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What about your a liar the truth aint in ya and Jesus doesnt love you Thats what my dad says when he is pissed off.. Say answer me.. Well, im from SC, but i dont say i swony. No one could believe I was from the South. One that we used in Tennessee way more than yall is yuns or younguns. Joking about the homeless and essentially saying that all Southerners are against abortions and arent for equal love, makes you ignorant and down right stupid. Born in Louisiana n raised in Oklahoma. My brother lives in rural Pennsylvania, and there are as many rednecks up there as here. NO LOVE LOST, MORE PROUD THAN EVER TO BE A YANKEE CHICAGO STYLE. Either that or youre just nasty and unfriendly. Youre a stupid ignoramus and probably a bleeding heart liberal too. The reason they always think you want Pepsi is because so many Yankees aint strong enough to drink Coca-Cola. Ive lived in NC (from PA) since 1999 and most of the locals already have life-long friends and dont seem to be interested in making any more. Dang, I just realized dis heres an old post but some great stuff rightcheer ya know where I come from in my neck of the woods we hear things all the time things like dis here This good ol southern girl Gods got me living up here to teach these Northerners how to talk.

It is called a remote.

Im a southern girl, and i have been stopped many a time on the streets beacause of my southern beauty, charm, and accent. Who the hell can understand your damned accents, either? Youre out of your league. -- Christian McMichael, "CLOSE THAT DOOR! The inbred hillbillies are everywhere, not just here. I beg to differ on that one. Believe it or not, we dont all parade around in our Ford F1-50s with Confederate flags hanging off the ends. Well know youre a Yankee, or that your parents were Yankees, if you say you guys. You are one dumb ass, provinicial Northerner and I come from the North. Take you out behind the barn and show you a thing or two About 100,000 Southerners served in the Union Army, and every Southern state except Louisiana had men on the Union side, and 40% of Virginia officers chose to side with the Union. Were all part of the same great country. They are still doing it and have been at it for 40 years so thats why our kids dont know who Audie Murphy is but know who Jesse Jackson is. *NOR* ARE **ALL** SOUTHERNERS ***INBREDS***!!! Airy n et the best toufe n home made gumbu in de wir! Thanks, I am reading this site for the first time and beginning to wonder about SOME of my southern sisters. States of America!! This one I heard the other day in conjunction with someone in politics with bad taste: You can lead a horticulture, but ya cant make er think Meaning you cant make a silk purse outta a sows ear. We have more former Miss cant beat a southern belle, you will NEVER see a homely Miss Mississippi.and we have produced some of the most incredibly talented writers, musicians, poets, chefs(cooks;) and artists than anywhere else in the country and we love our Manning family, Jimmy Buffett, Elvis and William Faulkner, Levon Helm, The Allman Brothers, Eudora Welty and so on and so on, we are simply a very proud people.and we are not ashamed of our slang words, so Namaste yall , Well go on and get, take you ass somewheres else. Im also a half African American woman, and I havent anything against any race. We dont stress ourselves to death. I rather not be A yankee. Im from WV. Missouri was a Confederate state and it still has that southern flavor. Nanner = banana, tater = potato, mator = tomato. Dont Tread on Me PS.

It was built by the Yankee Government, after 1864, called Reconstruction. They were volunteers. Its her nice way of telling you to put on your grown up pants and deal with it. We are moving from very Northern WI, to GA. All the words you use or are saying, we use way up here! You bible thumping products of incest. Youll need these vocabulary words to understand who Southerners are talking about. THEY THINK THEY ALL OWN THE ROAD. I was born in southeast Michigan, technically a Yankee. I really feel for anyone learning English as a second language LOL. Sweet Tea Its true about certain expressions being mainly Southern. Must be somethin purty good about the south! Yuns can be used for anything, including just one person. The control over the largest, richest ports in the country, (New Orleans at the time), didnt have a thing to do with it. in times of loss. Nonetheless, I live in the suburbs and my neighbors are truly Southern in their ways and accents, which I love. You dumber than a sack of hammers! In my opinion, TX has thicker, deeper accents with more throaty drawls. YEAH!!!! To the southern side of yall, i say, ey bo.

