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$175.00 for trucking service that removes the Bag from your property. 132 Rochester Hill Road There are also limitations to what you can put into a Bag.

The Bag is only capable of holding one cubic yard of heavy material like concrete, asphalt and dirt. If youre cleaning out the garage over the span of a few weeks, its important to note that dumpsters typically come with a 7-10 day rental period. Just what we needed. If your project runs past a projected timeframe, you dont have to worry about any penalty fees that would likely be charged in a rental situation. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), Dumpster in a Bag (Holds up to 3,300 lb.). Additional charge for Bags over 3,300 lbs. Let Us Help, Call Today For a Free Quote! Should You Buy a Dumpster Bag or Rent a Dumpster? Small bags or boxes of relics with no resale value scratched-up LPs, laser-rotted CDs, boundless paperbacks from the living room, attic or basement. The bricks, tarp, and rope we left behind and the Bagster was gone in less than 72 hours from purchase. Therefore, if you have 1.3 Bags worth of junk to haul, it will cost you the price of two. 118 Union Avenue Set up the bags within 16 feet of the street. Therefore, hauling a sofa into a dumpster of that size could require a tractor. 603-389-9246 Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Suite 2 Dumpsters can be placed on the street in most areas, as long as you get a permit first. **Guesstimate - All phone or email quotes are complete guesstimates aimed at giving our customers so type of idea for how we price and what they should expect to pay if their load falls into the standard job inline with that quote. Dumpster rental fees vary according to the size of the dumpster and the county in which a given project takes place. Tell us about the details of your project so we can gauge the amount and type of debris you need to toss. Each choice has a unique cost structure, so doing a bit of research ahead of time can go a long way to help you make a smart decision. Less than 48 hours later the pick-up man was their and doing just as we asked. Reach out when you're done filling up the dumpster and well pick it up. We find that customers that have used Bagster have paid 30% more than we would have charged and they even had to do all the work!? You are making a trip out to get a bag, you are carrying all your unwanted junk, debris, and unwanted furniture 20-30+ feet from where its all currently at(probably a few stairs involved), then the call scheduling the pickup, supervising the pickup, calling to make a payment.. An average of 4 to 8 total hours and $220+ all to get rid of a little more than a pickup trucks worth of junk?! Weve rounded up the pros and cons of each to help you select the best junk removal option. A dumpster specialist can help you set a more feasible timeframe, which in turn can help determine the end costs. Putting two dumpster bags lengthwise would take up 16 feet and lining them up next to each other would make them 8 feet wide, so more than one dumpster bag on-site will exceed the dimensions of a 10 yard container. Saturday 7am - 1pm Fill them up, then contact the manufacturer for collection. Rolled-up old carpeting and evenly distributed bedding items such as pillows, comforters and mattresses. If you purchase two or more bags for your project, there is an average pickup discount of $20 per bag, but only if they are all picked up at the same time and location. Here are a few general rules of thumb. While there are limitations on the size and weight thresholds for both Bags and dumpsters, Bagsters arent as transparent in their limitations, and loading large items can create additional challenges. We were removing carpet from an entire upstairs4 bedrooms and a bathand the bagsters worked perfectly for that removal process. Since each Bag is purchased upfront at a reasonable price, there are no rental fees the only remaining cost involved is the Bagster collection fee. For any inquiries or for multiple dumpster rental bookings, fill in our quick contact form. Location NJ Laws require handling materials within a county be disposed at the counties required site resulting in monopolized costs. Recycle-friendly with competitive pricing. Set price and haul-away feel with no rental charges. When you have too much junk for the curb or your weekly pickup won't accept certain items, its time to choose between two other popular waste removal options: a dumpster bag or a roll off container. The Catch: Lets face it, compared to most junk and debris removal services this is not easy, fast, and convenient!? If loaded properly per instructions accompanying bag, those pickups have proceeded flawlessly and on schedule.

Wall tile with concrete backing and metal mesh, cast iron sink and tub, Sheetrock and floor tile. Once the Waste Management dumpster bag is full, Waste Management will send out a truck equipped with a crane that picks up the bag. "In our experience, customers often end up with more debris than they originally planned. For at least 20% less we come out and remove your items from where they sit, all you need to do is point and we remove it. While the dumpster has long been a fixture of demolition and renovation sites, the bin type is now also being used by homeowners for a variety of small, medium and large-scale cleanout projects. Our average cost to remove a pickup trucks worth of junk costs between $140 and $180 WITHOUT discounts, 95% of our customers get discounts (explained below), Promise #2The Bagster is convenient, set itup where its easyfor you to load it (is what it's instructions and website say). Dumpster Bag Prices vs. Dumpster Rental Costs [Infographic], Nick Mausser, Director of Premier Account Management | However, there are limitations to how much of that weight can be held in a single spot. $30.00 for one Bagster Bag, which can be purchased at home-supply stores such Lowes and Home Depot. Compare the different processes for getting a dumpster bag or dumpster rental on-site, filling it up and getting it hauled away. Likewise, if you have any leftover toxic chemicals you no longer need, dispose of the contents in your toilet and recycle or discard the containers through conventional means. The Bagster folks showed up at the appointed date and time, picked up my bag, and were gone. Each Bag is capable of holding 3,300 lbs., which equals 1.65 tons. Or call us directly on 732-525-2555 to speak to an agent. Often available in 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard sizes. By contrast, a project that involves hauling out tables, sofas and tree trunks will require a dumpster with greater height. Basically, the pros of dumpsters can be summarized as follows: Dumpsters are rented, not purchased, and this can end up being costly unless you set your project on a firm timetable.

