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Lakers not rushing head coaching search while waiting for Doc Rivers or Quin Snyder, Sources maintain that the Lakers search is moving deliberately at least in part because L.A. wants to see if Philadelphias Doc Rivers or Utahs Quin Snyder makes it to the open market this offseason, Mark Jackson more likely to get coaching gig in Sacramento, There is undeniably a level of support within the Klutch camp for Jacksons candidacy with the Lakers, but Jacksons chances of finally getting another NBA coaching shot after an eight-year wait are much stronger with Sacramento, Lakers interviewed Terry Stotts for head coaching job, Lakers interviewed former Portland Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts for the franchises coaching job this week, sources tell ESPN. Those characteristics bode well for Hams candidacy. Dude cant even hit the backboard these days. Coaching status: Portland Trail Blazers associate head coach, Years of NBA experience: 19 (12 as a head coach), Career accolades: 2009-10 Coach of the Year.

Negotiations between the Los Angeles Lakers and Ty Lue have reached an impasse without a deal to make him the franchises next head coach. Michigans Juwan Howard is known to hold James respect after their time together in Miami but is said to be firm in his desire to stay with the Wolverines to coach sons Jace and Jett.

And his coaching in this series has been a classic example I believe in God wholeheartedly. Juwan Howard and Jason Kidd are still in the pool of candidates for the Lakers coaching job. Vogel was the runner up to Jeff Hornacek when Phil Jackson hired a replacement for Derek Fisher in the summer of 2016.

Years of NBA experience: 27 (13 as a head coach). Darvin Ham: And getting that call from Rob Pelinka and having Jeannie Buss and Tim Harris all those guys over there to let the Lakers Lakers brass pinpoint me as being the guy who they felt confident in and leading this next wave, this next charge toward a championship.

It would be similar to the role Mike Brown and Ron Adams serve under Steve Kerr in Golden State.

Darvin Ham: Man, it was an awesome thing. Everyone already thinks hes LeGM so lets just let him LeCoach as well. Snyder values analytics and 3-point shooting and ball/player movement in ways the Lakers havent prioritized as an organization. Shams Charania, Sam Amick, Shams Charania and Sam Amick @ The Athletic, Darvin Ham has made strongest impression in Lakers' coaching search, But as the final round of interviews is set, sources tell The Athletic that Ham appears to have made the strongest impression yet, Throughout assistant coaching stops with the Lakers, Hawks and Bucks, Ham has been known for his no-nonsense style and ability to resonate with his players attributes that have stood out in his communication with the Lakers thus far as well, sources said, Ham, Stotts and Atkinson are in consideration for the Charlotte Hornets vacancy as well. Years of NBA experience: 21 (eight as a head coach). Just that the team needs- a first time head coachSMH. The Los Angeles Lakers are proceeding toward an offer to Ty Lue in the coming days and have no plans to introduce new candidates into their head-coaching search. I think the Frank Vogel thing was so unfair.. 1,043-735 in the regular season The Lakers have hired Darvin Ham as coach, Lakers had formal interview with the Bucks assistant on Thursday and offered job today, sources said. The Lakers have requested permission to interview Milwaukee Bucks assistant Darvin Ham for their head coach opening. There are an array of contenders, ranging in age, experience and expertise. But there are better candidates to replace Vogel. Rivers has not past second round for the last 10 years. Former Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts became the first of the three reported finalists to have an in-person interview for the Lakers coaching vacancy, writes Dan Woike of The Los Angeles Times. The Lakers would need to surround Stotts with the proper defensive support, as the Blazers were consistently a bottom-15 defense under Stotts, who prefers a conservative defensive approach. Frank Vogel has agreed to a three-year deal to become the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, league sources told ESPN.

It was very, very humbling man, very humbling. As weve been reporting here since March, San Antonio and the Lakers are believed to have interest in Snyder should he become available.

Lakers interview Terry Stotts for head coaching position. Well see. Former Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel has emerged as the front-runner to be offered the Los Angeles Lakers head-coaching job, league sources told ESPN.

