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did not have to stress on my special day. 3/23/13- Hideout on Horseshoe- venue. The single best decision we made for our wedding was to hire Johnell Huebner of Clearly Classy Events as our day-of coordinator. Thank you Courtney! I was wrong. y the night and not worry about the details. sweethearts chappel All the while being made to feel like a huge annoyance during the brief times when we would have access to her. cassie johnell ago years clearlyclassyevents I tend to be a micromanager, but with Johnell, I was at ease and was actually able to enjoy most aspects of planning my wedding without getting stressed out about the details. It was such a pleasure to be a part of your special day! Hopefully, the same mistake I made will not be repeated: choosing clearly classy events. Johnell, Patrick & the rest of the Hideout team were all so very sweet & professional. I was truly thankful for her services. I didn't have to worry for a single minute about anything. wedding. he few ideas and desires we had and completely handled the rest and planned the most beautiful wedding we could have imagined. To start, I have never been one to day dream about wedding details. experienced and good at what she did. Then about a week before the wedding she makes contact with everyone and lets them know that if they need anything during that week, they should contact hernot you. I felt like I go We were lucky enough to get Johnell as our day-of wedding coordinator through our weekend package with Hideout on the Horseshoe. CCE was absolutely spectacular!! stoneware crock bottle german wine antique jug Trust their experience and knowledge, and know that even if from the beginning all you have is a random Pinterest board, they will plan you the wedding of your dreams from start to finish. I initially met with Johnell since Cara, who would end up be We came across Johnell and Clearly Classy Events while looking for a reception venue in San Antonio, TX. Thank you Johnell! The Best-Clearly Classy Events-(Johnell Huebner)There's not enough words to express our appreciation and satisfaction with your services. I know I have said this many times to many people but I am so lucky to be able to call her friend- not just someone we paid for services! I hope you and Kenny are doing well!! They aren't shy in the face of any issues and really listen to what you feel your needs are going to be on your wedding day. She didnt mind the smallness of our wedding to begin with and was willing to work with our tight budget. We changed our minds so many times about little details and they seemed happy to make the changes and roll with our punches. was absolutely stunning, and beyond all our expectations. I wound up expending more time and energy on fixing things vs had I not had a planner to begin with. She was causing us more stress than she was relieving so a week before our wedding we told her not to come and we would handle everything ourselves. Our big "fiasco" for our wedding was a rain storm that was supposed to come through at the same time our outdoor ceremony was to take place. She has a "take no shit" attitude, which is exactly what I needed and what we needed for the wedding party and guests on the day of; she is a true cat wrangler. She listened to our wants and needs and helped us to achieve our dream within budget.

Thank you Johnell ! They were professional, punctual, kept everything running smoothly and no awkward pauses! As a bride completely unfamiliar with the destination I chose, I feel lucky to have had Johnell and Clearly Classy on board to make the day as perfect as I had hoped it would be. She was fun and easy to talk to but knew how to get the job done and always made me feel like everything was perfect. I recognize that my wedding had many DIY components that a planner may not be familiar with coordinating (since most people choose established vendors for things like florals and champagne wall). We had a little unexpected weather, but she didnt blink an eye. Both my husband and I would recommend Johnell and her team with 100% confidence and approval! We loved working with you!! However, my mother-in-law did use her full time planning services for the rehearsal dinner (a big event complete with a band) and had just as many grievances. service. i can't imagine what the process would have been like if i had not hired johnell. She is a pleasure to work with and if worth every penny! Johnell truely My husband and I came to Clearly Classy Events by a fortunate mishap. In fact, my piece of advice to all brides now is "get a wedding planner!" They were amazing! Warn any brides or parents thinking of using Johnna Honestly, it was devastating. I felt completely comfortable with her expertise in running the day, which enabled me to really and truly relax and enjoy the wedding ceremony and reception! t part about it was that I didn't have to worry or make all the decisions. Even when we made some minor adjustments the day before the wedding, you worked in the changes and made it happen. I highly recommend her and her team without reservation!!! I felt completely comfortable putting my vision in her hands to execute. Johnell and her team exceeded my expectations and the result was magical. They commented on how organized everything was for such a large wedding (250-300). I interviewed three other wedding planners and didn't click with them. I do hope she regroups and goes to some continuing education on customer service and positive communication skills. She showed up and had to handle some things by h My daughter Brianna wanted to get married at Camp Lucy from the moment she saw Ian's Chapel and the grounds. I am thankful that our issues were resolved with Clearly Classy Events because I can absolutely say I would not have had the opportunity to enjoy our wedding without Kacie!

