salvage jaguar xkr for sale near london

Use the form below to schedule a test drive, 2012 - 2022 | Powered by | Sitemap, RUNS/LOT DRIVES; FRONT PASSENGER SIDE DAMAGE; PARTS AVAILABLE, GOOD TITLE; NEEDS ENGINE REPAIR; PARTS AVAILABLE, FRONT END DAMAGE; PARTS AVAILABLE FOR REPAIRS, REPOSSESSION; GOOD TITLE; FRONT END DAMAGE; HAS A BACK-UP CAMERA; WE HAVE PARTS AVAILABLE FOR REPAIRS, RUNS/LOT DRIVES; FRONT END DAMAGE; ***PARTS AVAILABLE***, FRONT DRIVER SIDE DAMAGE; REAR/PASSENGER SIDE DAMAGE; ***PARTS AVAILABLE***, RUNS; CONVERTIBLE; FRONT END DAMAGE; PARTS AVAILABLE, RUNS/LOT DRIVES; LOW WATER/FLOOD, PARTS AVAILABLE, RUNS/LOT DRIVES; LIGHT FRONT END DAMAGE; ***PARTS AVAILABLE***, GOOD TITLE; LIGHT DENT ON RIGHT-REAR QUARTER PANEL; NEEDS ENGINE, RUNS/LOT DRIVES; REAR DAMAGE; ***PARTS AVAILABLE***; RESTORATION PROJECT, PASSENGER SIDE DAMAGE; ***PARTS AVAILABLE***; RESTORATION PROJECT, BAD ENGINE; GOOD TITLE; ***GOOD RESTORATION PROJECT***. "Country": "AUSTRIA", "Country": "UNITED STATES", Call "StandardAbbr": "AKST", "Offset": "8" "Country": "IRAN (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF)", "Country": "HUNGARY", { "Id": 105, "StandardAbbr": "EST", "CityName": "Stockholm", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Europe Standard Time", Clear your search or change the distance, make, model, year and other search options to provide more results. "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "W. Europe Standard Time", { xkr xk supercharged "Id": 34, "Offset": "-3" { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SE Asia Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Standard Time", "StandardAbbr": "EET", }, "StandardAbbr": "CET", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EEDT / EEST", "Country": "KAZAKHSTAN", "Id": 93, "Offset": "3" "StandardAbbr": "ART", "Id": 47, "StandardAbbr": "EST", "Offset": "-5" }, { "Id": 138, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Middle East Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Pacific Standard Time", "StandardAbbr": "NZST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "SGT",

"MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central America Standard Time", "Id": 73, The factory radio has been removed (available) and a new Tesla style radio installed with free navigation, video playback bluetooth and more. "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "AWDT", { "Offset": "3" "StandardAbbr": "AFT", "Country": "MADAGASCAR", }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "W. Europe Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "PET", "Id": 74,

"StandardAbbr": "EET", }, "Offset": "1" { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Hawaiian Standard Time", "StandardAbbr": "EET", La plus quipe des XKR, trs rare avec les siges performance entre autres "CityName": "Lagos", }, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "South Africa Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "IST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CST", "StandardAbbr": "BDT", }, "CityName": "Halifax", "Offset": "2" { "CityName": "San Salvador", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "PDT", "Offset": "-6" "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Atlantic Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Arab Standard Time", "Offset": "5.5" "Offset": "3.5" "Offset": "12" }, "Offset": "2" "Country": "PAKISTAN", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "HST",

"CityName": "Melbourne", }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CST", "StandardAbbr": "CET",

