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I dont understand how fundies want to be a girlfriend instead of a wife when a wife is the end all be all of their lives. Mama made me some coffee to keep my energy up since I had a long day ahead. Interestingly, in the UK top 1000 it sat at #592 for girls in 2019. John + Abbie (Burnett) Duggar didnt announce Pregnancy #2 on June 13 (On Time). I know shes lost count. Can I say my husband forgot the baby in the car? I just lost a dear friend to Covid. I gotta be honest, the Bontragers arent one of the families I really keep up with so probably not. So it might not take long for Lincoln to get married. Thats less than in their world. God, I kind of want to create a fake instagram account as a newly married & pregnant fundie, tag Allison, and then show her what to write about. Thanks for reading Duggar Data. 112621 Denver + Praise (Helferich) Bontrager announce Pregnancy #1. The 2nd Childs birth is the hardest for the Predictor, since theres very little data to work with. The year is still young and I think it's going to happen for all of them (obviously for Allison), even if some go late into the year and don't get announced right away. (Rodrigues Data), 101621 KellerRodrigues #1 born to Nurie + Nathan. Probably recently, since the Bontragers dont usually wait to announce.

Also, they didnt do a Sex or Name Reveal, waiting until birth to announce both. Not today. We dont have a CS Start Date. I won't be surprise if Liz marries Carver by her 18th birthday. ), So, heres the Estimated Relationship Timeline were working with. Denver Bontrager is engaged! They didnt share the Due Datenot even the month!so, its impossible to analyze their Timing Data (of Pregnancy Announcement, Delivery vs. Due Date, etc.). Is it Bryn with #2? 052221 Caldwell #9 born to Paul + Christina (Hamrick) Caldwell. They are next due to announce on May 21, 2021 (+0.5 SD). Im not going to drop my crying baby to go be with him. Shes the 2nd Child and 2nd Daughter of Josie (Bates) + Kelton Balka. On the Approximate Courtposal Date (September 16, 2019), Allison was Age 25.34 and Jeremiah was Age 23.37. But I would go against that to say he looks more confident (and honestly, of the better looking fundies)Now Josh on the other hand can look smug. Her marriage advice holds zero value for me. Here's how many children are in each Predictor Family, from most to least, 19 Children Gil + Kelly Jo Bates, J.B. + Michelle Duggar, 11 Children Courtney + Christopher Rogers (+1 On The Way), 8 Children Mike + Suzette Keller, Steve + Terry Maxwell, and, here's how many are in various adjacent families, such as InLaws, from most to least, 11 Children George + Laura Craig (2 Adopted), Kevin + Marie Helferich, 10 Children Ron + Jillene Keilen, Charles + Tammy Paine, Dwain + Lana Swanson, Brian + Susan Waller, 7 Children Garrett + Ethel Ruark (Michelles Parent), Richard + Angela Kahle, Tim + Ana Maria Salyer (3 Adopted), Michael + Guinn Seewald, 6 Children Betty Jo Smith (Kellys Mom) w/ 2 Husbands (4 Biological, Including Kelly Jo, w/ Ken Callaham; 2 Adopted w/ Bill Miller), Greg + Analucia Jackson, Robert + Hilary Spivey, Paul + Denese Stewart, Daniel + Sandra Webster, 3 Children Bill + Jane Bates (Gils Parents), Michael + Carla Clark, Robert + Sherri Smith, Chuck + Diana Vuolo, 2 Children Rick + Cathy Dillard, Jimmy + Mary Duggar (Jim Bobs Parents), Terry + Roxanne Forsyth, Kory + Kimberly Nakatsu, LaCount + Maria Reber. My then