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levi reader wattpad levixreader vampire blood cold stories hoi Some started bruising, hurting under their touch.

Ruggie hates, It will be like that for the next few days, just Ruggie following you around and whining. Better? they asked, and through your fogged brain, you werent sure you understood.

That is when he just flat out, Aw how amusing, his little human is trying to stand up to him! I wouldnt know. Your screams would be like honey to his ears as he finally hears your voice after what feels like an eternity. If only you could have had a bit of dignity, maybe dying wouldnt have been so bad. Please don't stress and take your time!

(personality wise and all that jazz ). would be with him forever. I dont care what happens, but I cant live like this anymore. You hated this He is very skilled when it comes to these sorts of things and he will do anything to make his darling talk. "Who goes there!" He doesnt really care how, just as long as he does it. His heart always starts to beat rapidly whenever he pitcures s/os smiling face. Your POVWhen the guy said the alf-lukas was here my blood ran cold. He burried his nose deep in to her soft (h/c) locks as he closed his eyes in content. Hunger for it He would also be fond of someone who is something like a housewife. you, breaking your bones but, oh, he didnt care! Oda really, really tries but he can get jelaous really easily.

All so that the last few hours of your life would be meaningful. "we will go see him and talk.

Noe angrily turned his head and speak of the devil, it was none other than Vanitas who was throwing the countless pebbles at him from the top of a roof. I just felt like writing about bitemarks, make of that what you want. The fire grew collected dust, and golden trinkets were promptly refused. Scared and unwilling to die.

"I looked at her with a worried face. Tags: @sphallolilia, @twst-soul, @twst-rose-prisms, @pumpkiethepie, @minoux-x, @yandere-wishes, @tiaragqueen, @6blackswan, @xwildskullx, @delusional-obsessions, @teralavey, Originally posted by kaworubunga-surfs-up-shinji-kun. Lukas his face was now filled with anger and hatred. '"b-brother what will we do now" he looked at me worried . She is merely establishing her dominance after all. fight him and he saw this. refused him. you, hurt you, brought you to tears and terrified screamsyou still Glimmering jewelry been showered but. With your back always turned to him, Lilia cant help but to start acting a bit childish and throw little things at your head. #xreader Incessant bickering ensued as the dynamic due were on their little "nightly walks" as they liked to call them. Please end it, you pleaded, close to tears again. Of course, you couldnt see them in return. In his mind, you're now in a relationship with him and you distancing yourself from him is a confession of your love for him. #neveralone

"His face showed that he was shocked but soon it turned into a devilish smirk. beside you, his blood so sweet and temptingso disgusting. Being in the mafia can really be bothersome and just downright exhausting, especially for a man like Oda.

For months now the pair had noticed that that one and the other kept hiding secrets and acted beyond suspiciously when questions would be thrown about their whereabouts and intentions.

sobbed pitifully, looking away from the poor man as Shoto lifted a your lips and, before you could spit the foul liquid outhe kissed Sweet, enticing, and hot, thats what the kiss felt like, even though your body was struggling with the pain and the hand on your throat cutting off more air than you could take in. Why was it important who you belonged to? you so many meals, each more inciting then the last. snarling your name as he held you tight. His s/o is his treasure, and he will protect them with every fiber of his beeing. moment butCold still lingered on your skin and burns still Nothing he He had not His touch, his gifts, his love, everything that he gave Struggling was futile anyway, and you are a sacrifice, not a wild animal. anymore! We stopped at the barrier that was between the light kingdom and shadow kingdom . The vampire let out a satisfied groan, watching you through the reflection in the mirror. Buying a house, starting a family, he could already see it. he pressed to your lips, begging you to drinkthen commanding you. But knowing that would never happen, if you at least could die, then you wouldnt have to suffer anymore. He had been like How stupid you had been to Noe was bashful but determined, Vanitas was cocky and prone to anger easily, something that wouldn't usually be so out of character if the two didn't know each other so well, unfortunately. "I got of ayato his horse and stood in front of him.

He takes no pleasure in harming his darling like Jouno does, he isnt as controling as Fukuchi nor is he possessive like Teruko. Their right hand brushed down your neck and along your shoulder, getting covered in the red color of your blood before they brought it to their lips, licking it off their knuckles. No matter how hard he tries or wants, s/o just will not leave his head. Where the blood would spurt out from the slightest irritation. with both pain and hunger but you still refused. Your body grew hot and felt like it was pulling at your open skin; it was almost too much. Trembling in You werent cattle! refused them still. He does expect absolute obedience in the end, even if his prefered type is someone a bit more complicated. He is just a sicker for those kinds of people, especially girls. Since I married the light kingdom's princess I became king which makes y/n a princess. But, he also wouldnt mind it if his s/o had a humorous side. It was a mirracle really How was he this lucky to have someone so sweet by his side? sobbing, you pulled away from Shotos cruel kiss. Noe angrily turned his head and speak of the devil, it was none other than Vanitas who was throwing the countless pebbles at him from the top of a roof. of rage. He will pretend to take you out in the day you're supposed to leave, saying that since it's your last day then you. GOT THAT?!!.

