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This app allows you to download even those statuses which were deleted in the last 24 hours. Here are the top 10 apps in this category you can choose which one you prefer. Status Saver-Image and Video help users to download statuses of different formats and levels, as well as to get access to view without using the official WhatsApp application. Status Saver is your solution for easy and fast management of both your and your friends statuses. To get the desired result, you need to see the published status from the beginning to the end, and then save it in the app. How To Know If Someone Uninstalled WhatsApp? How To Find Instagram Users Near You using Apps. All the media from the status will be downloaded in the best quality possible. Then you can share it in the webspace or save it to your smartphone memory.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can even download multiple statuses at the same time just hold on to one image for a long time and the multiple selection mode opens. You may also like: 9 Best Instagram Hashtag Apps for Android & iOS. All you have to do for that is to install this app and then open it, go to your Whats App account, and click on the statuses of the contacts you would like to download. WhatsApp++ is the best iOS app that you can use along with WhatsApp, I normally use the WhatsApp pocket along with WhatsApp that does the same job but this WhatsApp++ can actually make things easier for your iPhone, it can hide you from being visible to someones WhatsApp status viewer list. To do this, the developers have introduced a feature such as Status. You can download all of the statuses with this app directly to your iPhone gallery without getting your name revealed to your friend.

It has lots of features that its competitors dont have for example, it can work offline as well. Then make the setup to download all of the statuses whenever it is available on your WhatsApp app. First of all download the IPA and install the IPA WhatsApp++ on your iOS device whether it is iPhone or iPad.

If you want to view someones WhatsApp status videos or photos without them knowing then either you have to play a trick or you can do it just by downloading the status and viewing that offline. Now if someone posts a WhatsApp status, the same you can download using this app and you can see that whenever you wish to without being online. And though this app is made for downloading statuses it says in its description that re-uploading them is not supported. This service allows you to save the images you want and upload stories to messenger WhatsApp. To save the content, simply view the status in WhatsApp, open the application, and select the one you want to download. For this purpose, additional applications have been created they will help you easily save photos and videos from your friends stories and leave them in the memory of your smartphone forever. Status Saver-Image and Video are absolutely free and all functionality is available immediately after downloading the application. WhatsApp saves you a lot of money. status The Status Save To Gallery is a perfect app that you can use for yourself to do both works at once like viewing the status anonymously and then downloading the same on your mobile device and seeing it anytime even if this is removed from WhatsApp itself. Can Download the WhatsApp status of your friends. With the help of this app, you can view all of the WhatsApp statuses without being visible/revealed to someone who has posted that WhatsApp status. Did your friend post the cool status on Whats App but you notice it at the very last moment and couldnt save it? It allows you to send content to other applications and messengers, and the video player lets you playback everything you have downloaded or are about to download. Like Instagram Stories, they are not available for download in the application itself, which is frustrating and makes you look for other ways to get the content. You can view all the statuses via the application itself without using a messenger. After you downloaded the image or a video, you can share it with your friends via messengers or social networks. If you have been blocked by someone on WhatsApp or the status is kept hidden from you or you dont want to show your name on their viewers list then use any of these status viewer apps to see and download them on your mobile. All rights reserved, install the Status Saver for Whatsapp WA, How To Know If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp, How To Identify A Fake Telegram/WhatsApp/Signal Account, How To Disable Whatsapp Calls On iPhone & Android, How To Send Whatsapp Message To Multiple Unsaved Numbers, How To Know Someone Muted You On Whatsapp Status, How To Block Someone On WhatsApp Without Them Knowing, How To Cast Whatsapp To Firestick Screen Share To Firestick, How To Hide Whatsapp Online Status While Chatting, How To Send WhatsApp Message From A Fake Number. If you are on your iPhone or iPad and you want to view someones status without being seen to that person then this app can actually help you on your iOS device. Of course, it is not a social network, but many people prefer a social networking messenger. The app has a funny interface design and all the media are displayed as the large icons which are quite convenient when you want to preview and download the media file. The name fully reflects the nature and functionality of the application. The main thing that you need is to connect to the Internet. Any action with WhatsApp statuses is easy to track in the application. Status Saver is a program with which you will be able to upload your status to WhatsApp.

