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Velvet Room August 28th Requests Hideout-related August 18th Requests (58% chance). Tips for Battle

You should see that theyll combine to give you the Yatsufusa with Mediarama in Persona 4 Golden. Painful Past: Akira Konoe Orthrus is a Persona of the Hanged Man arcana. Elegant Experiment Extended Evolves into Game Controls Rmaji Light Physical damage to a narrow range. Other Characters Further allied attacks gain link damage. All six episodes of Light & Magic premiere on Disney+ on July 27, 2022. False God Demiurge Inflicts Fire (Magic) damage with 140 power on a Single Enemy.

Rin Tohsaka Light Nuclear damage to an area of foes. Light Fire damage and inflict Burn (low odds) to all foes. Persona 5 Strikers August 17th Requests Best Armor All rights reserved. Prison Mail, Part 6 Light Physical damage to a narrow range. It is the first Persona that the protagonist can use in battle to learn the Agilao skill and is the second of four Personas to learn Dodge Ice and Burn Boost. If you select Name, they will be ordered alphabetically. There are thousands of personas and millions of ways to fuse the same persona. August 25th Requests Moderate Physical damage to random targets. Love Soupreme Renders all enemies Furious. Sendai Jail Lock Keeper 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Escapes the current dungeon to the last point of entry from the overworld. It is only visible to you. You can see the which personas are those and the requirements in the following screenshot. Best Damage Types

Raise physical attack and act first for 3 turns. Junk Collection, Part 4 Medium Nuclear damage to an area of foes. During a fusion alarm, this is upgraded to a Maragion skill card. Twin-headed Guardian (P5) Jokers Kitchen Junk Collection, Part 1 Make the Way for the Frozen King Necronomicon Pandora (3 uses). Inflicts Panic ailment to all foes. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Persona 4 Golden. The Soulless Army, Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon, Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The alternate method simply involves creating a Sun Narashima with Mediarama first, so that you dont need an Emperor Thoth with the ability.

Dont worry, is completely safe. Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal Persona 5 Strikers (or Persona 5 Scramble), PlayStation Plus January 2022 includes P5S as a free game, Official P5S announcement trailer released, P5S English version release date accidentally shared, Asian retailers listed possible 2021 release date of Persona 5 Strikers, Chinese and Korean versions are scheduled on June 18th, Persona 5 Strikers takes place after Persona 5, Painful Past+: Demiurge Request Walkthrough. Yusuke Kitagawa (Fox) SMT Orthrus is a Persona that can be acquired from Shuffle Time in the Secret Laboratory dungeon. Medium Physical damage to 1 foe. He appears regularly as a field boss in Suginami and alongside Cerberus and Garm as the final bosses of the Suginami Tunnels Unknown boss rush. Sophias Weapon Shop The Apothecarys Connection Shibuya Jail Zenkichi Hasegawa (Wolf) All rights reserved.

Moderate Fire damage to all in radius. Sendai Jail Monarch Cerberus (SMTIV) IF ME FUSE, ME ONE STEP CLOSER TO CERBERUS!? Best Personas to Fuse Sapporo Jail Monarch (1 Enemy) [Link damage with allies' attacks]. Painful Past+: Akira Konoe The Lone Marebito Demons, Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs.

Recruits neutral demon. I AM BEAST ORTHRUS. Among his siblings were Cerberus, Sphinx and Chimera to name but a few. All Requests, Phantom Thieves Two-headed dog of Greek myth. Brilliant Dragonslayer Siegfried All Bond Skills He is also one of the mountable demons within the game. Treasure Demons

Class Its build is as massive as an ox paired and its nature is similar to that of a lion. izanagi okami golden protagonist gamesgds Dire Shadows Orthrus will evolve into Cerberus at level 64, provided that Nanashi can control the result. Month of August Shocking the Scum Tips for Beginners Geryon's guard dog. Mariko Hyodo All Cooking Recipes Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Orthrus will appear again while walking in Ginza-Cho but should be more manageable. Weak physical damage to all foes. Orthrus can also teach Nanashi the Fire Breath, Nihil Claw, Eat Whole and Madness Nails skills through its Demon Whisper. cerberus tensei megami attacker arcana hierophant The Lone Marebito, Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card: Card Summoner. All Master Arts Recruiting an Azumi in the area will allow him to be defeated quickly once the Bufu skill is acquired. Check out the trailer for Lucasfilm and Imagine Documentaries' Light & Magic, an upcoming series that chronicles the untold history of world-renowned Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), the special visual effects, animation, and virtual production division of Lucasfilm. Sophias Shop Outdamages the second strongest physical / Insane damage, Heat Riser + Power Charge + Hassou tobi = DEATH, With skill: Megidolaon, Victory Cry, Angelic Grace, Mind Charge, Agidyne, Bufudyne, Garudyne, Ziodyne. Thief Challenge Requests Light damage to one foe. (44% chance) [Almighty-element], Inflicts small Attack + Poisoned effect damage to an enemy. Rare chance of Burn.

