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by Mikhail Miller] / Enny - Peng Black Girls (ft. Amia Brave [prod. Im in my room on Ableton trying to figure out if redveil sampled John Williams Jennifers French Movie. We are not the same. And they even did a song together last year , not as good as this. Fantano is currently trending cuz last night he reviewed new music on stream, with one song getting ripped into.

Turns out, there really is no such thing as bad press.

I basically just copied it step for step exactly, meaning that anyone who watched that video made the same beat as me.

In any case, one things for sure; redveil does not want to be put into a box. Jay Rock pushing being anti-vaccinations.

It has a range of emotions from upbeat power ballads to somber, heartfelt serenades. Theres like a personal-political split.

(still pretty good tho. And to this end, his music speaks for itself. Late Nights & Heartbreak by Hannah Williams and the Affirmations: This song is a scorching soul ballad about mistreating ones lover. But obviously, the verse that vaulted this into top 10 was Dreezy, which opens with such a openhearted line, i cant help it, its too hard to say Im sorry. And every line is harder than the last, until she closes with and I aint talkin frontals but we got the city sown up. Absolutely amazing.

I left for Wisconsin as soon as I could, driving helps heal my hangovers since I have to focus on the road instead of my pain. Yet still strong enough to have whiskey on call. At 10 tracks long, Niagara is airtight with almost no filler. Playboi Carti's New Joker Look Ignites Debate Between Fans On Whether It's Fire, Kendrick Lamar's $3 Million Tiffany & Co. Crown of Thorns Features 8,000 Diamonds. I dont know why this is here either but this slaps regardless. Anyway, we have this smooth, bass heavy slinker with shimmering percussion and lumbering drums about hooking up with a former flame whos sober yet keeps on calling Yana to break their sobriety, know we aint talked in a while but you still know my address, she wryly mentions. Sage words.

If You Want Me To Stay by Ari Lennox and Anthony Ramos: On this track, Ari Lennox and Anthony Ramos team up to cover a Sly and the Family Stone classic. Here are the songs that got me through the past week: Plastic by Moses Sumney: The unassuming guitar progression on this track is the perfect backdrop for Moses Sumneys ethereal voice. On the quest to get open and free, we continue.

Samad still dope af regardless. I enjoyed the fact that now hes begun to create a real platform for many talented folx, and I hope he continues to do that in the margins and make even more beautiful music in the years to come. And that first beat what did that sound like? As a long time fan of Fantano and theneedledrop as a whole, the man is no stranger to controversy.

Yeah, I recorded all of it from my room.

The album is marked by fresh, summer-y beats and a soundscape which, as redveil himself puts it, represents optimism and liberation. As one listens to the albums upbeat message of liberation, it can be hard to acquiesce that to a reality where the entire West coast is on fire, coronavirus continues to rage on, and a hard fought battle for racial justice continues to get uglier and uglier.

I came up off it, redveil tells me, laughing light-heartedly. Because the political stuff kind of impacts everything, and so it impacts my personal opinion and perspective on how things can be improved. Last night, Fantano reviewed Redveils album Niagara, and was incredibly blunt in his criticism of it. Clench with Chris Patrick is hard-hitting while still staying true to redveils throwback style and shows him dropping socially conscious bars.

HiiiPower by Kendrick Lamar: Section.80 by Kendrick Lamar is often overshadowed by his later releases.

First Ill talk about the four albums Ive been enjoying recently. its here because its a nice little guitar driven song with a spellbinding bridge thats the best thing Ive heard her do yet.

But thats just my opinion.

Travis graduated! QUELLE CHIS CAN SANG SANG./ka can heart heart write. Yet the most viral and unexpected moment of redveil's career happened when music critic Anthony Fantano picked a fight with him after reportedly refusing to give his music a fair review while hosting a Twitch live stream. Not good enough.) Third from the left on the top row is the Mountain GoatsBeat the Champ. Reina H been doing great covers on her Insta, @challenges_inlife. Has it been hard for you to maintain this optimism and feeling of victoriousness in your music with all the negative stuff going on in the world right now? How did Anthony Fantano become an authority on good music anyway?

