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If you have your own unique demands, you can completely customize your own plug-ins based on Obsidian, just read the relevant documents and understand some basic JavaScript programming. It also allows you to enable pagination and scrolling on larger tables. This small plugin is designed to add spaces between Chinese characters and English letters to make the whole typesetting more professional and beautiful; this is a boon for people with typesetting obsessive-compulsive disorder (I personally like it very much, I used Prettier or other tools to achieve). Sorting, filtering, and pagination will continue to work in the first three of these modes. Sometimes the basic slides just dont cut it, and it can be handy to be able to publish the slides in presentation format (since publishing them straight from Obsidian Publish would only publish the Markdown version). It was true at the time because I do love teaching. Its a loose way to do time management as well. Plus: upcoming monthly essays from me, I teach (& research) ancient civilizations, then write stories & articles inspired by all eras of history which involves a fair amount of notetaking ;).

6. The Dataview plugin is my favorite recent discovery, and its changing the way I do frontmatter. 22.07.21, ICP15005796-233010602002000ICP B2-20201554, The most powerful Markdown text editing tool on the surface - Obsidian, most powerful Markdown text editing tool on the surface, Google responsive creatives, sharing of production experience, Premium Website Fans Weekly (Issue 38) - Chain of Allure, Premium Website Fans Weekly (Issue 37) - Chain of Allure, Premium Website Fans Weekly (Issue 36) - Chain of Allure, Open the road to technology monetization and explore the third source of income, Yunjiyou Station, all in "Chain of Allure", Yunjiyou Station, all in "Chain of Allure" Part 2, Where can I find Mito? This setup isnt free. 2. Remaining relevant in tech pretty much requires that you learn a lot, learn quickly, and enjoy the hell out of it. Currently, though, Im a Developer Advocate at k6.io, which means a significant part of my job now is sharing with people what Ive learned. I initially capture my notes on them in different ways, but they all lead back to using Readwise, which I use as a collector and sorter of all these notes. For example, to add the flip mode to a table, you would adjust the tables shortcode from something like this: The same can be applied with scroll, collapse, or stack modes. In his love letter to Zhang Zhaohe, Mr. Shen Congwen wrote: " I have traveled many roads in my life, crossed bridges in many places, seen clouds of many shapes, and drank many kinds of wine, but I have only loved one righteous one. Obsidian , it is not only an extremely useful text editing tool, but also a powerful knowledge base ; however, I will not discuss the knowledge base here, mainly based on its extreme text editing experience, combined with my short practical experience, to Share the advantages of Obsidian with your friends: A major compliment is Obsidian's plugin, which is a rarity in Markdown editor tools. 2. The article was first published in: Obsidian, the most powerful Markdown text editing tool on the surface . This is where templates come in. For example, Im considering merging my nonfunctional testing and functional testing pages after a conversation where someone questioned whether it wasnt a misnomer to call application performance nonfunctional.

Tired of Notion's overall sluggishness, I've switched my note-taking to Obsidian about a year ago. Replicating Notion's tables with a couple of Markdown files and Obsidian plugins, Daily and weekly reviews workflow by arminta, Human rights vs. the Constitution of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Ability to link between the notes and visualising those connections with pretty graphs. If you want to know more, you can refer to the Github source code: Editor Syntax Highlight Obsidian Plugin . Community plugin search filter will now also match by author. 6. Options for exporting a note to a PDF in Obsidian. Today, the Obsidian plug-in market contains very rich treasures, and everyone who can think of optimization points has already contributed good design solutions.

