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The person will get irritated. You, quite literally, make the rules. Im Victoria Stilwell, and Im really excited to share VSAs programs with you. By aligning your business with a household name like Victorias, you can magnify the effect of your marketing efforts. There are a couple of incredibly good trainers I know who work with very difficult dogs, and they use remote [collars]. Engaging lessons, real-world experience, convenient online meet-ups and study. She is the resident pet expert for CNN's HLN network and the BBC's The One Show, and she has been seen on multiple international broadcasts. She has been involved in animal welfare and protection organizations on the international stage, including serving as an Advisory Board Member of RedRover[3] and a National Ambassador for American Humane.

Tap into the power of the Victoria Stilwell brand and you instantly gain impact, credibility, reach, and access to Positively and VSAs worldwide trainer search engine. Thats where America is so backward. The dogs not learning to walk close to me because he wants to, hes learning to walk close to me because he fears whats going to happen to him if he doesnt. Stilwell is currently certified by the Animal Behaviour and Training Associates, and is a longtime member of the US Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). I feel very honored by the challenge. Thats it! Now, whether you agree with it or disagree with it I dont really like it but Im open to seeing it. And I hated it, and I hated the teachers, and I couldnt wait to leave and I would cry and pretend I was sick to my Mom so I didnt have to go. She then expanded her focus to dog training and after moving to the United States with her husband in 1999, Stilwell co-founded several dog training companies up and down the East Coast. Find out more about the program setup on How It Works or learn about our extensive Member Benefits. So were back working with him again now, and my trainer friends, we all do it together. I started in rescue; I was a volunteer, Ive volunteered all my life in rescue. Your dog is happier, and your life is made easier. Our curriculum has been carefully constructed with a mix of practical hands-on learning, real-world experience along-side mentors as well as elements of convenient online study. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Each episode highlights the extraordinary work of dogs around the world as they assist humans. Whether youre a dog owner interested in learning more about dog training & behavior or an aspiring professional dog trainer, VSA has learner-centered, performance-based courses designed to help you meet your goals and follow your passion.

She received a BA honours degree in Theatre from Middlesex University. Do you want your dog to look up to you and do things because he wants to, or do things because he fears you? Its a money machine, so were getting messed-up dogs out there with anxieties and medical issues. Comprehensive, scientifically-based positive training curriculum. I would say for any trainers, try and get with other trainers because its so wonderful to be able to talk through ideas. I have to say this was a long, long, time ago. Lets make our dogs feel good about what they are doing! There are two camps; there is a battle going on and I will fight it. So if the shock works on their dog, thats bloody well going to do it. It comes from an underlying insecurity. Its funny, because a lot of people say, Oh its because they want to be on TV, but a lot of the families dont. A typical episode involves a family struggling to cope with their misbehaving dog(s). And unfortunately, people do not have time to read, they dont want to be educated, its a fast society; get my dog to behave and thats enough. Do you see a general trend toward positive or more traditional (compulsion-based) methods? If youre marketing savvy you know what a strong brand can do for youand how time-consuming and expensive it is to build one. Stilwell originally trained as an actress, playing roles in Bram Stoker's Dracula in 1992, ITV1's The Bill in 1994, and onstage in London's West End theatre, as well as several commercials and voiceovers. And the owner said, Oh my gosh! About Victoria Stilwell Deepen and enrich your understanding of the material through intensive in-person learning models that are unmatched in the dog training world. . Stilwell initially observes the problems on site, and then presents the family with her opinion regarding the causes of the issues. As a dog trainer you are on the front line of the battle of information. Surely theres stuff with mine that maybe I would change. Im also setting up a foundation, which Im very excited about. You may edit your communication preferences at any time. I would say Im not violently positive [laughs] because I do believe that there has to be discipline; I do believe at certain times you have to say no to your dog. Designed to serve as a one stop shop for dog lovers, trainers, owners, and enthusiasts, is now a sector leader in the burgeoning field of pet-related web properties. Do you shout a lot?

What are some of the most rewarding or difficult cases youve worked on?

All rights reserved. Ive also got some fabulous trainer friends here [in Atlanta], wonderful people. Rights to leverage that association across all platforms, Access to easily customizable marketing tools. Why not use aversives, especially when they work? Plus, the ridiculous industry of puppy mills, which is just breeding dogs with no attention to temperament. There are still some traditional and compulsion trainers there, but I think theyre much further ahead in England when it comes to training dogs. Junie B, a very aggressive little Poodle [U.S. season one]. And thats what were battling. Any person who trains in the dominance style of traditional training does not have my vote. Who are your mentors or from whom do you take inspiration?