teenaged sister lived on the other side of the world and she or I were always stupidly tired when we talked on the phone. (2.0 SDs Late! 081321 Joy (Duggar) + Austin Forsyth announce Pregnancy #3. Two of their sons married Bowers. Ohyeah, because their fathers are smug know it alls. These events were already late, they missed a deadline against since April 1st, and still havent happened (Alphabetical by Predictor Familys Last Name). (NoteThis is based on a Courtposal Date of Christmas 2020, which is just a very, very rough estimate. The Fridays or Saturdays in that range are February 19, 20, 26, and 17; March 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, and 26; and April 2 and 3. Josiah + Lauren (Swanson) Duggar didnt announce Pregnancy #2 on June 5 (+1.5 SDs). 2018) and Addison Renee (b. Fern is Jessa (Duggar) + Ben Seewalds 4th Child / 2nd Daughter. #it should be illegal for these people's parents to name children. I can't keep up. It has never been in the US top 1000. Join our Discord server--request access :), Press J to jump to the feed. Theyre next due to announce on June 2, 2021 (+2.0 SDs). Theyre now expected to announce on June 4, 2021 (+1.5 SDs). Loose fangirling and thread drift rules. I agree about Carver. 120321 Katie Bates marries Travis Clark. Currently, a typical Bontrager Couples 2nd Child Spacing is 1.5140x Longer than their Firstborn Spacing. He is their 4th Child, bringing their total to 2 Sons + 2 Daughters. Josh + Anna Duggar announced Pregnancy #7 on Annas Instagram on April 23, 2021. Maybe their phone camera (I'm assuming it's a phone) is pretty low quality. (None of these couples actually married; however, I will factor in their Engagement Length if their Intended Wedding Date was known.). The Bontragers Blog narrows it down toa Saturday in May 2020, of which there were fiveMay 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30. Prior to theirs, the Average Bontrager Courtship lasted 259 Days. Weirdly enough, this isnt the first time this has happened2 Bontragers (Carson and Josh) married Bowers Sisters (Carolina and Cassidy) back in September 2017. (Hurray! Hes currently out of custody on conditional release, including GPS monitoring, pending trial. NoteDuggar Data recalculated this portion of the Post after realizing she had input one of the Bontrager DOBs incorrectly in her spreadsheet. But I do have a small number of people who KNOW my love and my commitment and I theirs.. and when I need to drop a weight and vent all my momentary frustrations I know I will get the laughs, the "same girl, same" and we move on to the next topic.. b/c it i just a safe space to vent.. it is not a sign that the end is near. They've girded their loins with the armour of God, but much like their pants, it doesn't fitproperly. wait, I thought Carolina was older than Carson by about 6 months?? I'm unaware of any quiverfull (QF) family that has 20+ Children. 051921 Courtney + Christopher Rogers announce Pregnancy #12. Its just easier control of the females. Maybe they arent! (Confirmed). (NoteSince the families havent mentioned the pair in months, its pretty doubtful that his is going to happen, at this point. Bit. Apparently, Denver + Praise were together by June, at least. If Praise is, I doubt she would announce this soon. I dont get how she can give any advice unless it is advice that others have given her. We knew each others plans in advance so it was never an issue. Thats less than in their world.