"Id": 76, }, "Id": 137, "Offset": "2" { "Offset": "1" xkr xk supercharged v8 "Offset": "5" xkr supercharged "Id": 70, "CityName": "Montreal", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CDT", { "StandardAbbr": "CET", "CityName": "Montevideo", ], IAA | Two Westbrook Corporate Center, 10th Floor, Westchester, IL 60154. { I took it to our local Jaguar dealer to get check over and they said "the last owner took real good care of it". "Country": "TAIWAN", "StandardAbbr": "PYT", "Offset": "-6" "Offset": "-6" "Offset": "5" { All vehicles are subject to prior sale. { "Id": 50, jaguar xkr xk supercharged convertible levels trim We recently updated our Privacy Policy so please review it, To get more results, try adjusting your search by changing your distance, or removing filters, 2000 Jaguar XKR 2DR CONVERTIBLE SUPERCHARGED. "Offset": "10" "Id": 82, "CityName": "Tokyo", - Rare black on black "Id": 7, }, "Offset": "-5" }, "Id": 100, "StandardAbbr": "CET", "Id": 132, "Offset": "-5" "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CST", "CityName": "Singapore", "Offset": "1" "Id": 80, }, "StandardAbbr": "CET", "StandardAbbr": "AST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", "Offset": "-5" "StandardAbbr": "CST", "Id": 55, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Singapore Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Korea Standard Time", "CityName": "Havana", "Id": 78, "CityName": "Honolulu", "Id": 17, I purchased the car in 2003 as a retirement gift to myself. "Id": 41, This is my daily driver during the summer. "Id": 9, Try to modify your search by adding or removing spaces between the keywords. { The black metallic paint really pops! "Offset": "5" { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", }, "StandardAbbr": "PETT", "StandardAbbr": "MST", "Id": 61, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", "Country": "GHANA", "StandardAbbr": "EET", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", "StandardAbbr": "CST", "Id": 36, Jaguar XKR Supercharge , 2+2 , dcapotable , noir /noir , bas kilimtrage, 60k , 4 roues 20'' originale jag + 4 roues originale jag + pneu hiver Terms of Service - Australia Standard Time", "Country": "KUWAIT", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Pacific Standard Time", { "CityName": "Tashkent", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "W. Europe Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Greenwich Standard Time", }, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", { "Id": 8,

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"Country": "ICELAND", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "JST", "CityName": "Reykjavik", { "Country": "GUATEMALA", "CityName": "Kingston", "Offset": "9.5" Even if it isn't a Portfolio, it's still a nice car. "StandardAbbr": "PET", { { "Offset": "-3" "CityName": "Guatemala", With respect to the XKR identified by SIN. "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Cen. "Country": "INDIA", Text "Offset": "12"

"Country": "RUSSIAN FEDERATION", 2022 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. "CityName": "Helsinki", "Country": "UKRAINE", "StandardAbbr": "IST", "Offset": "-5" - Well maintain "StandardAbbr": "JST", "Offset": "-6" "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", "Id": 133, "Offset": "2" { "Country": "HONDURAS", }, "StandardAbbr": "CET", "Country": "TURKEY", }, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Afghanistan Standard Time", }, "Country": "CROATIA (HRVATSKA)", "StandardAbbr": "MYT", { "Country": "UNITED STATES", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "PKST", }, "Country": "AUSTRALIA", { "CityName": "Hanoi", "Offset": "7" "CityName": "Bogota", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CST", "CityName": "Budapest", }, }, "StandardAbbr": "CST", "Country": "UNITED STATES", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "GMT Standard Time", "Country": "UNITED STATES", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "W. Australia Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Mountain Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Tokyo Standard Time", "Id": 28, "Offset": "-8" "Offset": "1"

"StandardAbbr": "PST", }, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Romance Standard Time", "Country": "NEPAL", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "New Zealand Standard Time", "CityName": "Sofia", "CityName": "Bangkok", }, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "W. Europe Standard Time", }, Email me price drops and new listings for these results. | Privacy Policy "Country": "DOMINICAN REPUBLIC", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "ARDT / ARST", "StandardAbbr": "WIT", }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "VET", - Safety include to the price 40k. { "Country": "PAKISTAN", "StandardAbbr": "GST", }, { "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", After all, over 30 million shoppers use CarGurus to find great deals on used cars and new cars in their area. }, "Id": 45, absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed. "CityName": "Mexico CityName", "CityName": "Islamabad", }, }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST",