And thats what I love as well. And I went, Oh my gosh, youre terrified of adults, but not children! After you graduate from our program you still learn each day your experience and expertise grows with each and every dog you meet. There was this little black dog, terrified of people, and then this child came along and she started petting this dog. I read their tributes to their beautiful dogs Belvoir Media Group, LLC. Whether youre an aspiring trainer, dog walker, groomer, or just love dogs, a career in this field is one of the most rewarding around! Stilwells mission is to bring her positive training message to the masses. This dog is freaked out, yet its labeled a success, and thats what people are watching, thats what people are thinking. Its as simple as that! Our mission at Positively is to educate, engage and empower people about our responsibilities as dog people and to help provide the community and tools necessary to build and maintain relationships with our dogs based on mutual trust, respect and love rather than pain, fear and intimidation.. She is a leading proponent of positive reinforcement-based dog training tools and methods to provide pet behavior advice instead of traditional methods which typically employ multiple approaches including the use of pain, fear and intimidation. its edited beautifully to make it look so wonderful, but its interesting because some of the cases on there that are labeled successes, are so not successful to a trainers eye; were howling at the television. [11][unreliable source?] Tell me about you. Junie B hated boys, hated men, loved the girls. Sign up to receive the free Victoria Stilwell Academy mailing list and get complimentary access to VSA's sample Starter Course: Building Your Dog's Confidence. And they cant bark, and they cant tell another dog to go away, cause theyll get told not to, even though theyre scared. The series tracked several rescue dogs from UK animal shelters as they worked with dog trainers to determine if one of them could learn to co-pilot a small airplane.

. Welcome to the first step in your journey towards a life and career you love, that really makes a difference for dogs and their humans! My dogs well behaved [due to compulsion-based methods]. Im going to get my dog to do what I want it to; Im going to make my dog well behaved.. Lets find out. For example, one dog on my program, a Boxer, who was on the first program we filmed here in the U.S., I had three days with this dog, which was not long enough. Both of these were people who really worked. The series debuted on CBS 10 July 2008. I liked to see how dogs developed and how from a horrendous abandonment situation they would then go to a new home. Stilwell serves on the boards of several animal-related institutions including Canine Assistants, RedRover, DogTV, Greyhound Rescue of West England, Grey Muzzle, the Soi Dog Foundation, and the W-Underdogs. Is to promote healthy, positive relationships between pets and their people while empowering new generations of dog training professionals with the knowledge, tools and confidence to create thriving, profitable careers. The brands dedication to promoting positive relationships is epitomized by the new Positively Pledge a beautifully-designed word art piece which can be signed by those committed to the Positively mission of force-free, harmonious living with our four-legged companions. What does this word heel mean to a dog? The family has re-homed over 50 dogs and cats. I was open to going and seeing this method. This dog is not going to be successful in your home. Broadcast in 21 countries, the show was based for its first four seasons in Stilwells native United Kingdom, while the past two seasons have seen the show move to U.S. soil, taping in Los Angeles and Atlanta. One-on-one mentorship with experienced dog trainers and their clients. When shes not at the beach, she competes with Atle in scent work trials and teaches. By educating and empowering dog owners to raise well-adjusted pets who make our lives and communities better, we can also ensure that more dogs lives are changed positively too. Show them that they can get results the other way and then people have an Oh my gosh moment: I couldnt believe that my dog would do this! and the dogs looking much happier.

Prescription Dog Foods: Do They Really Help? For example, we didnt show more process, so it seems like a quick fix. Even though this is a TV program, Im going to do everything in my power to make sure youre in a better place when I leave. And that immediately puts people at ease. If you want a puppy industry, regulate it. There is incredible demand and the profit margin in dog training is very favorable. Learn from Victoria Stilwell & her team of professionals who are each committed to your success both as a dog trainer and a business owner. I always say to people when they want to get a dog: What do you think you can offer the dog? When you click the button below, you'll go to a registration page for your free demo course so that you can test-drive VSA's new premium digital e-learning platform. VISIT POSITIVELY.COM >, I have gotten many referrals because of my affiliation with VSPDT. Victor was so overwhelmed, very emotional, and now the change has been incredible. I think sometimes that there are people who get dogs, and its the wrong thing. In nursery school, I remember getting a ruler on my hand!

), Pup Wont Go? Thats the kind of education that I wanted to receive. And some will do a complete turnaround, others might just do three-quarters. If a dog was going to choose to come into your home, what experiences do you think it would have?