Love you! Thank you so much for the wonderful review! From the beginning, my husband and I interviewed planners and Johnell (planner and owner) was at the top of the list by far. However, my hope was that a seasoned event coordinator, like Johnell, would know what information she needs prior to the event to ensure success - I would have hoped that was not my responsibility (unfortunately for me, it was). Cara was wonderful with my family and instructing everyone at the rehearsal and when the day of the wedding came, she was on her a-game, no doubt! At this point we had already paid in full so i guess she decided now that she had our money she was going to make sure we got fed up enough to not want to deal with her anymore. I would recommend Johnell in a heartbeat!! Give Johnna some insight that she so sorely lacks After talking to her on the phone some more we decided to work with Clearly Classy Events - a decision we would not regret. Thank you Sarah! It was such a pleasure to work with you and your parents. She works behind the scenes to make sure ever Amazing, friendly, professional, and will wow you with any budget. The wedding was absolutely beautiful! In sum, I felt trapped in this working relationship. Their professionalism was evident in the way they handled this crazy extenuating circumstance! My husband and I were planning our wedding from out of state, and being able to visi Jessica, thank you for the wonderful review! I had a huge/drunk wedding party that she was able to handle with no problem. She can make all your dreams and desires come true and is very up front with how things will or will not fit into your budget. Not only was every single person we worked with tremendously talented, but they were also amazing people and a total joy to have as a part of our special day. I feel I have made a new friend in Johnell. My daughter wanted to be married at Camp Lucy , she said she would make that happen and do all possible and SHE DID. Johnell was an amazing vendor to work with before the wedding, and an even better day of coordinator. ts apparently were rigged incorrectly, and the breaker box switches kept flipping off every 5 minutes because of it. One day I received a great offer from and just couldn't pass it out. It was honestly EVERYTHING I could have EVER dreamed of. Growing up I didn't think about what my flowers would look like, or m Clearly classy (specifically Johnell and Susie) are INCREDIBLE!!! She understands the time and effort and love we all pour into our weddings, and goes out of her way to make your dreams a reality all while gently keeping you to your budget. I could easily blame myself for not remembering to provide Johnell with things such as the seating chart or the shuttle drivers direct cell phone number - which created unnecessary stress and confusion the day of the event (picture a brides makeup and hair session continually interrupted). Previous reviews mention her eye rolls, sighs, and flippant comments. Lots of love Johnell from Clearly Classy was amazing!! No problem. She is always a few steps ahead, is calm and collected- even given ornery groomsmen, and kept the day going great! We asked for some examples of his portfolio and he said he would send some but never did and wouldn't show us any examples of what it would look like unless we first signed the contract which we obviously weren't comfortable doing. And Johnell always responded in a positive and timely manner--even if my concerns wouldn't be relevant for months. They answered my questions immediately and were quick to find solutions to any problem they were faced with. Everyone and everything was where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be. Loved working with Johnell and her team! She went above and beyond to cater to every last need regarding our wedding day. In the beginning of our wedding planning process I was rather disappointed with the service we were receiving . Johnell ran our rehearsal like a champ, too. Never, at any point, did they seem frustrated with our requests, which made me, as a bride, feel okay about wanting to add/subtract things from the evening. She made our day go perfectly smooth with her attention to detail and calm, commanding presence. Without her we would have never made it around to cutting the cake since we were constantly bombarded by well wishers. Johnell asked what we wanted to do. She thought of things that you wouldn't even believe a We had our wedding at the Hideout on the Horseshoe which was absolutely amazing! You will not go wrong with this rockstar or her team!!!! Getting a day of coordinator is a must and hiring Clearly Classy was money well spent! Her reviews were phenomenal. She showed up early to make sure all the vendors were on time and that the staff was setting things up where they were supposed to go. She was extremely flexible and easy to work with, which made things so much better for us, especially with the constant communication! My nephew was