"Country": "COLOMBIA", "Country": "AFGHANISTAN", "Country": "BULGARIA", "StandardAbbr": "AEST", "StandardAbbr": "ANAT", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SA Western Standard Time",

"Offset": "7" Family owned from new. "StandardAbbr": "EST", "Country": "UNITED STATES", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "PDT", { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Montevideo Standard Time", "Country": "AUSTRALIA", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "GTB Standard Time",

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{ "Country": "ROMANIA", "Id": 6, "StandardAbbr": "CET", DISPONIBLE 7 JOURS PAR SEMAINES HORAIRE FLEXIBLE ..POUR PLUS D'INFORMATION SVP APPEL OU TEXT ********** Automobile SX 2044 Avenue Chartier, Dorval, QC H9P 1H2, Canada. "Country": "UNITED STATES", "Country": "CHINA", { "StandardAbbr": "EAT", "StandardAbbr": "EET", { }, "StandardAbbr": "CET", "Offset": "5.5" "Id": 14, { "Offset": "8" "Id": 52, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "COT", "StandardAbbr": "FJT", { There is a mileage discrepancy on this one.. { "Offset": "-4" "Offset": "2" "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "PDT", "Offset": "5" }, "CityName": "Washington DC", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "BRST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "IST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SA Western Standard Time", "Country": "EGYPT", { { Manage Preferences - }, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", "StandardAbbr": "VET", "Id": 104, }, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "China Standard Time", }, "CityName": "New York", "StandardAbbr": "CAT", "Offset": "8" "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "GMT Standard Time", { "Id": 131, }, "CityName": "Taipei", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EAT", 2002 Jaguar XKR Convertible. "Id": 39, Black Jaguar XKR 2013 Supercharged, one owner, never seen winter, no accidents. "Id": 44, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Romance Standard Time", "Offset": "-4" "StandardAbbr": "ACST", "Id": 109, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", Last year for the 4.0L supercharged. "StandardAbbr": "IST", }, "StandardAbbr": "AST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EEDT / EEST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SA Western Standard Time",

"Offset": "1" "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CAT", "CityName": "Tehran", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Fiji Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EEDT / EEST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "E. Europe Standard Time", You're a regular Dick Tracy. "StandardAbbr": "AST", }, "CityName": "Warsaw", "Country": "ZIMBABWE", "Id": 56, "Id": 117, "StandardAbbr": "PKT", }, "Id": 71, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Nepal Standard Time", "Offset": "-5" All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. "CityName": "Antananarivo", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "GTB Standard Time", "Country": "CHILE", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", "StandardAbbr": "PKT", sharihills, if the car is in good condition, then you got a good deal - well done! "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "KST", "Offset": "3" { What type of damage was there? "Country": "IRAQ", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "BDT", "Id": 130, 2022 IAA, Inc. All Rights Reserved "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EEDT / EEST", "Offset": "-6" { "Country": "AUSTRALIA", { }, "StandardAbbr": "CST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "ICT", { }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "GMT", "Id": 85, "CityName": "Beirut", "Id": 29, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EEDT / EEST", "Offset": "-6" "Id": 23, "Id": 24, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Middle East Standard Time", }, { "Id": 89, "CityName": "Berlin", | Accessibility, [ }, { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central America Standard Time", "Id": 57, { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Standard Time (Mexico)", "StandardAbbr": "CET", "Offset": "-9" "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EEST", "Id": 122, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", "StandardAbbr": "BRT", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "PYST", "CityName": "Edmonton", "Country": "UNITED STATES", "Id": 37, "StandardAbbr": "AST", "Offset": "1" Cookie Policy - "Offset": "-5" "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Europe Standard Time", Once you're ready to narrow down your search results, go ahead and filter by price, mileage, transmission, trim, days on lot, drivetrain, color, engine, options, and deal ratings. }, "Id": 19, "Id": 43, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EAT", "CityName": "Addis Ababa", "Country": "CANADA", }, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Greenwich Standard Time", "Offset": "1" "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", { }, "CityName": "Auckland", { }, "Offset": "3" "Offset": "7" "StandardAbbr": "MMT", { "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "ALMST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CDT", "Country": "UNITED STATES", "Country": "NEW ZEALAND", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", Adaptive cruise, satellite radio, dual AC. { "Country": "CANADA", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "AKDT", "StandardAbbr": "WT", "Offset": "-6"