And its your responsibility to give your dog a good canine education. He was very dog-aggressive, very insecure, very unconfident. I wish we didnt have to have rescue shelters but we always will. She serves as a National Ambassador for the American Humane Association and is on the Advisory Boards of DogTV, Dognition, RedRover and Canine Assistants. Learn more about VSAs courses here. Im by no means the best trainer in the world, Ive never claimed to be.

Want to work closely with Victoria and the Positively team? Stilwell has been featured in numerous magazines and journals including The New York Times,[7] USA Today,[8] Cosmopolitan, the Daily Mail,,[9] Oprah Magazine, Self Magazine, Psychology Today and more. Traditional training methods suppress the behavior; thats what theyre designed to do. VSPDT TRAINER SEARCH >, FIND A LOCAL POSITIVELY TRAINER > We believe that in order to become a good dog trainer, you cant just work with dogs. Lets face it, self-employment has a lot of perks none the least of which is bringing your dog to work with you! And that feels so good. It means, I say the word heel, and then it means leash jerk! You find so many clues from what people have to say.

Victoria Stilwell Promotes Positive Dog Training on Television, 10 Healthy Dog Food Additives to Improve a Dry Food Diet. I try to explain, Hey, theres a different way, and its exciting! I was on a beach in Florida, and a guy was walking his Golden Retriever and it was lunging at other dogs, and he would slam it down, put it in an alpha roll and stand over it, then hed get up, walk, and then another dog would go past, and the dog would lunge, and he would slam it on the ground. Im going to be marching in Pennsylvania demonstrating against the puppy mills up there for Puppy Mill Awareness Day in September. A sense of abandonment.

The Academys goal is to educate, engage and empower aspiring dog training professionals to change the lives of people and dogs through positive training. The discipline now that I like to use is guidance.

Its a win-win situation for everybody.

The torchbearer for force-free positive reinforcement dog training methods, Stilwell is the Editor-in-Chief of and is the CEO of both Victoria Stilwell, Inc. and Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training (VSPDT): the worlds premier global network of positive reinforcement dog trainers. Starting Young: Resource Guarding in Puppies, Why Do Dogs Eat Grass (and Should They Stop? Originally produced for Channel 4 in the UK, the show premiered in the US on Animal Planet in April 2007, and over 110 episodes have been aired worldwide. Same in Britain. It surprises me how many trainers out there are not people people. I dont think you can be a good trainer without being a people person. And if you think you dont have time, and youve got five kids well, dont do it. She has explained that until her international travel requirements were reduced, owning a dog would have been irresponsible and unfair to the dog, considering how much the whole family travels. I remember when I was a volunteer dog walker at a shelter however many years ago that was, Im getting so old! Jean Donaldson. stilwell victoria shutterstock editorial jun CHECK OUT THE BOOKS > But theres no emphasis on relationship. You can go down the other route, its your prerogative, but I feel sorry for your dog. That feels much more comfortable, that makes sense, to build a relationship thats based on cooperation, not dominance. You can do so many things you can donate things, you can donate money, or you can bring in blankets, toys. Victoria Stilwell Enterprises, LLC I said, Im not going to go over there and slam him. You choose. Those of us who use positive training can get frustrated when we see someone using aversives. Its the idea that if your animal misbehaves you discipline it, you dominate it, you make it submissive toward you so that it doesnt misbehave anymore. Regulate these puppy mills, shut them down! The accessibility of the community aspect of the Positively platform has been enhanced as well, allowing users to engage with and learn from one another on the dynamic Positively Forum as well as providing access to the free monthly Positively Newsletter and popular Positively Podcast audio series. Her first book, It's Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet was voted one of the 50 greatest dog books ever written by Dogs Today magazine. She then works with the family and their dogs to restore balance. As long as they can work hard to re-home, think whats better for the dog. So Ive done rescue now for 15-16 years.

Join Victorias team of world-class trainers. I learned different methods from different people, and took the stuff I liked. But I care and I think that we, who domesticated these animals, wed better do our utmost to make their lives as rewarding as we can because we brought them into our homes. Its Victoria Stilwells Think Dog Foundation. Were going to support smaller shelters, and also help children with disabilities with assistance dogs. I think there have always been a lot of behavior problems, but dogs had been working. Sometimes people cry, sometimes they get very angry. For anybody, human or dog, making that emotional change can sometimes take time.

