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More unique facts about Smethport: Many of the mansions were built as wedding gifts. Luxe Adventure Traveler | About | Work With Us | Privacy Policy. ; ! . Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy.

& - ? , , 20 . In this Pennsylvania borough of just over 1,500 residents, visitors will find a main street that is lined with beautiful, historic mansions built by railroad tycoons, bankers, lumbermen and entrepreneurs of the 1800s. & - ? Yelp users havent asked any questions yet about. The lake was built in 1823 by John Applebee to power his saw for the mill. line gideon blood cross drive american honor host smethport ! To obtain a brochure, stop by the McKean County Courthouseor the Smethport Visitors Center on Main Street. . Smethport has the coldest recorded temperature ever in Pennsylvania. , , , . Go to for more information. At times, reenactors honor the Bucktails at the courthouse. , . ; ! victorian interiors dining 1900 anne queen mansion decor rooms built houses era interior furniture restored homes mansions smethport cottage horace , . Located on U.S. 6, the town was founded in 1807 and was named after Raymond and Theodore de Smeth, who were Dutch bankers. , . . Mansions of the era line Main Street as visitors drive into town on the historic route. Properties featured include the home of Henry Hamlin, once the wealthiest private banker in the United States, and St. Lukes Episcopal Church, a premier example of English Gothic architecture designed by William Halsy Wood. Tripadvisor? The Historic Smethport Mansion District includes properties such as the home of Henry Hamlin, once the wealthiest private banker in the United States; the Melbury House, at one time used as a stopover on road to freedom for slaves on the Underground Railroad; the home of Dr. S.D. Brochures are also available at the information kiosk in front of the Courthouse, which also features a large-format map of Smethport. You can take a tour. . , , . 2022 . be&be, ! , - "Queen Anne" ! .

b&b & - Smethport . The popular magnetic childrens toy Wooly Willy was invented in the town. . , Tripadvisor . & - ? ! Call 814-887-5142. , . The lake is named after the Hamlin family as they donated the land to be used as a park. Vast lumber assets, oil reserves, and the railroads beginning in the 1870s caused McKean Countys economy to boom, and money flowed into Smethport, the governmental seat and financial center of the county. Comes Natural Resources Learning Center, Smethport Area Chamber of Commerce, Heritage Commuity. A joint project of the Smethport Area Chamber of Commerce and the Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau, the Smethport Mansion District Brochure was developed following the designation of Smethport as the first heritage community along Pennsylvania Route 6.

The first automated bowling pin setter was invented here in 1906. . . . , be&be, . - . In 1880, several factors propelled Smethport into the forefront of the Pennsylvania Wilds. It is a mound of red onions sliced thin, hand breaded and fried. Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more! & - ? ! , & - . The museum guides are filled with local history knowledge. Freeman, a famed surgeon during the American Civil War of 1861, and many more! ! Yelp users havent asked any questions yet about Mansion District Inn Suites Bed & Breakfast. , ! As one resident said, the lake is like the heart of the town, where residents and visitors gather for picnics, kayaking, canoeing and fishing in the warmer months. Be sure to check the days and times for the museum as it is closed during some winter months. : Corner Bistro & Pizza Co, Smethport Drive In The Hubber Cafe. , b&b & - Corner Bistro & Pizza Co. , & - . . ! .

It is a place to shop in the general store and bravely take a tour of the dungeon. , Smethport? ( ). , . , ! & - ? Freeman a famed surgeon during the American Civil War of 1861, along with the Bucktail Civil War Monument, bring to light the importance of the village of Smethport and its residents during the Civil War era. Spend some time at the Old Jail Museum. Completed in 1892, its English Gothic architecture stands out among the historic homes of Main Street. McKean County Raceway (2,7 ), b&b & - , Smethport. ", Copyright 2022 Vast amounts of money flowed into Smethport, the governmental seat and financial center of the county. Landscapes are thematic regions of the Pennsylvania Wilds, each with their own character and unique, place-specific experiences. . Start by picking up a map at the kiosk in front of the McKean County Courthouse and Bucktail Civil War Monument. They have quite a history to follow for those interested in the Civil War.

By the 1880s Smethports Mansion District was in full construction. What days are Mansion District Inn Suites Bed & Breakfast open? The Melbury House, once used as a stopover on the way to freedom for slaves escaping to the north via the Underground Railroad, the residence of Dr. S.D. Mansion District Inn Suites Bed & Breakfast has 4.5 stars. "The Mansion District Walking Tour brochure features a numbered map that guides you along the village streets to over 30 featured properties. The combination of vast lumber assets, oil reserves, and the railroads beginning in the 1870s caused McKean Countys economy to skyrocket. & - ? However, visitors receive a warm welcome from the residents of this historic town. All rights reserved. ? Smethport is a must-see when in the Alleghany Mountain area. : Wi-Fi, . , , . The Bucktails were known as sharpshooters. , 0,6() . Smethport. Your email address will not be published. It is the perfect place to visit for history and architectural buffs, with more than 30 mansions constructed in the 1830s. Smethports Mansion District was in full construction by the 1880's. Tripadvisor . It is said that there is a resident ghost, Ralph Crossmire. , ""! Tucked away in the Pennsylvania Wilds, where the Nunundah Valley and Marvin Creek Valley converge, Smethport was first surveyed by Dutch land surveyors in 1807 who selected it as northwest Pennsylvanias most perfect town site. , , , , Nap. . Mansion District Inn Suites Bed & Breakfast is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. In Smethport visitors will find historic St. Lukes Episcopal Church. Our Journeys are the many roads & byways & trails & waterways that connect our landscapes and inspire your exploration. , . Tripadvisor, Tripadvisor LLC. Due to the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, please use appropriate precautions when traveling in the PA Wilds and refer to the PA Department of Health for updates. If you are an onion ring aficionado, the Corner Onion Reds cannot be beat. PA Route 6 Alliance, Donald J. ! ! The jailhouse was updated in 2003 and is known as the sixth haunted place in the commonwealth. Experience life at a slower pace with a self-guided leisurely walking tour of the gorgeous historic Smethport Mansion District! How is Mansion District Inn Suites Bed & Breakfast rated? Tripadvisor. ? . , -. : . When the snow flies, snowmobilers come from near and far to take on the hills. , , . It is considered to be one of the coldest towns in the contiguous United States. You can enjoy the walking tour anytime and at your own pace. After suffering severe damage by Hurricane Agnes in 1972, the park has been revitalized and is the center of the borough for a walk, a time to sit and relax, or a time to play. Pine Creek Valley and The PA Grand Canyon. - , . In the center of town is Hamlin Lake. Take a break for lunch or dinner at Corner Bistro & Pizza Co., within walking distance of comfortable bed and breakfasts and the mansion walk. , & - . : Old Jail Museum (0,4), McKean County Raceway (2,7) Hamlin Lake Park (0,5). Victorian Smethport is tucked away in the scenic hills of the Pennsylvania Wilds. A self-guided walking tour of the historic Mansion District offers the stories of those who lived and worked in Smethport and its strong Dutch heritage. The scenic hills surrounding the town are active year-round with bikers and hikers making use of the many trails. cookie, - & - , - Lightwaves Engraving & Gift Shoppe, . , , Smethport . Copyright 20042022 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. In the early years, most of the homeowners were members of the church. Wi-Fi. , . Designed by the St. Johnsbury Granite Co. in Vermont, it is a tribute to the Bucktail Regiment formed at that location in 1861. ! Smethport Mansion District, Smethport, PA. 3 - , , , , .