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(#1129) Swagger2Controller.getDocumentation get IndexOutOfBoundsException @yqzhan2014 Swagger UI doesn't show module name in its url and, Sets with both additive and multiplicative gaps. This is the initial support, its is still rough would love to have feedback to improve support. #1507 Broken basePath with AbstractPathProvider in version 2.5.0 of springfox-swagger2 @danielbcorreia Swagger UI add description next to the @Api value, Fastest way to determine if an integer's square root is an integer. Well, on closer inspection it turned out that description is not used anywhere in Swagger UI. In the Swagger 2.0 specification, the notion of tags was created and made a more flexible grouping mechanism. #1749 Error resolving $ref pointer for input DTO @gionn (#388) @ApiParam not working on Interface method declarations @charleslieferando

A builder which is intended to be the primary interface into the Springfox framework. i.e the ordering of the api's within the swagger Resource Listing. Substitutes each generic class with it's direct parameterized type. feature @Beontra, Set the stage for fixing bugs related to Swagger 1.2 Spec. (#1919) Add support to rename ApiModel property name in Model Attributes @peterjurkovic #1636 VendorExtension support in ApiKey @mlstocks #1653 springfox-data-rest: 2.6.1 spring-data-rest: 2.6 RepositoryRestHandlerMapping constructor broken @cbbs

:metal: Image courtesy of Richard Spiller@flickr, (#1145) Generated file is not compatible with Swagger specification if method parameter is Object and is used as path parameter @tjuchniewicz (#1165) ParameterDefaultReader in swagger does not honor other annotations usage of DefaultValue @ctruzzi Is "Occupation Japan" idiomatic? Announcing the Stacks Editor Beta release! (#1672) Swagger-UI giving 405 (Method not allowed) when called not-reproducable @GarrettMosier, Photo credit Mark Summers via National Geographic. (#1917) Consumes / Produces media-types on the document level aren't copied and merged anymore with the operation level consumes / produces media-types. (#1974) Add default property support on model properties feature @matrosovs (#1838) Fix a mixed up part in the Getting Started guide for Docket @PeterWippermann #1775 Swagger version error in documentation @ersinciftci I would have tolerated having these bits of Swagger-related noise in the codebase if they added some value in Swagger UI, but since they didn't, the only sensible thing was to throw them away.).

is fine etc. Hmmm that's a clue it appears. Just need to make sure I dint bust the 3.2.x support I just fixed as well . To be API compliant, the description field was retained so upgrades would be easy, but the correct way to add a description is though the tags attribute, which should reference a @Tag annotation. After that the solution (in our case*) became clear: simply remove those descriptions. (#3307) by @MaksimOrlov, Check to prevent NPE. #1782 Model property vendor extension @philippejulien (#1904) Nondeterministic output for Models used in multiple controllers documentation @kevinm416 In the US, how do we make tax withholding less if we lost our job for a few months? (#2048) Support explicit ordering for Tags @jroweboy Tip&Trick: The attribute can actually accept an array of tags (strings) and put the same endpoint in multiple points. (#1781) Swagger JSON generated by SpringFox shows 'Consumes' for GET and DELETE operations @dcp65 What happens if I accidentally ground the output of an LDO regulator? (#2148) 2.7.1-SNAPSHOT NullPointerException when attempting to view http://localhost:8080/v2/api-docs @beardy247

The WebSecurityCustomizer is a callback interface that can be used to customize WebSecurity. To assist with the transition to this new style of configuration, we have compiled a list of common use-cases and the suggested alternatives going forward.

feature PR #1101, Could not define global consumes and produces set #1115, Support for showing controller methods with defaulted @RequestMapping#params values with different values is incorrect #1114, Better Support for 2 dimensional arrays #956, Stable spring 3.2.x support, Spring 4.2.x compatibility and spring boot 1.3 support, Better swagger-codegen support for generating unique method names, swagger-ui configuration options and stability, @ApiModelProperty example field is ignored, Configuration for global Operation-Parameters, Added a fix for 'example' field in @ApiModelProperty annotation, Springfox #845: Configuration for global Operation-Parameters. @maliqiang

(#1163) Updated the Docket XML Configuration Documentation @kellydavid AbsoluteSwaggerPathProvider.

It sure motivated me to get over the "hump" and start working on in earnest. yes, it returns a large json object, and the springfox forms (integrated into jhipster) also work. sorry for the long stack..

Openbase is the leading platform for developers to discover and choose open-source. It works well in 1.5.3 but you can try 1.5.4. #1497 springfox-staticdocs : Update to last swagger2markup version @orevial

