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And now, Roseanne is young again. Cheryl also recalls the story of Poppy Blossom, who was put under house arrest in the 1950s. This one is between Abigail Blossom and Thomasina Topaz, a teacher Abigail hires to help teach her girls. This is where it gets confusing: Sabrina helps to transfer Cheryls spirit into Nana Roses body before Nana Rose dies. There's a chance the fate of characters depicted in Rivervale won't mirror what happens in Riverdale as the case with Archie's tragic death. Why Did House Of The Dragon's Trailer Release 3 Days Early? I have no idea what thats about. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. Aside from her coven-like religion, Cheryl keeps being tied to seances, rituals, and the occult. In attendance are Elaina (Alice), Velma (Veronica), Bitsy (Betty), and Tammy (Tabitha). Here, the team dives into what might be "the most insane season of TV ever filmed.". This week's Riverdale is all about the Blossom women who are actually all the same woman? He threatens to kill Poppy if she doesn't stay out of his marriage. Nana Roses spirit, meanwhile, is transferred into the body of Cheryl, and now Nana Rose can live out her life as a young woman free of the curse. Were almost to episode 100 ofRiverdale. Oh, they just did a classic body swap with Nana Rose and Cheryl! We'll have to wait until the final episode of Rivervale drops to find out for sure. Keller wants her to sign a confession saying shes a communist, and jails her until shes willing to do so. The fact that she gets to write and edit content focused on titles like Halloween, The Office, and Breaking Bad is a dream come true for her. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Instead of leaving, she decides to enjoy a meal out at Pop's for all to see. Abigail wants answers from Thomasina. She is portrayed by Madelaine Petsch. The second woman is Poppyseed Blossom, a '50s woman who is seemingly a descendent of Abigail, and ancestor of Cheryl's. Fen murdered James! Fen Fogerty (Drew Ray Tanner) visits Abigail, claiming to be a friend of her brother, James. However, by transferring Abigail/Poppy/Cheryls spirit to Nana Rose, she can finally die and be reunited with Thomasina in the afterlife. As the comet passes overhead, Fen curses Abigail with his dying breath. Finn then finally dies. He doesnt bring Poppy back to jail, but does put her under house arrest. Before joining Screen Rant, Kara served as a regular contributor for Movie Pilot and had work published on Pure Fandom, The Mary Sue, and Reel Honey.

As it turns out, the episode took place in an alternative universe called Rivervale, which Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa created, in part, as an excuse to bring back Kiernan Shipka, the title character from his other show, Netflixs Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. In the present day, Sabrina pays Cheryl a visit while Nana Rose is on her deathbed Sabrina and Cheryl play in the same witches softball league (no, really). She also has a soft spot for horror ever since she started watching the genre at too young of an age. Late at night, Abigail and Thomasina are interrupted when Constable Keller (Casey Cott) comes looking for Thomasina, who he calls a confirmed murderess. The reasoning behind the Blossom family flashbacks in Riverdale points to a dying Nana Rose Blossom (Barbara Wallace), but they aren't justtrips down memory lane. Fen is there to tell Abigail that her brother James died, and to give her a letter he wrote shortly before his death. But we dont care if any of this episode made sense. Neither Cheryl nor Poppy exists; they are Abigail, who created Cheryl and Poppy in order to accommodate the immortality curse. What is the personality type of Poppy Blossom? Hold tight. By Dustin Rowles | TV | December 8, 2021 |. What's next for Nana Rose? All Rights Reserved. On the night of their wedding, she slays him with an axe, and ultimately kills him but not before he murders poor Tomisina and curses Abigail to be unloved and alone forever. Thomasina then tells her the truth: That her husband was abusive and her only choice was to kill him or die herself. The character even brought up Abagail's burning at the stake in season 5, which means witches can very well run in her family. As Bailey's Comet is set to fly over the town, Cheryl recalls past instances involving the astrological wonder connected to Blossom ancestors. Next week, Riverdale is going to somehow combine these two universes in The Jughead Paradox. I suspect Sabrina will be involved. When explaining it to Britta later, Sabrina reveals there was no Cheryl and no Poppy. The second episode was a series of ghost stories (where Toni died and became the Lady of the Lake); in the third episode, the characters struck bargains with the Devil; and this weeks fourth episode is a witchs tale, which provides that opportunity for Sabrina to make an appearance. Poppy Blossom personality type is ENFP, ENTP, ENTJ, ENTP, ENFJ, INFJ, INTJ. Back in the present, Cheryl is spending an increasing amount of time looking after Nana Rose. In the penultimate episode of Riverdales Rivervale event, it was all about Cheryl Blossom for a change. Sign up for a free account on our new, female-founded site to personalize your feed and get access to our community and conversations. Thomasina says Fen isnt just a scoundrel, hes also a warlock! At least theyre not related. The first woman, Abigail, is a schoolteacher from the 1800s, who falls in love with a witch named Tomisina (played by Vanessa Morgan, who portrays Toni on Riverdale). All Rights Reserved. However, as revealed in Riverdale's "The Witching Hour(s)," it seems we may have met Abigail quite a while ago because Abigail, as it turns out, is just Cheryl. The Prom, the musical proves that joy lingers beyond that a dance, The Big Leap: What got closure and what was open ended, Sabrina Spellman's big return is underwhelming, Riverdale season 6 episode 4 live stream: Watch online, Riverdale Queer Watch season 6 episode 3: Sold your soul.

