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You can expect to be asked the kind of questions we cover in this article in your phone screens. How long is the string? On Sunday mornings Id wake up and go to a coffee shop and grind out some problems in Objective-C. Once I did enough problems in CtCI (I think I solved ~35 problems) I would review a handful of Leetcode problems in the chapters Id gone over. Itll be awkward. I wouldnt phone it in for the purposes of interviewing. I do remember really enjoying the people I spoke with and having a very insightful lunch interview. What kind of string are we dealing with? Problem:Given an encoded string, return its decoded string.3[a]2[bc]=aaabcbc. I was explicitly rejected by 4 of those companies (Reddit, Nest, Stripe, Uber) after applying. Thats how most development goes in the industry, too. Hopefully, I can inspire people that were in the same spot as me not 100% happy with work, dreaming of life in the Bay, but lacking severely on the study prep front to just go for it and see what the future brings their way. Math dictates 6 companies followed up with a recruiter screen. Referrals. I grew up an extreme Apple fanboy (since the age of 12, at least). Steer clear from writing in a language that is not your first or primary language as when you dont know a language very well it will show in your interview. Id like to shout out the CS Career Hackers community one last time. Theyre much smaller than any of the other companies I applied to and it showed in all of the good ways. I didnt do them all but I did enough. At this point you might want to enlist the help of an offer negotiation specialist to ensure you secure the best possible offer. Making sure I was still meeting all of my commitments at work was a challenge, too, but I made sure to prioritize that over interviewing, rescheduling when necessary. Although every company loved telling me that it really feels like a startup!, it rang the truest at Amazon. When you finally come to the point where youve written some code in such a stressful interview, feels like youve won the battle. Its a very loooooong process relative to the rest of the companies I spoke with, so I definitely had to keep everyone updated on where Google was. In this question, youre tasked with writing a program to decode this string. The only way to get better at getting through these tasks within the constraints of the interview structure is to practice using that structure through mock interviews. I also knew I didnt want to apply to 100+ places like I did when I was graduating from college. Read the Noteworthy in Tech newsletter. This can happen to the best of us, but the easiest way to avoid making this mistake is clarifying the problem. Not critical as in very important, but critical as in you should consider it an absolute requirement when studying. To study algorithms I began first with Cracking the Coding Interview. Typically, in a Google (or other Big Tech) coding assessment, your interviewer will keep asking follow-up questions that become more and more complex as you progress. Many times you'll get a question that seems very straightforward, but actually has a lot of nuances and gray areas that should be cleared up. In the interview, time management is crucial to get through everything you need to cover. I loved the vibe onsite. Theyre not out to scare you or to trick you into failing the interview. When we surveyed a group of software engineers on how much time they thought youd need to prepare for a technical interview at Google (or any other FAANG or Top Tech company), the answers ranged from 2 weeks to a year, with 6 months being the most popular response. Do you have a coding interview coming up? About 30% of coding interview questions are about graphs, so you should be really familiar with tree structure. I was very impressed throughout the entire interview process with LinkedIn from both a culture perspective and an engineering perspective. Drop your email, we will get back to you within 24 hours. This goes back to asking the right kind of questions. I also knew that I wasnt positive where I wanted to work or how much compensation Id need to match what Im making now. The key thing to remember when faced with this kind of problem is that solving this is just the first layer. What about layered encodings?For example,3[a2[c]]=3[acc]=accaccacc. If you Google anything along the lines of coding interview prep for FAANG or coding questions asked at Google, youll soon be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of technical interview prep material out there.