This is an auxiliary utility that allows you to save users statuses in WhatsApp without screenshots. saver ahorro To use the application, you need to enable it in the settings. If you have already downloaded something, the corresponding mark will appear next to the item. Through Status Saver you can send saved content to other applications or social networks, as well as fully manage it edit or delete. This program is not mandatory to download and will not be constantly important. The interface design is plain and a little bit tricky to use, however, the functionality of the app is top-quality. This is the best app you can try for yourself also if you are using an iPhone or iPad, this app is downloadable from the Apple app store. Now when you click on the app to download any status from WhatsApp, do it with a few taps. Yet, it will definitely be useful in cases where status information needs to be saved. Screenshots of the screen spoil the quality of the image itself, which is quite difficult to record from the screen. You may also like: 11 Best Instagram Highlight Covers Apps (Android & iOS). Another feature is that here it is extremely easy to share any status that you just downloaded via messengers or social networks. To view or play, you just need to click on the status and it will open to you.

These are the simple steps you have to follow to use the Status Saver android app to download the WhatsApp status directly to your mobile device and you can view them without being online in this process, you can totally be retained from your friend whose status youve viewed. On my iPhone device, use the Status Saver for Whatsapp WA app to download all WhatsApp statuses seamlessly and this can help you too to get the status without being seen by that person. This feature is very similar to the History on Instagram photos and videos also disappear 24 hours after their publication, all stories are displayed in a separate tab of the application. At the start-up, you will see all the formats GIF, photos, and videos. The statuses are automatically displayed in the application. Download the content in its original quality without interfering with screenshots or other problems. In addition to the fact that statuses can be downloaded and uploaded, you can also watch new stories appear directly in the Status Saver. You can easily and free of charge exchange text messages, audio messages, videos and photos with your friends, colleagues, and family. To download, you will first need to make sure that you have launched the original WhatsApp so that Status Downloader can access the content. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers in the world. If using any material from this website - dofollow hyperlink required. You will need to view the story you are interested in. 5 Best apps to save snapchats for Android & iOS, Status Saver For Whatsapp by secure statuses, Status Saver Dual Space & Business Status Saver, Status Saver Whats Status Video Download App, Status Save To Gallery Status Saver For WhatsApp, 11 Best Instagram Highlight Covers Apps (Android & iOS), 9 Best Instagram Hashtag Apps for Android & iOS, 10 Free Auto Loan Calculator Apps & Websites In 2022, 9 Free Grocery Budget Calculator Apps & Websites In 2022, 7 Free Sound Meter Apps In 2022 (Android & iOS), 9 Free Guests List Maker Apps & Websites In 2022. And that is it now a photo or video is in your gallery and available at any time.

This is a really worthwhile app that you can download now. This app deserves attention because you will also be able to save all the photos and videos that you have uploaded. This Status Saver has great reviews by users which is also quite rare in this section. Moreover, it is quite easy to get lost in this diversity because they all have similar icons. All you have to make several settings or setups to get it on your iPhone and view it whenever you wish without opening the original WhatsApp app. What to do in this case? In order to make your life easier we choose only the best apps for you, like this one. You can use WhatsApp++ along with the WhatsApp itself or you can choose one alternative which is WhatsApp pocket. The program is completely free. Now you will always have access to the photos you like and Status Save To Gallery will help you. This is one of the most popular status savers for Whats App. You can download this app from the Apple App store and its free for all iOS devices. The video player built into the program allows you to include your saved clips.

Status Save To Gallery has its own video player, so right after downloading (or in advance), you can get acquainted with the video content. Make your day better by finding the new cool status for Whats App and saving it on your phone. As a result, the image appears in your gallery. It does not any online activity or anything else by the term WhatsApp status. The fact that you have viewed the status will be automatically displayed in WhatsApp.

How To Fix The Profile Picture Not Showing On TikTok? Can You See Who Someone Is Snapchatting With? Thats all you have to do to download the WhatsApp status directly to your iPhone that is using this super app, you can get it from your Apple App store and this is completely for all your iOS devices. Can you See Profile Picture if Blocked on WhatsApp? Ending this is what all you have to do to view someones Whatsapp Status directly and this can help you to get there in just two ways that would not let you appear on the persons WhatsApp status viewer list. But you will not write personal messages to your friends with every single news you want to share. You can also check: 9 Best Instagram Hashtag Apps for Android & iOS. That is if you have updated your hair it would be stupid for each of your contacts to send a photo. Then you can make a setup on that app to download the WhatsApp statuses directly to your mobile phone gallery. Thats all you have to follow to download any WhatsApp status from WhatsApp to your mobile phone gallery, yes android. If you want to download content from WhatsApp, just open the app, select the picture or video you want, and you will be able to download it right away. Status saver is an excellent app that you can try on your Android device. Do you really like to view WhatsApp statuses? There are many similar apps on Google Play to save statuses from Whats App, however, not all of them are good. The main task is to quickly and efficiently save the statuses from WhatsApp to your smartphone memory. Then Status Saver will suit you. Now when someone posts a status on WhatsApp you can directly download that obtained directly to your iPhone gallery just by using this app.

