defeat 3 servants with earth attribute

Her Noble Phantasm, Edin Shugurra Quasar, is an AoE attack that is Arts by default, but can vary between Buster or Quick, depending on which type she chose with her second skill, which buffs her NP damage before dealing damage, and buffs the damage she deals with her Extra Attack by 100% afterwards. Notably, she claims to want to corrupt the protagonist as usual, but her attempts usually backfire on her thanks to the protagonist's sincerity. When it's revealed that Space Benienma's restaurant isn't doing well, she makes plans to send aid. resembling Arturia/Altria, enough that she gets affected by skills that target Saberfaces like MHX's Noble Phantasm, and according to Fate/complete Material IV Saber is regular Jeanne's only other class she can be summoned normally. They are villains in "Pseudo-Singularity I: Quarantined Territory of Malice: Shinjuku", where they first appear as a Rider until they fuse with the Invisible Man and change their class into Avenger. So this summer, she is going to show off to everyone by actively focusing on corrupting the Master as her demon side of Mara comes forth to have them succumb into decadence. In a lore sense, they're also one of the most potentially powerful. For bonus points, Astarte would later become Aphrodite once her cult arrived in Greece, who herself would eventually be split into 'good' and 'evil' versions of the goddess (Aphrodite Urania and Aphrodite Pandemos), making S.Ishtar's entire character arc in Saber Wars II a, Despite being from a different universe entirely, she still fills the requirements of being an. Ara Mainiiu's black mud corrupts Servants into blackened, evil versions of themselves as seen with Saber Alter and devours what it can't corrupt, but can be resisted and overpowered if given time or egotism as seen with Gilgamesh and Shirou. From this legends started to form around Kagekiyo where he is incapable of dying, coming after Yoritomo each time he was "killed". She would later become a playable Servant as an Avenger, as part of the "Da Vinci and 7 Counterfeit Heroic Spirits" event (which she was also the true villain of). The reason why Kama is in Chaldea is twofold. When they meet in the hallways of Chaldea, Gorgon gives some. While all Avengers run on this, it's noticeable here because the. Her second skill, Kagekiyo Never Dies EX, grants her a Guts buff that stacks with other Guts buffs, massively increases her immunity to Instant Kills, and grants her a special buff that activates when Guts is triggered, granting her the Thirst for Vengeance effect. begins hallucinating that Amadeus is there in the room with him, encouraging him to pour his feelings of rage and impotence into his work. At least, that's what the Fuyuki characters thought. Lampshaded in Kippoushi's line for Nobukatsu, where it's implied that Nobukatsu is trying to pull down Kippoushi's pants to see if they're a man or a woman. Her "evil" half is raised by Space Tokiomi and became "Ishtarin", and the "good" is taken in by Munenori and became "Ashtart". His second skill, Wailing Facade A, moderately buffs his Arts performance for 3 attacks. When upgraded to Horrible Wildfire A+, it buffs Salieri's star absorption and massively buffs his critical damage for one turn. But that is all in the Proper Human History. As he was an unremarkable human in life, his combat ability and parameters as a Heroic Spirit are extremely low. He was friends with a fellow composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, though some saw it as a rivalry on his part. As a musician by trade, he shares the same reasoning the likes of Mozart, Shakespeare and Andersen are Casters in that their creations dictate their class. ", "Medusa a nostalgic name. Similarly, with his Bond CE providing class advantage and a proper team to support him, he can become surprisingly adept at facing off against Beast-class opponents (often some of the most dangerous or difficult opponents to fight) since his skills and NP encourage a stalling strategy and fights with the Beasts tend to develop into stall-based battles anyways. Her first skill, Devil's Sugar A, buffs her Attack and the party's Attack, also granting them debuff immunity to Charm. According to her, Ana and Quetzalcoatl convinced her. She's actually quite surprised at how bad it is. The main flaw with her summer plans to corrupt the protagonist is that while she can dish it out, she can't take it. This is one of the reasons the protagonist knows that the man who claims to be "Edmond Dants" in "Pseudo-Singularity I: Quarantined Territory of Malice: Shinjuku" is fake, because the real one always calls himself "the Count of Monte Cristo". This is the very same thing Emiya Shirou throws against Gilgamesh in the climax of the. So their plan was to kill the protagonist