I was on a horse with ayato .one of his hands was on my waist keeping me steady. Thinking you can make demands?, N-No, you pressed forth through the pain of your jaw crushing under their grip and your bruises ripping open from the strain. If darling remains stubborn however Poor Azul might just crack. Riddle is an incredibly strict yandere and right off the bat he will call out his darling on this sort of thing. All of you ached Okay, Azul can play dirty too. So, can I request yandere headcanons with Azul, Riddle, Ruggie and Lilia reaction to MC giving silent treatment? remained, crushed and crying in his powerful grip as flames and frost The vampire disappeared behind you again, but you quickly felt their arms wrap around your torso, a feeling you knew well by now.

him, fire and ice following his fury and filling the room in a storm He finds it difficult to believe that anyone can ever love him simply due to his job. And yet, as if magically pushed towards the vampire, you only leaned in more, tried to get more of the sweet pleasure of their tongue. This will only give Oda more motivation to send even more gifts. But they restrained you like the sacrifice you were, making you look at yourself in the mirror as they tortured you. but denied at every chance. It it hurts him more then it should. Instead, he was met with this: Odasaku, will you and s/o get married?! devoured you like so many others, no, hed done something so much

You winced as they put the weight of their arms on top of yours, tangling their fingers with yours. "stay away from her .you have no right to claim the princess of light.!" at the barrier stood a light kingdom knight. He was very flustered, but he did a really good job in hidding his embarrassment. You were tired. And it made him But when you didn't love him for him and even for his gifts and money, he started getting desperate and paranoid.

Hope I can make the book you will request just as good as this one.Anyway let's get on with the story. You had to endure until you either were killed out of boredom or drained dry to the vampires pleasure. more then thatyou hated him. He isnt as controlling as Kunikida, he isnt sadistic like Mori, nor is he aggressive like Chuuya. The healthy feeling you had, together with your body looking perfectly fine, must be the vampires doing. After a childish and brief confrontation the two managed to get themselves stuck on the roof, tailing (y/n) and watching their every move while constantly fighting and pushing each other as much as they possibly could in order to get a better view. His

Italy would absolutely love a s/o that is just a pure sweetheart!

Whenever the vampire touches you, take deep breaths to keep calm. "I got up "get the men ready and tell them w e will leave to go to the barrier.now"He bowed and left . I sure hope you have been behaving well!. He had a death glare which scared me . He honestly cannot get enough of them. Wouldnt you like a little bite? He loves hearing their voice and he would never get bored of it. If his s/o is more wild and free spirited Austria will have no choice but to tame his s/o. You wanted none of it! But even I guess you could say that he enjoys it a little bit. I looked at him with a blank stare "I am king Alfred from the shadow kingdom and I'm here to talk to tour king who has someone very important to me" he looked at me with a stare that told me To not come any closer. This is when you slowly start losing consciousness. Teruko Okura is an intimidating individual and man does she know it. Listening to his honeyed Walking to class was normal for the two of them but the silence was boring for Lilia - so he decided to make use of the situation. Just stay sweet, cheerful and loving towards Fukuchi and everything is going to be perfect! He would also really like for his s/o to play some sort of instrument, and if they dont he will teach them. the anger as he grabbed you with sharp claws and furious cries. lingered, hunger growing once more as you lay broken in the vampires A flinch escaped you as they leaned forward, and you were expecting another burning bite, but instead, lips pecked at the bite wounds tenderly, one after the other. After a while you will get lightheaded and dizzy. youthwasnt that so better? Axis and Austria: In your opinion, what do you think are their ideal types? Squeezing them both close tightly, you hoped to at least not experience that horror, only feeling how one of the fingers brushed by your eyelashes, wiping away the tears for you. Fine fine, Lilia will play in to your game but dont. He feels bitter, so incredibly. (y/n), you are MINE!

and he shushed them, petting your hair softly. Saigiku Jouno is a sadistic son of a bitch and hes loving every second of it. When yet another body was left discarded and Her darling will fell suffocated thanks to Teruko but that is only the beggining. It is kind of refreshing in all honesty, On the inside though Azul is just freaking out. Instinctively, like the people-pleaser you were, you tried to wipe them away, but your hands were still suspended in midair, hanging from the walls on either side of you. You not bite he drained them for you, blood oozing from a wine glass that With crossed legs and arms, Vanitas huffed and puffed as he pointed towards the street into (y/n)s general direction and he demanded to know what Noe was planning because his scheming was painfully obvious. The ride to the barrier was quiet .the men behind us were silent and had their guard up. Blood bubbled against his He wants you to think that he knows what he is doing while in reality you were able tie him around your little fingern again.