It doesnt have a ch sound. Esther (Keller) + John Shrader didnt reveal Pregnancy #13 on May 21 (+0.5 SD) or July 10, 2021 (+1 SD). She hasnt been married a year. What happened in March / Early April 2021? Its ridiculous. Its nice to make time for your husband and I recommend it. NPD is May 27, 2022 (+1 SD). Date. (1 SD Late!). 011522 Stewart #2 born to Carlin (Bates) + Evan Stewart. Allison hasnt shared much about her Due Date Not even which month its in. She ascribes to very classic quiverfull beliefs and eschews any form of birth control. 1995) and Joanna Praise Wissmann, daughter of Josiah and Abi Lynn (Rehm) Wissmann (b. 102521 Anna Maxwell starts courting. I wonder if they held onto the news for so long because they wanted privacy, or because they knew that Mondays are the best days for social media engagement. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Nothing yet on when he proposed. An unmarried fundie theyve been friends with a long time. Have any of you ever had an internal ultrasound before? Not bad! NPD is September 24, 2021 (+0.5 SD)but honestly, its unclear if theyre going to court, if theyre precourting now, if theyre already courting, or what. @funknowndies OMG, youre right! Is. 062221 Balka #2* (Hazel Sloane) born to Josie (Bates) + Kelton Balka. they both have that big joyous smile going on. Kaylee Rodrigues didnt begin courting on May 18 (+0.5 SD). If Allison + Jeremiah arent perfectly typical, heres what might happen. Whole. Lets talk Age Gap! Ahem Cherokee Indian passing by just to point out that EVERYWHERE in the United States has a 400+ year history. We dont know!). Literally no details were given. (0.5 SD Late! As suspected, Denver is involved with his Older Sister Allisons SisterInLaw, Praise. Coming up. Two Bontrager sons married two Bowers sisters. Jana Duggar + Stephen Wissmann are widely believed to be courting, or at least in some kind of relationship. Chelsys Due Date was in September. My almost 12 years of marriage would never give that kind of advice. Allison Nicole (Bontrager) + Jeremiah Seth Helferich welcomed their Firstborn, Malachi Seth Helferich, on June 4, 2021 at 10:30 AM. (Chelsys Engagement will almost certainly remain an outlier / exception, too She was engaged to John Maxwell, and Maxwells are really reluctant to announce relationships. Half of Mike + Suzette Kellers Children. They wed at Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa. the far right is Allison Helferich, and yes, she does have a great big smile in that picture! Im am currently single, dated the same person for five years and we lived together for three. Moriah Faith Caldwell was born to Pastor Paul + Christina Caldwell on May 17, 2021. They have 21 [Living] Children. Overall and Family Data The Overall (All Families) and FamilySpecific (e.g., Duggar, Bates) datasets have expanded! (1.5 SDs Late! 080421 Meagan (Forsyth) + Bobby Ballinger announce Pregnancy #4. She said it again at concerts on July 12, July 15, and possibly others. ), 042321 Travis Clark proposes to Katie Bates. Ive only been a bridesmaid 4 times and I hate being a bridesmaid. (2 SDs Late! What if we arent religious? But like I said, Im not factoring in their data, yet. Who? Gil + Kelly Jos 19 Children, including 7 Married Couples. Lawson Bates didntcourtpose to Tiffany on July 2 (On Time). Carry on. Any you predict will have more than that? (0.5 SD Late! 061721 Kristen + Justin Young announce Pregnancy #4. 2.) 102421 Joseph + Elissa (Frost) Maxwell announce Pregnancy #4. Everyone is human. When you've been married less than a year and have followed a recipe written by your father to get to this point, you have no place giving advice about what makes a marriage work. (Their Age at CS displays as? in my spreadsheets.) And this was their second (!!!!!) indoor wedding during a pandemic without a mask anywhere. Other than that no. With a 444Day PP, Allison + Jeremiahs ESOQ is 11 Children. Brooklyn Praise Duggar was born on February 19th. Only the Duggars and Bateses have reached #19. There is a woman sitting with Chelsy, Allison and Rebecca. Her NPD is January 16, 2022 (+1 SD). (1.5 SDs Late! ), Jim Bob + Michelle (Ruark) Duggars 19 Children, including 9 Married Couples. This woman is nameless, but there's also this about her, (fun story-this friend is actually the one who introduced my sister to her now sisters-in-law, who introduced her to their brother, and then one of them caught the eye of my brother.and hence this wedding! 061221 Smith #3 (Charlotte Raine) born to Tori (Bates) + Bobby Smith. Im guessingeither Cassidy, Chelsy or Praise have the other baby on the way. pray together daily? nelliebelle1197 locked, unlocked and locked this topic, Copyright Free Jinger LLC All Rights Reserved. and, these events werent late, but now are. If I have a v-neck dress like that where I think theres a bit too much cleavage I just pin it shut with a safety pin or, if Im being especially industrious, sew it shut. I know Mrs. Allison Helferich is pregnant, but who is the other pregnant Bontrager? Josh Duggar was taken into custody by US Marshals on April 28, 2021. The Bontrager Blog announced it on November 30, 2020 at 11:17 PM. Im not including Cathy Dillard, Lynn Perkins, or Diana Vuolo, since they arent quiverfull. ), 060421 Josiah + Lauren (Swanson) Duggar announce Pregnancy #2.