He checks a lot of the boxes for the Lakers: He has ties to the franchise (he was an assistant head coach from 2011-13), hes a former NBA player with championship experience (as a player with the 2004 Detroit Pistons and as an assistant coach with the 2021 Milwaukee Bucks), hes personable and connects well with players, and hes a respected tactician whos a descendent of the vaunted Popovich/Budenholzer coaching tree.

Richard Jefferson: I feel bad for my guys.

If the Lakers go that route a growing possibility, though one that is undeniably combustible Brooks could make sense as an assistant.

KG, Pierce, Ray Allen, Rondo, Clippers Big 3 and Big 2 How much have the Lakers learned from the optics of the Vogel situation?

Its been several weeks since the Lakers moved on from former head coach Frank Vogel. Stotts, who coached 10 years in Portland before parting ways with the organization last offseason, is only interested in the head coaching role, sources tell Woike. As he strolled down the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles before Wednesday nights ESPYS, Golden State general manager Bob Myers finally looked relaxed. Stops with Lue in Los Angeles and Steve Kerr at Golden State over the past two seasons only make Atkinson more attractive as a candidate. I actually felt prepared because again, having gone through the cycle, like that was my 10th interview. (Photo of Terry Stotts and Quin Snyder: Cameron Browne / NBAE via Getty Images). lakers pressey faciltiy segundo

As he told The Athletic earlier this season, he believes in the power of positivity and coaching stars the same way he coaches the back end of the roster. Tyronn Lue about to get offer from Lakers? But as time passes here and as the possibility exists that Jason Kidd could be hired as the Lakers coach. LeBron, through intermediaries, has let it be known that Thibodeau would be a huge asset to have on the bench.

I dont know how LeBron does it sometimes. If anything, hes become somewhat underrated considering Utahs embarrassing ousters in recent postseasons.

Snyder is known to be intense and meticulous, and hed likely have to cater to stars and personalities in a way he didnt in Utah. Simmons

Thibodeau, however, is owed a lot of money from the Minnesota Timberwolves and the feeling is that he would prefer a head coaching job. Snyders sheen has worn off in recent seasons, but many still consider him a top-10 coach in the NBA. I believe they could make the playoffs with him. Embiid, Simmons and Harris Lol its funny how everybody think Doc a great coach how many rings does he have I think 1 if I recall and he had a big 4 to win those lol. Hes played a significant role in Goberts growth, particularly on the defensive end. Among first-year candidates, hes arguably the best. And he might attract Lillard to LA.

Lee and Griffin have not been ruled out as options as part of the process, Kenny Atkinson the third finalist for Lakers head coaching job, Bucks assistant Darvin Ham, Warriors assistant Kenny Atkinson and former Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts. Among the issues that have led to a breakdown in talks between the Lakers and Ty Lue: League sources say that the Lakers have been trying to impose their choices for assistant coaches on Lue.

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Probably Jeanie and Harris discussing compensation. The prevailing logic is that Brooks is one of the few coaches whos seemingly been able to get through to Russell Westbrook and that he could serve as something of a Westbrook whisperer. Next stage of interviews are expected to take place in-person in Los Angeles, Sources confirmed that Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach Darvin Ham has moved on to second round of interviews for Lakers head coaching job vacancy, Terry Stotts, Darvin Ham among candidates to reach final round of interviews for Lakers job.

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LAL regrouped with an offer in the range of 3 years, $18 million today. So you have to be careful when youre doing your due diligence because its really a two-way street, So having essentially interviewed with one-third of the league and sitting next to the guy sitting next to him coach Bud and his biggest attribute as a coach, in my opinion, is his preparation.