Output the order, in which you would take them. If they give you hints, its absolutely ok to use those clues and ask questions to make sure you understand whats expected. I interviewed Facebooks newest building. The key to preparing algorithm interviews is to get yourself to a point that you can figure out a problem during the interview, not necessarily to know how to do every problem. Turning up for your interview not knowing what kind of questions youll be asked is one of the most frequent mistakes Ava sees. I truly, genuinely hope that the above can help someone get over the hump when it comes to landing a job theyve dreamed about. Without such a foundation, youd really struggle and the time spent on prep work would be really unproductive and demotivating. Oops! Some of these courses have prerequisites. There is, however, a method to the madness. Its important to note though that your chances increase 8-1 if you apply via referral or are working through a recruiter instead. Ava says there are some coding interview mistakes that are frequently made yet easily avoidable. So, we jumped at the chance to sit down with Ava Katushka, a former Google Software Engineer and Technical Interview Coach, to pick her brain. Perhaps youre familiar with this famous example: Its very common to think that this algorithm would have linear complexity, but its actually square because strings are immutable in Java. Sites like HackerRank and LeetCode have countless sample coding questions you can practice on. Of the remaining 16, 10 companies never responded to me either way (Lyft, Airbnb, Dropbox, Instagram, YouTube, Square, Robinhood, Twitter, Snap, Slack). Its very tempting to sit back, let out a sigh of relief and say youre done. Learn on the go with our new app. They rose the highest on my mental list of iOS Prestige from the start of the process until the end. Youll also want to compare the solutions youve come up with and pick the best one based on your constraints. Reviewing my Google Calendar, I believe I had (approximately): Adding up the above says I had 46 interviews in 73 days (including gaps between each step). If you think you understand the problem, but its not the problem that the interviewer intended for you to solve, and you end up solving the wrong problem, thats a major red flag. The iPhone SDK encouraged me to build and ship my first app. Book a free call with Ava here. Familiarize yourself with the entire process. I think its done! you should be saying Okay, I think its done, but let me test it.. insights into the Google Software Engineering interview process, Familiarize yourself with the entire process, using the STAR Interview Method to Nail Any Tech Interview, Software Engineering at Google: Lessons Learned from Programming Over Time, How to Crack the Google Sales/Business Development Interview (With sample Q&A), Top Google Interview Questions You Need to Know for 2022, Interview Insights from an ex-Google Software Engineer, Top Tips on Nailing the Technical Interview from ex-Amazon & ex-Google Engineers, How to Ace your Google Product Manager Interview, Insider Advice on Crafting Your Resume to Catch the Attention of Hiring Managers at Google, Apple, & Amazon, The Pros & Cons of Being a Temp or Contractor at Google. If youre looking for a place to practice and talk with others in similar situations (or those that have been through it on either side), please do check it out. Youll need to be able to iterate for graphs and to see graphs in the question. Im sure you can get a job without it, but its the single best form of practice I had. Given an encoded string, return its decoded string.3[a]2[bc]=aaabcbc. 1-1 coaching from a coach with personal experience with the FAANG interview structure like. Get updates in your inbox with the latest tips, job listings, and more. Everything listed below is something I wish I knew beforehand, both in terms of preparation on the technical side and in terms of scheduling and other non-technical tips. Preparing For The Future Of Work: Qaid Jivan Of TalentMarketplace On The Top Five Trends To Watch, A Compilation of My Thoughts on Software Engineering Career Development, How to conduct a successful interview: a checklist, How to (In)Effectively Prepare for Coding Interviews. Edit: follow-up post (with the $ offered) posted here! I think there was one that planned on four weeks of studying and I got through almost all of it. Ava says that her answer to this question assumes you have a foundation in Computer Science knowledge either through a university degree, online courses or some form of self-study. Shadow Boxing at the Agency (How to Choose a Good Recruitment Agency). This seems like a relatively simple problem, and youd be forgiven for wondering why it would appear in a Google SWE interview. They typically last about 40 minutes. If anyone wants to mock phone interviews for iOS Id be happy to help out you may be able to find me on CS Career Hackers and maybe we can work something out, time permitting. It was pretty awkward for me until it wasnt, and the practice absolutely paid off. I also had to let Google know where I was with everyone else. Questions that essentially focus on the basics of Computer Science. I didnt want to fly across the country repeatedly to find my perfect job, so I knew I had to schedule them alongside each other and gut it out. They arent just looking for you to solve the simple first statement; they want to see how deep you can go with this problem. I didnt find it until a few months after I signed my offer, but its a great place nonetheless. In order to select the best solution based on the constraints of your problem, youll need to ask question like: How big is the array? You know the price of the stock on each day. Thats impossible. Even though youre expected to have an in-depth understanding of the topics and be able to manipulate the information quickly, these questions dont typically reflect the problems and tasks youll face once you land the job. Given a positive integer n, find the least number of perfect square numbers (for example 1,4,9,16) which sum to n. A common topic of debate among software engineers is why interviewers concentrate on these types of questions in coding interviews. twitter.com/bayareabell DM me on Twitter if you have any questions on anything, iOS or otherwise. If you can dedicate yourself to full-time preparation and working through sample problems like its your job, Ava says 2-3 months should suffice. Youll be expected to know the code style, memory management, invisible copies, mutable / immutable types in your language etc.