to sever the last connection Yoshitune had, and completely take over. Gilles wished upon the Holy Grail for the Jeanne d'Arc he pictured in his mind, one who would share his ideals (and prejudices) and take vengeance upon France for burning her at the stake. she's unable to cope with the embarassment. After the primordial goddess Ishtar Ashtart was defeated 2,000 years ago, she split herself into "good" and "evil" halves reincarnated as denizens of Servant Universe. Kagekiyo is fueled by her hatred of the Genji, and translates it into killing them very effectively with powerful critical attacks. Yoshitsune is the sister of Yoritomo who was later betrayed by him, causing her to be resentful towards her brother. Gorgon has an unusually strong AoE Curse that. The fake Mona Lisas from the Da Vinci event were a distraction to disguise her true intentions, She gets recruited to Chaldea by needing to be convinced that, yes, they really would welcome her, only to back out at the last second and force them to fight her. Her Noble Phantasm, Ppyas Metamorphosis - Demon King of a Billionfold Heavens, removes the defensive buffs of Divine enemies, before dealing greatly increased damage to said Divine enemies, alongside Burning them. During the second fight against Ivan the Terrible's mammoth form, Salieri playing a piano rendition of Amadeus's Requiem (specifically Dies Irae part of the requiem) to distract the tsar overrides the normal battle music. ", Avenger of Shinjuku ("Pseudo-Singularity I: Shinjuku" Spoilers! The protagonists exploit this with Cavall II, the white. It's another hint that Ishtarin is the one who is naturally evil-inclined, rather than Ashtart. When upgraded, it also inflicts Evil Curse, amplifying the damage suffered from existing Curse debuffs. You may be livid, but your anger is misplaced! Taira no Kagekiyo is a Quick-focused servant that can specialize in critical damage much like many Rider and Assassin servants. When Sei reveals she is actually fine, Kama gets angry with her and refuses to admit she was worried. Her third skill, Mists of Azamaru B, grants her Evasion for two attacks, buffs her Attack, and Curses all enemies. At first and during "Pseudo-Singularity I: Quarantined Territory of Malice: Shinjuku", Lobo is full of hatred to any human, even as your Servant. ", "I've told you time and time again, and you still don't get it!? "Kagekiyo" is a collective who shall, and will, kill the Genji. because her adoptive father was killed on her 14th birthday. I am no Heroic Spirit! Despite being mortal enemies and responsible for his death, Kagekiyo couldn't help but sympathize with how tragic Yoshitsune's end was, having bore witness to her death after her brother's betrayal. He eventually acquired the treasure of Monte Cristo and swooped upon Paris, dragging down many French leading figures who deceived him into hell. Fueled by rage and hatred against those who betrayed him, Dants brings down swift and painful retribution. In the fourth and last fight, he's still an Avanger, but he no longer spams Evade. "Ashtart" is the harsh type, being blunt and cold, but she can't hide her softer side. First is "Ashtart", the devilish leader of the criminal organization Space Shinkageryu. It's only when the heroes use Cavall II as a distraction, stopping him cold in surprise, that they're finally able to trap him. Her first skill, Makara Floating A, moderately buffs her Arts performance while granting her Evasion for two attacks. He also chooses to stay in the collapsing Lostbelt and let the Yaga, whose humanity has been bleached out by centuries of brute survival above all else, enjoy music for the first time in their lives before the end. Lobo was a gray wolf who became famous after featuring in Seton's Wild Animals I Have Known. His third skill, Wildfire B, debuffs an enemy's Defense for 3 attacks' worth. I'm the one that will kill you! I AM A MONSTER! As a non-playable Ruler, she is the main antagonist of the "First Singularity: Hundred Years' War of the Evil Dragons: Orleans" and appears in "Almost Weekly Santa Alter". Thus Gilles settled for the next best thing and created an imperfect copy of Jeanne: a vengeful holy woman who despises hypocrisy and cuts down her enemies without hesitation or regret; a blackguard commanding an army of dragons, known and feared as the "Dragon Witch". As a Heroic Spirit and dark counterpart of the actual Jeanne, she was originally summoned by Gilles in the Ruler class, but can later be summoned by Chaldea in the Avenger class. Since "Kagekiyo" is more of a vengeful spirit than anything else, he decided to summon them in the body of Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Yet he also exists as the living embodiment of humanity's desire for a singular God of Evil to blame all of their sin upon. This allows him to better synergize with support characters, especially Skadi. He was randomly chosen by his village to become a sacrificial scapegoat for "All The Evils In The World", under the childish theory that if all the evil in the world was concentrated within a single person, then logically the rest of the villagers would be free of sin. She is a major villain in the "Seventh Singularity: Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia" and appears in the second Summer event's latter half, "Death Jail Summer Escape". 