That hasnt been my experience, because I forget many things I consume shallowly. After publishing, I use iframes in Obsidian to update my notes with the final result. It has two ways to create kanban boards: use commands to add new kanban boards, or use the right-click menu to create them; and you can switch between Markdown and kanban boards at any time. For example, to list every Markdown file in a folder called "Climate Change", I'd simply do: If I wanted to use tags instead of folders, I could achieve the same like this: From there, I can mess around with the results by adding additional lines. The URI looks like this: obsidian://open?vault=docs&file=src%2Fdata%2Fmarkdown%2Fdocs%2F03%20cloud%2F02%20Analyzing%20Results%2F02%20Performance%20Insights. We did run into some quirks: if the Dropbox vault is also a Git repository, be aware that checking out a different branch will also change the contents of the directory for the other person. Sometimes Ill make notes about my reasoning for classification, such as this note on why I think chaos engineering is a testing discipline. Recently, my note-taking and personal knowledge management tool of choice has been Obsidian.md. Im still updating my notes with the appropriate frontmatter to make more use of this feature, but here are some use cases I can think of that would be handy at work: Obsidian itself does not (yet) have collaboration features. As part of this, I will start sending out at least one essay edition a month to the wonderful people who have supported the Roundup financially. You can create a presentation really easily by adding --- between paragraphs of text to delineate slides, right within a note. When trying to learn something, many people stop at this phase. If you want to know more, you can refer to the Github source code: obsidian-calendar-plugin . The Calendar plugin is Obsidians most popular plugin, and with good reason. Features of DataTables Javascript library enables you to: You add your new table to a post or page as follows: 1. 2. Each time I do that, I try to identify key concepts and create backlinks for them, which in Obsidian just means typing [[Chaos engineering]], with a topic between double brackets. Data within the content supports backlinks and auto-updates if you rename a note you've linked to. The basic syntax is very easy. For now, suffice it to say that all these notes and highlights end up in Obsidian for processing. When I want to link to another page, its easier to just hit CMD + O to search through existing notes instead of finding it on GitHub. I use a few community plugins to keep track of things I want to. In the meantime, Ive still found ways to work on the same vault with other people. The debug info command now includes the OS information. Tired of Notion's overall sluggishness, I've switched my note-taking to Obsidian This is happening because I'm shuttering my blog at eleanorkonik.com over the next few weeks. Table options are used to customize the look of your table. The graph view is actually functional, too I can assign colors to nodes based on the directory theyre in, their tags, words they can contain, and a lot of other criteria.

Support pasting HTML to automatically convert to Markdown; The application opens very quickly, operates smoothly, and occupies very little memory; 100% free for personal use, no account or registration required; After enabling this plugin, you will see the list appear in the right sidebar; You can complete checklist items by ticking them in the editor (eg. Long holding to view the image full-screen. Tables are managed in AdvancedTables > All Tables. Exclude files whose names contain a certain string: Metadata is not visible in preview mode, data within the content is. If I click on that new link, it creates a page for it. Once enabled, clicking on a day in the calendar creates/takes you to that days corresponding note. was the ability. The plugin reads your daily note settings to know your date format, the location of the daily note template, and the location of the new daily note it creates. There's a new discord channel for theme/CSS development, called. If you mark a codeblock as ```poetry (or prose) it'll use black instead of red text. Then, I import data from Readwise to Obsidian using a process I describe in more detail here. Here are some ways I use Obsidian at work that might help you understand why Obsidian is my daily driver. 5. With the latest third-party plugins for Obsidian, I'm happy to say I'm able to re-create Notion's table functionality, using nothing but Markdown files under the hood. Here's an example of a button: Similarly to Notion's tables, when I use a button to create a new row, I want to have that note pre-populated with variables. 6. You can use it to quickly jump to daily notes at a specific time. It's a free (for non-commercial purposes) cross-platform tool. It can add a calendar module to the sidebar. For details, see the article: Creating a Plugin for Obsidian.md or How to create your own Obsidian Plugin . Place your cursor where you want to insert the table to appear and click on the Insert Advanced Table icon. Then, I process notes iteratively, first restating things into my own words and then creating my own notes about concepts Ive learned. Advanced Tables includes other manipulation tools in addition to the Advanced Editor. Go to Posts > Add New or Pages > Add New. If you get an email from me that is a longform article, it will be because I messed up the button in the Ghost interface. Select the Import Format XLSX Microsoft Excel 2007-2013 (if it is an xlsx file). The Kanban plugin turns Markdown task lists into full-on Kanban boards. Things I've been scared to commit to, because I knew I'd have to scale back when the new school year comes. Note-taking and personal management arent just for students and teachers; I think theyre particularly useful in tech, where knowledge work is highly prized. For example, this is my current book template: Clicking on a new row will create a new note with that content added.