Dark Sun Mithras 0. Adds Fire dmg to gun attacks. Please see the. Jail of the Abyss Medium Fire damage to 1 foe. MT II Prison Mail, Part 3 Magician Pixie x Fool Izanagi; Magician Pixie x Chariot Slime, Fool Izanagi x Strength Sandman; Chariot Slime x Temperance Apsaras, Empress Titania x Empress Yaksini; Magician Orobas x Hermit Forneus, Fool Izanagi x Chariot Slime; Priestess Saki Mitama Hierophant Omoikane, Priestess Sarasvati x Priestess High Pixie; Empress Senri x Devil Ukobach, Magician Pixie x Chariot Nata Taishi; Fool Izanagi x Magician Jack Frost, Chariot Slime x Empress Senri; Magician Pixie x Strength Titan; Fool Izanagi x Magician Pixie x Chariot Slime, Magician Pixie x Sun Cu Sith; Fool Izanagi x Magician Pixie x Strength Sandman, Chariot Slime x Strenght Sandman x Death Ghoul, Hierophant Omoikane x Temperance Sylph; Chariot Eligor x Strength Titan, Devil Ukobach x Temperance Sylph; Death Ghoul x Fool Obariyon, Hierophant Anzu x Hermit Ippon-datara; Moon Andra x Strength Sandman, Fool Izanagi x Empress Senri Chariot Slime x Justice Angel x Chariot Nata Taishi; Devil Lilim x Chariot Eligor, Priestess Saki Mitama X Temperance Nigi Mitama, Justice Angel x Magican Pixie x Fortune Fortuna; Hangedman Berith x Death Matador Moon Andras x Hangedman Berith, Fool Obariyon x Hermit Ippon-datara; Justice Principality x Magician Jack Frost, Hierophant Anzu x Hangedman Berith; Pristess Saki Mitama x Fool Legion; Priestess Saki Mitama x Fool Ose; Priestess Ganga x Fool Obariyon, Fool Izanagi x Chariot Slime x Empress Senri; Tower Tao Tie x Death Ghoul; Devil Incubus x Hanged Makami x Hierophant Omoikane, Empress Yaksini x Death Matador; Sun Phoenix x Magician Jack Frost, Chariot Eligor x Temperance Nigi Mitama; Moon Andra x Emperor Oberon, Death Mokoi x Sun Gdon; Hangedman Makami x Emperor King Frost, Sun Cu Sith x Moon Alraune; Emperor King Frost x Magician Hua Po, Chariot Eligor x Star Fuu-ki; Strength Oni x Hangedman Yomotsu-ikusa; Priestess Ganga x Temperance Nigi Mitama; Temperance Xiezhai x Lovers Undine, Justice Power x Strength Oni; Magician Hua Po x Chariot Ares, Emperor King Frost x Priestess High Pixie x Strength Rakshasa; Fool Decarabia x Fool Shiki-ouji, Chariot Nata Taishi x Moon Alraune; Death Matador x Hermit Lamia, Chariot Ara Mitama x Kusi Mitama x Saki Mitama x Nigi Mitama, Tower Tao Tie x Death Matador; Moon Andra x Fortune Fortuna, Fool Obariyon x Moon Alraune; Star Garuda x Strength Sandman, Hierophant Shiisa x Moon Alraune; Fool Ose x Empress Gorgon, Fool Izanagi x Strength Sandman x Chariot Slime, Temperance Sylph x Strength Kusi Mitama x Strength Oni, Priestess Saki Mitama x Fool Shiki-ouji; Fool Legion x Emperor Setanta, Star Fuu-ki x Chariot Ara Mitama; Temperance Sylph x Fool Shiki-ouji, Death Matador x Moon Alraune; Moon Andra x Hanged Yatsufasa, Magician Pyro Jack x Magician Jack Frost x Emperor King Frost x Magician