All the presented services have high ratings among users and do not fail at the right time. This app allows you to save any status in Whats App and download videos fast. In this article, you have the 4 apps for both iPhone and Android devices, you can download those apps from the download link (provided also) and use it to download all WhatsApp statuses or view those secretly. In addition to the presented function, there are 2 extra features that will be useful. Video is also no problem with downloading. It is not annoying and does not close the entire screen when using the service, but it is there. You will be able to share the status in other apps or send it to a contact in a dialog. How to Promote on Instagram without Posting? Video, photo, GIF it can be not only uploaded, but also downloaded with the help of applications from our top. To download, you can view the story once, click on the image itself and choose the download function. You can also check: 5 Best apps to save snapchats for Android & iOS. You can also put a piece of your life in other social networks, which always come in handy. The first thing to note right away is that there is an advertisement in the application. Just because there is no annoying feed here, you can contact someone right away if you need to. Now once you hide from the settings, you can do so much that directly from the WhatsApp++ on your iPhone. For those who use the extended version of the utility, it will be useful, cause downloading stories is a great addition. If the status is visible to your WhatsApp then you can directly download them to your phone gallery without even viewing them online and it does hide your identity while viewing the statuses of your friend. You can view the WhatsApp status anonymously. The service also has a built-in video player for viewing video statuses, so you will not have any problems with content playback. Status Save to Gallery is another good alternative app for Android that you can use to download the WhatsApp status someone else posted on WhatsApp. Are you sure this makes it easier for you to learn about your friends lives, keep track of their progress, and share the content yourself? Actually, if the person has saved your number then you can view his updated status. If you wandering for another best alternative for your iPhone that can download the WhatsApp status as well as you want to view their status without getting revealed to your friend then this app Status Saver for Whatsapp WA can help you do that and you can get it from the Apple Store for free. Download the WhatsApp status directly to the mobile phone gallery from the Whatsapp Status section. Before using the app, read the instructions. You can hide from getting revealed to your friends that you have viewed their WhatsApp status. The app is quite simple but the main advantage that helps it to stand out from other ones in this category is that it allows to download several statuses at the same time. You can confirm with a few things. 2016-2022 If you wish, you can save several positions at once from several friends the tool supports multiple choices. It is not possible to save other peoples stories. You have to make some setup and download all of the statuses directly to the mobile phone that you can view later & without any touch to the status, you can have that directly from your mobile gallery. All you need to do is browse through the content just once and save it to your device. Content sharing is as easy as the download process you can share your statuses anywhere you want. Send videos and photos to relatives and the other contacts. The app has several features: The main problem and feature of WhatsApp statuses are that they are available only temporarily only 24 hours after their upload. With the help of the application, you can not only view but also upload your own statuses. With this Status Saver by PS Developers, you can download any kind of status on Whats App it doesnt matter if its tory, funny status, romantic status, photo status, and others. As you know that you will need an IPA type of app that you can install on your iPhone to view the other statuses on WhatsApp and for this you can use the WhatsApp++ app. With this app, you will have the opportunity to upload a piece of your life to messenger. Save your status and see the statuses of acquaintances in invisible mode. If you ask about what happened to me then I would like to tell you that this app really does its job perfectly by saving all of the statuses that are on WhatsApp, directly to my mobile phone gallery. In order to download the status, you need to open the app, then synchronize it with your Whats App account, then just open the status that you want to download and tap on the icon.

You can share your and other peoples statuses directly in the application by sending them through social networks or messengers. In addition to the basic functionality, Status Save To Gallery allows you to set the statuses as a desktop splash screen. For myself, this app has proved really useful as this can download all of your friends statuses that are posted on the WhatsApp status section. The app sorts all the statuses according to the type of the media file whether it is a photo or a video or a GIF image, so it is easy to search for the kind of the file that you need. If you are not embarrassed by its presence Status Downloader is one of the best solutions for downloading content from WhatsApp. WhatsApp Images Folder Disappeared From Gallery How to Fix? First, install Status Save to Gallery app from the Google Play Store. How To Switch Back To Old Facebook Layout, Best Facebook Private Profile Viewer Apps, Why Cant My Friends Repost My Instagram Story Fixed. It is a small assistant for uploading the status to the gallery. All you need to do is to choose the most convenient option for yourself and start using it. 2022 | TechniqueHow - Magazine. Note: By the term WhatsApp status means the WhatsApp statuses that someone posts in form of a video or photo on WhatsApp. Now lets get to WhatsApp++ and follow some simple setup there.