Mobile apps are in private beta at the time of writing. Please check your inbox and click the link to confirm your subscription. You can sync your notes using any cloud software (I prefer. 3. chillum pipe pipes glass does spoon taste should nice wine using tube use there where things alcohol parts hand which If youd prefer the video version, heres a video I made showing this process: "https://www.youtube.com/embed/gVwJZPo30rk", "accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture", Heres an example of my notes during a presentation, this note on why I think chaos engineering is a testing discipline, setting it up to publish on my own domain. Instead of table file.cname, I do table column, and I'm able to see the values stored in the column variable for each file. The Advanced Tablesshortcode will be inserted into your post. You may notice that the frontmatter includes {{date}} in the template, which gets automatically converted to todays date when the template is used. Shocking and convincing, it is the most powerful text editing tool on the surface . This works well with tables that include images that dont automatically resize. Then move the cursor between the tables by Tab / Shift + Tab , and complete the input by Enter ; It is perfect. 2. My background is in software performance testing. If you want to use Obsidian to manage daily tasks , it is a very good plugin. Besides, as one of my fellow moderators pointed out: I love teaching not just teaching children. If you want to know more, you can see the Github source: Paste URL into selection . Select File Upload and click on Choose File to select the file you want to upload. Now, it has only been used for a few days, and there are more ways to play, waiting to be explored; friends from all walks of life are welcome to share your valuable suggestions and opinions. Copyright 2011-2022 SegmentFault. Your notes are kept locally in Markdown files, ensuring you'll have access to them even if Obsidian goes out of business in the future. 4. Note-taking and personal knowledge management get talked about in academic circles, by both students and teachers. Then I just need to assign values to those variables: That's it! (Tip: Hit s to see the speaker notes while on those slides.). Over time, I end up with a page like this one on Chaos Engineering that is a consolidation of what Ive learned. On smaller screens such as phones and tablets, parts of the table might be cut off. These features are designed to be used with more complex tables where you wanted to provide visitors with advanced functionality such as the ability to sort and filter table data; or need to enable pagination and scrolling on larger tables. In the past ten years, writing articles or documents, I have used many excellent text editing tools based on Markdown , such as Sublime Text , Cmd Markdown , MarkEditor , Typora , Arya Online , etc. First way is to utilise metadata at the beginning of the note: The second way is to add data directly to the note: These two approaches have slight differences: Whichever option I choose, my query only needs slight modification to display it. I have a couple of tables that look at specific tags based on the status of the book (reading, completed, to-read), and I can pick and choose which fields to display: For more inspiration, here are some examples shared on the forum: Check your inbox and click the link to confirm your subscription. It will probably ship on the third Thursday of the month, because I do really well with recurring deadlines like that. Its naive to think we wont one day forget some skills weve learned, even if we were using them daily at one point. Until I met Obsidian , I was impressed by the powerful functions and perfect design. when rendered (i.e., viewed in Preview mode in Obsidian), returns a list of all my notes under the subfolder Meeting in the last month: This is huge! When you view your published post or page youll see your new table. Examples: An even more powerful way of querying Markdown files is into tables. The graph view plots every note and the connections between notes, so Ive ended up with a slick visual representation of what Ive been thinking and writing about. Id argue, though, that most people who work in a field as fast-moving as tech are knowledge workers too. Join the newsletter to receive the latest updates in your inbox. Youcan import tables from existing data, like from a csv, xls, or xlxsfile from a spreadsheet application, an HTML file resembling a webpage, or its own JSON format into Advanced Tables. This is very valuable for programmers (software development); it can make the code of the editing interface and the metadata of the page have a highlight effect; and it supports a lot of formats, such as xml , json ts js html css python bash and so on. Old links should redirect to new homes for all the articles by the time I'm done. This plugin brings something akin to SQL (albeit not as powerful) to Obsidian. 