the amazing spider man peter meets dr connors

Naturally, it promptly falls down when they are startled by Peter dunking the ball so hard it shatters the backboard. At one point, Peter accidentally gets into a fight and causes property damage on the train home. He lands a punch square on the Lizard's jaw, but through his leathery skin he barely seems to notice.

The one where Spider-Man gets hurt and seeks refuge in what he thinks to be an abandoned building, only to find it not abandoned at all. Before he can formulate a plan to get the Lizard to drink it, the man-reptile walks in and throws a desk at Spider-Man.

Connors, after being cured of the Lizard, is devastated by the fact that he killed Captain Stacy, which is probably why he didn't resist when he was taken to jail. puts Gwen Stacy's chances at surviving the series very low.

She takes the dispersal device the Lizard is after and hides. Spidey spots what he thinks is Dr. Connor's house, and goes to pay the doctor a visit so he can learn more about the Lizard.

Things will be changed later on but all plot points will stay relatively the same, however the Perspective is in Rodeys corner. Letters Page: Currently not in inventory.

He won't even let him take the pennies out of the Take-A-Penny, Leave-A-Penny tray. Curtis Connors, Martha Connors, Billy Connors

(Title from "Cheapside Sloggers" by Volbeat), Escaped Child Assassin To Do List - Shelter, legal papers, food, income, education for cover, maintain cover origin story, make friends. Peter smashes the backboard of a basketball hoop much like, This isn't the first time that Spider-Man's done some skateboarding, since he was a guest character in, Peter's most effective tactic in the school hallway fight is to spin and crawl around Connors wrapping him in webbing. him revealing his identity to her and her becoming his schoolmate confidante and ally. To set the story apart from its predecessors, a Darker and Edgier approach is taken, and a Myth Arc involving Peter's parents who were only vaguely mentioned in the previous films was established.

Possibly justified, as it seems unlikely there'd be anything to find; if he, mutated mouse-lizard that was the first live test of the formula. If you look closely during the scene where Peter puts in the equation that allows the mouse to regenerate its leg, you can see the words.

and "If you want the truth about your parents, Peter, come and get it!" Peter has an interest in photography, and tries to take some pictures of the Lizard fighting Spider-Man via a wall-mounted camera to sell to the Bugle.

Connors, after being cured of his Lizard form and its personality, saves Peter from falling off the Oscorp building.

He also charges Peter for his plane fare to Florida and half his hotel bill for such an indignity!

Peter uses his new powers to get back at Flash and sets off a chain of events that ultimately lead to Uncle Ben's death (hinging on Peter thinking of himself first before others).

We never find out if the guy that shot Uncle Ben was caught. It's Bobby, Dr. Connor's son, and the Lizard has wandered up to him.

In the meantime, the Lizard frames Spider-Man breaking into a jewelry showroom from the inside, having climbed up the building. Spidey accidentally falls from his high perch, and the Lizard spots him and commands his pets to attack!

Pete meets up with Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, and Gwen Stacy at a local caf.

Ranked #43 in 100 Greatest Marvel Comics of All Time list. Gwen Stacy was Peter's love interest before Mary Jane Watson was created. These lines from the first trailer are also gone; only time will tell if they have any bearing on any sequels: The trailers and TV spots seem to have Peter being haunted by. Let's get you back to tracking and discussing your comics!

When the Lizard finds her, she uses the burner and an aerosol can as a.

He took the serum himself, and it indeed restored him arm, but it also turned him into a raging man-lizard.

There he meets the sobbing wife of Dr. Connors, who explains to Spidey the whole story: Dr. Curt Connors, who was missing his right arm, developed a serum that would replicate the reptile's ability to regrow lost extremities. Flash beats up Peter after he tries to stop him from bullying another student.

Origin: The Lizard/Dr. Slowly, but surely, the Lizard changes back into Dr. Curt Connors, who is thankful to Spider-Man for saving him and returning him to his family, even though he is back to having only one arm. Knowing he cannot permit a reptilian army with the power of the Lizard to take over the planet, Spider-Man goes into action. A video game has also been released, taking place after the events of the film. While talking about Flashs draft, Mary Jane Watson walks in and the boys are stunned.

First when trying to asking her out on a date, second when trying to tell her his secret identity, and third when having to tell her he promised to her father that he'd stop dating her.

He spends the whole film coming to terms with Uncle Ben's death, but its not until George Stacy points out that vigilantism isn't very responsible that Peter realizes he has to be more than just a guy chasing down criminals. hope ya enjoy my second fanfic!