so nervous about having the job as usher and Cara went out of her way to explain his job and make sure everything was nice and clear before time to go and that really meant a lot. for me. We mistakenly decided lets just get through this and at least she'll come through on the day of. I was very lucky to get a package deal from the Hideout on the Horseshoe that included Clearly Classy Events as a day of coordinator. Johnell (our planner) picked up on subtle cues throughout the night from guests, service people, etc. Johnell and her team will bend over backwards to make sure you are happy and have everything you need. Sign up on The Knot to reach more couples and book more weddings! If you are getting married and feeling overwhelmed as you are beginning this experience, here is my advice to you. Day of the event, Cleary Classy Events was paramount to the success of our event. I was referred to Johnell by one of Camp Lucy's vendors. I don't know what I would have done without your over-the-top professional service. I am sorry she is going through a rough time right now. But it really was in spite of and not because of our planner. Our event rental company delivered all the rentals the day prior to the wedding, setting up chairs and tables 24 hours in advance. The ligh Ann, thank you so much for the glowing review. She also has lots of connections and was able to get us great deals with our vendors. My husband and I felt relaxed all day, and we didnt get stressed out once, and its all because Johnell handled everything and took care of problems before any of us even realized there might be a problem. I had lost all trust and communication with Johnna. Our wedding turned out more beautiful then we dreamed. Johnell really put amazing touches on our Daughter special day A+++++, 5 Stars, #1 don't know how many other ways to say it. g, rehearsal and most of all someone to take care of the day of the wedding. thankful for her! As the wedding neared, she handed us off to one of her lead coordinators, Cara. We almost didn't have a wedding due to flooding/rain fall. Perhaps, Johnell considered this outside her duty since it did not fall on the wedding day. ;). One thing that I would like to complain about is that I didn't get my photographer to take a picture of Cara, myself and Josh just so that I could have even more special memories of that wonderful day. nd we were eager to share ideas with her and vendors. Thanks for everything Johnell, it was very pleasant working with you! She took on the huge task of all of our requests and gathered and worked with all of the Johnelle and her team were professional, reassuring and made sure everything went according to plan. All you stressed out brides out there, if you want a Clearly Classy Event without the stress, give Johnell a call. Each step of the way, she was there to assist us. In short, I could not have asked for more from Johnell and Clearly Classy Events and was very pleased with the service. our wedding! You can be as hands on or as hands off with Johnell and her staff. I am going through a divorce. Our guests and especially our families were really impressed with our ceremony and reception. Clearly Classy Events filled that role perfectly. Thanks! She gave me opinions and took to heart everything that I said about how I wanted the venue to look the day of. She was there the whole time letting me know what I needed to be doing and where I needed to be and everything went off without a hitch. Without Cara and the ladies at Clear Classy Events, I have no doubt in my mind that I would have been as calm the day of my wedding and as thrilled over the results! The gals were sweet and always asking if I needed anything :)No drama with this company- really friendly and take their business Johnell and her team were a group of lifesavers! Change your name to: Clearly-Above-and-Beyond-Your-Expectations-Events. I would recommend her to any friend getting married. We were playing our grand exit by ear a little bit and it required flagging down a pedi-cab and making sure he showed back up at the right time. day. Johnell and her staff were right there ready to pitch in and made the most beautiful and budget friendly wedding turn into an amazing and awesome event. Johnell and her team helped us a lot in making our dream wedding into a realization. At that point, we decided to cut ties with her completely. It was the perfect start to our super fun, stress-free reception. From start to finish: WOW! ing my day of coordinator was out of town. y color scheme - I just knew I wanted it to be a great time celebrating the love of my life with family and friends. She kept every vendor under control and informed of the situation up until the moment that our venue was still a go! We owe it all to Johnell we couldnt have had the Best Day of Our Lives without her. It took one phone call with Johnell and I booked her right away. Thanks Clearly Classy Events for living up to your name! I was never the