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First off, Omaha Beach, the landing for D-Day. and the bluetooth is still on? Also Kim wearing those little white trainers so good, great call back to the open. This is gonna fuck him up man. Washing dishes, in their socks, feeding the fish, just quiet and genuine. I wish the equation was that simple too Jimmy. We have so little of Kim, yet so much and this moment confirms that actually we do know her. [2][3], "Better Call Saul Q&A Tina Parker (Francesca Liddy)", "You Might Know Tina Parker from Breaking Bad. Tina Parker is an American actress and director known for her role of Francesca Liddy, Saul Goodman's assistant on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. To rank the case entirely?

is he paying someone to look for Kim? Their exchange about the marriage, ugh I dunno how to feel about that given the future it holds. And finally, why tell us the tequila topper is sharp. And she plays off the Hamlin question perfectly (also my husband she finally said it).

Its just so perfect and its telling us something but I dont know what just yet. Whenever I try to imagine Better Call Saul season 6s Breaking Bad era all I picture is Saul on the floor with his stupid little foot massage thing with headphones in listening to Maroon 5 crying and singing along toShe Will Be Loved and Francesca barging in to tell him to keep it down. Its no joke that she looks the spitting image of Audrey Hepburn right? if he stops, if he gets off the ride, it becomes real and then we have gene. The audacity. unable to quit the addiction of money? He was the heart and conscience of that departure scene in 5x01, and that makes me care way more about his battle with Lalo (who is, y'know, basically Satan), Casper had too much heart for this show, though. Ok, Im done. Once I sell my little black book theyll buy his book, we know that part of the puzzle now, they become the guy who knows a guy. The audience is rewarded with a burst of pride at knowing someone so impenetrable for so so long. The drugs; Hamlin doesnt drink coffee. But no, hes play acting. They root for each other, they have each others back always. do you think that every day jimmysaul sits there hoping Kim will walk back into his office and into his life? it cant be, surely. jimmysaul and the commercial; he needs it to be loud, needs everything to be loud to drown out the pain, the absence of Kim. probably. Active with the company since 1993, she has been directly involved, as an actor, director, or designer, with over 50 productions.

You Should Know Her from Somewhere Else", "Thomas Lennon to Star in 'Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich' (EXCLUSIVE)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 13 April 2021, at 16:30. Also why is he dressed as Jackie Daytona, human bartender? What are you warning us of? To steal those earrings, that necklace. I was so relieved she kissed him, like oh thank god but then no no no no wait I know what that means. Its very clear he drinks tea, when he makes that perfect cappuccino for Cheryl. his suits, his office, his adverts. Her decoration is clearly all wrong for everything Saul is trying to do, but its so cute. They fucking go to Omaha Beach to have a picnic. why?

Really really wondering if he is there on purpose, this seems to coincidental. I guess that is how I see Saul now, Saul is Jimmy in mourning. The smoochies and then the chopping with the axe.

God I knew it would cost a lot to get it but it cost everything I mean really. please someone take these thoughts and make them eloquent. The vet scene; Kim and Jimmy basically in matching shirts. i have got my clown shoes on and my red nose so honk honk hurt me again but still. let justice be done though the heavens may fall. spousal privilege and all that, wouldnt wanna throw that away. fate far worse than death, the loss of both your loves; your husband and the law. I mean, it is where they met so I guess thats romantic? he has charlie hustled himself to oblivion being Saul Goodman which makes me think of Howard and that is just a big old twist of the knife in my ribs. Sad, I guess. I love how excited she was to take over the interior design, shes so cute, and then i think about the art i saw of francesca using saul as a chair while she works and i :).

The commentary on 5x01 suggested that Mike was going to face unexpected consequences for punching Kai in the face, so Im thinking their original path for Lalos investigation was going to involve Kai having a personal axe to grind against Mike. Saul exists because Jimmy wants love and lost it. its like he is basically trying to shout across the universeI'm here Kim please come home.. introduced venable Jimmy being so supportive, so genuinely excited for her at every turn. And Jimmy tries to abort, to roll back their scheme but Kim takes a swerve, onto another bad choice road, towards Jimmy and towards what is going to be some sort of showdown that has done nothing but leave me feeling queasy and uneasy and generally filled with dread for my wifeguy and girlboss. Firstly; the title. We just lose Lalo like this? pity? Does Kim become some underworld badass who decides where Jimmy/Saul/Gene ends up? Thoughts on Axe and Grind. Sauls office; I love Francesca I really do. We see later they fake giving it to the fake Sandpiper judge. or did she just walk away and separate? sorryI said that, ow my heart. saul goodman askmen

If we find she has a brother called Fred Ill flip. Lmao. the way the characters are matched is not entirely random, #like viola and betsy respectively being kim's number 1 stan (Sorry jimmy) and number one hater, #i can't even cope with this in the middle of s5, #i WOULD also like either of those to be clear, #people who literally want bcs saul to be exactly like brba saul in the last season need to calm down lmao. did they actually get divorced? Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience. #sorry for my unironic girlboss obsession. The simple, plain jewellery Kim wears every day, that until now we just thought was modest, restrained and refined Kim Wexler but its not, she carries that memory of her mother and the worst of her always. tina parker actress saul better call breaking bad tvmaze mercer alan dallas francesca profile wikia Omaha Beach was a human tragedy of epic proportions. fabian trakt moviepilot 1x10