", - -Spider-Man, to J. Jonah Jameson who is hanging from a web by the seat of his pants, page 6.

Immediately, her dad doesn't want to hear any more. A dying George Stacy makes Peter promise to stop dating Gwen. It also obviously doesn't work this way: you can transfer a few genes from one creature into another without the latter gaining all/most of the characteristics of the former. The Lizard runs away when he hears the voice of Mrs. Connors.

The film also stars Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Peter's Uncle Ben and Aunt May, Denis Leary as Capt.

Spidey accidentally falls from his high perch, and the Lizard spots him and commands his pets to attack! ", the "cramps" have been interfering with her, and obviously pissed off by his treatment of her.

In the meantime, the Lizard frames Spider-Man breaking into a jewelry showroom from the inside, having climbed up the building. Even as the Lizard, his first action is to go after the scientist who's about to test the serum on aged veterans.

At night, Mary Jane calls and invites Peter to a dance but he declines fearing someone might piece together that he and Spider-Man both have sprained arms. Will they help her take themselves down or watch her suffer their consequences.

This version of Peter is one, similar to his comics counterpart. Following that encounter, the two worlds collide when they see each other that night.

He pulls him underwater and they tussle before taking their battle onto land. On their flight to Florida, Peter wonders how he's going to be able to seperate from JJJ to do his job as Spider-Man.

They are to stay with a friend of Peter Parkers. It's also Captain Stacy's, not Uncle Ben's. Realizing this, he runs away but is spotted by his son Billy.

Peter Parker is living his best life with the Future Foundation. All this is, is me, re-writing to show, scrubbing through everything and sliding my oc in who has spider powers because fuck you-.

The concept is fun, sue me, it's going under the understanding and assumption you've watched the show and know what happens.

Curt Connors & Max Dillon & Flint Marko & Otto Octavius & Norman Osborn & May Parker & Peter Parker, Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker, Otto and Norman and Eddie end up stranded along with the three Peter's, 'this wouldn't have happened if we were lizards', Minor Carol Danvers/James "Rhodey" Rhodes, children are not a solution to fixing a broken marriage, especially when part of the issue is a mental and/or emotional disorder, no children were harmed in the making of this story, The re-write season 1 with Rodey Tyler Jameson, Flash Thompson/Original Male Character(s), Peter is Stupid and wonders how he gets such high grades, Peter does not and will not think things through, however he does them character acurate so it is what it is, Flash is a fun character and he's my favorite okay, No Beta we die like Normal Osborn should of, curt and otto are in a library at the end, | Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE!

In the mid-credits scene, he sees The Man In The Shadows, who makes a veiled threat against Peter.

In which Tsukasa gets bitten by a spider on top of being emotionally constipated. In the final cut the scenes happen days apart.

Flash is very empathetic with Peter after Uncle Ben is shot.

After Peter warns Capt. "Do you think we just sit around and eat doughnuts all day?".

From outside, they hear a little boy scream.

The initial teaser trailer can be viewed here, and the full trailer can be viewed here.

In the climax, when the ESU team manages to confront him, he gets taken down by the shooters and is nearly arrested until he manages to, The woman in the alley whose abusive boyfriend/pimp had pinned her to the wall, and grabbed her by the face to have a private talk about something she did to displease him.

This one begins with it. And in case you are wondering, yes, I am a southpaw.

The reason they don't like Spider-Man is that when Peter first brushes with them, they nearly take him in for ruining a sting on a car theft ring that they had spent months investigating.

After America's sweetheart and everyone's favorite playboy say "I do," their life together begins.

meant to cure Norman Osborne's terminal illness.

Do you have any idea what you really are?

Synopsis: In Florida's Everglades swamps, a lizard that walks like a man terrorizes the local populace. While fighting The Lizard, Spider-Man sprains his arm in a fall to a web mattress, but a friendly doctor tapes up his arm before the police arrive.

He is also the one who kills Uncle Ben.

When the Lizard attacks Peter at school, everyone else runs away except for Gwen, who smacks the Lizard with a school trophy. Peter does not wrestle for money in this version, but the Spider-Man mask is instead inspired by a wrestling poster.

In which I throw Eddie, and our beloved Venom into the fray, and this, of course, changes the plot of the movie.

(Video Game), Norman Osborn/Original Female Character(s). On their flight to Florida, Peter wonders how he's going to be able to seperate from JJJ to do his job as Spider-Man.