Rob Pelinka, on the prospect of the Lakers coaching search, said ideally L.A. will have hired a new head coach by the time of the NBA Draft in mid-June, Rob Pelinka says the Lakers are looking for a strong voice thats able to inspire the players to play at the highest level of competition every night with their next coach, Frank Vogel officially relieved of his duties as Lakers head coach. Ham would command the respect of the locker room as a tough, blue-collar veteran who helped develop Giannis Antetokounmpo and has worked with Bryant, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash and Al Horford. The Lakers will continue their search for a new coach by interviewing J.B. Bickerstaff on Friday at the teams practice facility in El Segundo. The Lakers have not dismissed any of the Lakers coaching staff along with Vogel at this time, I am very excited for this opportunity to join the Lakers, a prestigious organization that I have long admired. If Nurse becomes available, hes the clear top choice and worth sending out a first-round pick for.

I would think it to be quite easy to find an important & productive role for Russ, I mean if a coach cant make the most of one of the best players in the history of the game maybe coaching aint for him, right? Hes unafraid of making difficult rotational decisions and pushing back against stars preferences, something that can be viewed as both a positive and a negative depending on the perspective. That counts for something. The Lakers interest in Snyder as a successor to Frank Vogel is serious.

If the Lakers pursue a more offensive-minded coach (like Stotts), Clifford would make a lot of sense as a lead assistant and defensive coordinator. Stotts, sources said, told the team that he has no interest in a role as a lead assistant. Rob Pelinka and front office advisor Kurt Rambis had interviewed Kidd for the head coaching job, and became convinced that he should be a key member of a Lue coaching staff. His approach has seemingly evolved based on his commentary on ESPN/ABC broadcasts though its probably a stretch to label him a modern coach but theres considerable risk in hiring a coach who hasnt coached professionally in nearly a decade. Ty Lue and his representatives have informed the Lakers that he is moving on from trying to be hired as the Lakers new coach, The Cleveland Cavaliers still owe Lue $10-plus million on his contract payout, and accepting a less-than-market value deal from the Lakers could ultimately cost him money. Milwaukee Bucks assistant Darvin Ham and former Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts are among candidates whove advanced to the final round of interviews for the Los Angeles Lakers coaching job, Lakers receive permission to interview Bucks assistant coach Charles Lee for head coaching job.

But there are too many unknowns here in comparison with much stronger candidates.

Lues supporters within the organization ultimately deduced that there was only one way Lue could rise to the level of unanimous choice to succeed Walton by waiting until Williams was no longer available. Years of NBA experience: 12 (Eight as a head coach).

Kidd has been selling the Lakers on his ability to develop young talent and would be especially excited to work alongside Lonzo Ball: Former Knicks coach Mike Woodson and former Nets coach Lionel Hollins have been informed that they are among the head coaches on the Lakers radar, It is unknown if a meeting between the Lakers, and either coach has been scheduled yet. One credible knock on Snyder is that the Jazz has never advanced past the Western Conference semifinals, partially due to his rigidness in adjusting. The only known determinant is gravitas a coachs ability to command a locker room, connect with players and maintain accountability.

The Lakers appear poised to make a decision on their coaching position soon, with Milwaukee Bucks assistant Darvin Ham, Golden State Warriors assistant Kenny Atkinson and former Portland Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts the finalists for the job that became vacant when Frank Vogel was fired at seasons end. Both organizations valued his contrarian takes and out-of-the-box creativity. The search for Vogels successor is widely expected to move slower than most because the Lakers need to find an established coach who can win LeBron James buy-in. Hes been on a championship staff in Toronto and a part of successful cultures in Chicago and Oklahoma City.

Doc Rivers on coaching change rumors around the league during the season: I think its disrespectful to all of the other coaches. Bucks assistant Darvin Ham and Warriors assistant Kenny Atkinson are expected to meet with the Lakers soon. 104-100 in the playoffs, Celtics Big 4 LeBron James, Kyrie Irving teaming up in LA? Past first round with Embiid and Simmons

Vogel was the runner-up to Jeff Hornacek when Jackson hired a New York Knicks replacement for Derek Fisher in the summer of 2016. Lakers request permission to interview Toronto Raptors assistant for LAs head coaching job, Masai said hes been getting calls about Adrian Griffin, among other Raptors assistants.