girl that wanted the huge wedding, the hassle of all the planning was the biggest reason for that. Clearly not very classy. The most stressful part of our wedding planning became my interactions, and oftentimes lack of interactions, with Johnell. It's funny, when you're doing so much DIY, you think you can plan all by yourself too, but that is INCORRECT :) I also must admit that I had previously hired a wedding planner here in San Antonio and I was just so dissatisfied and started to almost panic when deciding so close to the wedding date that we needed to fine a pro! Johnell met with us months in advance to go over the big picture and address any questions we had. Luckily, our caterer, a former wedding planner, found her drawing unacceptable, and created a to-scale seating chart for us. I had absolute confidence that Johnell and her team could take my vision (and notes and emails) and create a perfect wedding day, and that confidence for me was worth every penny! I am the mother in law and used clearly classy because that is who my future daughter in law picked and I thought it would help with communications and make it a seamless event.

O Johnell was the wedding planner for my daughter's wedding June 21, 2014. I most definitely would recommend Johnell and her team, they are hands down the best! And if they weren't, Johnell made it happen! Johnell. All the vendors we talked to showed great respect for Johnell even though or maybe because she fiercely represents the interests of clients. These girls were great! If I was trying to get ready, stay calm AND handle all those details, it would have made me super stressed out. She made the whole process as stress-free as possible and made sure we got everything we wanted. i could go on and on (and on) about johnell. I can't say enough good things about Johnelle and her team. I would have been absolutely lost without them. She not only orchestrated the event, but planned every detail making it a special, unique experience for everyone that participated. Gross. They were lovely to work with and everything I wanted was done exactly how I had asked. Johnell met up with me here in San Antonio and made the drive (in traffic). Johnell was there for my rehearsal at the church and she was with us for the whole day of the wedding (11am-11pm).

Anything and everything that came up was handled so well, and in the end we absolutely had the wedding we dreamed of. Johnell and her team took so much of the guesswork and stress out of the rest of the planning because of their established relationships with a variety of vendors and their general knowledge of the industry. to keep thing going until the final send-off. She handled all of our contracts and would negotiate on my behalf. They set up all of the decorations, coordinated with all of the vendors, and then made the ceremony and reception run smoothly. She had 2 assistants with her the day of the wedding and everyone was so great to work with. . I really believe hiring Johnell was the reason my husband and I were able to relax and enjoy Clearly Classy Events did an amazing job start to finish! It feels like you are working with an entitled, spoiled teenager. You definitely get more than what you pay for when you hire this pretty perfect planner! s stress free on my wedding day and everything came together so seamlessly. Thank you for the feedback! I had a schedule of the day of events that let me know what was happening when from morning until the end of the reception. By clicking 'Request Quote', I agree to The Knot's, Get Our Wedding Planner App On Your Mobile Device.

Kim (Scott) Peabody. For example, we had used an online flower company for DIY florals combined with potted succulents/cacti. This allowed me to relax and enjoy my daughter and her wedding. ride - did i really need to hire a wedding planner? Hire Clearly classy Events. Thank you so much Sarah! Rather than presenting me with a ton of options to choose from, Johnell would present one or two options and let me decide--and then my work would be done. Best of luck to you both! I have no words to even begin to describe how happy my husband and I were with our wedding day! Having these three ladies on hand was fantastic. Her and her staff provide you with an exceptional level of Johnell with Clearly Classy Events is the best of the BEST! with coming up with solutions to all details of the day. Johnell let us down at almost every turn and her lack of professionalism was shocking. Day of Coordination can be quite the challenge due to the fact that we are not involved with the entire planning process. Johnell made sure that nothing was ordered or confirmed without our approval. She catered to me and my husband making sure we had food, water, drinks, and were comfortable all night. After the wedding I found out how many little bumps the wedding day coordinator and her assistant smoothed out for me. I'm so glad I used Clearly Classy and I highly recommend them to any bride!

