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Our products are currently in the field with every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Thanks Shawnice. Standard shipping typically takes between three and six days. Will definitely return toshop there. Score free shipping on orders over $100 at TacticalGear.com, Score extra 15% off clearance at Tactical Gear. Fits Belts from 2 inch to 2 1/4 as shown We understand the importance of having reliable and high-quality tactical equipment for your team. It needs to hold enough equipment and supplies for a soldier for entire missions. tacticalgear.com Military Discount: 10% off discount for active military, veterans, military spouses and military family members. Ridiculous! Wasnt pleased with myuniform. One ofthe best place toshop inGTA for uniforms within law enforcement industry. Plus multiple people got rashes from their shirts. Choose from our extensive line of tactical clothing and supplies including tactical boots, tactical pants, tactical gloves, tactical vests, tactical belts and more. The date also also marks our 6th anniversary of serving our community and La We're headed to this year's show in Ottawa June 1-2. Disappointed that the location did not have every size that isavailable for our new uniform instock totry onbecause ITSHOULD. having built a reputation on outstanding quality and workmanship and exceptional customer service. dedication, professionalism and a great choice of equipment thanks to you all ! Came infor aquick fitment for mywork uniform and was greeted and handled with profession. Thank you for your feedback. Ifyou have time towait 34months for your order then place your order now toget itdelivered innext 34months. aid toher wait aminute soyoure telling methat Im not allowed tohave possession ofa non restricted weapon Isaid they are not illegal toown orto possess only spring loaded batons are prohibited weapons inCanada you donot Need any type oflicense topurchase The lady said tome they are prohibited soI said really soyoure selling prohibited weapons topeople and she started making upanother story saying ohno sorry they are not prohibited weapons you have tolegally have your handcuffing license topurchase anexpandible baton Isaid with respect thats not true you dont need tohave itand Iwalked away and Itook mybusiness elsewhere they are not prohibited weapons bylaw anybody without aspecial license may have possession ofthis weapon ifused properly! Spend the extra couple bucks buying from acompany that doesn't have these iss, Literally the worst customer service experience Ive everhad. Kind ofbacks upwhy Ifeel your company needs some help. Areal pain dealing with them. If you're not in a hurry to get an item, choose No-Rush shipping. Our tactical gear experts can help you determine what your safety needs may be and get you fully equipped with the best tactical gear in Canada. PSP Corp is a one stop shop for police equipment. We have an unwavering commitment to providing only the highest quality of tactical gear from the top brands in the industry. Disorganized. I agree to receive promotional emails and text messages.

kydex handcuff Very helpful and friendly service. PSP Corp began operations in 1989 as a specialty high security manufacturing company under the name Argentino, Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on all promos, store events, and giveaways. Then they hang uponme. More than 600 models of badges and more than 60 models of leather badge acccessories. Whether you prefer to practice shooting indoors or outdoors, tactical range shooting almost always requires you to have a tactical range backpack with you. Sign Up and Save 5% (on your first order). They always help me find exactly what I need and more. Need better hours ofwork. Research into millennial consumer trends. At PSP Corp, youll be sure to find exactly what you need as we carry top-of-the-line tactical gear from all of the finest brands in the industry. Horrible place, need anew uniform place, donot use these guys. Ordered online onthe 17th ofOctober and got anemail confirming myorder. What Do Soldiers And Marines Carry In Their Backpacks? Slow shipping, Tactical Gear Experts by Unisync Group Limited, Workwear and personal protective equipment in Mississauga, Fully Promoted Mississauga EmbroidMe Dixie, Reviews for clothing and shoe stores in Mississauga. The needs are the same: to stay hydrated on the move, in situations where fiddling with a bottle may get you killed. It has grown to include some of the top instructors in South Africa to ensure we not only bring you kit and equipment, but also tried and tested kits and equipment. Let us email you when fresh coupons are found. Their onlne store isn't directly connected totheir bricks and mortar store and that store doesn't return calls (Thank you Mr. It isnow nearing2.5weeks since ordering with noupdate asto whether ornot myitem has even shipped from this company. Tactical load carrying experts Made in Christchurch, New Zealand. The company will get you a return shipping label for a fee of $3.99. Le Bent love the outdoors, from skiing and boarding, through to riding, hiking and running. Ridiculous! Our tactical gear experts offer some helpful Joint Force Tactical 2021. Regards. No-Rush shipping could take up to nine days. You are viewing current tacticalgear.com coupons Choose from our huge range of shapes and sizes! The online section verified adiscount that would not show upeven after verification. makes mefeel like Iwouldn't risk mycredit card number with this company. I've purchased from PSP Corp in the past and will buy from them in the future. They stitch your school patches for you :). Every profession has a unique set of standards and requirements when it comes to the personal protection and safety gear they wear. Copyright 2018-2022 LocalPX Inc. - All Rights Reserved. The best service and people that work there plus they have the best work pants onthe open market keep upthe good work, Curb side pickup was easy, nice quality items. save money. Bad company, bad location, bad service. Your are successfully subscribed for email notifications. You just have to wait 30 days after you've earned points to redeem them. Very quick service! Offer expires at midnight CT. As mentioned above, for orders above $99, the company offers No-Rush shipping for $4.99, and there is free No-Rush shipping for orders over $150. (can fit a garrison if need be), SIRCHIE | EVIDENCE COLLECTION & FORENSICS, Gun Shot Residue, Serial Number Restoration & Trace Metal, Suicide Prevention Products by Argentino Brand. Amanda and her colleagues doan amazingjob. They're useless 9weeks for abelt (wrong size, probably myfault), 10days for areturn.. then what 9weeks again?!? Iwould steer clear ofthis business. Also known as dihydrogen monoxide.