Gwen Stacy.

Ranked #43 in 100 Greatest Marvel Comics of All Time list, I: Feature Story: "Face-to-Face Withthe Lizard!"

Curt Connors, pre-Lizard, seems more villainous or at least morally ambiguous in the trailers than in the movie itself. Theres no more room for secrets, when theres someone actually living rent free in your mind.

This is astonishingly untrue; most snakes and lizards (the most common types of reptiles) are preyed on by other creaturesbirds, mammals, even some large spidersand typically eat insects or rodents, placing them near the, Spider-Man never runs out of the web used for his web-shooters, ever. Somewhat of an aversion since the lab itself is pretty small and makeshift, though the tunnels leading to it are big enough. One trailer shows Peter captured, kneeling, and having his mask dramatically pulled off.

Finding nothing, he sends them to Dr. Connors lab. The robber tosses Peter the chocolate milk the cashier wouldn't let him buy. This site is for reference purposes and promotion of Dr. Connors destroys all his files that relate to the reptile formula he came up with, so as to insure that they will never again be a menace to the world.

as a school librarian blissfully unaware of Spider-Man and Lizard's fight.

Jameson sullies Spider-Mans name as a criminal, but Spider-Man finds The Lizard and gets him to climb a building in front of the public, showing The Lizard can climb too. Andrew Garfield and Rhys Ifans reprise their roles in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It's also usually deformed.

Peter concocts an idea to get Jameson to send him to Florida to get some pictures, allowing him the opportunity to defeat the Lizard as Spider-Man!

But not every problem in his life has been solved just because he and Tony got married.

BOY, will you come down!!! When Peter first enters Gwen's room, a copy of, There is a scene where Peter's computer screen is visible for just a couple of seconds, yet you can make out his desktop background: a photo of.

He also reads in a newspaper about reptile expert Dr. Curtis Connors, and assumes he should contact him for help in finding the Lizard. Even on his deathbed, he encourages Peter to keep being Spider-Man, even though the police still won't like it.

caught by Stacy and his identity revealed to him, George ends up letting him go so he can stop the Lizard. You get a symbiote woman who has a hero worship and a messiah complex for our favorite wall-crawler. Unlike previous depictions of this, Peter recognized the crook from the police sketch, so catching him for, Dr. Ratha is not seen again after he is saved by Spider-Man when Dr. Connors initially turns into The Lizard and tries to throw his car off the bridge.

Gwen's dad making Spider-Man promise to keep her out of danger; she dies in the sequel.

Jonah, however, seems to think the Lizard is a phony and turns him down. Norman becomes starved and goes for Otto. A short exchange between Peter and a football coach in the scene where Gwen and Peter are sitting on the bleachers was in at least one trailer, but not the movie. Dr. Connors reacts from The Rhino antidote he was previously working on and turns into The Lizard.

The film shows Uncle Ben getting shot. Maybe he was, When Peter wants to play a certain video on a computer, he simply hits the spacebar.

As well as that, the NYPD are not useless. This is a "Play/Pause" key for many video programs and websites, including. Also yest Rodeys' name is like that for a reason. This was explained in a deleted subplot that can be partially seen in the deleted scenes on the home media release.

Also cut was an entire scene released as part of the promotional campaign where Peter is intimidated by Gwen's doorman at her apartment. They came out dry. The Lizard does this to George Stacy with his claws.

Peter sees it when he crashes down a roof into a wrestling ring.

During the scene where Peter is messing with Flash by playing keep-away with a basketball, a bunch of cheerleaders can be seen in the background forming a human pyramid. Pencils: Steve Ditko There he meets the sobbing wife of Dr. Connors, who explains to Spidey the whole story: Dr. Curt Connors, who was missing his right arm, developed a serum that would replicate the reptile's ability to regrow lost extremities.

He climbs the high wall to get a vantage point over the Lizard, watching him as he pulls together an army of alligators.

This mistake is precisely what caused her death in the comics. rushes into the police department to report that Dr. Connors is the Lizard, "Hey, I'm swinging here, I'm swinging here!

Jonah, however, seems to think the Lizard is a phony and turns him down. Since the antidote is beginning to affect him, his arm begins to disappear.

Bear in mind, he. Lizards can grow back their tails; however, that's the only limb it can restore and the new tail has no bone in it, only cartilage. Basically: the end of The Amazing Spider-Man (but written and expanded + 100 times angstier). While this seems to set up that they will find out something about Connors' past, nothing comes of this.