5: Interstellar City on a Mountain Range, Olympus". Kiyohime, you are sick. Her second skill, Hollowed Demon EX, buffs her NP damage while carrying a high chance to Charm all enemies. 1: Permafrost Empire, Anastasia", keeps making giant panda data look like a copy of him, Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity - Grand Temple of Time: Solomon, at a time and place where that was very, very illegal. Ironically, his death calmed the hearts of the villagers, meeting the requirements of a "heroic sacrifice" and qualifying him to become a Heroic Spirit. Her introduction has her save the party from a horde of mass-produced copies of Rider of the Resistance by wiping all of them out with her Noble Phantasm inside of a cave, which her attack destabilized. You say everything you did was to survive. As a boss, he suddenly becomes one of the scariest Servants to face due to the fact that he generally has the HP to survive long enough to make his NP to work and the fact that it ignores. Indirectly, Nobukatsu's release in the Friend Point gacha also boosts her power significantly, as Nobukatsu's buffs in particular benefit her possibly the most of the Nobunaga variants since the Critical Star Gather Rate and Critical Strength buffs supplement her C. Star Drop skill and Avenger Passive Skill while the massive Buster buffs greatly improve her NP damage along with face card damage, and his heal mitigates the damage from her 1st skill. Yoritomo was attacked by thirty-seven people, with each of them failing to assassinate him. During the events of "Hell Realm Mandala: Heian-kyo", Ashiya Douman tried to summon them in order to get rid of the Minamoto of that era, mainly Raikou and her retainers. In the. You let your Oprichniki roam free, killing Yaga after Yaga for untold generations!

He claims Dumas sent him to help. Tiamat's black mud will devour everything and rewrite it instantly, leaving only those who can join her willingly with their wills intact. She's as haughty and snarky as ever, but has a weakness to sincere affection that tends to leave her blushing and stammering. After his Rank Up quest his AoE NP applies a rare Curse amplification debuff, doubling the damage of Curse effects for five turns and giving him synergy with other Curse Servants like a couple of other Avengers. Taira no Kagekiyo applies an unusually strong Curse that, The first exception is Oda Nobunaga in her Avenger form, though, her alignment has not only shifted from Lawful to Chaotic, it represents her leaning so hard into, The Dioscuri also buck the trend by being, Mysterious Ranmaru X also bucks this trend as. The protagonist is momentarily startled by it, but its noted she looks very nice regardless. She seems to see Saber Alter as a rival worth crushing and. In the final singularity, he breaks through time and space bringing all the other special event Servants to help out the Protagonist, who is trapped with Mash in the Trash Heap with Andromalius. Played with by Ashtart. Their entire vendetta against the Genji is as much hatred for being killed by the clan as it is genuinely sympathizing with Yoshitune, ironically the one who killed him. She is the multitude of perspectives of Nobunaga made manifest in a single Saint Graph, which should normally be impossible. It doesn't stay this way for third and final ascension however, just a twisted copy made by the Holy Grail, she doesn't have a much of a leg to stand on after the "First Singularity: Hundred Years' War of the Evil Dragons: Orleans", Her third ascension clothes are also more revealing than Ruler Jeanne, She insists that she is a being of pure wrath and vengeance made manifest and so on, fully expects to suffer in hell as punishment for her actions once she's made the world a better place, Altria Alter is fine with letting her Lily form deliver presents that year, you have already played through "Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth Ooku" event, she only prefers being called that by the protagonist, Trust us, all of that is what Ranmaru X has explained to us, who likes to remind people that she is Ranmaru, to fire off countless tantou blades as missiles, role that put her into fame in the first place, the one to summon Chaldea to the Singularity in the first place so they could resolve