Pixie x Death Ghoul, Death Samael x Temperance Genbu x Hierophant Shiisa; Priestess Parvati x Moon Yamata-no-Orochi, Temperance Nigi Mitama Moon Alraune; Moon Andra x Temperance Genbu, Justice Archangel x Fool Shiki-ouji; Hermit Lamia x Lovers Leanan; Magician Pyro Jack x Sun Gdon x Priestess Parvati, Sun Yatagarasu x Hermit Mothman; Devil Lilim x Fool Shiki-ouji, Chariot Eligor x Fool Shiki-ouji; Fool Black Frost x Chariot Ares; Hangedman Othrus x Magician Dis, Priestess Ganga x Star Fuu-ki; Moon Alraune x Fool Ose; Lovers Cybele x Strength Titan, Hermit Lamia x Fool Shiki-ouji; Moon Yamata-no-Orochi x Sun Gdon; Moon Andra x Justice Uriel; Moon Andra x Sun Tam Lin, Death Samael x Star Neko Shougun; Tower Cu Chulain x Justice Virtue; Emperor Setanta x Fortune Clotho; Judgement Anubis x Emperor Oberon, Magician Jack Frost x Moon Alraune; Moon Alraune x Magician Dis; Priesstess Parvati x Moon Yamatano-Orochi; Moon Andra x Priestess Hariti, Hierophant Shiisa x Fool Shiki-ouji; Empress Titania x Star Fuu-ki; Hiero Unicorn x Fool Ose; Sun Gdon x Magician Pyro Jack, Hangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon x Justice Virtue; Magician Dis x Moon Alraune x Temperance Mithra, Chariot Triglav x Lovers Leanan Sidhe; Temperance Nigi Mitama x Shiki-ouji, Moon Alraune x Fool Decarabia; Devil Pazuzu x Priestess Parvati x Hermit Hitokoto-Nushi, Emperor Thoth x Star Neko Shougun x Fool Black Frost; Star Neko Shougun x Devil Pazuzu x Hangedman Yomotsu-Ikusa; Sun Yatagarasu x Sun Gdon x Empress Gorgon, Star Neko Shougun x Temperance Mithra x Fool Black Frost, Hierophant Flauros x Temperance Seiryuu; Hangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon x Emperor Setanta; Devil Succubus x Justice Dominion, Moon Alraune x Chariot Triglav; Moon Girimehkala X Chariot Triglav, Hangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon; Strenght Hanuman x Sun Narasimha, Sun Yatagarasu x Temperance Seiryuu; Tower Cu Chulain x Hangedman Yatsufusa, Hangedman Yatsufusa x Lovers Undine; Emperor Setanta x Devil Lilith, Emperor Thoth x Hangedman Orthrus x Hangedman Makami x Sun Narasimha x Hermit Mothman, Star Ganesha x Hermit Mothman; Hangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon x Temperance Mithra, Fool Decarabia x Tower Cu Chulain; Hangedman Yatsufusa x Temperance Mithra x Fool Black Frost. May poison. Decreases physical power by 2 levels, all foes. Dont forget that there are various pages, just click on the arrows so you can see the others. All Physical Skills Deals medium Slash damage to one foe. 1 to 3 hits of heavy physical damage to multiple foes. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Medium Fire damage and inflict Burn (low odds) to 1 foe. Sophias Weapon Shop Redux Heavenly Punisher Archangel Prison Mail, Part 1 Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Prison Mail, Part 2 A Thiefs Challenge: Fox