You speak a lot about rescue; why is this important to you? Whole Dog Journal: How did you come to positive training? Also, two pit bulls I worked with, belonging to a guy named Victor [U.S. season two]. What are the most common mistakes you see people making when they do use positive training techniques? Ive heard you say that people who train dogs need to love not only dogs, but people. In the beginning when I first started learning, I learned sort of a mixture. On the day of observation, I went in there, and I said I dont believe you should have this dog, you should not keep this dog. . Then I went to a new school, and it was reward-based, with wonderful teachers, and I wanted to go to school, I wanted to learn, and I learned much more! They were passionate about their dogs and worked at it. With co-host Holly Firfer (CNN), Stilwell discusses the latest news and trends in the pet world, answers fans' questions about dog training and behavior, and interviews special guests about the pet industry and beyond. How do we convince someone that there is another way? If you loathe marketing our network is perfect for you. What do they want to hold on to about traditional training? I didnt like jerking a dog on a leash, and I didnt like yelling. I just had an idea for a TV program; I wanted to take my positive reinforcement message out to the masses and it worked. Finally, theyve got someone whos listening to them. But, on the whole, the positive reinforcement message is getting out. Prior to that, she had spent her time since 2000 fostering dogs due to be euthanised by local municipal shelters. That was what a dog was for.

The show features Stilwell as she counsels families with problem pets and uses positive reinforcement training techniques to help them learn how to correct their dogs' behaviour. Supercharge your passion and become a certified professional dog trainer while learning at your own pace at home or in-person.

Lisa Rodier lives in Alpharetta, Georgia, with her husband and two Bouviers. We get our volunteers at PAWS Atlanta (a private shelter in Atlanta) to take the dogs out and just hang out. You can teach obedience training very quickly with positive training. Whereas positive training changes the way a dog feels inside. Ok, so this ones a bit obvious, but the life of a dog trainer is one that is constantly enriched by these amazing animals. [12] Stilwell won a 2009 CableFax award as Best Host in the Animals & Nature category. Now Junie B hangs out with the little boy in the family and his friends, shes letting the husband take her for walks, shell voluntarily jump up into his lap and go to sleep. Im very excited that the end result of that process is what we truly believe is the most comprehensive, easy-to-navigate, fully-stocked and best-looking dog-related website on the web today.. A lot more anxieties, a lot more separation anxiety. Get with the program! Ive got your dogs back. Would you prefer to learn by getting gold stars for working really well, or would you prefer to learn by being punished if you werent? What about when people object to training with food? Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training is a global network of professional dog trainers committed to promoting positive reinforcement methodologies. Always. Our members use the Victoria Stilwell Positively brand to advance their businesses and spread the message: Theres a better way to train Positively. Learn to train dogs, teach people, and manage your business effectively. Shes an incredible person.

I remember when I was first starting to learn and I was walking dogs and teaching them to heel. [But sometimes] its a pleasure for when they want it, and obviously, a lot of it is a fashion statement. But theyll have coping mechanisms, and they begin to feel different. And even at the end of that, they might not be 100 percent. I used to use quite loud sounds sound aversion that I dont use now. She was named among 2009's '100 Best & Brightest' in the dog world in The Bark magazine. Here well walk you through how the Academy works, why we built it, what you can expect to learn from it and what makes it different from other dog training schools. Dr. Ian Dunbar. And unfortunately, there are people who dont care. . In England, theres much more positive reinforcement. Even though theyre not allowed to sell pets in pet stores anymore, you can still get puppies online. Im not equating dogs to humans, obviously, but you sometimes have to use a human example, otherwise sometimes people dont get it! The couple and their daughter live in Atlanta, Georgia. Tell me about you? LISTEN TO THE POSITIVELY PODCAST > I put it in human terms. [14], Stilwell is a critic of fox hunting and was among more than 20 high-profile people who signed a letter to Members of Parliament in 2015 to oppose Conservative prime minister David Cameron's plan to amend the Hunting Act 2004. What Ive found thats so important when I go into a home, I get the person to talk to me. Unfortunately, after filming, he blew out two knees, so he was in a crate for six months, basically. And now, dogs are living with the pressures of our weird domestic society. In order to supplement her income as an actress, Stilwell's veterinary nurse sister suggested that she start a dog walking agency. Immerse yourself in a learner-centered, performance-based curriculum that focuses on key interpersonal skills required to teach dogs and to relate effectively with people. (646) 234-3090 Its so beautiful.

Im sorry! A confident dog doesnt feel the need to aggress. As long as their dog behaves, they dont care [what method they use]. You must also be great with people. Appearing frequently in the global media, Stilwell is widely recognized as a leader in the field of animal behavior. And the relationship begins to grow. I believe the best kind of leaders lead without force. They cant pee and poop in the house; they have to do it outside.

If you want the former, Ill work with you. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Lisa Rodier, CNWI, lives in southern Rhode Island with her husband and a Bouvier named Atle.