it. (. She says, of the "I'll make your death painless" variety, if you max out her Bond Level. Avengers are strong against Rulers and weak against Moon Cancer. An irregular aggregation of every single possibility of Oda Nobunaga from the past, present and future. The former gives her a stackable Guts that everytime it triggers gives her a special 10-turn duration also-stackable buff called "Vengeful Grudge", while the latter converts the stacked "Avenge" buffs (up to four max) into bonus damage. A name attributed to the omnimalevolent Big Bad of Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest religions in human history. The latter keeps trying to befriend Kama only to be brushed off, but when Sei's rope snaps while mountain climbing, Kama is noticeably upset. Taira no Kagekiyo is one of the chief generals of the Taira clan, the Arch-Enemy of the Minamoto clan. Her second skill, Venus Driver B, buffs her NP damage, grants her Invincibility to one attack, and allows her to change her Noble Phantasm's damage type between Buster, Arts, or Quick. He was ritualistically tortured and cursed until he went insane with hatred, and was not even allowed to die until he finally succumbed to old age. A very troubled Avenger, Salieri uses the hellish power of his music to rain death upon his enemies. The world's most popular revenge-seeking hero, popularly known as the Count of Monte Cristo. Even then, people must have completed Part 2 Chapter 5.5 Heian-ky in order to play the event she debuted in so newer players can easily get locked out from getting her. Mysterious Ranmaru X fights like a Saber Servant. His Noble Phantasm, Enfer Chateau d'If, is an AoE Quick attack that debuffs all enemies' Defense and Curses them. Her Noble Phantasm, Kama Rupastra/Mara Sunyata, is an AoE Arts attack that deals greatly increased damage to Charmed enemies, alongside debuffing their defenses. Her new My Room dialogue while wearing her Shinjuku outfit.

She is on the verge of a complete transformation from goddess to Gorgon and would not usually be summoned as a Servant, as she is essentially a threat to mankind. She might offer you a drink with a couple's straw but then get embarrassed when it comes to drinking it. But at the same time, she has a lot of trouble being emotionally honest and won't admit how much she cares about the protagonist. While Ashtart was the good half and became in her words "Supreme Leader of Evil" because she was raised by Warrior of Darkness Munenori. That's because Ashtart is the naturally good-inclined half of the goddess and even at her worst doesn't have the heart for full-on card-carrying evil. But in-game, Jeanne Alter has class advantage over Ruler. the Hessian's similar betrayal & beheading, Lobo's being hunted down for sport, (mechanically, has the stats and party cost of a 2 but is rarer than a 5 requires the same number of materials to upgrade as a 5 and both requires and rewards Bond Experience like a 4). She even admits that, at a whopping 13,244 at level 90 - by way of comparison, most 5* settle at a little above 11,000 and 12,000+ is considered uncommonly high, and the Avenger's damage modifier of 1.1x makes her ATK. 5: Interstellar City on a Mountain Range, Olympus". He is pivotal for taking down Ivan the Terrible because the sheer. In truth, she was summoned as a sacrifice for the Magatsu-Kami and did everything in her power to stall for time so Himiko could arrive to save everyone. It is probably appropriate to note that among the major Genji characters in the. Avenger, which has them accumulate others' malice and hatred directed towards them and convert it into power. His second skill, Tawrich C, decreases one opponent's Charge, while also decreasing their attack for three turns. the legends and hearsay that surround her, Masters and whoever else they still cherish in spite of their rage, the rumors stating that he did do that was enough to twist his heroic spirit self into a man that would kill Mozart if given a chance, not to mention the Taira's stained historical record, bond CE as well as his 6-turn Guts buff gained from his Interlude upgrade, is that being of human origin makes him strong against the entirely non-human Beasts, best against some of the most powerful ones of all, insecurities about his own abilities are preventing him from playing music during "Lostbelt No. The one thing he has going for him. She's also this to Sei Shonagon. His first skill, Zarich C, decreases one opponent's Critical Rate for three turns. The "Seventh Singularity: Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia", however, indirectly begins to throw some questions at the idea that the spirit of a lone, ritualistically-tortured villager would be capable of this kind of power by himself, even with the Grail backing him up, and implies that he is somehow connected to Tiamat. In the "Seventh Singularity: Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia" it's more of the standard type, in that they'd be the last remaining human while she wipes everyone else out if they agree to join her. For the final battle in "Pseudo-Singularity I: Quarantined Territory of Malice: Shinjuku", he brings Andersen and Jeanne Alter to help out. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Ara Mainiiu believes himself to be this to the Beasts in general, with all his properties being inferior versions of theirs. The captured Lobo refused all meals from humans and died just like that. Her Servant Profile specifically states that Space Ishtar as she is now is a fundamentally better person than regular Ishtar, using the Death Race summer event's plot as an example. at the time of release. The curious Blanca was caught in a bear trap and killed. ), The King of Currumpaw and the Headless Rider, "Remember this well, my accomplice: punishment, deserving or otherwise, is always a given. In the second fight, he no longer uses "Cry of Hatred", but now the field is on fire, which means that both you and your party take damage at the end of each turn. How dare they do this to her? His Noble Phantasm, Verg Avesta, is a self-buffing Noble Phantasm that heals him and makes him reflect any damage done to him at all enemies at multiplied strength at the end of the enemy's turn, but also makes him go Standby where he cannot attack for the remainder of the turn. TOKIOMI really did a good job raising her, Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, seems to wear off after the final battle as she's dying, Half of the Avenger roster (Dants, Jeanne Alter, Gorgon, Nobunaga, and Kagekiyo) also do lingering damage per turn after their Noble Phantasm is used, though building a team around slow damage per turn is a niche tactic for Challenge Quests that may nullify traditional sources of damage, and is infrequently used by a typically. Due to being some kind of evil spirit, Ruler Jeanne can simply exorcise her if she feels like doing it. But right before dying from her battle with Chaldea, she quietly asks the protagonist to look after him for her. As a specialized Anti-Divine Servant, Demon King Nobunaga doesn't fear gods or Buddhas. This Heroic Spirit does not see himself as being Antonio Salieri. Hahahahahaha! His Noble Phantasm, Dio Santissimo Misericordia de Mi, is an AoE Arts attack that debuffs the enemies' Arts resistance, but also debuffs the party's critical star generation by 20%. Her Monstrous Strength was buffed via a Rank Up Quest to last for four hits with a two turn limit instead of one and give her Buster cards a Critical Star Gather effect, greatly aiding her role as a Buster Critical Hit Servant. Similarly, "GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku" initially portrays her as the ultimate enemy Chaldea must defeat to settle the Yamatai Singularity. This means that while you can finally "safely" bring Casters, NOBODY has class advantage over him. The second is to show up that wretched Prvat who is the reason she died in the first place. He is also featured as the main character of the Fate/Chaldea Ace magazine's drama CD, which details his backstory before he started his revenge as told in the novel. Her third skill was buffed with the release of. Nobunaga sports a triple Buster deck and has a Berserker-like playstyle. One is to corrupt the Master into temptation and lust as the Demon King of Passion. "Ishtarin" is the soft type, being more outwardly nice than "Ashtart" and more lively in general. Within the game, he has the honor of being the first Avenger-class Servant, and debuted in the "Prison Tower" event. 5: Interstellar City on a Mountain Range, Olympus. Given how a whole lot of people within her universe want to be a Saber servant, this is not very surprising. his embracement of his anger changes him from his first form into his third as he passionately plays a version of Amadeus's Dies Irae. The party rapidly flees said cave, with her scrambling after them. Her first skill, It's Inevitable A-, sets the battlefield and herself aflame, granting her an Attack buff that grows in potency every turn. In reality, High Priest Makuzu wanted them to take her out so that he would have no more threats to his plans. he defeats Nightingale easily before challenging the Protagonist himself, This actually zig-zags - at first it's subverted as Gorgon is fully in control of her actions and is harnessing Tiamat's power, but Tiamat is allowing this, but unfortunately, killing her just sets up the real threat to Uruk and humanity, At the end of the "Seventh Singularity: Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia", she arrives in a. And from those legends was born a grudge named "Taira no Kagekiyo".