Anna is duethis fall, but hasnt stated exactly when. I wonder if Marlin disapproves of a gaggle of teens all together. Prior to Allison + Jeremiah, a typical Bontrager started courting as follows. With the exception of Chelsys, all Bontrager Engagements were announced Same Day or 1 Day Later. Bontragers/Bowers/Helferich 9: Oh Nos! There have been a lot of changes around here, lately! It's been the same with many recent photo posts. She also has a name themenot to mention, some pretty interesting name choices! Engagement Date. Sierra Jo + Mark Dominguez didnt announce Pregnancy #8 on June 2 (2 SDs Late). She is their 9th Child. Assuming Engagement Length is normallydistributed, odds are ~68% that theyll wed between February 19April 8, 2021.

Honestly, theirs was basically spoton with that, and thus barely shifted the average, at all Factoring Allison + Jeremiahs in, your typical Bontrager Courtship now lasts 258 Days (1 Day). While most Predictor Couples Age Gap favors the man, the Bontrager Family isnt as rigid about this. When we sent it to be repaired it was empty and wiped out. Ummmmm. Factor in Allison + Jeremiah, and that shifts to 105 Days (7 Days). Currently, the critical values it uses are set, as follows. Soon, 2 Bontragers (Denver and Allison) will be married to Helferiches (Praise and Jeremiah). Hes facing a two count federal indictment for possession and receipt of child sexual abuse images. Karissa (Goering) + Mandrae Collins (Prolific Instagrammer), Sierra (Baird) + Mark Dominguez (Counting On; Friends of the Duggars), Courtney (Harkins) + Christopher Rogers (Prolific Instagrammer), Kristen + Justin Young (Counting On; Friends of the Duggars). Bateses Zach + Whitney, Alyssa + John, Tori + Bobby, Trace, Josie + Kelton, Jackson to Jeb, Bontragers Chelsy + John, Mitchell + Bryn, Allison + Jeremiah, Carson + Carolina, Taylor to Rebecca, Caldwells Paul + Christina, Micah to Moriah, Duggars Jessa + Ben, Jinger + Jeremy, Jer, Jason, James, Jackson to Josie, Maxwells Nathan + Melanie, John + Chelsy, Mary. Some of them definitely qualify. 091721 Karissa + Mandrae Collins announce Pregnancy #10. Everything.

Hazel Sloane Balka arrived on June 14, 2021. Can I say my husband forgot the baby in the car? I'm kind of glad Hannie and Jackson are still "paired". Im glad I will probably never be one again. Apologies for the delay - Tumblr wouldn't let me post this for ages - but here is my name analysis for Kendra and Joe Duggar's newest addition who arrived on the 19 February 2021 joining older siblings Garrett David (b. Praise and Denver got married in March so I am sure an announcement is coming any day now. Nurie (Rodrigues) + Nathan Keller did a Sex Reveal for their Firstborn, due in October, on June 17, 2021. They chose a good photographer. Liz, who is probably the one writing the blog these days, seems to love!!!exclamation!!!marks!!! The Collins Family Im fascinated by the Collins FamilyKarissa + Mandrae Collins, and their 8 Children (+1 On The Way)and decided to track their data. it's the Bontragers! Currently, hes the oldest Bontrager living at home. Alreadylate for Pregnancy #2,Si + Lauren (Swanson) Duggar didnt announce on their +1.0 SD Date (March 26, 2021), either. My dad never wanted to hurt my feelings but there were a few times he said something that did. Thus far, they have the largest Age Gap of any Bontrager Couple. Allison Bontrager and Jeremiah Helferich are the ones who just had the baby that i posted, or are you asking about the whole Helferich family? 061821 Lauren Caldwell marries Titus Hall. Send in an Ask, or feel free to DM me. Denver was 2.21 Years Younger (0.88 SD) than that and Praise was 2.57 Years Older (+0.94 SD). 092221 Stewart #2 born to Carlin (Bates) + Evan Stewart. Maybe that was her announcement? eta: Nope, I even knew how to pronounce Malachi but apparently just decided to forget that while writing this comment. Liam decided to name herPraise The Lord in honour of her Christ-honouring birth! And, the entire occasion were captured with some damn good photos.