, Apologies for the delayed release schedule of 2.8.0. (#2133) Optional @kitsjory @ApiModelProperty like @ApiModel is used enhance the resource model description but in this case for the individual attributes of the model class. (#356) Support for JSR-303 (Java Bean Validation) @omayevskiy, (#1194) Swagger-ui does not render correctly in safari #1772 BasePath can't be defined without host @astafev To set specific response messages for specific api operations use the swagger core annotations on (#1193) NPE when Feign, Swagger and Spring Security are used - Brixton.BUILD-SNAPSHOT @varghgeorge In Spring Security 5.7 we introduced the EmbeddedLdapServerContextSourceFactoryBean, LdapBindAuthenticationManagerFactory and LdapPasswordComparisonAuthenticationManagerFactory which can be used to create an embedded LDAP Server and an AuthenticationManager that performs LDAP authentication. However, I am wondering if there is any way to add line breaks in the description. Below is an example configuration using the WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter that secures all endpoints with HTTP Basic: Going forward, the recommended way of doing this is registering a SecurityFilterChain bean: In Spring Security 5.4 we also introduced the WebSecurityCustomizer. Thank you for the patience with this release. swagger ui functionality with RequestParam (query param) @Fabrice-Deshayes-aka-Xtream, #907 @ApiModelProperty(allowableValues = "range[min, max]") not working @pn279j, #899 Swagger 2.1.2 deployment Error - Error creating bean with name 'apiDescriptionReader' @GLE81, #898 Is there a way to load my own ApiModelProperty annotation? Honestly (in present with my current experience) I think they are very good to have.An example of what I currently use is an endpoint called /ping that displays the up time of the microservices, the libraries used inside and their versions. #(2523) by @watery, Support for Response examples #(1570) by @yangwangxing, (#2492) Added missing backtick @TwinProduction, (#2465) X-Forwarded-Prefix should replace basePath in newer spring versions @rainoko, (#2464) Remove replaceAll with trim @ctruzzi, (#2434) Add csrf token support @olOwOlo, (#2429) Remove output related to fixed issue (#1244) #2428 @haelduksf, (#2404) Using media type to determine correct param type when expanding param @andyRokit, (#2502) OperationContext only finds SecurityContext's by path ignoring methods #1603 StackOverflowError on swagger generation @jmattheis The one where spring data rest support lands! (#1882) @RepositoryRestResource -- ApiParam definition for the JPA methods always defines the @Param as "body" type parameter @aniruthmp #1299 Feature Request: Upgrade swagger2markup version to v1.0.0 duplicate @fayndee An old question but may help using swagger 3. (#1159) Add basic Bean validation api (JSR-303) support @jfiala (#1906) Swagger shows wrong id field using Spring Data Rest duplicate @drenda Also please welcome the newest maintainer to the springfox team @MaksimOrlov. #1706 X-Forwarded-Port NumberFormatException: For input string: "443,443" looking-for-contributions @sixcorners (#1946) collectionFormat problem @vitek499

#1724 Swagger methods in multiple groups being renamed @nitin02 2.9.0 will be the last supported release for Java 6/Java 7. Thank you for being patient with this release. #1741 1740 @JsonUnwrapped is ignored by schema generation test @StepanLeybo (#1950) Document support customized param using HandlerMethodArgumentResolver documentation @neil4dong (#2174) fix fmt maintenanc @silenceshell @ahatzz11 #1644 Update library to support for Spring 5 @binkley to accommodate the use case as described in issue #711. (#2169) Swagger ui 3.x suggested improvements feature @kasecato (#1061) Add support @RequestParam of type Map @matias2681 @dilipkrish, (#2498) Path Parameter generated having unsupported properties. (#1864) @NotNull not working to mark field as required @sddakoty Special thanks to @RobWin for also hanging out on the gitter channel and helping answering questions! the appropriate controller methods. (#2090) When using AlternateTypeRuleConvention ApiModelProperty annotation does not work @snimavat Decides whether to use url templating for paths. information for these specific types. #1660 waffle.io Badge maintenance @waffle (#1957) springfox doesn't work with spring boot 2.0 and spring data Kay-RC2 duplicate @shashankitmaster #1648 Operation ordering is not working @neil #1544 [Feature request] JDK8 JSR310 types support @cbornet (support @JsonView, better support for rendering the same models in request/response, inheritance support). #1590 springfox-data-rest : Pageable not supported duplicate @tooms4444 #1580 Can't expand the operation when I set @Api tags by chinese wontfix @letorn functionality @mibeumer, (#1271) @ResponseHeader description not generated in apidocs @basvanstratum, (#1137) Support VendorExtensions described as swagger schema @MinosPong, (#1021) Add @JsonFormat support for date and time @YLombardi, (#699) Integration with Spring-Data-Rest @raranzueque, (#1504) "infinity" in allowableValues property of @ApiModelProperty annotation @SomeoneToIgnore, (#1485) Remove duplicate values in enum displays (case insensitive) @apixandru, (#1475) Map not displayed correctly @jlaugesen, (#1440) Springfox expects _links to be array, while Spring hateoas return _links as object @jiangchuan1220, (#1436) Explicit value JsonProperty ignored when PropertyNamingStrategy is configured, (#1420) Result of adding tags to docket in swagger configuration @ChrisHartman, (#1380) ApiResponses can not support custom status code such like 1010 @dockerlet, (#1361) Request header "Content-Type" is not being sent with request, (#1353) RequestParam with a map crashes swagger-ui wontfix @BryceMehring, (#1346) @ApiIgnore is not respected on a method @ben, (#1296) Support for JSR-303: @Pattern annotation @ashutosh-shirole, (#1291) Make 'supportedSubmitMethods' configurable in springfox-swagger-ui @thomseno, (#1287) Feature: Headers in @RequestMapping are not documented @ry4n-sc0tt, (#1244) @ApiParam - Allowable values not displayed in Swagger API docs @jfiala, (#1325) Missing @RequestParam on a boolean parameter causes Swagger page to not render that controller, and all controllers alphabetically after, (#1321) Cannot fully change swagger and swagger ui path, (#1133) Respect ApiModelProperty(hidden=true) on @ModelAttribute annotated models, (#1317) @ApiModelProperty(value="something") on bean annotated with @ModelAttribute changes dataType to "ref" @mpostelnicu, (#1310) 'enum' query parameter type(annotated with @ModelAttribute) is 'ref'.