Ill just be in between takes moving stuff, panning stuff, and just recording until all the kinks of the song have been worked through, or until everything I want to do with the song is right there where I want it. 8 - Justine Darcenne - Off Days [prod. Maybe some dream collaborations? Like just pure art. There was Minnesota natives Remo DrivesGreatest Hits (which is funnily their first commercial release), PUPsMorbid Stuff, up-and-comer redveilsNiagara, Fleet FoxesCrack Up, Kanye Wests extremely personal Ye, and a few podcasts. Oh, and Tobis goofy, silly lyrics and his surprisingly effective Missy Elliott tribute are great too.

The album opens with Campbell, a brief, two verse affair that showcases redveils ability to flow over a soulful sample loop. One thing is for sure: Ill be listening. A trippy, psychedelic synth pop album that really gets me in the mood of Halloween with its incredibly disturbing subject matter. (34)I dont know where I found this. (Better win that Grammy tho.) Just a wonderful night for all. If you listened to redveils intricate production and confident delivery you might not guess that he isnt old enough to vote. Umis Introspection Live Show. Alexa Esperanzas cover of Is It A Crime. Bad Bunny in general.

Maryland rapper redveil is outpacing his contemporaries on his album Niagara. I love that soul sample running through the back. Yeah, right! My only question is, where is the album? One of the best songs of this miserable year, and its kinda funny watching Jorja accidentally Drake out Amia and even Enny (and by funny I mean irritating. ), best 10 songs i love (but not enough to write full paragraphs for, I already put 10 in and this is already 5 goddamn pages). Fun fact: Dilip did some great songs with Otxhello, a producer who recorded and mixed 2 records on my first album. The production on this album is, in a lot of places, really bright, sort of upbeat. The combination makes for a truly beautiful meditation on heartbreak and fragility.

How did you two end up linking up? (Phil, a producer in the group, made his own studio!) Vibe, step it up.

On your single Traffic, you say that you feel that youre turning 16 to the tune of liberation, which again touches on this more political theme of liberation. Learn on the go with our new app. A post shared by redveil (@whyredveil) on Oct 13, 2020 at 4:33pm PDT, A post shared by redveil (@whyredveil) on Oct 19, 2020 at 12:21pm PDT. Hannah placed music on C. B. S. best albums of the year (that nobodys written about).

Marcus Morton (born April 20, 2004), known professionally as redveil, previously as DEVI*N, is a 18-year old hip hop artist and producer based in Maryland. 2022 Comedy Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. CEO 2022: My Competitive Experience at Daytonas Annual International Fighting Game Event.

And that in turn affects me. Johnny Aperano Yoba was on People AND Vogue. redveils energy on the track is unmatched and the guest verse from rapper Gio flows seamlessly. Do they exist in tension to one another?

People are claiming that he constantly uses his platforms to shit on black artists, even going so far as to label him a white supremacist, but he has, time and time again, praised artists like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, even giving To Pimp A Butterfly and Kids See Ghosts 10/10 reveiws. The 16-year-old artist made a big buzz on social media when popular YouTube reviewer Anthony Fantano scathingly dismissed his music on livestream immediately followed by a bizarre twitter meltdown which seemed to be directed towards redveil. I dont want to eat up more space so I will power through the four of my favorites since they all give me the feeling of joy and wonder listening. At just 16 years old, rising artistredveilfrom Prince George's County in Maryland is already shaping the next wave of lo-fi hip-hop, taking note fromartists like Earl Sweatshirt, Mach-Hommy, MAVI, and others.

A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. ", i like these wet ears, that tyler tweet still looks photoshopped to me man.

Valencia Raes Siren thyhomebodiess Coming of Age.

Though, as someone who regularly watches his reviews, no more than any other artist he dislikes, regardless of race. Yes Sue, you can creep. That brings me to my next question. I dont care if you like the track, because I like it too.

The only reason this isnt number one is because it dropped on Christmas Eve. In fact I was going to say how I feel like thats something thats really embodied in the song Campbell you know, its this very evocative and sort of victorious sounding song.