3. How is sista (sister) correctly spelled.? (And how many cities and towns in at least the majority of the South havent been ill-prepped for *any* amount of snow **from time immemorial**!?!). My daddy and I have always said Dumber than a bag a hammers. that was used a lot back in north Georgia where I grew up. Bless yalls heart. I have Iived in NC for 10 years and never a problem. -- Peg Simpson, "If someone extends you a courtesy while driving, wave and acknowledge their kindness.

It might mean that they are taking the time to think about the words that are fixing to leave their mouth. WE (YANKEES) HAVE COKE IN EVERY SINGLE DRIVE THRU UP HERE. Read more: 25 things we always have in our pantry. And if THAT werent enough, youve heard of Ponce de Leon, I assume.

Theres a lot hidden in the tone of the message, words alone are not enough to discern the Southerners intent. My wife is from rural Kentucky and sometimes she uses the word torment instead of saying Hell. Just because the women talk sweetly, do NOT mistake this for that they are dumb or not strong women. Very true. You grew up in Bama? And arrogance can come from the Northern States, the Southern States, hell, it can even be found in Antarctica.

We are much much stronger then you cupcakes. Try them stkickers in northern NYS. But what Cracks us Northerners up the most is that you Southern Dick Heads Actually Think You WonPlease tell me that youre NOT REALLY THAT STUPID????? 5. all yall yanks need to take yer bad attitudes and get! Is the letter I its not iee but aaa but other than The devils beatin his wifeIts raining, but the suns still shining. Turns out, its a little more complicated than that. To be clear, I dont switch back & forth because Im not genuine. And if there is some residual feeling about the Civil War, it might help to remember that it wasnt really South vs. North, but Union vs. Secession. I thought it was only here in Virginia because we are closer to the line, but I was in TN,GA, NC, and SC- almost everyone said you guys. Well I think a lot of people get dialect confused with intelligence, and ever who thanks that a-way is lible to look mighty damn stupid when I start rattlin off enough hunerd dollar words to fill up my Mamas big ol pocketbook. Filming began in Georgia in January and wrapped in March. Another thing, none of my family or myself has ever been involved in an incestuous relationship. No one in the south thinks that everything is communism, that the Bible is the only thing worth reading, or that science is of the devil. Access Road a.k.a. I am from Texas where the state tree is the pecan tree Until I left Texas I had never heard anyone, not on the TV, pronounce it any way other than puh-con. Northern Florida is Southern. Part of the problem is that they seem to waste most of their energy on being very judgmental, insincere (extremely fake manners and false charm), suspicious, nosy, competitive (especially with other women), manipulative, and downright nasty. !, havent you? Yep. With an exception of some ancestors living in Illinois during the 1800s, my family has been strictly in the south for 300 to 400 years depending on the line, and I havent heard of half of the southern words mentioned. I think you might want to add some midsouth vocabulary. In Tampa Florida we pronounce it (young-in) but a lot of people use that, Cut the light on instead of turn the light on , Yes! To say that Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas are, as you quoted her indirectly saying, not Southern states is not only silly, ***BUT ALSO*** ******IGNORANT******!!!!!! *JOYSEY* accents?!? Anyway. Best I can tell you, get plugged into a good church. -- Lydia K Trowbridge, "Don't return a dish empty." Letting someone pull into your lane in front of you or turn first will not harm you in any way." Im fairly certain the same bug is called by other names elsewhere in the U.S., but down here its junebug (also a song by that Athens band, the B-52s yeah, Im in Athens). Cmon ken. fractions? just so you know Im from Pittsburgh and we say sweeper and buggy all the time and Ive never heard anyone else call it that, yankees need to stop messing with us south is better so yall damn yankies need to shut up south rules. We dont care how you did it up north but wish youd stay up there. Friend up north. Do you mean Northern teachers dont even like you saying to them ()yes-um() instead of ()yes mam (sic)() or dont even like you saying to them Yes-um OR Yes, maam? Not sure of the spelling but if you ever get to TN and work in a grocery store, they will ask if youns got this? Basically saying do yall have this. I live in Houston and everyone uses darn it here. Everybody LOVES our accents. I am from Southern Kansas, and we say yall (Not in Wichita) Clicker and remote are both used. Bless YOUR heart. Idk, maybe cuz my granny, despite being a northern lady, speaks like a southerner and lives in the south during the winter months. 