Its default level is 39. Light Fire damage to all foes. Orthrus appears as a boss on the second stratum of Naraku. News and Features Archive, Story Walkthroughs And if you click on Arcana they will be ordered considering the existing arcanas in this game and, of course, also alphabetically. Okinawa Jail YOU WORK HARD! Where's the ultimate Aeon fusion? Ann Takamaki (Panther) Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio Akane Hasegawa Sophias Armor Shop Included are Orthus' stats, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and more. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America), https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2134088446, Deals great magic damage plus it absorbs some elemental damage, Has heat riser and debilitate so it'll make boss battles A LOT easier, Base Lv 75 and obtained from Pentagon (5 components) special fusion. Pretty simple, right?

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Catherine: Full Body Orthrus can be found in Ikebukuro or evolve from Chimera once it reaches level 50.

Carmen All Weapons Elegant Experiment Pithos Kuon Ichinose This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Soul Hackers Depending on what persona youve got, this may be easier to complete. Enhance chance of inflicting Burn status. Well talk you through the easiest one first. Inflicts Phys (Physical) damage with 120 power on a Single Enemy, while healing caster 25% of damage dealt. All Armor Neutral-Neutral (SMTV) Prison Mail, Part 5 Damage also taken as Physical. Sub-zero in Sapporo Okinawan Art Appreciation

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These will give you the Sun Narashima with Mediarama. Origin

It is Titan Geryons companion, alongside Eurytion, whose duties were to watch over his herd of red cattle. August 2nd Requests A Thiefs Challenge: Wolf August 30th Requests Cursing Those on High Your email address will not be published. Medium Physical damage to 1 foe. Orthrus appears as a servant of Pazuzu, and worked alongside the partner before she broke away from Pazuzu's control. For this one, youll simply need to get yourself five different Persona and fuse them together. Orthrus was a two-headed dog and one of the many monsters sired by Typhon and Echidna from Greek mythology. Orthros can perform the combo Fire Flare with Demipyre and Evil Blaze with Nex or Pyro Cat. A Thiefs Challenge: Skull Known as Orthros, he has the power FireWall. Flynn is required to defeat it as part of Navarre's challenge to him and Walter. SEGA. There is a search button where you can write the personas you would like to find. Learn about the pioneers of modern filmmaking as we go on a journey to bring George Lucas' vision to life. Junk Collection, Part 6 Add Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a915ae62ec07972e829c109b35df6e7c" );document.getElementById("bb8458ff0a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Moderate Fire damage to a single target. Inflicts medium Attack damage to an enemy. Low accuracy but high critical rate. Evolves from Take Back the Desire

Cooking Papa During their confrontation with her at Tokyo Tower, the protagonist ends up siding with her, and the friend and Orthrus part ways with the protagonist. Dire Shadows Bond Level Boost Locations It benefits from learning Physical and fire skills. Knocking on Deaths Door