Like for instance, the prison industrial complex. (play it with yo kids.)

If you were wondering, the wedding was absolutely delightful. I fucked up. After spending the past year dropping a handful of singles and collaborations with artists like AG Club and Kenny Mason, its safe to say the hype for redveils next project is real. Everybody else who debuted this year got hamstrung by the pandemic but she created 3 great songs, each thoughtful, insightful and a joy. Hosts Ashley and Britt go over criminal cases weekly in sort of a dateline type approach. I cant wait to see Tempus, if its anything as good as this was.

Honestly, everybody in this situation has so much egg on their face you could slap them with a frying pan and make an omelette the size of a pizza. by Brandon Phillips-Taylor], In all honesty, Growing Up is really not the best song on Better. Just to keep experimenting. It was with this Whitney Houston sample which had these really badly auto tuned 808s and these really harsh drums.

Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Apparently she just started publicly releasing music to a large audience, and I hope she gets better and better, and even gets bigger than J-, Vic Mensas V Tape. Also, Id want to make a song with 9th Wonder.

Maassai is creating some of the best raps out here. But otherwise, its a openheart letter to us all. 1 - RAP Ferriera - An Idea Is A Work Of Art (ft. Mike Ladd) [prod.

cool things my friends and classmates did. Apple | Spotify | Youtube. Joyner Lucas making actually good songs and falling off almost immediately. otherwise, I wouldnt have bothered at all. The realization that Normani might never drop a single record ever again. I love it all, Vic Mensah is well and truly back. Building on the momentumhis second mixtape 'Niagara' has garnered, redveil announced a new single alongside Atlanta'sKenny Masonand produced by himself, "raygun," dropping next Tuesday, Oct. 27. My brother has been making beats for a while. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. (Nowhere near the best rapper tho, and if Token hadnt fell off -). It has established him as a budding artist who is wise beyond his years and has quite a lot to say. Dont Hit My Line. Enny released this soft, cushiony record with washed out synths over bulky drums and floated FLOATED over them without even trying to run in the tar, saying frankly, He said to me, 'they put guns in the streets, thats what they wanted for me. And I said, G, someone can fix you a plate but no one can force you to eat. After all, why not try to live for something greater than what the world has expected you to be. ), Niagara Is Redveil at His Most Unfiltered. by Kenny Segal, mr. carmack and Mike Parvizi]. An incredible fun and enjoyable listen.

The album is an inspiration to the creator of the show, and you can kind of see how when listening to the goofy, aquatic tunes. This week, that urge prevailed. Like on the song Campbell, in the intro where the trumpets come in, its just like this very triumphant sort of sound. The way Bad Bunny actually hits that last note makes me feel so excited and alive. Theres definitely this DIY, homebrewed feel which I feel like is a big part of what made early Odd Future so good that comes through on your music really strongly. Okay so lets talk a bit about the content of the album itself. I already love this for having a gorgeous bridge, and is cute af.

Travis Scott in general. Logics No Pressure. Its a sweet, happy song with a smooth, crackling bassline with soft, ghostly synths, but still kinda ok. Its the song added at the end, Mother God, that has warm, sizzling piano chords and gorgeous singing in the back.

Ride. Maya Huyana -1991 DaWeirdo - Broke and Ugly $ilkMoney - Attack of the Future Shocked, Flesh Covered, Meatbags of the 85 VI Seconds - Because Why Not/Never Knows Best Erik Cain - Heart & Soul Vol.

Remembering all the great rappers who are dead or incarcerated. You dont want us to better, you just want to be cool still. This describes all of rap media to be real. #ENDSARS tho. I know that youve said that to you the sound of this album was supposed to be liberation and optimism, can you speak to that a bit?

5500 is a personal favorite with a catchy hook and lo-fi vintage production. ), 9 - Tobi Lou - okay (ft. Dreezy) [prod.

Now I know you did debate in high school, but tell me a bit more about your political education. 4 - Deante Hitchcock - Growing Up/Mother God [prod. But Im getting back in the saddle, back in the saddle next year.