She hasnt revealed her due date.). No way. Cant estimate a PreC.S. Even when I was happily married & we liked each other. Does one of these lines go to the FJ data center? It may be the end of their music business, but in the other side, they may be willing to have a quiet house for the first time in 30 years. As for the Engagement At only ~77 Days Long, it was short. I'm heartbroken. (0.5 SD Late!).

For what? If they had some idea of what was going on or that something might be happening with Josh, maybe they wanted their kids to have a good time before the family had to descend, once again, into paparazzi hell. 090921 Mary Carol Maxwell gets engaged. MotherInLaw Data wont factor in, except in the Overall Data. 2010). Im not sure about about Kristy Balka, Roxanne Forsyth, and Sheri Smith. Similar (obnoxious) sound repetition that her sister used with a sons name: Axton Maxwell.

Im not going to just drop my plans with my best friend to be with him. But I would never just drop whatever Im doing to be with him.

And here she is! I am curious if the speech of the dads is going to be topped by them since the previous wedding. Until Allison + Jeremiah got together, Bontager Couples had an Average Age Gap of 232 Days. It has since fallen a smidge and sits at #52 in 2019. We honestly have no idea when they started courting, if they indeed are courting. Wants are nice too, but needs are what makes a marriage stick.

They seemed close as little kids and their talking heads were usually pretty funny. Joshua and Cassidy had their 2nd last April, Carson and Carolina had their 2nd last August, Mitchell and Bryn had their 2nd last December, Allison and Jeremiah are having their first soon. If anyone else is pregnant, its probably Cass. Honestly, I just find her so annoying, I cant handle following her Instagram anymore. How can anyone raise their sons to be smug little know it alls and be happy about it?! Just investigated, and I have Carsons DOB input wrong in my spreadsheet. My contractions were very strong by this point, but Mama told me to keep praying for a healthy baby and all would be well! Duggar Data also casually follows several otherse.g., Amy (Duggar) + Dillon King, Sue + Noel Radford, the Kody Brown Family, and a few of the Predictor InLaws (e.g., Dan + Deena Dillard and Meagan [Forsyth] + Bobby Ballinger). Questions for my fellow uterus owners. ), Ansyr, Anthym Collins (Some of the Collins kids names are fine but I never understood the 'replace a vowel with a y to make it trendy' thing). By One. I predicted pregnancies for Chelsy, Allison, Cass, and Praise in 2021. Whats expected to happen from now through January 2022? Now that theyve had their 1st Pregnancy / Child, the PP is based on their 1st Spacing and the Bontrager Family 2nd Child Multiplier. I have the feeling that Bons are going to marry their 4 youngest as soon as they can. Thank you, Helpful Anon!). I think that Brooklyn is one of the names most predicted back when Kendra was pregnant with Garrett and we didn't know her naming taste yet. Praise is obviously a super Christian 'word name'. Kendra and Joe once again chose a name most notable for its fundie blah-ness. the pictures are from 2019 and here's their blog post about it:, i don't think they explain that pose though. The Keilen Family is notable for having several big families in its treetheyre Catholicbut none with 19 Children. Hopefully their relationship is still strong. (Yes, really!). Jed + Katey Duggar tied the knoton April 3, 2021 in Springdale, AR, at a wedding venue called The Barn at The Springs.