8. I got to this page looking for Southern slang for a craft idea. Maryville is pronounced Marvull. I live in Kansas we say that tons of times, granted its southwestern Kansas but when we drop by Kansas City, Topeka, or Wichita people use that saying. Simmer down- Calm down I have lived in the South for almost 10 years. The faster I talk, the harder my accent & I drop my gs. Its a term of endearment, practically, here. I am from Alabama, I for one do not say clicker or changer. I grew up in WI visited family in TX every summer so I love the south! I didnt notice it until a friend from the east coast told me we sound weird, however, you probably wont notice much of an accent in say Wichita or somethin. When you go west to KS it feels more Great Plains. Lets give peace a chance. West By God Virginia We got more than 9,000 responses, and let's just say that if you aren't pulling over for a funeral procession, calling folks "sir" and "ma'am" and giving the courtesy wave to pretty much everyone, you aren't doing this whole "Southern" thing right. Bless your pee pickin heart you just dont know anything other than shoutin apparently. idk if we hold the monopoly on aint but we say it a lot down here in south georgia lol Its as useless a d a dog that wi t hunt, Please tel ME, how we so arrogant. I beg to differ I am born and raised in NC and I havent ever heard anyone say Pepsi it is always coke. As an adult, I lived a year in Europe. I swear to the mighty lord above, damn yank, i will shoot you if you dont get off our land. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I grew up just down the road from Andy Griffith in North Carolina. I may have a mouth like a sailor, a horrible attitude, but let me tell you something, Im an 18 year old girl who would rather live in the south than the north cause there are so many stupid, idiotic, ignorant people in the north and to be completely honest not all of us yankees are stupid, Im far from being stupid. Im as southern as they come. Or as E Wid commented above (on 2/26/2013), Pepsi=New Bern, North Carolina(.) Yall done made me mad. Im from WV. Bless ur hearts. They take our southern hospitality as fake and therefore they cannot enjoy it for what it isjust thatsouthern hospitality. I am not uneducated, nor am I married to anyone in my family. Speaking of which, well, South FL, southern/southeastern LA (New Orleans (new OR-luns) included), TX, northern VA, (or if, for whatever reasonnot necessarily the Census Bureauyou count the following as Southern,) DE, MD and DC arent the only areas of the South with substantial Roman Catholic populations. I mean, right? It up by dropping some letters. I dont define myself in one way or another. We said youuns not youall. "Children are to address non-family members who are older than themselves as 'Mister John' or 'Miss Pat' -- and only did so when they weren't at risk of interrupting a grown-up." Not just a Southern saying. Things arent always what they seem I mean just cuz that cat had her kittens in the oven dont make em biscuits.

Find me a place in this world where they dont push you out for not matching the photo and Ill gladly move there. Finding a good church is excellent advice. Honey Boo Boo is supposedly Southern, but shes just some 6yo in Georgia that talks just like a Brooklyn DMV clerk. states; South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana. Pocketbook: girls from the deep Souths middle-o-nowhere areas are known to call it this instead of a purse. I am in the throes of bringing them back to life. Being born in the south and raised, I must say the North is superior in every way. Additionally, just because someone speaks a little slower, doesnt mean that they are dumb or inferior. I go down to visit frequently, and still listen to Patsy Cline and Hank Williams. South Dakota says it alot we also say Yall and we make our tea right and yall ll get coke if ya ask for it! Oh and theres a little diddy (song), Just to clarify I was born and for the most part of my 60 + years raised in Texas not just Texas, but West Texas(theres a difference yall) Im as Texan as one can be and I hate rodeos, country music, country clothes and country dancing. Im from Tennessee and we say all these sayings and words all the time and aint got no is a big un, Im from Tennessee and we say all this sayings and words all the time and aint got no is a big un. (And this is a NEW JERSEYAN calling you out on those stupid stereotypes!!) as well. Our family is from PA and all used dumber than a box of rocks, and I now live in NC and hear it used hear as well. the icebox- the refrigerator are the best your defiantly a god dam yank. Yankee, on a southern page? Im an Okie, and i hear stupid as a stump a lot..