"Offset": "2" "StandardAbbr": "CET", "Id": 18, "Offset": "-5" "Offset": "0" }, We analyzed similar vehicles in your area and calculated that this vehicle is priced a bit lower than the average making it a Good Price. "StandardAbbr": "BOT", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "West Asia Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Greenwich Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "AST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "GTB Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "MSD", "CityName": "Los Angeles",

By clicking 'Subscribe', I agree to receive communications from AutoTrader. "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", "CityName": "Rio de Janeiro", "CityName": "Johannesburg", A great deal, but I still think its a big risk for the purchaser.

"DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "China Standard Time", "Offset": "-4" "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "SAST", { "Offset": "1" "Country": "SWITZERLAND", "Id": 115, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Singapore Standard Time", "CityName": "St. Paul", "Id": 127, "StandardAbbr": "IST", "Country": "UNITED STATES", "Id": 102,

"MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Europe Standard Time", "StandardAbbr": "VLAT", "Offset": "-5" "Id": 21, { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SA Pacific Standard Time", }, "Offset": "0" "Offset": "11" Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this site, { { "StandardAbbr": "EST", "StandardAbbr": "EET", "CityName": "Yangon", "StandardAbbr": "CST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EEDT / EEST", We analyzed similar vehicles in your area and calculated that this vehicle is priced slightly higher than average making it a Fair Price. "Country": "UNITED STATES", Do Not Sell My Personal Information -, By logging into your account, you agree to our. "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SA Pacific Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SE Asia Standard Time", "Id": 95, }, "Country": "SPAIN", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Romance Standard Time", { { }, We'll help you find great deals among the millions of vehicles available nationwide on CarGurus, and we'll provide you with dealer reviews and vehicle history for each one. "Offset": "6" "StandardAbbr": "CET", "Offset": "9" }, "CityName": "Suva", "Id": 88, { The following errors occurred with your submission, Buyer Beware! }, },

"StandardAbbr": "WET", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", "Offset": "10" "StandardAbbr": "BRT", { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Fiji Standard Time", "Id": 98, "Id": 87, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Arabic Standard Time", { NOUVEAU PNEUS NOUVEAU FREINS "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EEST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "NDT", "Offset": "0" 2022 TRADER Corporation. "StandardAbbr": "NPT", "Country": "NICARAGUA", { "Country": "CANADA", "Id": 49, "Id": 90, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "IST", { { Mint condition. "Offset": "5.75" { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "India Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Russian Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Europe Standard Time", Map

"Country": "GERMANY", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CDT", "Id": 103, "Country": "IRELAND", "CityName": "Adelaide", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", "CityName": "Tallinn", "CityName": "Darwin", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Standard Time", "CityName": "Asuncion", { "CityName": "Bucharest", "Offset": "-5"

"StandardAbbr": "EST", "Id": 20, {

"Country": "RUSSIAN FEDERATION", }, "CityName": "Zurich", { Subscribe for the latest car reviews, listings, products and more right in your inbox. silencieur quik silver, sonorit trs belle , carosserie tout aluminium , sans aucune bosse , systme additionnel lectroniqu Gorgeous RARE Jaguar XKR in Indigo Blue! "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "AEDT", russduka, did somebody own this car after you? We analyzed similar vehicles in your area and calculated that this vehicle is priced lower than the average making it a Great Price. "StandardAbbr": "MSK", It would be nice if whoever bought it, found this site and kept us abreast of how they made out. { "Country": "UNITED ARAB EMIRATES", {