Ihope that Unisync realizes what agem they have inthis employee! Geardo is a joint initiative developed between Fortis and DW Tax Specialists PTY Ltd (Importers and registered agents for SPERAS FLASHLIGHTS). Keep on reading to find out. Staff ishelpful, however the time wait for back orders isunacceptable. I feel absolutely sorry for the employees that work atthis company. When you buy from Geardo you can rest assured that the kit has been developed, tried and tested by some of the best instructors and operators in South Africa. You can trust PSP Corp. to provide you with the best quality equipment for whatever your needs may be, professional or personal. br> Yet it also needs to be comfortable, easily accessible, and highly durable. Our top list of verified student discounts. Operations Manager for not bothering tofollow upwhen your staff said you would). Designed, tried and tested on our home soil here in NZ we produce some of the finest outdoor and tactical gear available on the market. Itseems that your left hand knows not what your right hand isdoing and you are also unaware ofthe the rest ofthe story after all this time. See you! She isalways friendly and always helpful. It's been there this whole time! tacticalgear.com Responder Discount: 10% discount for active first responders. Noproper timings for workers. We built this store from the ground up for that very purpose.". Your shopping cart stored, always and everywhere, 103-5725 Vedder Road Chilliwack, BC V2R 3N4, Celebrating 6 Years of Serving Law Enforcement, Military and First Responders, 5.11 and Joint Force Tactical Support Flood Relief Efforts in BC, Choosing the Best Tactical Boots for Your Needs. As an online retailer, the company has a vast collection of items that may be able to give people the upper hand. I went tothe store toget some information onan expandible baton and Iwant topurchase a26inch ASP Expandible baton right when Im walking tothe cash tocash out myitem The lady asked medo you have your handcuffing license with your security guard license Isaid Idont Ijust have abasic security guard license and she said youre not allowed toeven have possession ofan expandible baton ifyou donot have the legal requirements ofpassing the security guard handcuffing course Is, Good service and efficient website. After years of fixing gear we decided to make our own. Our vast selection of tactical gear and clothing includes options such as police uniforms, tactical boots, holsters, tactical flashlights, police handcuffs, forensic tools and beyond. Outstanding quality and products you can trust to keep your team safe in the line of duty. Designed for ultimate performance and comfort under pressure. Confused lot inmy humble opinion. This holster can be modified into 60 configurations. I wanted to let you know that our Investigation and Inspection Division is very satisfied with your team's Ihad tocall them literally 20times toget aninformation.

Lightweight Hiking Boots vs. Lightweight Hiking Sandals, How To Choose The Perfect Hydration Pack For Mountain Biking. Bad business, they hung upon memid conversation! The service was friendly and prompt. Alternatively use it as a simple call to action with a link to a product or a page. To reach the Tactical Gear customer service team, you'll have to use the online form found on the Contact Us webpage. Blue Force are not satisfied with making the same thing as everyone else merely changing the colour or style, they design by a code of advancement. Fantastic customer service from the employees atthe Air Canada Boutique. Run after run, trail after trail, day after day, season after season. We carry every tactical product you could need, keeping you prepared and protected from head to toe. and discount promotions for July 2022. The garments are today worn by various military and law enforcement special forces, where they are appreciated for its excellent wear comfort, quality and reliability. Choose your model and design your badge online! Copyright 2009 - 2022 NextGen Shopping, LLC. Worst service. order the gloves, the discount could not beprocessed AGAIN and itwas several more days before anyone bothered tofollow upso, itwas not addressed toanyones satisfaction which isactually why Iposted this very negative review. New Zealand designers and manufactures of hunting and outdoor gear. Our wide range of personal defence products allows our clients to stay equipped with everything they need to protect themselves and others. Our mission? DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE Worst service ever. Still waiting but will sue insmall claims' court ifthey don't stop picking their nose and act swiftly. more information Accept. Icame tothe store tooutfit mycrew ofguards and the sales reps seemed sobothered and rushed meout the door. Its no fluke that PSP Corp. is a leading supplier of tactical gear, clothing and equipment in Canada. The two ladies wehad worked great together. We will send you a notification as soon as this product is available again. merchant website to ensure validity before making a purchase. and its current promotions connect with them on Twitter @tacticalgearcom, or Facebook, About: "We supply the elite operator with cutting-edge tactical gear that is vital to every mission. We may earn a commission when you use one of our coupons/links to quickly and with our full warranty against manufacturer defects.

