diablo 2 druid werebear build

it doesnt die as often considering its life because its underground most of the time. This build mostly aims at the very start of a Ladder Reset, when nobody has any gear, providing everyone with a massive boost in their survivability! The Mercenary also gains bonus Resistances from Thawing Potions and Antidote Potions. The more you hit, the more damage you do, as represented by a circling green orb that grows bigger with each powerup. We hope you enjoy stunning everything that comes into your path! Aim for at least the 54% FHR Breakpoint. I'm still thinking what to do with the Aldur's set. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. Even a near min roll on the Oath ED range tears through /p8 NM like butter (with FC with 1 synergy maxed so far). + (1 Per Character Level) 1-99 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level), + (1 Per Character Level) 1-99 To Life (Based On Character Level), + (3.75 Per Character Level) 3-371 Defense (Based On Character Level), Adds 15-45 Cold Damage, 4 sec. Lycanthropy4.

When in werewolf form, attack either multiple adiacent targets or one target multiple times. The negative of the ribby is that it doesn't have the PI-solution that the IK stuff does. Shock Wave2. I played a fair bit of Assassin, but didn't really enjoy her. This allows us to focus purely on increasing our Life pool as long as our Resistances are capped. Fire Claws is generally the way to go. This is actually the least useful synergy, since your minions don't end up dying much and can be recast on demand. PLEASE DO NOT USE! As a Werebear, all we care about is Attack Speed, Block Speed (when we are using a shield) and Hit Recovery. Early on, the goal is to cap your Resistances. Put 1 Point into each of the following Skills:1. Amount of life increases by 5% per level, and the covered radius increases as well. This would be a nice mid-game weapon for your bear. 100% locked it in. So, which should I use? Another is putting a weapon with elemental damage on switch. You are in for a treat with the Shock Wave Druid who can achieve this.Combined with his ability to Stun everything in a cone-shaped area in front of him, this makes the Shock Wave Druid arguably the tankiest build to roam Sanctuary.While this builds damage output is seriously lacking, it makes up for it by being among the top 2 of Support options! Hungerserves as a situational refill of both health and mana. The gear changes made for Hardcore are limited to equipping a Stormshield, socketed with an Eld Rune and a Skin of the Vipermagi, socketed with a Jah Rune. Written by Teo1904Reviewed by MacroBioBoi, This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 75 before transitioning to it. Oak Sage* is a minion that flies around randomly, giving you and your party a massive Life boost.Werebear* allows you to cast Shock Wave as it is restricted to this form. Subscribe to updates about the site, special offers, and exclusive promotions, coupons and give aways! Couldnt beat or even make it to nm baal as bear, so i respecd to fury and beat it just fine, but when i got to hell it dropped off hard. Get 5 points early in this so you can have all 5 Spirit Wolves with you., Dire Wolves are very tough, and give a 15% per level Life synergy to your Spirit Wolves and Grizzly. The mana requirements are very low and you can easily keep up with them through other means. The same holds true for hit recovery, block speed, and cast speed.

This form offers bonus damage and defense. As you play, do what you can to make sure that you meet these breakpoints: This section will be added once the editors and I come to a consensus. Below is a list of the best builds that use the Druid Skill Werebear in D2R. nice guide, short and consistant, i hate it when guides are much longer than they need to be just for the sake of looking more professional, and this guide isnt like that at allit cuts straight to the point. WerebearRemaining Skill Points from Level 94 onwards are put into Summon Dire Wolf. JavaScript is disabled.

diablo druid shifting shape werebear destruction lord ii strategywiki wikimg elemental game source Resummon lost minions, and reapply Werebear as needed. Faster Cast Rate is another objective to have an easier time to stun your enemies, however, with a Stun duration of 10 seconds, this shouldn't be a big problem. Fireclaws/Maul is perfectly viable for solo play and can make it through Hell, but not as good as Shockwave for team play / baal / ubers. Then you will be fine in NM Baal. Even with maxed out gear the damage is negligible. They can be a front line tank, provide a pivotal Aura, and/or deal Physical Damage to kill enemies with Immunity to your Skill set. By moving the cursor closer to the Character, the spread of this effect becomes wider. Keep that in mind and decide if the Mercenary is currently worth the cost. Its main use comes from its cone-shaped Stun effect. Worked fine in nm somewhat until worldstone/baal. Oak Sage is a passive summoned minion that increases the Life of all party members. Glad I just read that, was going for a 39%ed jewel in jalals but now im not that sure anymore You must log in or register to reply here. There is little reason to invest much skills points into it, since if you use Fireclaws you area already pretty starving for skill points. Thank you all for the encouraging comments. Great guide. Add enough Stat Points into Strength to wear your gear. I had named my druid MrBear, since i found a ribcracker and shaeld it