The California native is a bit of a polarizing figure; hes known to be somewhat of a vanilla tactician who can be outdueled in a playoff series, but his teams have enjoyed impressive success under him.

Former Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers coach. Atkinson is a player-development guru, which at first may clash with the Lakers evident win-now imperative. The Lakers interviewed former Blazers coach Terry Stotts for franchises head coaching job in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

There were some in the Lakers organization who worried about the perception that if they hired Lue, James had too much power within the organization. I thought Stott did a good job coaching Portland without having a solid defensive team.

Ham has been a runner-up for several coaching jobs in recent years, and the sense around the league is that its just a matter of time until hes a head coach.

He literally forgets who he has on his bench, whether it is from substituting and giving a player a break, or in general

Coaching status: Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach.

So having all of those tools and then having been forced to be patient, it was a totally fulfilling, Nets wary of selling low on Ben Simmons and don't want to use him as throw-in in a trade, For their part, the Nets are wary of selling low on Simmons and cannot afford to view him as mere throw-in, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. And that doesnt reflect well, if you get all of the blame on you. Sure, they know first-hand how valuable Durant can be he helped them win back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018 but after claiming another championship without him. He also has valuable experience coaching and relating to stars with Team USA. The Lakers problem is the roster. Lol, maybe five years ago. And with that in mind, this coaching search is a facade. Beyond an inability to agree on contractual terms, the Lakers had proposed several scenarios involving their preferred candidates for assistant coaches, including Jason Kidd, league sources said.

Doc Rivers on Lakers rumors: I have a job.

The Los Angeles Lakers have signed Frank Vogel to a multi-year contract as head coach.

It makes our jobs so much harder. Phil Jackson advising Lakers on head coaching search.

As the Lakers head coaching search has become focused on Frank Vogel, Jason Kidd remains a strong candidate to play a prominent role as an assistant coach, league sources tell ESPN. And he had Carmelo and still won. Note: Nick Nurse (Toronto Raptors), Doc Rivers (Philadelphia 76ers) and Juwan Howard (University of Michigan) arent listed, as all current indications are that the coaches will stay in their respective positions. We are excited to add Frank Vogel as the next head coach of the Lakers, said Pelinka. Simmons hasnt played in 13 months. All three finalists will soon meet with top Lakers officials including owner Jeanie Buss in Los Angeles for the next in-person stage, sources said. It was a significant subject of every Lakers coaching interview in the process, Darvin Ham hired as new Lakers head coach. The Lakers are enthusiastic about the prospects of Kidd working with point guard Lonzo Ball on a full-time basis, and Kidd does have a strong relationship and history with LeBron James. Plaschke noted in his interview that in his discussion with Jeanie, she pushed back against the mere idea of trading LeBron, so it certainly doesnt feel like that is a remote possibility. varitek winfield brawls alcs scuffle rodriguez Stotts turned down an opportunity to take a lead assistants role under former head coach Frank Vogel last season, Woike adds. We were really hunting last year. Embiid, Harden and Harris. Hes coming off back surgery. I am very excited for this opportunity to join the Lakers, a prestigious organization that I have long admired, said Vogel. Years of NBA experience: Three (all as a head coach). He was a candidate for the Cleveland Cavaliers job in 2019 and recently passed on opportunities to coach both BYU and the University of Utah, his alma mater.

Vogel flew to Los Angeles on Thursday and met with Pelinka and his front office and had detailed discussions on how Vogel would approach the possibility of taking over what has become a volatile situation. It does not appear the Warriors want to sacrifice any of their youth or depth in pursuit of another marquee player. Lakers advisor Kurt Rambis is playing a major role in the franchises coaching search. Lue and James remained close and are both expected to attend the boxing match between Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs on Saturday in Las Vegas, where Lue has a home. We want a strong voice thats able to inspire the players to play at the highest level of competition every night, Lakers vice president of basketball operations and general manager Rob Pelinka said at his exit interview last month.