40ft gooseneck trailer rental near singapore

3899 AN Zeewolde We provide high-quality trailers ranging from 5 to 60-ton capacity. Please wait while you are redirected to the right page You can also choose to manage your fleet with the. It is also equipped with safety functions for risk prediction, therefore reducing road accidents and increasing driver safety. It is ideal for demanding applications in the construction industry.

Contact Us. Be it prime movers, trailers or a fleet/driver management tool, submit your interest or questions in the form below and we will contact you shortly! FUSO Super Great A job done strong. You can be sure that you do not have to face any down-time and that your transportations can be proceeded without delay. In addition to the prime mover, this leasing service includes: Depending on your needs, Haulio is able to lease various sizes of trailers (2/3/4 axle, 20ft/30ft/40ft/45ft/ISO intermodal) to suit your requirements. About Us Rental Conditions, Manoovr | 12 pendle axle | hydraulic gooseneck | loading height 780 mm | total stroke 500 mm | extentable till 19,5 m | payload 80,4 tons, Manoovr | 12 pendle axle | Extentable till 28 mtr| payload 94,1 tons | loading height 780 mm | hydraulic gooseneck | total stroke 500 mm, 2 Pendel axle lowbed | Loadfloorheight 400 mm | Detachable gooseneck | Double extendable till 16,4 m | Supsension stroke 600 mm | Payload 36,3 t, 2 Pendel axle lowbed | loadfloor height 350 mm | detachable gooseneck | double extendable till 16,5 m net loading length | supsension stroke 600 mm | twistlocks | 70 | payload 31,5 ton, 3 axle flatbed trailer | 3 axles hydraulically steered | extendable till 28,8 m | payload 35 tons | kingpin height 1160 mm, 3-axle flatbed mega trailer | 2 king pin heights, 4 axle semi lowbed | multipurpose | 4 axles hydraulically steered | extendable till 14,8 m | 70 | payload 43 tons | twistlocks | hydraulic ramps, 3 Axle flatbed with twistlock and aluminium side boards | payload 36 ton. The FUSO Super Great is designed to lighten your load of demanding applications. It has convenient features for driver comfort and accessibility and enhanced safety to reduce accidents on the road. MERCEDES, QUON CG/GK/CW Series CYZ/EXR/CYHT Series The Netherlands, Postbus 220 Without any concern. The Volvo heavy-duty truck is the ultimate long haul experience, shining in safety and comfort despite long journeys. sales@nooteboomtrading.com, General Terms and Conditions Upon request, manpower can be attached to the truck drivers to assist in the loading and unloading of the cargoes. Construction of Marina Coastal Expressway [ECP/KPE Interchange] and Marina Integrated Resort, Ericsson 3G Telecom Equipment Installation, Erection and Installation of Waste Processing Plant, Inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, Exxon Mobile SPT Project in Jurong Island, Dismantling, Transportation and Re-fixing of Wooden boat. We do not have trailers for lease. ISUZU. Haulio is offering prime mover and trailer rental and leasing services. From flatbed extendible trailers to multi-axle semi low-loaders with a load capacity up to 80 tons. Ask for a Landoll., Landoll News | Careers at Landoll|Privacy Policy | Disclaimers |Suppliers.

Our Services Better known as a box truck, it allows goods to be transported safely in a spill-proof and weather-proof enclosed box body. At Nooteboom Rental we stand for quality and reliability That is why we only rent out young, professionally maintained A-brand trailers and trucks like Nooteboom, RINO and Mercedes. These ground loading trailers service many industries including Towing & Recovery, Construction, Agriculture, Rental, Forklifts, and Storage Containers. 638714, Home From trailer rental to truck rental: we have a comprehensive special transport fleet available for you. Below is a selection of what is available: 17 / 19 / 20 / 22 / 23 / 25 / 36 / 39 / 40 / 43 / 50 / 55 / 75 Ton, 20 (2 Axles) / 25 (2 Axles) / 30 (3 Axles) / 40 (2 Axles) / 50 (3 Axles), 9.5 (2 Axles) / 25 (2 Axles) / 10.5 (2 Axles) / 10.5 (3 Axles) / 11 (2 Axles) / 12 (2 Axles). Short term and long term leases are available. Fax. Our extensive dealer network covers the United States, Canada, and Europe to support your transport needs. Kim Soon Lee possess a fleet of small trucks ranging from 1.5 and 7 tonnes to cater to the needs of individuals for the transportation of small and light cargoes. Fleet With a rigorous maintenance regime, our vehicles are always in prime condition, available to meet your needs reliably. The Scania's athlete body of the heavy-duty trucks enhances long haul jobs with its sturdy cab, class-leading comfort and control. Just contact Nooteboom Rental Zeewolde. Don Landoll manufactured his first trailer in 1969 to solve a transport problem for one of his customers. Mercedes has powerful and robust heavy-duty trucks that are suited for any application, road or environment, no matter how demanding they are. Advertise on Streetdirectory Business Pages and. Or do you need extra transport equipment for an additional project that has to be dealt with without delay? Allows for efficient unloading of bulk materials or construction materials such as crushed rock or soil. Throughout Europe and even beyond. We are glad to help you on your way. U-Bed 8 & 12 Wheelers / Cometto Lowbed 12 Wheelers / Multi Axle Modular Trailer with 1 Self Propel Modular Trailer (SPMT). By submitting my contact information, I consent to Goldbell Data Protection Policy. Transporter for "Walking with Dinosaurs Asian Tour" in Indoor stadium , "Southeast Asian premiere of The Lion King" WICKED, The Broadway Musical and other upcoming musical related shows in Marina Bay Sands.