2021 Incsub, LLC | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Service | Accessibility Statement, Features of the DataTables Javascript library, Table Name: (choose a name that is descriptive), Description (optional): (this might be useful if you have a lot of similar tables), The number of table Rows and Columns(this can be edited later). Since we were working closely together on the same document, we opted to put our shared vault on Dropbox. . It is worth mentioning that in the code area, you can use the Tab button with confidence, without worrying about clearing the code you selected, the effect is the same as that in the code editor, and the experience is excellent. This is a bummer, but given how quickly theyve delivered on features that the community has clamored for (block references and mobile apps come immediately to mind), Im hopeful that theyll eventually improve in this area. Yet nobody talks about note-taking. The flip and stack modes can be further customized by adding another parameter to define which screen size the mode should be used on (note that this does not apply to scroll and collapse modes). You can also import a range of file formats including Excel spreadsheets to createtables. Interestingly, if I go to the Chaos Engineering page, I can also see all the instances Ive linked to it from other notes: What if I didnt have the foresight to link to Chaos Engineering from an article I read? My job for several years has been to make sure that applications are prepared to withstand traffic from many users accessing it, usually by writing code to simulate that traffic before its released to real users. Theyve read the thing, theyve highlighted passages from the thing, and now they think theyve learned the thing. A simple example will looks like this: In the first line I've specified the columns I want (above: creation time), and in the second one I tell it where to look (above: folder named "Climate Change"). Heres a video on YouTube about chaos engineering that my colleague Simme and I planned out collaboratively on Obsidian, embedded into Obsidian: The video plays in Obsidian with all the same controls. Remember how any folder of .md files can be opened as an Obsidian vault? You import a table from an Excel spreadsheet as follows: 1. Mind Map is a plug-in, it can convert your Markdown text into a mind map, you can view the structure and content of the article more clearly, and also supports some simple operations, such as zooming in and out, dragging Drag, collapse and expand nodes, etc. I have no affiliation with the Obsidian team, and in fact Im an investor of a competing product. You can customize the titles of the lists that are there, and you can add due dates to each task. You can view to-do tasks in all notes under this column, you can quickly jump to the location of the task, or you can Tick the complete task directly on the taskbar. If you prefer not to get those in your inbox, I plan to pre-pend all the titles with an emoji, to help with filtering. It can add a task bar to Obsidian's sidebar. The best age. " I dont want to actually publish any real meeting notes, so heres what my note on the chaos engineering process looks like as a PDF, straight from Obsidian. The Advanced Editor should launch and works the same as the text editor. With basic queries in place, I extend that by creating new notes with a click of a button. Combining the two methods gives additional flexibility.

Essays related to Obsidian & knowledge management will be hosted here, stuff about worldbuilding & history is getting moved to The Iceberg newsletter. There are four approaches to applying responsive tables, namely Flip, Scroll, Collapse, and Stack. 5. Its usage is as follows: If you want to know more, you can see the Github source code: obsidian-checklist-plugin . After the file has uploaded it will load in the Add New Table screen where you check the table contents and customize the settings. Workflow explanations, including a series about migrating from Evernote by the original "paperless ambassador." To go beyond that, I define custom columns. For me, chaos engineering fit into my page on Nonfunctional testing. First click on the Advanced Editor icon in Table Manipulation. It lets you query your notes based on some file-related metadata as well as parameters you set in your frontmatter. The Roundup itself will always be free. Note, though, that this is not as safe as waiting for them to go through code review. This is the same format that many static site generators take for content. Templates let you define the format of a note. Click Save Changesonce youve finished creating your table. DataTables Javascript library is designed to be used with more complex tables where you wanted to provide visitors with advanced functionality such as the ability to sort and filter table data. For a variety of reasons, it's time for eleanorkonik.com to be more of a landing page and less of a blog. At work, we happen to store our main product documentation as Markdown files in a GitHub repo, which make it perfect for opening in Obsidian as well. I have multiple Obsidian vaults, and each of them is a version-controlled Git repository, hosted on GitHub. This site that youre reading this on is generated using Hugo, so everything written here is kept as a Markdown file before its turned into HTML. They just see me pushing to the repository as if I had used a text editor like VSCode. Click in the cell you want to add content to using the Advanced Editor.