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#g" vAwDpKaMDX The average private school tuition in Melbourne, FL is $6,443 for elementary schools and $7,538 for high schools (read more about average, The average acceptance rate in Melbourne, FL is 87% (read more about average, 25 Things You Need to Know About Private Schools, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Quality of academic programs, teachers, and facilities, Availability of music, art, sports and other extracurricular activities, Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Brevard Community College Montessori School, See more private schools near to Faith Fellowship Academy, private school tuition across the country. nVa7f:c;MrUum} Q-+p 6(mpRP*m:N$q}C/\\3uyo/e/[?'Cri`Yg2WS1M$;-{gwGnol/ps8M!d{I,+]+T|Tj$-j]4W}qTu+-@ stream endobj 4 0 obj GreatSchools is the leading nonprofit providing high-quality information that supports parents pursuing a great education for their child, schools striving for excellence, and communities working to diminish inequities in education. GreatSchools is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, 2820 Business center boulevard, Melbourne, FL 32940. \ .\J\ISxAK):A~n{LX0=*Td?e_ .{). You have dozens of reasons why you think a private school is a good option for your child.

GreatSchools is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you are beginning to think about sending your child to private school, you probably have a lot of questions. 1998-2022 GreatSchools.org All Rights Reserved. (j Q@K; k2d-=}^3\y{tBC{yp*'m"lJhGlh^*/h/W$+#Vkd_F7m1`D0#X/>r+1 _r9xF( rn rX/gp+!~'_$rJ, r"^.aW Who knows! Endorsements should be a few sentences in length. Here are some answers to your more common questions. <> Schools that create a positive culture help all students thrive. % iz5}^)^JC^U7y=EyY{'c^#/l:/jBy,vmk}Gx-`'o1z]PF7iA2rCA.agt"vb9pF7VwoW 9@?s9U%]-}19oAn A 1:A3ru/CgF ^. $l. o5a :'~sVJ4P=Xz'~sDt Ac"'6~sF)X.c.#8S joHsBLb^Pjt ,*zWO_E}k-W=|R:1c]-oTw_O|~7%KRO:d'egc^xX[6&WGMKicYWuwe]qcm`vdMTfTFZI[3O|=g~lTXiCu|gcY U}-oSV9l|W-oR y3rFM:4&/H#tQ[>~i} cecXg Endorse Faith Fellowship Academy. <>/PageLabels 688 0 R>>

3 0 obj {I)l~Tb7qcr@3T#x/LMiG:]#F Because we as educators know that each child is a gift from God, it is our hope that each child will come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way so that each may rely on Him as a source of strength throughout life. }-.X_cJR)t) ZNR:;w|+Wq*N\1f]`bH[o3jLUqs^v JO98Vcj^Yl69B $|5F$b+ (VY~ +%a2EGjq$D bdx}c}H"W^Q0H9Rii]FJ}Gaa Ua#Wci6(OiZ. endobj School shootings and other emergency situations won't happen in your school, right? <> Please include any comments on: Faith Felloship Academy is deeply committed to helping your child grow in every area in life. }.5 Bs!HKA\*`>bZS.D\!1a0{r 9t~O_%!wpTm iP[WhxR-f2%/b:L{?`y|==xQV={"V0VcIj5%a b&2?ZG + ("!