Early on into your work placement, what did you learn? With the basics down, I moved on to Elements of Programming Interviews. Ask a friend to practice a mock interview with you remember to practice out loud. Likely one of the most important things to bear in mind, is that the person on the other side of the table, is also a Software Engineer just like you. One that definitely requires adequate preparation and planning, but making sure youre ready to conquer the remaining steps is equally important. If you want to go beyond the minimum that is asked of you and leave a lasting positive impression on your interviewer, youll want to suggest multiple solutions for your problem. All told, I applied to 20 companies. These lessons are not iOS-specific and Id imagine are generally applicable to all interviews in our industry. In short, I had a large gap to bridge. If its of any use: I was interviewing for my second job out of college with about two and a half years of experience without any particularly notable internships or employers on my resume; I went to a very small school that had zero known software companies at their career fair; I started preparing in late April and started applying in June/July; and, lastly, a few months in, my job is everything I could have possibly dreamed of. If it were natural you wouldnt need to practice it, would you? When presented with a coding problem, it's really important to spend a few minutes clarifying the requirements with the interviewer.

After I passed through Googles hiring committee I moved on to the team matching phase and ultimately matched up with a team.

Love podcasts or audiobooks? Ava says she gets many requests for mock interviews where the person has only a week (or maybe two) before their coding interview and has done no prior prep. It was absolutely surreal to have them invite me onsite and later extend me an offer. Your submission has been received! How often have you sat down, reviewed an unfamiliar problem, formulated a solution and written the code for your solution with zero mistakes first time round all in under 40 minutes? It makes you look bad, its unethical, and if you dont get a job, youre now a lower performer. If you start practicing on the phone or on a whiteboard and its embarrassing or awkward, its a sign youre doing exactly what you should be: practicing. This position/team, though, met the criteria I laid out to start. They have a beautiful building and Id love to work with any of my interviewers. She shared tips on what you should really focus on to ace your coding interview and land an offer from Google and other Top Tech firms. So thats that! Something went wrong while submitting the form. Note to self: Your heart is needed in it also when things are not going as you wish. Find the algorithm to buy/sell stock to maximize profit. Ava says you should rely on your interviewer and interact with them before diving headfirst into solving a problem. When a group of fresh hires at Google were asked how many practice questions they solved in preparation for their SWE interview the answer was 200-300. It seemed very tight knit and the process moved fast. Google, to my understanding, does pretty generic interviews for a given role. Its important that youre familiar with the interview structure as well as the types of questions the interviewers will pose and that youve practiced these kinds of questions. If not me, there are plenty of others there willing to help out. It is critical, in my opinion, to either whiteboard problems with someone or mock a phone interview with someone. While the roles I was specifically pursuing were mobile positions, the study approach, tips, and recommendations should be universal. There are courses you want to take. Im no industry vet but Ill help if I can :). In the six days* from August 13th to August 20th, 2018, I interviewed at LinkedIn, Yelp, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google and got all six job offers. Apples been an important part of iOS for a while (har har). Follow my Twitter for future updates :) Levels.fyi now offers a professional negotiation service if youre looking for help from actual recruiters (Ive attached my affiliate link). The people I spoke to seemed pretty dedicated to their product. Its far better for you to find your mistakes and fix them, than to have the interviewer point them out to you. Thank you! If you know someone who works at the company youre targeting they can refer you for the role.

You need to be extremely comfortable with the language youre writing in and know it beyond the surface. Ive worked at startups before and Ive loved it, but for a few reasons, I was looking at the big fish this go-around (in terms of valuation, not strictly team size). Before you start solving the problem, give the interviewer your inputs and outputs make sure you understand the problem and that you and the interviewer are on the same page.