Was this a honeymoon kid? 091021 Karissa + Madrae Collins announce Pregnancy #10. What do you think? I was in a lot of pain and wanted to go to the hospital, but Liam prayed about it and read his bible, and God told him that he wanted me to have a natural birth at home. Courtship Prediction is halted for Sarah Maxwell. Ive made a few changes and improvements, mostly fairly minor. Why would you want to be a girlfriend? 2019). Isnt she beautiful? Im not planning to follow any of the Girl Defined girls, I find them insufferable. But I want to share our labour story with you before I introduce her! His smile is just a know it all smile that bugs me. It went through many spelling changes before it became Brooklyn including Brucklyn, Brockland, and Brookline. Our sweet little girl has arrived! In the UK however, it came it at #469 in 2019. Minimal mod censorship. We dont have any Timing Data for them, so Ill use the Overall Bontrager Data to forecast their Pregnancy Announcement Timing and Delivery vs. DOB.

and 10 NonPartnered ChildrenJana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie). I am still not quite over it. World.

This ranged from 16 Days (Chelsy + John) to 295 Days (or 1.63 Years) (Mitchell + Bryn). Was it early, late, or what? (0.5 SD Late!). plus, 3 NonPartnered Children / DaughtersSarah, Anna, and Mary. (1.5 SDs Late!). 3 NotMarriedSoFar Couples (Lawson Bates + Tiffany Espensen, Nathan Bates + Esther Keyes, and Katie Bates + Travis Clark), and 9 NonPartnered ChildrenTrace, Jackson, Warden, Isaiah, Addee, Ellie, Callie, Judson, and Jeb. (NoteThis is extremely speculative. (2.5 SDs Late!). 100721 Jed + Katey (Nakatsu) Duggar announce Pregnancy #1. Praise T.L. Just went through the photo dump and have just one totally BEC comment: whoever took all those pictures really did a not very good job.

And then ask him the same and be open-minded with whatever it is. Denver + Praise appear to have been involved since June 2020, if not before, but the Bontrager Family hadnt officially confirmed anything. And. Its actually a new record for Shortest Bontrager Engagement.

061621 Nathan + Nurie (Rodrigues) Keller do a Sex Reveal for KellerRodrigues #1. In 2020, 27% of US Tumblr users had an annual household income of over $100,000. You would think he would be BFFs with the other know it all, Josh Bontrager. After a 9Day NICU hospitalization, he is home with the family. (AN: credit to @quiver-full-of-sims for the name suggestion, and to the Helferich family for coming up with that special of a name in the first place! On 7/10, I had a nervous breakdown. 083121 Renee Rodrigues starts courting. Tyler mustve come up with JB and Michelle the day of the wedding. The Predictor calculates this using Bontrager Data. Ill keep yall updated. And since his sister Elizabeth is also 18 years old, they have a daughter to marry off to the same family.

And I must agree with @Nothing if not criticalthat the photos were bad.

Denver + Praises Age Gap is the Largest Age Gap for Bontrager Couples, however And, their Age Gap is >2x that of the secondplace couple,Allison + Jeremiah (722 Days Apart, Favoring Her). 062221 Nathan Bates proposes to Esther Keyes. So which family will they pick next? This is a small hometown store that weve dealt with for 30 years. NPD is July 3, 2022 (+1 SD). Neither Jana, Stephen, nor their families has confirmed this; however, theres evidence that Stephen was at both Justin and Jeds Weddings, and that Jana celebrated Christmas 2020 with Stephens Family. Still, this isnt really enough to give us a Courtposal Date. NPD is August 23, 2021 (+0.5 SD). During the Bontrager Family Singers Summer Tour, Liz introduced Denver and said:He praises the Lord every day for a certain young lady from Minnesota! Duggar Data thinks she first said this on June 13, 2020, which was the first concert in the 2020 Summer Tour. Im guessing wives in fundieland need to just smile and shut up when their husband makes a mistake.