Vitality: Invest all the points left in your health pool. Thanks guys, I appreciate the good comments. Lycanthropy4. Bears don't need Energy -- just ask them! monsters cant stand poison creeper, they get extremely frustrated, its a good distraction. The Grizzly sustains better the tough Bosses heavy elemental damage than the group of wolves. You'll get more damage scaling by maxing Maul than you will raising Shock Wave's level 5 points extends the Stun to 4 sec, which is more than enough for most applications. You'll also get more as you accumulate +Skill items. Find a handful of guides and walkthroughs here! Nice work. A breakpoint is the point at which adding a stat to your character has little or no effect. Improves duration and life when in werewolf or werebear form. You can use Shock Wave in large minion packs in order to reduce the incoming damage until the enemies are dead. Put remaining points into Vitality. I did a similar thing but without the IK stuff. Every Act 2 Mercenary has access to an Aura and uses Jab as his base Attack. Also, if i remember correctly it is affected by IAS (not FCR) which is perfect for FC-bears, especially if you're going for the 4fpa attack. The damage of Shockwave is useless, but the massive stun is extremely good. Buffing your own/your party with Life or Attack Power, Keeping a crowd of minions and paying attention to their passive buffs, Improving your own defense, life, and damage, Increased Attack Speed: As much as you can get. This just might get my back into playing a bear alongside my wolf, great job! Use Shock Wave to stun and slow down groups of enemies. The Act 2 Desert Mercenary is hired from Greiz. You can view the Best Runewords to use with the Werebear Skill in Diablo 2 by visiting our Druid Runewords Guide. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/t/links-to-d2-druid-builds/27093, look at his post and choose, i play a fireclaw/mauler werebear. i think it does die too oftenis that the case here? Fire claws is mostly to take down physical immunes that you can't run past in hell. So my question: Which skill/s should I focus on for Werebear? * Faster Cast Rate Skills (FCR)* Skills that do NOT utilize either FCR or IAS. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below.

Upgrade your ribcracker and it gains massive damage. WerebearRemaining Skill Points from Level 94 onwards are put into Summon Dire Wolf. For all Hardcore gameplay, your primary concern is increasing your Resistances, Damage Reduction, Chance to Block and maximum Life. When in werewolf or werebear form, bite your enemies to gain Life and Mana.

I know people will say build how you want but I want a Werebear build that will actually kill stuff in Nightmare/Hell. Parties you join love you for your Crowd Control (CC) and the incredible Life boost provided by Oak Sage.The Shock Wave Druid is mainly played at the start of a Ladder. It should be noted here that most everyone has their own opinions on what is BIS. I've played a fair bit of Diablo 2 over the years; at least a couple hundred hours. For a pvm bear I'd suggest a Fireclaw build that relies on a hard hitting physical damage weapon and some Maul instead of the pvp oriented fast weapon. Does it really matter which I pick? Allocate enough Stat Points into Strength to equip all of your gear.

Summon GrizzlyMax out the following Skills in this order:1. Second, they give two synergies to Dire Wolves and Grizzly, not just one -- +25% Attack Rating and +10% Defense per level. The areas below are well suited for this build to farm efficiently. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 75 before transitioning to it. Maul5.

It follows the progression of our, Use the Scroll Bar to see Skill Point Progression. An untwinked self-found Werebear might have a rough time putting out enough damage later in the game. One option is to use a high damage two handed weapon so you can deal physical damage. Breakpoints in Diablo 2 are the minimum values required to reduce the frames of an action. THIS GUIDE IS BROKEN AND OUT OF DATE! Its a hybridDruidbuild that relies on the Maul skill and the Werebear form in combination with some summoning skills. Press J to jump to the feed. Its the best way for dealing with the physical immune enemies because of both Maul and your summons deal only physical damage.

The Town Dump Werebear is an improved version of the Maul Bear build. One of the best Support builds in the game. Last updated 1 month ago on May 31, 2022 by RankedBoost.

Shael phase blade won't do squat against fire immune. We consider Jalal's Mane as one of the Best Armor to use with the Werebear Skill. It's more useful by Hell levels., Spirit Wolves become much more important for a few reasons. Download the client and get started. The Auras available are based on what difficulty you hire the Mercenary from. The Shock Wave Druid has a very low Mana Cost that are easily be covered with it. This build certainly looks interesting. She also made my big fat slow bear run faster.

just out of curiosity, why not get poison creeper. While it has almost no impact on any group dynamic, it can allow you to farm low Life bosses like Eldritch the Rectifier and Shenk the Overseer.Note: This Character is NOT designed to farm anything by itself. Very nice guide. I like the substitute of COH for the extra skill versatility, and the 200% damage to demons offers some great killing speed much overlooked. Note: This section provides you with the standard Stat Point allocation.