Her husband dies one year later, shortly after drinking a special tea prepared by Bitsy. But this is Rivervale, not Riverdale, so who knows? She has a love for poetry and music too. And when she refuses to sign a confession stating that she's a communist, he puts her behind bars. Poppyseed hosts salons for the other women in town, and supplies them with herbal remedies for their problems. Jack and Kirk rush Poppy to the hospital, where she delivers the baby. Soon after, a collection of Rivervale husbands show up on Poppys door, telling her to get out of Rivervale. The Rivervale run is a five-episode event where Archie is indeed dead, but where nothing that is happening actually seems to matter because it all takes place in an alternate universe. Poppy gives out more advice, giving Velma (Camila Mendes) a copy of the Kamasutra and an aphrodisiac mix to help her love life at home. Ready for takeoff! And then this guy walks in with a couple holes in his wife beater. They also find a collection of death portraits, including Jamess! Cheryl sends the girls out to watch the comet, informing them that she'll be staying back to sit with Nana Rose, who's feeling weak. Poppy, however, lives out the rest of her life on house arrest in Thornhill. Fen cursed Abigail with literal immortality. She can be very caring and loving at times but she can also be very stubborn at times too. Id like to say that Im not going to watch it, but I think we all know better. In order to carry out the transference spell, Cheryl/Abigail needs the help of a powerful friend in addition to the extra magic from the comet. Because Cheryl was never really Cheryl. They dont like her meddling in the their married lives.

She loves her friends and family and will do anything for them.

People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Abigail has an hour to find a vicar or Thomasina is dead. Happy sad endings really are the best. It was one of the more bizarre storylines of the Rivervale event (and thats saying something), as episode 4 gave us the truth of Cheryl Blossom. Despite their initial disagreements, the two end up falling for each other. Next up, Bitsy is unhappy in her marriage with Jack (Jughead), who wants another kid. Abigail asks if Fen has heard of Lizzie Borden and then gives him a first hand account of Lizzies story by bludgeoning him with an ax. Abigail and Thomasina find some things in Fens room that hint that Fen forged that letter: the Blossom family seal, a sheet of practiced James Blossom signatures and some objects of the occult. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. And now we have a young Rose Blossom? (And the occasional copy of the Kama Sutra.) As hard as Ive tried to quit Riverdale since the 7-year time jump, my curiosity continues to get the best of me. All Rights Reserved. So what was the spell you ask?

Site Wrapper spec available on request. Avatars or images are being used under Fair Use, in order to identify the profile only, containing just the face or object, and lower resolution than original work. Catch new episodes of Riverdale every Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. Sabrina says Happy sad endings are the best.. First Look: Andor Costume Photos & Details From San Diego Comic-Con, Kevin McHale Has Perfect Response To Tweet Pitying The Glee Cast, Avatar: What Happened To Zuko's Mother In The Last Airbender, Clone Wars Hinted Grievous' Coolest Moment Happened Offscreen, Surprise GoT Time Jump Revealed For House of the Dragon Season 1, Why Agents of SHIELD Fitz Actor Won't Return To The MCU, Ted Lasso Cast React To Brett Goldstein's MCU Casting. Do we get episodes where Cheryl only gets a few minutes of the spotlight? The three timelines each coincide with the arrival of, uh, Baileys Comet, which flies by Earth every 65 years. Contact hi@thedipp.com for support.By signing up, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use, Who Is Abigail Blossom On 'Riverdale'? Do you think this will be a good thing for us in future episodes? All picks and predictions are suggestions only. But Thomasina has a past, and one night, it comes knocking. The doorbell rings and Nana Rose asks, Is that her?

Cheryl Blossom is the ultimate Blossom woman. It turns out, Abigail Blossom was cursed by a warlock as the comet passed, forcing her an eternity of heartbreak and loneliness. She enjoys writing, drawing and being creative. More specifically, Thomasina killed her husband, but Abigail is quick to protect her. In the present day, Cheryl reads to Nana Rose stories of Poppy and Abigail Blossom. However, a man named Finn who we later find out is a serial killer who murdered Abigails brother forces Abigail to marry him, lest he kill Thomasina. Riverdale is still Rivervale, with no explanation as to why. Offers may be subject to change without notice.