To further enhance your experience with the FUSO Super Great, upper structures can be attached, transforming them into dump trucks, tipper trucks, garbage trucks, mixer trucks, cargo trucks, cranes or hook lifts. We continue that core value yet today, by utilizing our experience in design and manufacturing of custom features installed on our standard trailer frame. With no unpredictable repair cost to worry about, truck leasing gives you the flexibility to do more with your money with more cash flow to expand your business. This powerful heavy-duty vehicle allows you to get jobs done with comfort and ease. With high payloads and features that enhance safety and fuel economy, the Arocs and Actros series are ideal for your business productivity. ISUZU, AROCS/ACTROS Series Transportation F1 Cars For 2014 F1 Singapore Grand Prix Event, Loading, Transportation and Unloading of Locomotives, Shifting, Transportation and Positioning of BreadTalk Machines and Equipment from Old to New Premise, Transportation, Moving, Tilting and Erection of Telecom Monopole at St Johns Island, Transportation, Erection and Fixing of Waste Processing Plant. Let us solve your loading or transport problem. Equipped with the advanced Isuzu diesel engine, the Isuzu heavy-duty trucks are powerful and tough machines. MERCEDES. At Nooteboom Rental you can rent a trailer or a truck from one day up to a year. Contact us now to learn more about what Haulio can do for you. i.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-1{ color: rgba(252,215,20,0.99);}i.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-1:hover { color: #ffffff;} 800-428-5655 | moc.llodnal@ocdnal. +31 36 - 523 42 75 AROCS/ACTROS Series Leasing requires no downpayment, thus enabling you to pay less upfront. Nooteboom Rental offers you flexible solutions for your special transports. Your load is our solution! With optimised uptime and fuel efficiency, it is ideal for enhancing business productivity. The Netherlands, Tel. 3890 AE Zeewolde The rental options we offer are practically limitless. UD. The QUON series is known for its drivability, with comfortable and efficient driving performance. The heavy-duty HINO is fearless and formidable that is built for bigger things. Thanks to our extensive experience in the abnormal transport branche we are able to think along with you and to give you the right advice. Our fleet is kept up-to-date with the latest models from leading manufacturers. Werktuigweg 1 2020 Goldbell Engineering Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. Do you need special transport equipment for a temporary project? Landoll is the worlds leading manufacturer of specialized equipment transport trailers. CYZ/EXR/CYHT Series 10' / 14' / 17' / 18' / 24', 10 / 18 Ton Power Tailgate / Boxed Up, Contact us to discuss how we can help with your project, Peck Tiong Choon Pte Ltd20 Tuas CrescentSingapore +31 36 - 523 42 76 Or even longer, if you need to. With exceptional efficiency and endurance, it is suitable for any heavy applications, no matter how demanding they are. Incubated by PSA Internationals corporate venture arm, PSA unboXed, Haulio is Singapores largest network of container/haulage trucking services, with the greater vision of transforming Southeast Asias port logistics by enabling hauliers through technology, towards a collaborative future of efficient and optimised usage of resources. Enquire with us Enquire to see how else we can help you meet your load requirements. Best suited for hauling loaded trailers and can tow 20ft or 40ft containers on a trailer. Your local Landoll dealer is trained to deliver service and maintain original Landoll parts in inventory. We are happy to help you on a fast way across Europe. Skeleton trailers Flatbed trailers Low bed trailers etc.