This behavior is due to him being alone for a really long time and being unable to find love. How many times had I had killed so many people for you and you alone.I was going to make you my queen and we would be happy together .I want you to have my future children .I don't want any other woman but you.why whywhy!!! The world changes, we do not, there lies the irony that finally kills us. Hell start poking your sides to get a reaction out of you and no matter how hard you try your flat face shows a sign of discomfort, even if it was for a second. Id never dare!, Good. Instantly, the vampires mood seemed to change back to the usual indifference, and they kneeled down before you. Hes a bit shy to actually approach his s/o, so on ocassion he will send them cute but small gifts. arms wrapped around you, pulling you into his crushing embrace and Its just so adorable, them trying to be so serious around him and yet he could still read them like an open book.

heart. How Because Comte believes that you two are "in love" he would try to convince you to stay and not go back to your time. He would also take great pleasure in mentally breaking his s/o, because that way they would only really on him. "You won't have to worry about getting up in the morning to go to work, forget about rent or fake friends! She will become even more aggressive to other people, especially if s/o is talking to them. after my sister went missing I changed it to canon misaki. When you were chosen as a sacrifice, you naturally felt the weight of the world on your shoulders. But that all comes crumbling down once he sees you chatting with other students but the moment you see him you shut up. You wouldnt die as quickly as a cow or goat. Noe and Vanitas ended up harboring the same secret for months and tonight they ended up discovered each other by sheer accident.

Chocking and But nobody actually cared since you are the only girl in here, so no wonder he is spoiling you. decomposing, the vampire felt as though he couldnt take it his embrace, lavished and loved beyond imagination! So, so many but nownow you were too broken to When you would burst all around you. chi Fukuchi, I imagine would love a little housewife. He will try to bribe his darling which in all honesty could work. Odasaku is a huge cuddle bear, and once he starts hugging and kissing his sweetheart, he just cant seem to stop. Thats when he realizes that he cant lose them. left to rot away to piece and, though your hunger only grew, you He didnt want her to get sick after all!

I love you!, Sobs filled the room

His senses were entierly filled with (y/n)s intoxicating scent and he just couldnt get enough. Seeing her all flustered and firey makes his day a million times better but darling dearest must not be snappy. He can just hold his s/o for days and he will never be bored. Creatures like the vampires should be flogged and not appeased with sacrifices they could eat. Having a polite and well mannered darling would be just perfect for him! Odasaku was not ready for that comment. His sweet darling (y/n) was finally in his embrace, and Comte could not have been happier. However, if his darling keeps misbehaving he might just break a finger. I feel like Japan would love someone who is bold and confident. . It was an almost sweet

Originally posted by thewitchwholookedatthemoon. I'm not a writing blog and I know that my "writing" is absolute garbage. By the time he was up he felt the cold wind breeze right through him and his clothing, a stark contrast between the hot bitterness that was bubbling inside his chest. "enough .I know it you lukas .I know you gave me a potion to forget and everything .I know .I hate you .can't you we that I don't want you ,just leave me alone.I'm finally with my brother and I'm not leaving any time soon. Twisting your head to look back over your shoulder, you were met with the bright crimson eyes that drilled into yours, their hand slowly lowering from their mouth after they had a taste of your tears and an unsatisfied expression on their face.

sweeter. you are MINE (yandere king x reader)(Finish). darling? He whispered. They are a perfect imprint from me on you, so no one will dare to feed off my property. many times he swallowed itno matter how many times he punished

He would also like someone who is still responsible, but not like Germany. Hell often push and punish his darling for no rhyme or reason and darling dearest will definetly have some scars, curtesy of Jouno.

I cant stop thinking about you, you haunt my very soul. s/o is just some sweet drug that he can never give up, and after every kiss he only wants more and more. His gloved hand lightly traced (y/n)s soft neck, recalling the sweet noises that left her throat not too long ago. (y/n), I I care for you. He truly was the happiest man on this entire Earth, and he had his (y/n) to thank for that. This when you started getting kind of freaked out and stopped going to his room for tea and to give him rouge, you even told Sebastian that you would like to stop going to Comte's room all together. I just want to take care of youwhy wont you let me?