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Big chunk of grade is on attendance. As a matter of fact, the majority of college students are able to pass it easily. Chances are that you will find a college zoology class fun and interesting rather than grueling and intense. Even if you do not intend to become a veterinarian, veterinary nurse, animal nutritionist or marine scientist, a zoology class can help you land your dream job as it hones an assortment of important qualities, such as: If having a green thumb is your claim to fame and you want to make it official by indicating it on your transcript, consider taking a botany class in college. All the reviews speak for themselves. Unlike social science that takes a look at humans and the societies they belong to, environmental science concentrates on the planet Earth and the living creatures residing on it. Extremely likable professor. This science class may fit you to a T if you possess any or a lot of these traits and characteristics: Initially, it may seem like Earth science and environmental science are one and the same. However, the former is a natural science, while the latter is a pseudoscience. Taking an astronomy class in college can help you develop important skills, including: Fascinated with animals? Myths vs. Facts, History Major: Good, Bad, and Job Outlook, 19 Most Stressful College Majors and How Much They Pay. Above, we talked about some of the easiest science classes in college and mentioned a few hard ones, too. Show up to class and review minimally for the final, and you should be smooth sailing to an A. Kirrian One LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Laid-back class. Bunting is super understanding and really takes advantage of our meeting times to talk to students. So, in other words, the things that you will study are as diverse as the foods that you and your professor could talk about. You also get a free 100 (15% of your grade) for doing some 5-minute module. He's a super cool guy and easily one of my favorites at UT. if anyone knows an easy lit prof/class plz comment still need to take it (amer lit, brit lit, etc), Press J to jump to the feed. And because our planet is massive, there are many Earth science branches. RS310 Intro to Study of Religion with Landau. It's also an easy A if you're looking for that. Took both of his classes. Its true that the physical, biological and chemical processes that take place on the planet are the core of environmental science. His test (2 test, 20 Q's each) are only based on the speakers. More importantly, it will help you understand yourself so much better. As a matter of fact, humans, which are a part of the animal kingdom, are also scientifically studied! The good news is that its also one of the easiest courses around. Easy class but if you skip class do not take this! A nutrition class can help you develop traits that potential employers love in applicants, such as: A serious fan of forensics crime drama TV series? Better understanding of mankind and the society, Critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Sure, the class is an easy A, but forcing students to buy irrelevant material is dumb. I know most people love this guy, but I dreaded his class. I loved it, he genuinely cares about his students and loves telling us about entrepreneurialism! The exams were pretty easy, you don't have to pay attention in class, just start studying a day before the exam and go through the lecture slides and G51 modules and you'll get an easy A. Redlick!! Some examples include political science, anthropology, sociology, psychology and, of course, social science. Half the overall grade is from the attendance. I think she did a lot of his costumes in the early days of his career (late 70s - mid 80s.). Its very much likely that biology is the best easy science course for you. Whats really nice about taking a psychology course is that you will learn all sorts of things that can help you predict and explain how people will react. I recently asked for the hardest classes youve taken. This is the second elective course I have taken with Professor Bunting. Let me hear all those breads youve taken at the 40 acres. Easiest A I ever got in college. If you want an easy A, this is the class to take! Then you might find a forensic science course as one of the easiest science classes in college. you actually learn so much in it! Its for the fact that many of them can be easily observed sometimes, looking around you is all that you need to do! Whats really great about computer science as a class is that you can apply everything that you will learn from it not only after college but also while in the process of completing your chosen degree. You have to put in effort to get a grade lower than an A in that class. Attendance is 50% of your grade. I'm assuming you didn't take the online version with Gosling and Harden? Is Fort Hays State University a Good School? Very easy and enjoyable class, Professor is very like able and seems to enjoy the subject he teaches however, Bunting is almost impossible to reach and doesnt make time to meet with students at all. just show up and answer the daily question and ur fine. A different entrepreneur comes to lecture every week and it's pretty interesting. Besides the obvious such as diet, exercise and health promotion, a nutrition class also studies other subjects. If you are one of them, you may be wondering if there are easy college science classes that you may take to keep your GPA out of harms way. Tests were multiple choice. They range anywhere from oceanography, geology to meteorology. Some of them are composition of food, food production and development of new food products. Same structure. In the process of earning a passing psychology class grade, you will also develop better interpersonal and communication skills. Anthropology Major: Good, Hard, High Paying? Do not despair if you dislike science. Its true that astronomy, as a major, can be difficult. After a decade in the workforce, I went back to school to obtain my MBA from UMGC. LEMME SEE EM. Read over the presentations a day or two beforehand and you'll pass. It's weird how half the speakers didn't show up in-person (Zoomed in) and he still expected us to be in-class. 65% of class grade is a freebie. What makes geology one of the easiest college science classes that you may take is that its subject matter, the Earth, is something that you are already familiar with. this was also on the hardest thread lol, are there different professors for this course? Shes also the sweetest person ever. HIS 315 w/ Brands. Thats because it involves the study of everything you love what plants look like, how they function, where they thrive, how people make use of them, etc. Not all college science classes are cut from the same cloth. If you possess any or all of the following characteristic traits, a computer science course is right for you: Related Article: Why are Data Scientists Paid So Much? His class consists of two tests but the zoom meetings all have a quiz to grade attendance which accounts for more than half your grade. The development of societies and how they operate are tackled, too. He really cares about his students and their futures. However, since one of the things that you will be studying is the growth of plants, you can rest assured that there is a little chemistry involved. College Reality Check is owned and operated by Kirrian One LLC, a Maryland limited liability company. Had to be a guinea pig in a few Psych Dept experiments, but that was it. Took both 332 & 332C. Science is STEM, which is something that a lot of young people hate. Youll be more than happy to know that dealing with numbers should be the least of your worries if you take a class in botany. After all, the majority of colleges and universities have a general education requirement that obliges students to have a few science classes. The website is sketchy, and the stuff that is put on the material could just be put on canvas. Its exactly due to this why social science is one of the easiest college science courses that you may enroll in. According to an article on the website of the American Psychological Association (APA), psychology is the fourth most popular college major, says the US Department of Education (DE) itself.