Osaka Jail Technical damage: Burn/Freeze/Shock. Chinese and Korean versions are scheduled on June 18th (November 20, 2020) In this guide, well talk you through how to fuse persona together to get exactly that. Orthrus returns as a persona in Persona 5 Strikers (or Persona 5 Scramble). At first it may seems a bit caotic but its quite easy to understand and Im sure that you wont even need a deep explanation. Devil Children Osaka Jail Monarch Hangedman Yatsufusa x Fool Black Frost; Empress Skadi x Emperor Setanta x Emperor Okuninushi; Tower Cu Chulain x Empress Gorgon x Hangedman Yatsufusa; Star Ganesha x Temperance Seiryuu; Tower Cu Chulain x Lovers Undine x Fool Decarabia, Hangedman Yatsufusa x Sun Yatagarasu; Emperor Okuninushi x Justice Throne, Sun Gdon x Sun Phoenix x Sun Narasimha x Sun Yatagarasu, Tower Cu Chulain x Justice Dominion; Justice Dominion x Fortune Lachesis, Tower Cu Chulain x Sun Yatagarasu; Hangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon x Sun Yatagarasu, Magician Dis x Fool Shiki-ouji; Judgement Anubis x Temperance Seiryuu x Justice Dominion; Devil Succubus x Fool Shiki-ouji, Judgement Anubis x Justice Dominion x Star Ganesha, Hanged Yatsufusa x Fortune Lachesis x Empress Gorgon;Tower Mara x Tower Masakado, Tower Cu Chulain x Star Neko Shougun; Hangedman Yatsufusa x Empress Gorgon x Lovers Queen Mab; Moon Grimehkala x Lovers Leanan Sidhe; Judgement Anubis x Fortune Fortuna, Fool Black Frost x Magican Dis x Death White Rider; Empress Gorgon x Death White Rider x Moon Sui-ki, Tower Mara x Emperor Okuninushi; Devil Succubus x Death White Rider; Judgement Trumpeter x Hermit Mothman; Judgement Anubis x Fool Shiki-ouji x Lovers Queen Mab, Priestess Hariti x Strength Hanuman; Hangedman Hell Biker x Justice Dominion x Sun Yatagarasu, Hangedman Hell Biker x Temperance Seiryuu; Empress Isis x Chariot Ares; Tower Cu Chulain x Star Ganesha x Hangedman Yatsufusa; Lovers Leanan Sidhe x Hierophant Cerberus, Fortune Fortuna x Hangedman Hell Biker x Fool Shiki-ouji, Sun Cu Sith x Tower Tao Tie x Justice Angel, Lovers Raphael x Chariot Kin-ki; Hangedman Hell Biker x Star Ganesha x Moon Yamatano-orochi, Hangedman Hell Biker x Star Ganesha; Judgement Anubis x Hanged Yatsufasa, Hierophant Cerberus x Priestess Kikuri-hime; Judgement Anubis x Priestess Hariti; Tower Cu Chulain x Hangedman Yatsufusa x Fool Decarabia, Lovers Raphael x Sun Jatayu; Hangedman Hell Biker x Sun Yatagarasu, Hangedman Hell Biker x Empress Skadi; Temperance Genbu x Temperance Suzaku x Temperance Seiryuu, Fool Shiki-ouji x Temperance Seiryuu x Star Ganesha, Justice Dominion x Fool Shiki-ouji; Hangedman Hell Biker x Justice Dominion x Star Ganesha, Hangedman Hell Biker x Fool Shiki-ouji; Empress Skadi x Fool Shiki-ouji x Tower Abaddon; Fool Shiki-ouji x Hermit Nebiros; Fool Shiki-ouji x Hanged Taowu, Strength Siegfried x Devil Belphegor; Tower Mara x Empress Mother Harlot; Judgement Trumpeter x Empress Gabriel x Fool Shiki-ouji, Fool Decarabia x Hermit Niddhoggr x Empress Mother Harlot; Lovers Ishtar x Empress Isis x Sun Horus; Lovers Ishtar x Fool Shiki-ouji x Hangedman Vasuki; Judgement Trumpeter x Fool Black Frost x Temperance Byakko, Judgement Trumpeter x Justice Throne; Death White Rider x Star Ganesha; Judgement Anubis x Justice Uriel, Devil Belphegor x Fortune Lachesis; Judgement Trumpeter x Justice Throne x Tower Tao Tie; Tower Mara x Devil Belial, Sun Jatayu x Emperor Barong; Hangedman Taowu x Hangedman Hell Biker x Death Samael, Lovers Ishtar x Hierophant Hachiman x Star Helel, Star Kartikeya x Hermit Nidhoggr; Fool Shiki-ouji x Hangedman Hell Biker x Sun Yatagarasu, Death Matador x Death White Rider x Hierophant Daisoujou x Emperor Pabilsag x Hangedman Taowu x Tower Tao Tie, Judgement Anubis x Hermit Nidhoggr; Judgement Anubis x Fool Shiki-ouji x Star Ganesha, Hierophant Hachiman x Chariot Thor; Fool Shiki-ouji x Hangedman Hell Biker x Star Ganesha, Judgement Trumpeter x Sun Jatayu x Tower Cu Chulain; Fortune Ananta x Tower Cu Chulain x