harbor freight bauer planer

For what it is worth, I have a Foley-Belsaw plane/molder that I bought many years ago. Then there was the time I walked into the Lowes in Hamilton Marketplace, NJ and there was a shelf space for DW735 at $229. It was missing the tools and dust collection duct on the back but for $28.00 from Amazon I ordered the dust collector and and adapter for the shop vacuum for $5.00. If I would have seen this sooner I would have offered to let you come try mine. You are using an out of date browser. Great video. I use rollers for in and out feed tables. Cutech seems to be a reputable outfit. I can tell you from personal experience they are a wonderful machine in that you can use it all day every day and it just keeps purring along. I'm a big fan of Harbor Freight for a lot of things, especially for items that I don't use constantly. At worst you may need to buy new blades so consider adding $50 to thatbut also remember they're two-sided so if they're damaged it might be just one side. They are not that much more than the HF. View cart for details. If it's a 12" most 12" blades will fit. $449 should just about cover shipping on that "portable" planer! Price has always been the HF selling point. Might have been at an auction. The cutech that is identical to the ridgid tp1300 looks pretty nice. Oddly enough, I have seen one or two of those for sale around here recently. It's soo much nicer to square up hardware store lumber before putting it togetherthat stuff is soft so it won't kill the blades but it will workout the motor just running that often. This similar to many imported planers at a very similar price. Something went wrong. The Ridgid, from HD, is often the pick for best economy planer, when there are comparison test reviews. Now I'm sort of kicking myself for passing on a DW735 at one of the pawn shops a while backthey had it for $400, and that included the extra folding platform on the input and outfeed. I think that ridgid is one of the best cl deals going as they are usually pretty cheap but built like a tank. With other choices that can supply parts,and tech support, I would not give the HF a second look. I'm curious if anyone has used one of these Bauer thickness planers (63445) that I keep seeing in the HF mailers.

It has tools to replace the blades but if they're not double sided and available to purchase separately, I wouldn't even consider it. If it's 12 1/2" or 13" same still applies, just get the right length.

Looked brand new, basically. most of the lunchbox planers are the same. Harbor Freight Central Machinery Planer 95082 Carbon Motor Brush Set Bauer 63445, {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"https://ir.ebaystatic.com/cr/v/c1/thirtysevens.jpg","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. I love my DW734, I've seen several new to lightly used pop up on CL for $300 to $350. I've never had a HF tool break on me when I wasn't abusing the hell out of it or using it for other than its intended purpose. We live in the same valley. The one I remember ran on 220V, which I do not have in the shop at present (and I don't know how well it would run on 110V). For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Not to mention that if I break a $4 set of needle nose pliers after 2 years of use I'm not too heartbroken Are the blade double sided? Somebody recently on our local CL had some rollers for sale, you could cut one in half if they are to long. Thanks to both of you! Thanks for the link! They were $500 then, now they are $600. I had the 734 first but like the 735 much better. You will love the 735. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Just yesterday I picked up a used Dewalt DW734 for $150.00 at a 2nd hand store and it came with a extra set of new blades. Very useful input. There was a DW735 on CL in "like new condition", in the box with the paperwork for $300 but it was a long drive and I didn't follow up. I think that I got a killer deal and the old blades still have some life left in it. I was impressed that it was only $50 higher than the one I saw in the pawn shop earlier this year (and this one was brand new, too!). Some guy must have been laughing all the way home.

https://www.harborfreight.com/15-amp-12-12-in-portable-thickness-planer-63445.html, http://www.cutechtool.com/12-1-2-Straight-Knife-Planer-p/40700-ct.htm. I don't have experience with that but I have a delta 12 inch bought in 91 that got tons of use and just last year I had to replace the cutter head bearings. All out of the box (some assembly still required). Adam, I just saw this thread. I wish I could answer your question directly, but I'll try it in a roundabout way. I checked another Lowes and there was no special price there but then the guy looked on his computer and it was showing in just the Hamilton store for $229. Sometimes I plane 8'/10' lengths. I don't know if they still sell them, but if they do I would recommend getting one to anybody who enjoys woodworking. I've got to look more at the lunchbox planers you folks have already mentioned. It is indeed like the one I saw at auction a while back. You must log in or register to reply here. In many cases, I'm okay with this, especially if I'm about to use them for something that is likely to break them. That was the only reason I didn't bid on it at the time. If you work with wood right now, you'll use a planer more than you thought you would. There was no stock but somebody must have gotten one. You're kicking yourself? Well, to give a sort of conclusion to this thread, I had the following package arrive in my garage last week Good deal on that. Copyright 1995-2022 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I see that you already purchased a DeWalt planer so this probably won't mean anything to you but here goes anyway. That said, they do *wear* a lot faster than some of my higher quality tools and/or may not be built to the same tolerances. The biggest thing that was helpful is those of you that recommended finding one that has replacement parts availablethat had not crossed my mind when thinking of the Bauerbut it makes sense for an HF product. JavaScript is disabled. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new window or tab, - for PayPal Credit, opens in a new window or tab, Learn more about earning points with eBay Mastercard, - eBay Return policy - opens in a new tab or window, - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new tab or window. I like Harbor Freight but on electrical tools I avoid buying from them when there are deals out there for used that is much better then HF.