Cannot stand math, statistics and other closely related disciplines? You have to complete these modules, which cost 100$ (I think he is just scamming us cause its just a series of PowerPoints that you have to flip through) which is 50 percent of your final grade.

However, a college class in it will only lightly undertake these matters. While some can be extremely challenging and thus difficult to pass, others are surprisingly easy, which is why many college students gravitate toward them. Basically, its the study of the Earths properties, processes and structures. However, they have some key differences, too. 50% of the class was attendance based, but you only meet once a week so that isn't tough. Just about any specialized field or discipline that attempts to interpret human behavior, institutions, societies and others is called soft science. Read More Do College Minors Matter?Continue, Read More Anthropology Major: Good, Hard, High Paying?Continue, Read More Is Public Health a Good Degree? However, as a course, there is no need for you to worry about getting a failing grade, provided that you will do your part. Avoid the following at all costs if you dont want a horrible college experience and a terrible resume: Related Article: 19 Most Stressful College Majors and How Much They Pay. Here are some of the reasons to consider having a social science class in college: If you find social science easy and interesting, then its likely that you will also be fascinated with environmental science. Just review powerpoints or resources for a bit before test day. Some of the lecturers are snooze-inducing. aesthetics (a TXA class) with eve nichols! Thats because it focuses on the study of living organisms and how they are able to meet the challenges of living in their respective environments. Keep in mind that an environmental science major is one of the most challenging science-related majors out there.

Unfortunately I had to take it online due to COVID but it was still a great experience. Class assignments/tests are easy and straightforward. Provided that you are interested in the exterior surface and interior layers of the planet you are living on, including especially the various materials it is made of and how they came into being, a college geology class should not put your academic performance and, ultimately, GPA on the rocks pun intended! In most instances, its also effortless to understand the various concepts associated with biology. Many institutions and programs require students to take a minimum number of science courses for graduation. After graduation, a botany course might make your resume appealing to the following industries: Among the various college majors, computer science is considered one of the hardest. There is no denying that its one of the best courses to enroll in if you are majoring in criminal justice, criminology, legal studies, psychology or any other closely related discipline. M302 w prof. Hager & COM301E w dr. No class attendance necessary. He bragged in every lecture in some way. Crime scene investigation, reconstruction of crimes, evidence collection, analyzing physical evidence such as fingerprints and blood, criminal law procedures these are the topics that a forensic science class will touch on. M427J with Vishik. Best class I've taken at UT so far. 2022 College Reality Check is owned and operated by KIRRIAN ONE, L.L.C., a Maryland limited liability company. Meanwhile, some of the hardest college science classes are those that involve lots of math and medicine, such as chemistry, physics and neuroscience. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thats because a course in zoology involves fields such as physiology, anatomy, evolution, behavior and habitat of animals. Dont stop reading now if you hate science but have no choice but to take some related classes. A 5-question, 30-minute final exam was 90% of my grade. HED 329K with Dr. Latimer! Tests are 20 MC/TF questions - EXTREMELY EASY. Its true that they have similarities. Both astronomy and astrology deal with naturally occurring physical structures or associations in the observable universe. BEST PROFESSOR AT UT!!! Needless to say, if you find Earth science easy, its not unlikely that you will also find geology easy. Especially if you are a health- or figure-conscious individual, chances are that you will find a college nutrition course more like a pursuit rather than a requirement in order to graduate. Modules are a $100 ripoff, but small price to pay for an interesting class (varies by week), an easy A, and a very light workload (just exams).