Spider-Man saves a little boy from a burning car. When Uncle Ben is killed, Peter doesn't learn instantly that Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, he just gets pissed and wants revenge.

letting formula/insanity talk there - or else giving Peter a deliberate warning -, the Ganali device in such a way that it could be opened and tinkered with. November 1963 21 pages

Curt Connors toward Peter, eventually.

In the scene where Spider-Man is fighting the Lizard at the school, he tells Gwen he's going to throw her out the window and he catches her with his web, but does so using a single strand - which causes her to be forcefully yanked backwards in a way that noticeably would be harmful if she were going any faster.

Peter swinging around on chains at the abandoned warehouse foreshadows his web-swinging. Do you think what happened to you, Peter, was an accident? when he creates a sewer net and lies in the middle to wait for something to disturb the webbing.

Deleted scenes revealed that Dr. Ratha recognized Peter and purposely allowed him inside to be bitten, hence the.

His death is arguably more tragic since Peter's reason for letting his future killer go is more petty.

Heavy rain and black umbrellas abound at Captain Stacy's funeral.

of Marvel Comics. Click on cover image to learn more about each issue. Gwen Stacy has three brothers in this continuity. The Lizard could have easily murdered Gwen when he went to retrieve the device and the fire was barely a deterrent at all, so it's clear that some part of Connors was still in control since he didn't hurt her.

What if instead of Spider-Man, there was Spider-Marvel.

What happens if you combine a yandere, a symbiote, and a humanoid body together? Expect spoilers on deaths and survivals.

He changes into his Spidey costume, but before he can apprehend them, they take Liz Allan hostage. Also missing is the trailer conversation where Gwen says that her father has 500 people looking for Spider-Man, which Peter calls.

Back home, Peter calls up Liz Allan for a date, but she declines and says she's keeping her line clear for a call from Spider-Man.

something he never really got from his dad. When Peter realizes that Connors is the Lizard, he tries to tell Detective Stacy this. Ratha is shown to have survived and manages to track Connors down to his hidden lab in the sewers, where he confronts him and is subsequently killed. Do I look like the mayor of Tokyo to you?

Dr. Connors saves Peter from falling off the Oscorp building.

He also reads in a newspaper about reptile expert Dr. Curtis Connors, and assumes he should contact him for help in finding the Lizard.

In the film. Although it's alluded to that Connors may have had something to do with Richard Parker's death, we never do find out if this was true or not. What the movie repeatedly refers as "cross-species genetics" (and once as "transgenetics") is properly known as "transgenics". Norman and Otto are both in graduate school working on their respective projects for not only their college degrees, but for their enjoyment as well. Stacy is dismissive of the claim, but later tells an officer to dig up any information they have on Connors.

Its a safehouse for The Punisher. Fell through a portal, with wet socks. Using his stealth and agility, though, he lands a knockout punch on both of them, rescuing Liz, who instantly falls madly in love with her rescuer. First, Spidey gets shot in the leg, affecting his ability to get to Oscorp unassisted, and in the last fight with the Lizard, his mechanical webshooters are crushed. A deleted scene also shows he has a son, so it's left up to interpretation what happened to his wife.

Peter springs back into action just as his mask gets pulled off, and moves so fast the cops can't get a good look at his face almost.

This is entirely in keeping with his comic book. Though the Lizard is actually sneaking up on him at the same time.

That rainy funeral that's shown? But soon, they find out the other one isn't like they thought they'd be and become friends. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from

He goes deep into the swamp to the castle that the Lizard calls home. when his lizard-based serum is slated for public testing without his consent.

Uncle Ben's entire last speech to Peter was word for word taken from the Ultimate comics. In a world where soulmates are granted the choice to Poke or Tickle their Mates from afar in a means of discovery of their partner one child breaks free of her prison to learn the hard way that the Frankenstein novel was not so far off of reality.

After much fierce close combat, Spider-Man is able to force feed the serum to the Lizard.

are gone.

Captain Stacy finds out near the end, but alas, he dies. The next day, at a school field trip at the Natural History Museum, Peter's spider sense tips him off to a couple of thieves who are lurking in the background. accidentally rips the blouse off a random attractive woman, (although he still takes a picture of her without her consent).

Estranged from his wife, Spider-Man man keeps New York safe from supervillains while Norman Osborn plots against him. skyscrapers

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