In her final fight against Lobo, she claims all Avengers to be this on some level. Shirou was pretty ripped even before he became EMIYA. He gives one to Ivan the Terrible as he plays Dies Irae, calling out the cruelty he's done within his Lostbelt. He ultimately chooses to stay behind in the collapsing Lostbelt in order to soothe the Yaga with his music as their world is destroyed around them, letting them hear music for the first time in their lives and enriching them with something beautiful beyond brute survival before the end. But you will never succumb to it! It turns out he's wrong, though: it was Amadeus himself who brainwashed him into taking his place, the composer's Spirit Origin fraying after two months of continuously using his Noble Phantasm to keep the tsar asleep, to buy time for Chaldea to arrive and put things right. To cough up her acid in "Death Jail Summer Escape", she turns around away from the party, inhales and exhales deeply, and makes retching noises and has to wipe her mouth afterward. Space Ishtar specializes in dealing increasingly powerful damage, capable of adapting the type of damage she deals to fit her party. first, of course the foolish contractor who personally opened the box of destruction? Edmond Dants has the most notable source of damage over time. a new person birthed from the two halves fusing back together to oppose Ashtart Origin. As just one example: when Jeanne Alter finally hit the gacha for the first time in mainland China, the desire for her was so strong that it catapulted. When upgraded, it also buffs her Buster performance on a Burning battlefield. In his original novel, Edmond Dants was both a sailor and noted to have good aim with a firearm, hinting an original class dealing with critical stars/hits, like Archer or Rider. Taira no Kagekiyo (Minamoto no Yoshitsune), They appear to share this trait with the Beasts, if Tiamat's profile is any indication, who instead has a skill that reduces an enemy's critical hit chance, who instead each get a second Passive Skill to boast their critical strength, he increased the drop rates of all Seals by 3; if one was to equip a Volumen Hydrargyrum or Before Awakening CE on him, that goes up to 6; in combination with a support Angra with one of those 2 CEs, you could have, absorbs various phantoms and changes his class. This trope is even more noticeable as it took six years for there to be a welfare Avenger Servant in Mysterious Ranmaru X. Dants has a kit and role similar to a Quick and crit generation-focused Archer. At the end of "Pseudo-Singularity I: Quarantined Territory of Malice: Shinjuku", she changes into a fancy dress to dance with the protagonist. Afterward, the "actual" Gorgon you had fought joins the protagonist and all of her other former enemies against Solomon and the Demon Pillars in the "Final Singularity: The Temple of Time: Solomon". Downplayed in her relationship with Saber Alter. 1: Permafrost Empire, Anastasia". ", Salieri: "Listen well, Ivan the Terrible! Nobunaga applies a static 1000 Burn damage over five turns to all enemies, a departure from the others' Curse effects and encouraging synergy with Burn Servants instead like Archer of Inferno or Kiyohime. And now she has arrived in Chaldea to respond to a distant distress call! So while there's no Evade to slow you down now, staying alive is even harder. Dants, Jeanne Alter, Nobunaga, Kagekiyo, Kama, and Space Ishtar are SSR/5* rarity (and are limited-release, only appearing in their own events or other major landmark dates). His Interlude buffed his NP damage up to around 400% for each level, while also increasing his Critical Strength by 20% for three turns. At first it looked like Demon King Nobunaga is the. Her Noble Phantasm, Shogyoumujou - Joushahissui, is a fearsome single target Quick attack that strips the enemy of all their buffs before dealing damage, with said damage increased based on the number of Thirst for Vengeance stacks she has active, alongside Cursing them. He also has a skill called "Cry of Hatred" which randomly reduces the defense of one party member once per turn for three turns. She trapped the Magatsu-Kami in the various haniwa throughout the kingdom that Chaldea destroys and is in fact.