While it involves math, which many students from all academic levels absolutely hate, biology isnt as math-heavy as other fields of science, especially those that are concerned with non-living things such as minerals, electricity, heavenly bodies and prescription drugs. I hate this man, as he does not even teach the class. If you absolutely have no idea what you are about to get yourself into, you may find yourself flabbergasted. Best class Ive taken at UT by far. It's such an incredible class that will help you in the future with jobs, advice, networking, and such!! It was a 3-hour lecture and he generally took up all of that time (or rather, his guest speakers did). There are lots of extra credit opportunities, however, and I ended up getting 8 point added to my final grade just for attending all lectures. Easy A. In this article, we will briefly talk about some college science classes that you might be able to pass with the least possible effort. Are you kidding or serious? This is especially true since the goal is to provide students with basic proficiency in computer science rather than turn them into software development directors, principal software engineers, and full-stack software developers. She even helped diagnose my wrist pain that was bothering me for a month for free lolol. Guest speakers every week, pretty hit or miss but mostly interesting -- a mix of inspirational speakers and actual teaching. He is amazing! As someone who has no interest in the business and entrepreneurship, this class has made me really respect the people who are able to create working startups. Taking a biology class will help you develop these essential professional skills: First things first: in a nutrition class, you will encounter some chemistry. But fret not because an introductory environmental science course that goes well with an assortment of majors and minors, too, is relatively easy. Thanks, love yall. It's actually impossible to get less than an A if you come to class. On the other hand, Earth science tends to focus on things that are under your feet soil, rocks, metals, water, etc. TAKE HIS CLASS, you will not regret it! 2 exams - easy but not blow-off. Didn't learn anything from the guest lecturers who just talked about their own success and gave summaries of their businesses. Super easy and super interesting. Various things make biology one of the easiest college classes for just about anyone. It will also help a lot if you have any or more of the following: No, astronomy is not the study of the influence of the position of celestial objects such as the stars, planets and moon on the lives of humans and the course of history. Completing an Earth science class in college will help hone the following employer-desired skills: As mentioned above, geology is one of the branches of Earth science. Studio art for non majors. This professor forces students to buy unnecessary, garbage materials for a website that he clearly has stock in. Exams are very easy. Myths vs. FactsContinue, Read More Why Do Nurses Get Paid So Much?Continue, Read More Is Biology Still a Good Degree?Continue, Read More History Major: Good, Bad, and Job OutlookContinue. Tons of extra credit for attendance. Professor doesn't teach, its just guest lecturers (entrepreneurs) who present their story to success. By steering clear of those that will require every cell in your brain to hammer away, you will realize that science classes need not ruin your college experience and your transcript and resume, too! Whether you love gardening or are pursuing food science, nutrition, public health, health and wellness, or wildlife conservation, botany would make for a wonderful course. Barely any actual instruction from Bunting, just relied on guest lecturers to 'teach,' except for 2 lectures where he just bragged about his business and accomplishments. Related Article: 20 Most Employable Degrees. In case she didn't mention it or you didn't already know - she was married to the English singer, Adam Ant. she's an amazing prof and the class was amazing, can't recommend it highly enough. We use cookies on our websites for a number of purposes, including analytics and performance, functionality and advertising. Bunting is a cool guy, but this transition back to in-person was rough. They are considered soft as they are presumed to be understandable sans mathematical rigor. Prof Bunting cares about his students so much it's insane.

Didn't even feel like class. There are some modules you "have to do" just go through the slides and you're good. Just make sure to always go to lecture and pay attention. This is especially true if you are not just a mere viewer but also actively participate in helping police forensic evidence investigation experts in solving crimes. I really enjoy his classes because they are interesting and easy to get a good grade in. Its a child and adolescent health class and its so easy. It also concentrates on various things over your head, such as the atmosphere and the weather system. Bunting is an extremely chill professor who simply wants to give some good ideas to fellow Longhorns. really boring class, tests straight off the powerpoints and they're REALLY specific. While there are college science classes that can be easy for science haters to pass, there are also those that can give anyone who fears science cold sweats and sleepless nights. I love the professor btw (forgot her name though). Great GPA booster. Took both of his adv332 and adv332c classes and both grades are heavily based on participation so definitely DO NOT SKIP CLASS! However, refrain from assuming that its all about petting animals. They include psychology, biology, geology and computer science. Due to this, it isnt surprising why a psychology class is also one of the most popular college classes. Is Bellevue University Respected by Employers? Needless to say, zoology is the study of animals and animal life. He brings speakers for all his lectures. There is no denying that psychology is the right science class for you to take in college if you possess one or more of the following traits and characteristics: Hate answering brain-twisting science questions but have a lot of questions about everything around you that lives and breathes? Even if your chosen major is nowhere near any science-related discipline, chances are you will still have to take at least a couple of science classes to be able to complete your degree and graduate. And whats great about a geology class is that it can give you a deeper understanding of your home planet. But just because many college students find the science classes we discussed trouble-free to pass doesnt mean right away that you will also find them easy-peasy. However, feel free to take it even if its not related to your degree, but you feel that it can make college more exciting and fulfilling. For instance, environmental science centers on living creatures roaming the planet. Very easy class. But because of the extensive syllabus, some college students might find it boring. One of the easiest classes at UT! Its very much likely for you to shine in a forensic science class if you possess one or more of the following: The scientific examination of the relationships between human beings and societies is referred to as social science. the modules are easy you just look at them.