Thank u Marlon, you continue to be the best white rapper alive.

10 - Strongman Burner - Pilolo (ft. KelvynBoy) [prod. Heres what youre really paying for in a UK Private School.

(khaalid will also be performing at Beats & Brunch on January 23, 2021 at 11 am.) Excellent.

2 Dimitri & the Scarecrow - Messenger is Sender (from 2015, finally got released onto streaming this year, still pretty great and another great Zimbabwean rapper for us to all fawn over, just like billy woods) Flowking Stone - Gifted 1 The Hoodies - Incommunicado Jayy Grams - Every Gram Counts Domo Genesis/Mike and Keys - Just in Case1/2 Madwiz - Gods Gold Teeth Maez301 - Hasaan Daara J Family - Yaamatele Dai Burger - Dessert EP TeePhlow - Road To Phlowducation II Tef Poe/Blvck Spade - Preacher in the Trap Terrell Hines - Portal One: The Mixtape redveil - niagara Nyukyung - Trap Harmonix AdrianXpression - Sucka Deante Hitchcock - Better (Deluxe) maassai & jWords - ve.loc.i.ty tobe nwigwe - cincoriginals everything Kelsey Lu did this year.

Because right now theres so much unnecessary pain and oppression thats connected to the profit-motive.

That political liberation is at hand? I know youve said in the past you made your first beat with your brother when you were 11.

To the right of it is ThundercatsDrunk, which is a new-age revival of funk and r&b. And that could be just whatever comes to mind. I would just watch YouTube tutorials, and just learn off the internet through trial and error by trying different stuff out. redveil is a pretty indie artist so im not sure i came across this album, but im pretty happy I did. Ashley narrates the stories, and Britt is kind of just there. redveil draws influence from artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, MAVI, and Joey Bada$$, but is able to differentiate himself through his own unique perspective and consistent delivery. The Big Climaxs This Is Ya Boy kxng jetsons Waves (ft. Kokko Williams & Mike Mezzl) Nicole Gonzalez performed in The Composers Melody. strangest things happening in music in general. Stuff like that. Is your brother also a musician? Why? No Kendrick album (just leaks.

Brad built his own computer. Among other significant co-signs, Spotify's"genre-less" POLLEN playlist with over1.3 million followers featured him twice in its latest update and the Twitter account SHREK KNOWS RAP often shouts him out.

Apparently, Yana Perrault is verified now. And when I made that track it was pretty close after the George Floyd stuff happened, and since thats happened I feel like theres an increased awareness that the end goal of this is to actually dismantle the entire way the system operates and rebuild it from the ground up. People called him out, and since last night, he's been having a manbaby temper tantrum. However, the entire thing has, in my opinion, been blown way out of proportion. For real. Damian been cookin on his insta. French Montana Talks Drake Dissing Joe Budden On Their 2016 Hit "No Shopping", Kid Cudi Steps In, Replaces Ye at Rolling Loud, NBA YoungBoy Responds To Rumor That He's Retiring From Music After New Album, Lil Baby Isn't Feeling This Viral Rap Copycat Named Lil Man J Aka "White Lil Baby", Polo G Speaks On Lil Tjay Shooting While Bronx Rapper Remains Unconscious, Why Drake Dedicated His New Album 'Honestly, Nevermind' To Virgil Abloh & 5 More Secrets.

I also listen to the sports podcastPardon My Take, presented by Barstool Sports. Justine Darcennes #4TheBaeless. Luzamity shipping (until its canon please stop! Scrobbling is when tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile.

And Imma keep it short cuz I already wrote this up at the Singles Jukebox. As he posted during his twitter rant, Dont ask for an opinion you dont wanna hear.. They have arrest quotas and stuff like that in private prisons where they make money based on how full the prison is. Right, because I remember I saw the music video for Soulfood, and its just you around your neighborhood with your friends, and I felt like it really gave me these subtle 2010 Odd Future vibes. Wasteland by Tierra Whack: One of my favorite things about Tierra Whack is her versatility. The way he praises his mom, his lady, remembering the women in his family taking care of him and him foolishly neglecting Breonna due to his overburdened mind feels full of details, remembrances, explanations and praises.