Emperor Odin, Hermit Arahabaki x Sun Tam Lin; Moon Sui-ki x Empress Isis; Fool Shiki-Ouji x Empress Mother Harlot x Hermit Nebiros; Empress Alilat x Hanged Taowu, Judgement Trumpeter x Empress Skadi; Tower Cu Chulain x Moon Sandalphon, Judgement Trumpeter x Hangedman Vasuki; Hermit Arahabaki x Fortune Lachesis; Death White Rider x Hangedman Taowu x Hierophant Daisoujou, Death White Rider x Hangedman Taowu x Judgement Anubis; Judgement Michael x Emperor Oukuninushi x Chariot Atavaka, Judgement Anubis x Devil Belial x Priestess HaritiLovers Raphael; Judgement Trumpeter x Judgement Anubis x Star Kartikeya (Hermit Nebiros); Judgement Anubis x Justice Sraosha, Fortune Clotho x Fortune Lachesis x Fortune Atropos, Tower Cu Chulain x Sun Asura; Sun Horus x Tower Mara, Justice Uriel x Hermit Nidhoggr x Death White Rider; Sun Horus x Hierophant Hachiman x Tower Cu Chulain, Emperor Barong x Hermit Nidhoggr x Justice Melchizedek, Hangedman Attis x Empress Isis; Sun Sparna x Hermit Nebiros; Chariot Futsunushi x Judgement Satan, Hangedman Vasuki x Devil Belial; Magician Mada x Empress Isis; Lovers Ishtar x Emperor Odin, Moon Sandalphon x Star Helel; Fool Loki x Temperance Vishnu x Star Kartikeya (Temperance Byakko), Hierophant Hachiman x Tower Masakado x Emperor Okuninushi x Hermit Hitokotonushi x Fool Shiki-ouji, Magician Surt x Moon Seth; Judgement Trumpeter x Hangedman Hell Biker x Judgement Anubis, Temperance Byakko x Temperance Suzaku x Temperance Seiryuu x Temperance Genbu, Hierophant Kohryu x Chariot Thor x Strength Siegfried; Judgement Michael x Tower Yoshitsune x Chariot Thor; Judgement Anubis x Judgement Trumpeter x Judgement Michael, Hell Biker x Ishtar; Empress Isis x Emperor Odin; Empress Isis x Magician Mada x Priestess Parvati, Priestess Hariti x Tower Mara x Moon Baal Zebul; Hierophant Kohryu x Strength Siegfried (or Chariot Thor), Sun Horus x Devil Belphegor x Justice Melchizedek;Temperance Yurlungur x Chariot Atavaka; Empress Alilat x Hermit Arahabaki, Death Matador x Hierophant Daisoujou x Empress Mother Harlot x Death White Rider x Judgement Trumpeter x Hangedman Hell Biker, Sun Asura x Hangedman Yatsufusa x Hangedman Vasuki; Sun Sparna x Tower Mara x Hierophant Hachiman (or Daishojo); Death Alice x Judgement Trumpeter x Priestess Hariti, Emperor Odin x Hermit Arahabaki ; Empress Isis x Sun Suparna; Priestess Tzitzimitl x Hanged Hell Biker Moon Seth, Chariot Atavaka x Chariot Triglav x Chariot Kin-ki x Chariot Ares x Star Neko Shougun, Devil Belial x Devil Belphegor x Moon Baal Zebul x Moon Seth x Death Mot x Devil Pazuzu, Star Helel x Tower Masakado; Justice Uriel x Sun Sparna x Moon Baal Zebul, Chariot Kin-ki x Moon Sui-ki x Star Fuu-ki x Strength Oni, Tower Yoshi(t)sune x Fortune Norn(Judgement Satan) x Magician Surt(Justice Sraosha); Tower Shiva x Death Mahakala x Tower Yoshi(t)sune; Judgement Anubis(Judgement Trumpeter) x Judgement Michael x Judgement Satan, Magician Mada x Hangedman Attis; Lovers Ishtar x Empress Isis x Moon Baal Zebul; Priestess Scathach x Judgement Satan; Justice Sraosha x Hierophant Hachiman x Magician Mada, Magician Mada x Moon Baal Zebul; Hierophant Kohryuu x Chariot Atavaka x Tower Masakado; Fool Loki x Hangedman Vasuki x Hangedman Attis; Empress Isis x Fortune Norn; Tower Yoshitsune x Magican Surt x Justice Sraosha, Hermit Arahabaki x Fool Shiki-ouji; Moon Sandalphon x Sun Asura; Hierophant Daisoujou x Sun Horus (or Sparna); Moon Baal Zebul x Sun Horus (or Sparna); Magician Surt x Temperance Yurlungur; Emperor Barong x Magician Mada; Hanged Taowu x Emperor Barong x Hermit Nebiros (or Chariot Thor or Lovers Cybele), Fool Izanagi x Strength Sandman x Chariot Nata Taishi x Moon Girimehkala x Fortune Norn x Emperor Okuninushi x Hangedman Orthrus x Star Kartikeya x Temperance Mithra x Priestess Tzitzimitl x Tower Cu Chulain x Fool Legion, Second play or later + saw true ending before, Fortune Ananta x Judgement Michael x Judgement Metatron x Judgement Satan x Judgement Trumpeter x Judgement Anubis.