Johnell was at every meeting with me and with me living in two cities i Johnell is amazing. Johnell and her team at Clearly Classy Events planned my destination wedding from arrival to departure. We are so thankful to them and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any couple. We called all the vendors and they were all helpful and accommodating and a breeze to work with compared to Johnell. 2. When we would we would ask questions to try to get a full understanding of her ideas or to talk through our ideas she made us feel like we were a burden. If you are considering Clearly Classy Events, I encourage you to stop looking and choose Johnell and her team! We let her take complete control of the decor because neither of us cared about it, but she ended up nailing exactly what we had in mind as she took our venue style and favorite colors and blended them seamlessly all well within our budget. Based on the recommendation of a friend, I called Johnell, and we had a conversation about our vision--which basically boiled down to "a party where we happen to get marriedand also really good food". (2) We were told upon hiring, that Johnell would be present for the vendors arrival and for their complete coordination. Johnell was there for anything and everything no matter how big or small. She had 6 months only to plan her wedding the wanted to be married by the end of 2015. They're on time and prepared. She said our walk through 9 days before the wedding was our final meeting and she would only be responding by email. I explained that I was going to need a lot of hand holding and went with her princess package. What a wonderful beautiful night we had. I did not have to worry about anything, but me that day!!!!! NO ONE compares to Johnell with Clearly Classy. Thank you!! She was our coordinator for our wedding day and is apart of the Clearly Classy team!

Johnell and her assistant Krista were perfect for us! The company we originally contracted was not able to fulfill their contract. She said finding a musician would be easy but two weeks later she only had one quote that she admitted wasn't really the style we were looking for. Also please know that Johnell and her team are equipped to handle potentially difficult situations extremely well. We did not have a chance to meet until the Wednesday before the wedding but she was kind enough to answer all my emails. Yet again, our rehearsal dinner was completely through vendors and coordination with clearly classy events was still a mess. We had an emergency 911 call the morning of the wedding at the venue, and Chelsea took charge to direct the EMS to our location. about how well run our wedding was compared to others they had been to. n California. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Johnell and her services to create a memorable wedding day for our daughter! We could not have done it without her! They are so wonderful to host an event with. Johnell is by your side the entire time you are planning. ything goes off without a hitch and we highly recommend her and her team! This was such a relief to uswe had a million other projects and things on our mind. I knew I had to find a planner; for one I didn't know the first thing about planning a wedding, and two I live just outs Liz, thank you so much for the sweet review! I write this for future brides selecting their coordinator. She was very generous with her time from planning to Audrey, thank you for the wonderful review! Five star quality for an amazing price. Instead we got snarky eye rolls when wed ask about details, sarcastic jokes about us needing to book marriage counseling, disinterest in getting us what we actually wanted, and extremely abbreviated access to her at her convenience. I highly recommend Clearly Classy Events and Jessica to ALL brides to be! This was my daughters dream wedding and Johnell helped make her dream come true! my dress fittings, our venue walk throughs, flower appointments, etc. Johnell and two staff members from her team were there and made sure everything was perfect! Again, luckily we had a great caterer who came to our house to help coordinate the event rental company. Overall, she did get the ceremony started on time and my vendors organized before the ceremony, but I think there were a few things that she dropped the ball on. Johnelle was always just a phone call, text msg, or email away.

One piece of advice I will give any bride (now that I've had my wedding) is that getting a coordinator is hands down worth the cost. She was putting out fires left and right, and when it looked like it was going to rain on our outdoor ceremony, I wasn't even stressed because I knew she would handle the back up plan. Awe!! Overall, were very pleased with the entire process and would strongly recommend her for any event (big or small). She was able to find ways to cut expenses in all of the less-important areas for us and helped us stick to our budget.