byrd shelix dw735 oem vs smaller

It came with the jointer, but I have heard nothing but good things about byrd. But before we party like it's 1999, let's dial back the calendar to that year. JavaScript is disabled. See, due to the nature of this thing I doubt very much I could return it to the place I got it. I run rough cut through it and get all kinds of shit where it should not be. That'll take me a couple hours. Your daily dose of tech news, in brief. The installation of the cutterheads is slightly tricky, harder than on a lathe tool so not removing them all and then reinstalling them sounded better. Byrd Shelix Complete Planer Head For Dewalt DW735, w/Bearings & Cutters Undersized version. I'll fuss around with it some more this weekend.

There is the side benefit that I don't have to fuss with that little lever that stops the cutter head from rotating. It is highly invasive of course but if you can keep the little bits organized (don't loose the pulley key like I nearly did!) We have about 30 users in the office using a mix of Lenovo and Dell l Hello All,Basically, around a few months ago we ordered a new server to replace our current one, however, to make this move a little more pain free I am planning on running both servers, side by side, to handle operations until the older one meets its end Hi All,I started in this role around 9 months ago and I've inherited lots and lots of 'interesting' ways of doing things. it's fine. My new 8" Laguna jointer is also set up with a "helical" cutter head. I never hog out a lot of wood with each pass so a maximum cut of 1/16 is fine with me. We are just a day away from the weekend! What are your thoughts on these? Use a block of hardwood to knock the old cutter head out. I want to say I'd read about that somewhere before but had forgotten. That's removed when installing the helical head and is no longer needed. Hey.

I'm disappointed in the fact that if I can't remedy the scalloping (and probably won't be able to) it is the nature of the cutter head. It was also she who insisted I get my Krank amp when they first came out. So, maybe this weekend I'll redo all the cutters just to make sure they're all seated correctly. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I have been procrastinating on getting one for my planer, but i really need to. I'll link up to the video I used for a guide. Which did you get? I would love to know if this is a setup thing or not, I think it would be a deal breaker for me. For middle-ground between traditional blades and true helical cutter heads, these have served me well so far. It has been that way for like three years and I am hard on it. What started out as a front porch project (I had to make all my own trim) has turned into a costly full time job, so I am using this planer a ton. Almost too smooth - it felt glossy like it had a clear coat of poly! Not a single dip or any reason to sand. yeah I have a helical head on my jointer. You better keep that one happy! Due to the nature of the helical cutter head, the radius of the cutters and the fact it is not a straight cut leaves minor scalloping in the wood. For the record, I can't see the scalloping but I can feel it. In any event, I wanted to keep the original diameter. it cuts down noise tremendously, minimizes tear out, and the blades last WAY longer. Maybe use a couple because you'll indent that sucker into the wood in short order. On that day, July 21, 1999, Apple introduces the iBook laptop, the first mainstream comp An appeal - Can anyone help me identify or locate this plan?

with the cost of knives being so low I haven't made the change. Klingspor's Woodworking Shop is full line distributor of woodworking tools and supplies from respected companies like Klingspor Abrasives. Or, do you currently have a planer and/or jointer with a helical head? Does anyone have any links to a good step-by-step process for implementing KFM? I think I am on the second side of the tungston carbide squares, which is pretty good for me as I used to go through 2-3 sets or flat blades a year. Not sure if they are still selling them this way, but I remember seeing that there were two options--one set of thin carbide cutters that you could install without removing each cutter, but that raised the minimum planing thickness on the planer; and then a set of full thickness carbide cutters that required you to remove and reinstall each cutter individually during the first installation, but that kept the minimum planing thickness the same. It's a similar setup to the planer blades. I'll put another couple of links below that do a great job of addressing this issue. The jury is out as to whether or not I love it. They're each held in with a torx screw on pre-set square receiver, so there is nothing to line up. The true helical head is in their ShearTec models and a bit pricier. If I'd remembered I may not have gone for it.

I never imagined this hobby would get so all consuming. It has enabled me to upgrade my tool arsenal in ways never thought possible. As I understand it, this does reduce the depth of cut you can take as there is constant cutting as opposed to the blade having a micro second to speed up until it wacks the wood again. My jointer is helical, but the blades are flat as opposed to angled. Then you have to carefully reseat them once it's all in there. It was very well done. After quite a bit of discussion I opted for the easier, 1/8 smaller diameter head.