"Id": 108, You also agree to our. "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Pacific Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "BOT", I informed the seller and showed him with a paint meter. "CityName": "Boston", { "Country": "UNITED STATES", This very beautiful sapphire blue convertible really turns heads. "Offset": "0" "Country": "SUDAN", "Offset": "1" Archive - "StandardAbbr": "PST", "Id": 35, "Offset": "12" "StandardAbbr": "CST", { "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", "Country": "CHINA", { "Id": 10, "CityName": "Ankara", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "China Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CST", { Very r - 2004 Jaguar XKR 4.2L Supercharged Modle bien quip avec moteur V8 de 5 litres compress dveloppant 510 chevaux. "Id": 60, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CLDT / CLST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "AST", "Country": "UNITED STATES", }, Clean, excellent condition, on driven in summer months. }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "SAST", "Offset": "-8" "CityName": "Riyadh", } { }, "Offset": "1" "StandardAbbr": "EST", "CityName": "Nairobi", Winter stored. "Id": 40, "Offset": "2" "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", }, "StandardAbbr": "KST", "Offset": "3" { "Id": 63, "Offset": "-4" "CityName": "St. John's",

"Id": 97, Even limited editions and aftermarket specials that have performance enhancements don't command a large premium unless the car is very rare and the enhancements are significant - think Lister XJS Le Mans or XKR-S GT. "Offset": "8" { "Country": "ALGERIA", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "PDT", Hello ndy.boyd and others, I did find this forum and it had me completely freaked out, but I'm thrilled to report, I received the car, and it was and is amazing. { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SA Eastern Standard Time", { }, "CityName": "Kamchatka", "Country": "FIJI", "Offset": "1" "CityName": "Brussels", "CityName": "Shanghai", "Offset": "-3" "Offset": "-6" { "StandardAbbr": "UYT", "Country": "MEXICO", "Offset": "5.5" "CityName": "La Paz", I guess the thief liked the car? "StandardAbbr": "ACST", }, "CityName": "Nassau", "Country": "MALAYSIA", Try searching with an alternate Stock or VIN number. "Id": 48, "Country": "SWITZERLAND", "Id": 77, Air, Nav, Power everything. "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "South Africa Standard Time", "Id": 38, "StandardAbbr": "SAST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SA Eastern Standard Time", "StandardAbbr": "EST", "Id": 116, "Country": "BELGIUM", }, "Id": 114, "CityName": "Kyiv", "Id": 135, }, "Id": 79, "CityName": "Kathmandu", "Offset": "-4" "StandardAbbr": "CET", { "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EAT", "CityName": "Accra", "CityName": "Dubai", "Country": "GERMANY", },

"Country": "EL SALVADOR", { "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CST", "StandardAbbr": "WAT", }, { This model is very 2011 JAGUAR XKR 5.0 L SUPERCHARGED TOUTES LES OPTION "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "IRDT", "StandardAbbr": "SGT", { { "CityName": "Kuwait CityName", "Offset": "2" { }, "Offset": "2" "CityName": "Khartoum", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "PETST", "StandardAbbr": "HKST", { "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "BRST", }, Price does not include applicable tax, title, license, processing and/or documentation fees of $199. "StandardAbbr": "EAT", "Id": 42, to the user "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. "CityName": "Lima", Find your next car by browsing our extensive new and pre-owned Jaguar XKR inventory from local Jaguar dealerships and private sellers. }, "StandardAbbr": "ICT", "Id": 107, "CityName": "Frankfurt", "Id": 58, "CityName": "Santo Domingo", { "CityName": "Brasilia", Disclaimer Information: Please confirm with seller accuracy of information. Low mileage. "Id": 120, "StandardAbbr": "EST", "Country": "URUGUAY", "StandardAbbr": "AEST", { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", Contact seller for details. "Id": 119, "Country": "MOROCCO", "StandardAbbr": "CST", "Country": "PUERTO RICO", "Country": "UNITED STATES", "CityName": "Minneapolis", I've since put on many enjoyable highw 4 Litre Supercharged. { "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "GMT", "Offset": "-5" "Id": 2, }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "ADT", "StandardAbbr": "CST", "Offset": "1" "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "ANAST", "Id": 67, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Standard Time",