I mean hes actually hurt and all that, but definitely cons the guy. Saul is the grief of Chuck, Howard, the desert, and most importantly, of Kim. my take on this meme with the brba/bcs women, a girl with uninterrupted prosperity who uses a machete to cut through red tape, something im thinking about is jimmys relationship with francesca like how does it change into That. And Kim wants to redesign the whole thing. the commercial though, fuck, calling back to the billboard in season 1, an homage to Kim. Great. I have some things to say that will be a bunch of rambling bullshit because I am distraught and its a heatwave and just feel like the entire universe collapsed in on me in a big big way but here we go. Mike making sure Kaylee is safe, watching stars with him. why is Francesca still here? Whats in Omaha? Gene. [1], Parker currently serves as the Co-Artistic Director and Administrative Director at Kitchen Dog Theater. Probably will, right? Despite the end success of the mission, linking Good, Omaha and Utah beaches in Normandy, thousands lost their lives at Omaha and the battle was horrific, bloody and violent. ok but like this is not the end for them. andKimsso what just broke me in two, I screamed at herbut that is everything -- that is the thing Kim that is the thing, and if there is no love then what is the point of all of it? Axe, Lalo. Congratulations if you survived my brain hellscape essay. #obviously from when we first see her but even from right now, #(tbh im also rewatching season 3 so im a little fuzzy on where we are with her rn lol but), #(i think im right in that we are not at where they were in breaking bad yet), #i feel like this isnt the end i feel like jimmy either does or witnessed something terrible that makes him lose whats left of his soul, #and makes him act the way he does in breaking bad, #and it almost certainly has to do with kim, #shes the most wonderful woman in the world, #saul cries over kim in BrBa era listening to maroon 5 and a bunch of other boy bands, #goD i can't wait for season 6 i haven't been this excited about anything since Dune, #the girl saul bribes with stuffed animals doesn't have a name sadly :(, #same goes for this second set. I knew when she kissed him in that parking lot she was gone.

Does Francesca stay with Saul out of pity?

If you want your stupid little edgelord pervy protagonists go watch something else. Ah well fuck you too Gilligould and co. Onwards; Lalo being a badass. Ah man that is such a contrast to everything else. The phone call? who is on his phone? maybe. Grind, Hamlin. Maybe its just some doomsday foreshadowing, maybe its deliberate. And sorry, theres a lot of them. Second; fucking Omaha. When Howard sees Jimmy take out the 20k, that was on purpose Kim and Jimmy know Howard is tailing them. Its just thats the dream of a couple right? If he'd just used the business end of that axe when he got his one swing in, he'd still have both his feet and Howie would still be alive , Better Call Saul (20152022) Kim in court, lady justice holding the Albuquerque Isotopes air freshener. 3.10 "Lantern" 6.05 "Black and Blue", Better Call Saul 4x05 Quite a Ride || 5x07 JMM, man i really want the miniseries that goes with season 6 of bcs to be something like Lalos Kitchen or lalo or nacho or domingo giving the How Tos for working in the cartel, BUT considering that all 3 so for have actually made sense in-universe i gotta assume itll instead be something like Lab Safety With Gale or Secretary Training With Francesca. Good on her. Speaking of contrasts, I love the contrast of how real Kim and Jimmy are at home. The way Casper knows immediately that Lalo is not a friend. all of it. Teaser; BABY KIMMY. Poked my head into the Better Call Saul subreddit just for fun and saw someone mention that Saul putting on an act and only pretending to be sleazy would belazy of the writers because the writers would betrying to make him too much of a hero. On to Hamlin; he makes this lovely coffee, perfect and precise, for Cheryl. What happens?

And really, she has been there all along. I guess we knew that already but like, it cuts even deeper than I ever imagined. Its his literal peace offering (fucking Namaste) and she ruins it by pouring it in a travel mug. or at least tell me they understand lol. But Kim demonstrating her talents in front of Cliff, securing that funding. A boatload of badness and sadness for sure. And that moment when Kim holds her hand, and that look on her mothers face oh that really cut me down. the way she looked into his eyes, and kissed him, she had decided there and then that it was over, that she was getting off the ride. But also Kim and Jimmy and their axe to grind. That must be for a reason that she is basically Holly Golightly. I love it. when he says you make me happy I cried. Shes just brilliant. Such a great contrast from Howard and Cheryl. First off, the bobbing white trainer, we know its her immediately. security of some sort?

Will this nice little conversation about office decor and wedding registrations turn out to be the last time Kim and Francesca ever see each other? So her alcoholic shithead mum runs scams with her. #godI am a fool butI can't thinkthis is it for mcwexler, #he's not in the show yet but i included him anyway :). He fucks up that dude and for a moment when hes down, we think oh gosh is this how it ends? Also all those damn chairs, it just speaks to the barren emotional landscape of that house. so firstly, most importantly, most heartbreakingly, the I love you.

We see a tiny snippet of future jaded Francesca when she tells Jimmy to clean up the piss himself. Ben Bela Bhm was great and all, and I dont know if they had to change it because he was stuck in Germany or what, but I think it's so much better with Casper. like there have been times where hes been inappropriate unprofessional unethical etc and just generally sleazy so far but how do they get to a point where hes openly sexually harassing her and shes just fed up with him, Francesca is the best character Ive decided, shes so sweet and funny and her vibes are absolutely amazing. I love that Jimmy stops the whole production to check on Kim, theyre even more in love than ever, and we get even more affection from them both than ever.