Daxbak: The Hyperpop Furry Prodigy to Save 2021. Are you optimistic that, whatever that future may be, it will come about? My first beat was from this tutorial on how to make a beat and how to sample in a beat. Justine is indeed my classmate, but thats not why this song is here. {YES YES MY GOD YESS}, It means more folks know about how great this song, and Yana herself is.

by Nixie], The sweet, gooey synths are poured over the soft, zipping and smooth drums as the wiry bass whirls between Kelvyns soft, thin crooning as Stoneman tap dances over the drums, both desperate and defiant, trying to salvage a sinking relationship that he knows is already gathering coral and snappers. Like, hundred percent, I want to make a song with Knxwledge. Really gotta recommend this one, hes worth keeping an eye on. After Twitter started ripping his ass over it, nothing new in the Fantano space, he claimed the whole rant was less about Redveil or his music, but more about hip hop twitter as a whole. Lines like I remember when I was 11 and watching my blood on the TV get spilled out/Now I got a lil older, no love for the system and Im reaching back for the grip now/And its really f twelve I done grown in myself to the point I can see that they hate us paint redveil as a jaded kid forced to grow up too quickly.

Definitely. Yeah, thats the part that Im still trying to figure out. Im sideeyeing the boy Miah cuz I had to search up his Audiomack to find the producers name (its Cedes, and they have a really great avalanche of Drake Type Beats is you like that kind of thing). Robert Glapsers This Changes Everything (ft. Denzel Curry). SZA at the Roots Picnic.

Smashing PumpkinsMelancholy and the Infinite Sadness, WeensThe Mollusk, The Velvet UndergroundsLoaded, and finally Pink FloydsAnimals. by slate]. meet, Chance The Rappers A Chi-Town Christmas. IDKs Change The Channel. Sa-Rocs Tiny Desk Concert.

Willuz is RIGHT THERE! Hes the future; I know that.

And its like, when you put these people at a lower standing in society based on their economic status, poverty becomes a cycle that keeps you stuck there, and its hard for anything to change like that. redveil's genres and styles , Marcus Morton (born April 20, 2004), known professionally as redveil, previously as DEVI*N, is a 18-year old hip hop artist and producer based in Maryland. Victoria Marie released a bunch of beaufiful covers on her Insta, @toriiii_marie @ph0ssy_jaw works as a counselor online. I will not be answering any texts, answering any FaceTimes, or checking any DMs. Then Noz put it on his best list and I had to be all ChiTown Go-Getter and pick the next better thing: this.

Right, and thats really what I was trying to convey.

Kayla graduated with a BS in Music Technology and Industry! You know what I mean? Enny by a mile. Former Odd Future leaderTyler, The Creatoris a fan of redveil's energetic, sample-heavy sound or what the latterdescribesas "triumphant, bright, and sunny" music. The closing track, produced by J. Cole, proves why the album is still worth your time. (So loud and empty and boring.)

I wont be looking at my physical or digital inbox, and I wont be out in public so you wont be able to find me or talk to me either. That one was through social media. Are there any thinkers you particularly like, or any ideologies you subscribe to? redveil's genres and styles include jazz rap, abstract hip-hop, and altern, RedVeil feat. His latest release, Niagara, is a display of the talents he has already cultivated, as well as the potential he has as an artist at the beginning of his career. Did Yeat Turn Down XXL's 2022 Freshman Class For A Collab With The Minions. Yeah, right now for me its more so producers than artists that I wanna try and get collabs with. Tyler recently co-signed his song "Drown" featuring Donte Thomas and D'Mari Harris, tweeting a screenshotwith the caption, "i like these wet ears. Were you trying to trick folk into thinking you produced it yourself?

RAP Ferreira in general. Plus, it actually makes sense that God, if she exists (she does) is a woman since -, 5 - Yana Perrault - whiskey and weed [prod.