and thats not how you say it!!! Whered you get mouth like that I think that is only south LA with Maw Maw . True, we get more snowbirds (theres a word for you, means yankee who comes to Florida to ride out winter, then goes back north, or eventually retires and stays here)than other southern states, but leave the cities, and youll be smack dab in the DEEP south! I know people from here and from down the bayou (Dulac, Chauvin, Montegut, Point-aux-Chenes etc) who consider north Louisianaians yankees. Pour the water in a ( PICHER Not picture) over the Tea Bags I never talked bad about the North to a Northerner, I dont understand what makes so many of em think its okay to talk bad about our home to us. Bless ur heart sweet heart have a swift and speedy trip back up to yank land. Even sound southern however my parents and Your more than likely more southern than most people here and are just attempting to troll. Besides, this is the internet. Damn Yankees. What you see as a weird pronunciation, someone else just might perceive as a charming Southern drawl. It tickled you TO DEATH. when i gawt it back, i poinid it at im, and he was a yella belly and called the cops! Uhyeah. Youre 100% wrong Morgan. How about crazy as a sprayed roach or if in better society. Here in NC we dont give a hoot. My family has always lived in the north with no southern ties at all. But I just share em I promote em. The Yanks kicked our #$ses. in northern louisiana all of that is true except for saying sweeper, yankee, and clicker. Tak you out back and blister you hide

Over Yonder- Over There Hunting, fishing, missing teeth, hicks, rednecks, weird dialects all exist here too. The south is my place and livin on a farm is quite great and livin on 100 acres is awesome and not havin to worry about stupid city limits is also great. Whether someone has eaten too much or is ready to dine, Southerners definitely enjoy chatting about food. Mostly. I know northerners, have a bad rap in the south, but I hope my family will have a great time. So maybe some of these words are simply old American terms that survived more in the South (and in a few northern families like mine who have deep roots here). Always be courteous while driving. I would lay the whooping on you. Is this a southern expression, and what does it mean? Thank you to the city of Savannah, Georgia for being such a lovely host city to the final Halloween movie, HALLOWEEN ENDS. Poor thing. Yall: its never you guys but yall. Also she would look up and say its goin to be a beautiful day, ther rid enough blue to make a Dutchmans pants. Im the biggest Skynyrd fan in Minnesota, I ride a Harley and drink Jack Daniels. These Southern slang words just dont work less spoken with a southern drawl. if by arrogant, you mean awesome, well, my dear..youre right! For the Northerners though, who dont get some of our hostility, like a lot of others said, its ridiculous how many people move from up North down here and make fun of our culture and ways. Are you SERIOUS??? One last smidgen of truth Northerners are not taught and dont seem to understand!?! I absolutely LOVE this one and have never heard fucked up as a football bat. So awesome. I pretty much call anything more south in any direction from where I am down the bayou. *You* know, that snowstorm that got a lot of cars stuck on, most notably, Atlantas highways and got its schoolkids stuck in school? The Civil War never actually ended. Folks dont get beat, they get skint up Swing by KC some time and you will have the most authentic and true experience of what Midwest is. South Carolina is a beautiful state, and has so many advantages for Retirees that it is in the top 5 (or less) places for Seniors to retire. Rebels, people who arent loyal to Mexico ar ones who leave for big muni in America.Tru native Asians, orientals, are same waa.

ive never heard a person say beanie or toboggin its always been a boggin or hat down here in georgia, shit your right this aint where a yankee belongs time to get the ol double barrel out again and the south never fell its always been better than tha north. My cart has always been a buggy. quechua alphabet ayacucho language pronunciation vowels notes omniglot writing oed dictionary proper pronunciation english names vowels values average male pronunciation formants southern british standard english deterding phonology rhythm syllables intonation stress