If you need auniform, you've come tothe right place. Whether you call them tactical boots, police boots, or combat boots, they are meant for high-performance. Thank you Nasser. 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Explore our vast range of tactical gear products today to learn more about available warranties. We manufacture and distribute our own New Zealand made TwinNeedle gear and also provide a wide range of tactical, hunting and outdoor equipment. For more about this website, They are also used in everyday circumstances, such as for school backpacks, college. They're online ordering iscomplete garbage. Not only do we make hardwearing specialised gear for our local conditions, but we also can alteror customise to make sure the gear is suited to you and your specific requirements. We here at the Legislative Assembly of Alberta greatly appreciate PSP corp. It's free on orders above $150 and only $4.99 on orders above $99. Once Purolator hadit, delivery took less than 24hours. Belt buckle broke assoon asi openedit. 10days later Iam still waiting for the tracking number and they won't answer myemail inwhich Ionly ask ifthe delay isnormal (only sent one toNOT act asa Karen). Mary isan amazing, awesome person, helped throughout the process. It's absolutely ridiculous! Save on headwear, outwear, pants, shirts, shorts, socks and more! Many customers come from the law enforcement and public safety community, and some others are outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. PSP Corp. is proud to be Canadas leading supplier of tactical gear, police uniforms, clothing and supplies. They originally set out to create the ultimate ski sock. Thank you Hayley. They gave mean excuse that Purolator isusing a3rd party, but Icontacted Purolator, they mention that this was not the case. Excellent customer service, the owners and staff are really friendly and helpful. No matter what industry or profession you serve, we have the tactical solutions to keep you and your team safe and protected. For the first time, elite units could come to New Hampshire and work with our designers to build bespoke kits tailored to their requirements. A day that is dedicated to water is near. Its what they do. do business with you for a long time. Thank you PSP! Upon ordering they immediately send you atracking number for creating ashipping label, however the item never really gets shipped. A uniform specialist sould have all sizes available. Signing up to our newsletter to stay updated on all promos, store events and giveaways. Here for avery short period oftime. Tactical backpacks have multiple uses. Access our guides, research, and other resources. Tactical Gear Experts byUnisync Group Limited, Let the company know youfound their phone number onNiceLocalbusinesses work best when they know youcanaffecttheirrating, Customers search for services online and find Nicelocal, Nicelocal ad will get you to the top of search results, They make a call and book a service with that company. Show only verified coupons? Sorude. Also, I've been waiting for aparka that they said was in2monthsago, and told mehad already been pickedup. Seems tohave sat onthe desk for 27days. iring about the delay and this was their response: n't recieved one item from 8monthsago. You need your hands, By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Specialists in gear repair and customization. Excellent customer service, employees are true connoisseurs of the field. TyC, Weapologize, Ihope you got areplacement and all isbetternow. Toronto, ON L5P 1B2, Toronto Pearson International Airport 6301 Silver Dart Drive, Mississauga, Toronto, ON L5P 1B2, Terminal 1 International, 6301 Silver Dart Dr. Selection ofitems may feel like somewhat limited but they're servicing specific groups, soit's justified. Keep upthe good work and please put more items onsale :), Place isclose topublic according toMichael. By continually innovating, Blue Force products will always be different and market leading. Great place for all your security supplies! Large variety. (Clearance and customized items are excluded from this policy.) Gurpreet Singh weapologize for the inconvenience, but asyou are aware weare closed due tomoving into anew building toprovide better service our customers. Wish you all the best inschool. Our Mission collection includes highly engineered technical garments and carry, stripped to the bare essentials, tailored for the rigorous performance requirements of those individuals involved in military operations, law enforcement, and security details. Disappointed that plus petite sizes did not exist fromAC. Standard shipping fees vary, and they're calculated when customers check out. Definitely two thumbsup!! Online order took amonth todeliver, with several email update requests ignored. Sign up for the e-newsletter to hear about exclusive offers. Keeping you comfortable and protected while meeting your professional requirements. Mateship, good times and a shared passion for all things snow and outdoors is what defines them. Thanks so much for your assistance. The staff were very efficient, quick and friendly. Geared toward high school seniors headed to college. with the goal of supplying indispensable security, tactical, and personal protection products to the international marketplace. We provide industry-regulated safety and tactical gear for police officers, paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, border patrol, correctional officers and more. TentsPacksSleeping BagsRainwear & ClothingGore-TexWater SportsAlterationsCustomisations. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. A password will be sent to your email address. Offering ultimate protection for your most important tool. Over the past three decades, PSP Corp has since evolved into an international distributor and manufacturer for police, military, and first responders, Unreal. Verification required via Troop ID at checkout. Sweaty, blistery, uncomfortable, or wet feet are the recipe for a disaster hike. You may want to practice your skills and, Water. Everyone deserves to enjoy their adventures. It isnot exactly where Google Maps portrays the location. 6695 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON L4V 1Y4. They are used in outdoor adventures, for hiking, camping, or trekking. Great place for all your uniform and supply needs. Regardless ofwhat Imight need, Kay ishappy toprovide guidance and goes above and beyond tobe ofassistance this Itruly value. Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost if you need your items within one business day. Useless company todeal with! In order to survive cold and even freezing temperatures, we have had to adapt through our clothing and by, A military backpack has many uses and functions. Verify via First Responder ID. Once upon a time, many centuries, The secret to a successful hike is making sure your feet are happy, dry, and comfortable from the beginning to the end. Getting Free Shipping on your purchase of $20 or more. Professional, honest and extremely efficient and informative. Check out the Promotions section to see what good deals are currently available.

Tactical Gear Experts by Unisync Group Limited, Mississauga, ON L4V 1Y4directions, Tactical Gear Experts by Unisync Group Limited, Mississauga, ON L4V 1Y4map. You should check any coupon or promo code of interest on the no light, Or Glock 17/19/45/22 with TLR 7 or 8. Friendly staffs and very clean, feels very comfortable. Keep up the good work! Would Definitely visit again and highly recommend. They have all kinds of quality equipment, Hardly worth the visit for Basic needs. Any gear you need for security orparamedics they got itall, very helpful employees, I placed anorder inDec9, and trying tocontact the customer service but unlucky tofind myorder. The items the company sells include clothing, accessories, uniforms, boots, shoes, bags, camping gear, holsters, knives, watches, optics and flashlights. There tall sizes are not very tall. Hello Cory, sorry for the inconvenience, but based onthe email thread the problem was quickly rectified byour customer service team, which didn't required meto intervein. Been going there on/off since they used tocalled R'Nicholls great and professional customer service with knowledgeable staff present toguide you ifyou're someone new orthere for first time. Worst service ever. Rifle backpacks are quite simply, Military rucksacks go beyond being used for battle, they have become part of the fashion world globally. Tactical Gear Experts by Unisync Group Limited, Mississauga, ON L4V 1Y4phone number. Reliable protection you can count on in even the harshest conditions. Many items are discounted by 30%, and some may be discounted by more than 75%. at really affordable prices. At PSP Corp., we offer a comprehensive approach to your safety and protection demands. Learn more about our tactical gear for police and other first responders. tacticalgear.com Are you kiddingme?! The site uses cookies for analytics and personalised ads. Can't give azero star and that isa shame. Ihave never heard ofa company not being able toproduce ajacket for 5months and then saying itwill not beready for another few months. They know their business very well. Weappreciate your business and thank you for understanding. Promoted placement and improved company listing. Score up to 25% off top brands plus free shipping on orders $99 or more at Tacticalgear, 15% off top brands like TRU-SPEC, Propper, Blackhawk and many more, 18% off your order. Signup to our newsletter for the latest updates and offers. My shopping experience with TGE islimited sothis review isonly based onlimited experience. Shawnice was apleasure todeal with. Tactical Gear Experts by Unisync Group Limited, Mississauga, ON L4V 1Y4address. Lots ofpatience with customers. They are used in the military, to carry weapons and supplies. The staff was friendly and helpful. I came here topick mystuff at2.20and they said weare closed come onmonday.

Learn More, Tactical Gear Experts by Unisync Group Limited, Mississauga, ON L4V 1Y4. Being sofar away for mewas annoying though Ienjoyed the drive through the city/airport. Browse the latest coupon statistics and trends for 2021.