Solving Leetcode Hard problems were akin to trying to solve P=NP. A classic example of a question focusing on this topic includes the buying and selling of stock.Youll need to be able to optimize recursion, use a cash, and know how to use dynamic programming. All of the below is heavily inspired by this post from last year that originally pushed me to consider the possibility of moving companies. The Mac originally got me into programming. I dont know what else there is to say on that front. LinkedIns mobile apps are actually pretty slick and they have some solid contributions to the open source community. Instead of saying Okay! You have a lot of similar problems but your particular use case has special constraints. These types of questions assess the traits and abilities that are markers for on-the-job success. It tells the interviewer that you rush into action, before actually clarifying the problem and making sure your effort is going into creating a viable solution. 1-3 telephonic coding interviews. On the flip side, when you do know a language deeply that also shows choose to work in the language you love and know exceptionally well. Wake up every Sunday morning to the weeks most noteworthy stories in Tech waiting in your inbox. I thought it was really cool overall, although Im somewhat hazy on the details about how the interview itself went because I was on my fifth consecutive day of interviewing with inadequate sleep. I spoke to a lot of members from one of Googles biggest products on iOS, but I wasnt interviewing for a position specifically with that team. Strings are not only immutable in Java but also in Python and JavaScript, so you really need to be aware of the constraints of the language youre working with and estimate these kinds of algorithms correctly. Can't find a time? I wouldnt consider Amazon a mobile-first as a company (at all). Add to that interview nerves and the ticking clock and the need to test your code, before handing it over as done, becomes obvious. Unfortunately the honest answer here is that you cant prepare adequately in this time frame if youre only looking to start now. The book has recommended study plans that I stuck pretty closely with. You can apply directly through the company website. You have 40 minutes to solve an unfamiliar question, explain what youre doing to your interviewer, write working code, test it, clarify time and space complexity and ideally go beyond the task by suggesting alternatives. If theres particular interest in iOS-specific help, I can publish some tips, so please comment and let me know. If however, youre only able to work part-time on your coding prep, which let's be real here, is most people, then you should aim for 1 year. Be certain that you know what to expect and are fully prepared. It's worth bearing in mind that your coding interview is only half the battle. In fact Carrus Coach Phil Verghese, himself a former Google Software Engineer and Engineering Manager, says not asking these kinds of questions is one of the biggest mistakes hes seen in coding interviews. Yelp has a really beautiful app with tons of iOS subtleties that show an understanding of the platform. Lets take a closer look at a typical question Ava says you should expect to see. I knew I wanted a job in the Bay Area where I could really grow from a mobile perspective at a larger company. Of those 6 companies, I was able to get phone screens with 6, onsites with 6, and offers from 6. 2022 Carrus.io On-demand coaching for everyone. After a few weeks of this, I felt I had the basics down and moved on to my next phase. Im going to present a bunch of lessons I learned as bullet points in no particular order. Almost all of the questions I heard over my week of onsites were new to me yet similar to questions Id seen. Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech: 3Ms Jayshree Seth On The 5 Leadership Lessons She Learned. It was exhausting and it meant that most of my lunch breaks were just interviews for multiple weeks. Website. Learn more about Phils insights into the Google Software Engineering interview process. I had to start going into work very early so I could leave earlier to take calls at home. To be clear, I was starting from a position where I could probably do most Leetcode Easy problems in ~30 minutes, and I could maybe solve 25% of Leetcode Medium problems with infinite time. They actually want you to have a great experience and to see you succeed. This book is considerably more difficult than CtCI. Heres the thing, your code is likely full of mistakes, that your interviewer may have already noticed, but you havent. It was a crazy ride and I have no regrets. Hiring committee reviews your offer and decides on the annual salary, relocation bonus and stocks offered to you. Thats the point. I wasnt in love with the Palo Alto building I was in specifically, but its a temporary office until they move into a more Amazon-y building, so its mostly poor interview timing on that front. Its important to be realistic about the time and effort that you need to invest in preparation and upskilling in order to land these kinds of roles. After about a month of consistently practicing problems each day (maybe 23 hours/day, more on weekends) I moved on to doing primarily Leetcodes Top Interview Questions.