachers, great preachers, many preachers. It would be hard to find chapter and verse which states that we ought to have one, but we recognize that such things are necessary, and in accordance with the Biblical principle that all things should be done decently and in order. "I would also reply that we are a "Reformed Church" inasmuch as we hold to the great doctrines of the Reformation in the areas concerning the salvation of men. Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1H1, Website:, Address: 2210 Stillingfleet Road, Kelowna, BC V1Y 7Y9, Website:, Address: 105 Howard Ave, Riverview, NB, E1B 1L8, Website:, Address: 15516 36 Ave.Surrey, BC V3Z 0J5, Website:, Address: 1991 South Millway, Mississauga, ON, Website:, Address: 4372 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON L7M 0P4, Website: May not copy or download more than 500 consecutive verses of the ESV Bible or more than one half of any book of the ESV Bible. In other areas there are things which Scripture clearly calls for which have dropped out of most modern Baptist churches, and we ought to call for them to be brought back.

P. O. We have a tragic situation today when men in the pulpits say that they believe the doctrines of grace but they refuse to preach and teach them to their people. We are constantly working to keep our Reformed Baptist Church Directory as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible. It is not just because these doctrines are found in the historic Baptist creeds, though we rejoice that that is the case, but it is because the doctrines are so clearly presented in the Holy Scriptures that we believe them. Oh that when we worship we might feel the awe of God in our souls; Oh that we might see something of the glory seen by Isaiah and by the servants of God of old! A church plant in Asheboro, NC, home of several Beacon members, was officially constituted in January, 2009, with Pastor Eric Johnson, after four and a half years of Beacon oversight, and is now officially Providence Baptist Church of Asheboro, a thriving, independent congregation. There is very little difference between that which is presented on the church platform and that which is presented on the television or the worldly floor show--except of course, that "religious" words are uttered rather than "secular" ones. No! Beacon Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church in Burlington, North Carolina. Steady growth led to the construction of a Fellowship Hall in 1982, paved parking in 1988, and a large classroom and office complex in 1992. Providentially, the Lord provided a small church building on Moran Street in Burlington which served the congregation for nearly three years. Beacon is a disciple-making church with a strong commitment to pulpit exposition, evangelism, and missions. Note: These churches have not been individually vetted, so it is important to exercise discernment in determining the quality of any of these churches. We would like to emphasize also that we not only believe them but we further believe that they ought to be clearly preached and taught from the pulpit! A beautiful historic cemetery. It is my opinion that a number of items in present day Baptist churches have no true Biblical warrant; they are a part of the church because they were introduced some years ago and are now "Baptist tradition."

We believe that the preaching of the Bible must have the central place in our services. A Friendly Christian Church in Graham, North Carolina. May God be pleased to visit His people again with showers of blessing that God might be glorified in and through His Church! We recognize that in the operation of a local church there may be items introduced for which there may be no specific Biblical warrant; for instance, I am thinking of a church secretary as an illustration. In this sense, I am not at all averse to our church being referred to as a "Reformed Baptist Church" and I want to speak on the subject, "What is a Reformed Baptist Church?". V2P 2E6, Grace Fellowship Church, 0A1, 61 St, Ponoka, AB,, 51529A Range Rd 262, Spruce Grove, Alberta T7Y 1C1, 61 Main St Ottawa ON--Morning A growing appreciation for the sovereignty of God in salvation was coupled with a desire to test and, if necessary, reform every area of doctrine and practice in conformity with Scripture. We believe in the authority of Scripture, and we desire in our church life to be patterned after and conformed to the Word of God. May God ever give us a burden to evangelize, knowing that it is for His glory and for the salvation of men. A newcomer can expect to be met by a family style congregation with music and education galore. We recognize that we live in an age when these great fundamental truths are ignored, and even blatantly denied by many professing the name "evangelical" and the name "Baptist." And the God of the Bible is One before Whom the angels of heaven constantly cry, "Holy, Holy, Holy" they worship Him day and night; He is great and greatly to be praised.