Any of you guys ever mess with the helical cutter head by Shelix? It wasshe who insisted I get the Sawstop! I will appreciate the cost savings with blade replacements. To get the OEM head in, one must remove all 40 of the little cutters. LOL, You're correct I did get lucky!

One is that staff are given a laptop with a local login. I have the cutech 6" Didn't find what you were looking for? I am wondering if this will be an issue for me as I am often plaining ruff cut that varies widely which pops the breaker in my dw735 when there is a heavy bend and it really digs in. I got the OEM one. Well, I got one for my DW735. Therefore, after a discussion with my wife, we agreed it would make financial sense to get one of these. I say almost because once the blades were nicked up enough the board did need sanding. I've got to ground my dust pipe runs and set up the chip bucket. Yep. If I had to pick one I would do the planer for the noise. I watched a comparison of them and their conclusion is that, on top of creating better results, you save money in the long run by biting the bullet and getting one. I run rock maple and walnut through it constantly and i am very happy with the durability and results. Login or It came in and I installed it over the weekend. My buddy played one at a gig. Pallet Wood Bench - Need Finish Ideas (Clear - Outdoor), Have run probably 300 bf at very light passes--and not even thinking about rotating cutters. This dealer still had last year's price I think, so $499. I still have 3 sets of brand new unopened knives that I got with my planer when I bought it on sale as part of the sale special so its likely to be a while for me :-). or check out the Wood Working forum. When I first got this machine, I was amazed at how smooth the wood came out. Of course that is pretty short lived as any sort of defect in the wood or a piece of misplaced dirt will nick the blades. Sounds like you are one lucky guy! I have a Steel City 13" planer that's about 7-8 years old that has a "helical" cutter head. Even with a coffee break and much random talking it took about two hours. At least for those guys. I hear this can be remedied with a sander - a sander I almost didn't need before. The install process is honestly pretty straight forward. This is what comes in Laguna's QuadTec machines. It was also very time consuming to get it into place. Could be in the planer, could be the stuff I have on a shelf underneath it on its cart. It will tweak my tendency to be OCD like nobody's business that's for sure. I don't have one, I would consider it if I had to get new knives, but at my level of use knives last for years and years. I ordered the OEM. BTW, I love these side discussions with my wife and the shop. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Im not sure, but I think I only remove 1/128th-1/64th per pass as a general rule. Thank you for the info. This thing there are little ripples in the wood. My wife (who is not a player) looked at me and said "you need to get one of those.". You are using an out of date browser. I've been salivating over one of these. They make a smaller one where you don't have to remove all of the cutters prior to installation but it also messes with the cutting depth. It's not a true helical in spiral layout, but it does have the small blades (26 of them, IIRC) arranged in rows. Can't justify the expense, though, until I wear out the two sets of knives that came with the planer. Now, I never make very deep passes and take off very little at a time so maybe that wouldn't have been a big deal in that regard, but I also wouldn't have been able to plane my stock as thin either. Search the forums for similar questions Blade swapping all of them takes me about 20 minutes. My planer is loud, but fine in the garage shop with hearing protection. I found a really great writeup on the phenomena and the overall consensus was it wasn't a show stopper in any way. It's seen a lot of board feet of rough sawn hardwoods.

I ran a test board through. With your box building, i predict you'll like it. sign up to reply to this topic. I don't notice (sight or feel) any scalloping on wood from either. Threading the new head with carbide cutters into the planer without damaging them was aided by four hands and four eyes. I bought one and with the collegial help of a couple of friends it is installed and works. You must log in or register to reply here. Hello Everyone,I'm doing research on what we will need to do in order to migrate from Folder Redirection to OneDrive Known Folder Move. Reseating all these cutters could take an hour at least. I now have about 30 carbide cutterheads instead of three hss knives. LOVE it. Here's where it is tricky. Between this and my dust system install I've got my hands full. Byrd raised their price recently and lead time is excessive. If they are not seated correctly, your cut suffers. It wasshe who insisted I get the Sawstop! I can only use the 2-sided blades though, not the 4-sided. My SawStop cost me double market rate because of the bribes I had to use to get my Wife's Ok to buy one!

It is dead ass smooth. The jointer is really quiet and cuts so clean and smooth. I've read several articles on the inte TL;DR: 3 desktops are having 3 different, but potentially related problems, and I don't know if they're caused by bad power coming in, updates, or something else. There's a little rattling prior to wood being sent through I can't track down. I'm very interested to explore flatwork and will benefit from this.