While this build can also farm other areas, weve e areas below are efficient farming locations that make use of the builds strengths. The Best Skills to use with Werebear are Lycanthropy, which provide Damage Bonus & Effects Per Level. Holy Use a Desert Mercenary with [d2planner-skill]Holy Freeze. We updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages. Diablo 2 Resurrected Werebear is a Druid Physical Skill and requires level 6 to use. Put remaining points into Vitality. This can mean sacrificing overall power level for a more secure playstyle.This build can become Hardcore viable with key changes to the Skills, Stat Point allocation, and items. I usually prefer Necromancer, followed by Paladin, with a bit of Sorceress from time to time. Duration (Normal), + (0.5 Per Character Level) 0-49 To Life (Based On Character Level), + (0.375 Per Character Level) 0-37 % Deadly Strike (Based On Character Level), 5% Chance To Cast Level 15 Cyclone Armor When Struck, Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective companies, publisher and its licensors. I've been considering a Fire Claws Bear but it's impossible to get a decent attack speed (7 frames vs. 4 frames with Shael'd Phase Blade). I've never really given the Druid a fair playthrough. We recommend using the Holy Use a Desert Mercenary with [d2planner-skill]Holy Freeze Aura for its powerful Crowd Control. The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! So, what are you waiting for? You'll want to build Strength early and often. Lycanthropy4. I dont see him in this thread. You don't need a lot here -- 80 will be enough to cover minimum dexterity requirements for most equipment you would want to wear. You can only use one Spirit at a time. The shapeshifting felt like a poor man's Paladin, the summons were cool (but I preferred Necromancer), and the other skill tree just didn't feel right (I preferred Sorceress or Assassin for spellcasting like that. Shock Wave2. First, they're a Physical attack that adds Cold damage, which helps against Physical immunes. Advice? Although it's a bit expensive to recharge, it saves you 15-20 points that you can put in the Shapeshifting tree. This Build is not meant for farming anything efficiently. I love using Werebear form and I was looking online and couldnt fine any decent viable builds for Werebear. Our Top 3 favourite Diablo 2 Cosplays so far, 2018 Diablo 2 Ladder Reset: A Non-Tuesday Launch. Shock Wave2. My end-game weapon was an upped/shael'd ribcracker (usable at level 56). When in werewolf or werebear form, maul your enemies with a fiery claw attack. Overall, you think that using the Scosglen set is Superior to Crafts? Faster Hit Recovery (FHR) increases survivability. Additional Strength Damage Bonus: 0.01171875%, Additional Strength Damage Bonus: 0.015625%, Additional Strength Damage Bonus: 0.01953125%, Additional Strength Damage Bonus: 0.0234375%, 1% Chance to cast level 2 Shower of Rocks on Kill, 1% Chance to cast level 4 Shower of Rocks on Kill, 1% Chance to cast level 8 Shower of Rocks on Kill, 1% Chance to cast level 12 Shower of Rocks on Kill, 4% Chance to cast level 2 Arrow on Striking, +0.5625 to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level), 2% Chance to cast level 20 Bolt on Striking, +8% Bonus Elemental Damage to Mark of the Wild, 10% Chance to cast level 12 Fortress on Melee Attack, 8% Chance to cast level 10 Claw Tornado on Striking, (Bonus per Socketed Great/Elemental Runes), 1% Chance to cast level 10 Thunder Hammer on Striking, 3% Chance to cast level 2 Time Strike on Striking, 2% Chance to cast level 35 Knife Throw on Striking, 3% Chance to cast level 10 Stormblast on Melee Attack, 5% Chance to cast level 5 Time Strike on Striking, 4% Chance to cast level 33 Scorpion Blade on Kill, 25% Chance to cast level 5 Ice Lance on Melee Attack, 35% Chance to cast level 15 Ice Lance on Melee Attack, 45% Chance to cast level 25 Ice Lance on Melee Attack, 50% Chance to cast level 30 Ice Lance on Melee Attack, 1% Chance to cast level 6 Bloodlust on Death Blow, 1% Chance to cast level 18 Bloodlust on Death Blow, 1% Chance to cast level 30 Bloodlust on Death Blow, 1% Chance to cast level 36 Bloodlust on Death Blow, 5% Chance to cast level 7 Ice Bolt Nova on Melee Attack, 6% Chance to cast level 14 Ice Bolt Nova on Melee Attack, 7% Chance to cast level 21 Ice Bolt Nova on Melee Attack, 8% Chance to cast level 28 Ice Bolt Nova on Melee Attack, 2% Chance to cast level 1 Glacial Nova on Melee Attack, 3% Chance to cast level 2 Glacial Nova on Melee Attack, 4% Chance to cast level 3 Glacial Nova on Melee Attack, 5% Chance to cast level 3 Glacial Nova on Melee Attack, 4% Chance to cast level 10 Flamefront on Melee Attack, 6% Chance to cast level 16 Flamefront on Melee Attack, 8% Chance to cast level 22 Flamefront on Melee Attack, 10% Chance to cast level 28 Flamefront on Melee Attack, 15% Chance to cast level 34 Spike Nova on Melee Attack, 1% Chance to cast level 20 Ignis Fatuus on Striking, 2% Chance to cast level 30 Hammertime on Melee Attack, 2% Chance to cast level 50 Singularity on Melee Attack, https://forum.median-xl.com/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=42367, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_-1w1XticM, https://docs.median-xl.com/doc/items/cube, viewtopic.php?f=40&t=42367&p=335077#p335077.