We dont just go away. What is the most common behavior problem you encounter today? I thought, This is bizarre, this is stupid; surely theres a smarter way.. But lets get down to the very crux of the problem: people dont have time. [4] She also worked as a volunteer adoption counselor for the ASPCA.[5]. And then see what kind of dog might be able to live with you. From 2005 to 2012, Stilwell worked with unruly dogs on her TV show, It's Me or the Dog, which has aired in over 125 countries and is also available on YouTube. I feel very honored, but Im a bit of a fighter. Find out how one dog trainer increased her income by 50% percent by adding the VSPDT factor to her marketing.

You reward a behavior you like, and theres a chance of that behavior being repeated. Whereas here in the United States, Im absolutely shocked at the amount of traditional/compulsion trainers still training this way, who truly believe and validate what theyre doing. I tell them, first of all, if you are learning, when you went to school, what kind of schooling would you have preferred to receive? Were going to air our dirty linen and were going to do it because our dogs are worth it.. And I feel sorry ultimately for you because I think youre going to encounter a lot of problems with your dog in the future. She is also the CEO of the Victoria Stilwell Foundation, providing animal behavior expertise and funding to smaller rescue shelters and positive training-based canine assistance organizations. How do you feel about taking on the challenge of re-training the worlds dog owners not to use force and violence? Ready to apply? Do you think we have so many more canine behavior problems than in the old days? Much better! Stilwell was one of three judges on the CBS show Greatest American Dog, in which 12 dog-owner teams compete for the title 'Greatest American Dog' and a $250,000 prize. We had a neglected pit bull-mix, out of control. A co-founder of the National Dog Bite Prevention Task Force, Stilwell is also committed to helping the cause of animal rescue and rehabilitation, working closely with organizations around the world to increase awareness about puppy mills, dogfighting, animal abuse, pet overpopulation, dog bite prevention, breed-specific legislation and other animal-related issues. I am extremely pleased with being a part of the VSPDT team. Sharon Witherspoon, CPDT-KA, Home Dog Training, Gilbert, AZ. And I was saying Stop! and this dog just loved her. SIGN UP FOR THE POSITIVELY NEWSLETTER >, WATCH ON YOUTUBE > No wonder! "[2], Stilwell works with animal rescue organizations around the world, serving as a behavior adviser for shelters in Atlanta, New York, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong while giving regular seminars on the subject of dog rescue, training and rehabilitation. VSAs Fundamentals Course is built for both dog owners and future trainers. So do you come at it with the approach of dealing with the people, first?You bet.

Do you want to have a relationship built on cooperation, or one built on domination? Are people able to get their brains around what you are saying? Our approach to dog training is based on dog cognition, psychology, and behavioral science. Temperament-wise, we are seeing a lot more dogs with aggression issues because of the way theyre bred.

Stilwell has appeared as a pet behavior expert and served as a producer on several international TV series including Dogs Might Fly (Sky TV), Dogs With Extraordinary Jobs (Smithsonian Channel), and Greatest American Dog (CBS), and is best known as the star and creator of the dog training TV show It's Me or the Dog. The dogs learn to be calm when they need to. This is just good math. Because if you do not have the ability to change the persons mind, to encourage the person to change, to encourage the person to train her dog, and to carry on training, youve failed. Other newly-designed website features include: We listened to our audience as they told us what they wanted, what they didnt need and what they wished they had, says Stilwell. How do you educate people about positive training?

Quick fixes very quickly come unstuck, thats my motto. Stilwell met her actor husband, Van Zeiler, while starring opposite him in the West End theatre production of Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story. [1], Stilwell created the Victoria Stilwell Foundation, whose mission is "to provide financial support and canine behaviour expertise to assistance dog organisations and small animal rescue shelters while promoting the concept of reward-based, positive reinforcement dog training philosophies in organisations and households throughout the United States.

They dont have time. But then I thought, Wait a second. Stilwell served as one of three judges and behaviour experts on the 2016 SkyTV series Dogs Might Fly. In addition to rescue, Im passionate about getting puppy mills closed down or regulated. Develop a strong foundational understanding of how dogs think, feel and learn to make you a better trainer for your own dog while setting the stage for further learning if you decide youre ready to work with dogs for a living. And the trainers I hang out with, we are open to seeing other things. She advocates animal rescue and has supported Paws Atlanta, Atlanta Pet Rescue, Stray from the Heart (NYC), Hong Kong Dog Rescue, Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project, the Waterside Action Group, Deed Not Breed (campaigning to re-write the UK's Dangerous Dogs Act to remove breed-specific legislation) as well as Vets Get Scanning, promoting mandatory pet micro-chipping and scanning by vets.