Fill out this form to get an instant "GUESSTIMATE", *Please note - Final pricing is always determinedupon crew arrival. Promise #3: Get rid of all your unwanted items fast, easily, and conveniently. Combined with a purchase price of $30, that brings the average dumpster bag price range to $130 $210. However, thats just one factor to consider when making your choice. While Bagster does allow natural debris, there are various items and substances users cannot place inside Bags, including the following: Therefore, a Bag is not to be used for indiscriminate disposal of waste during a cleanout project. Bags filled nicely. High walls on large dumpsters can necessitate additional lifting equipment. Real estate projects and tips for homeowners and landlords. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we did. Reliable for clearing out loads of moderate bulk and weight.

I couldn't of been more thrilled with this process! Also, electronics, appliances, and sometimes yard waste, are not accepted in dumpster bags. Since the Bag is something you own instead of rent, there are none of the pricing miscalculations that can sometimes stem from rental fees. As with other debris such as concrete, brick and asphalt, dirt can be quite heavy in large clusters. Dumpster bag prices are also heavily influenced by location. For starters, each additional Bag will bear the same $30.00 price tag, while the trucking service will charge a further $150 for the second pickup.

Thanks for the awesome review! Excellent for clearing out loads of any size. Sunday Closed, Telephone: 732-525-2555 When loaded level a truck of this size holds 2.5 cubic yards. Plus, you still need to factor in the price of the dumpster bag itself, so the average price range for any additional bags is $110 $190. We'll be in touch within the next 24 hours! Hometown Waste and Recycling Services, Inc. contact us today for a free quote on our rental services. As such, Bagsterreviews tend to be divided based on the needs of various users, only some of whom can actually complete a project with just one Bag. Can be placed in a driveway, on your property or in the street. ). Our Bagster experience was awesome. Fill them up and reach out to the company to find out when they can collect them. I purchased 2 bags for a clean out and set a date for pickup. Only a small amount of dirt can be included, while hazardous items like chemicals and toxic paint are prohibited. Granted, even one major cleanout of mostly smaller items could necessitate more than one Bag. The bags also must be purchased from stores like Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walmart for $29.99 and up depending on the store. With our junk removal service, we do all the work! Waste Management sells this idea to homeowners and business owners alike under the far stretched promise that the service isan affordable meansfor people to get rid of anything and everything (besides Hazmat) for as little hassle as possible. Helpful jobsite resources and maintenance guides for contractors. Consider that a 10 yard dumpster has a length of 14 feet and width of 7.5 feet. We purchased the Bagster when our basement flooded! Rows of moving boxes that weigh up to 40 lbs. Handling an estate cleanout. They even took some debris alongside it that didnt quite fit. However, all of our customers are welcome to receive an onsite estimate by our manager so we can offer upfront pricing without any cost or obligation, it our pleasure just to have the opportunity to earn your business. Large and Sturdy for all needs and purposes. D-U-N-S # 10-552-8987

I needed to tear down the old shed before the new shed could be installed. Before And After Pics If you have an expired piece of electronics, donate the item or trade it in at a local aftermarket dealership that handles such equipment. Have you chosen a dumpster for your project? The Difference Between Dumpster Bags and Roll Off Dumpsters. HAZMAT, paint, televisions, any electronics in general, air conditioners, refrigerators, appliances, yard waste, regular food trash and garbage?? But you. as this will help determine the necessary dumpster size. I scheduled pickup online and they came the next weekday. It would be great if deciding on a dumpster or a dumpster bag were as simple as the amount of waste youre tossing. For example, the cost to pick up the first bag in Boston is $257, nearly $100 more than in Cleveland. Decluttering a specific area of the home. Learn all about landfills and how waste is managed after it's picked up. Again, 95% of our customers are able to get discounts on their pickups. If the bulk of your refuse exceeds the weight or size capacity of one Bag, you might need to buy two, which could nearly double the price of your cleanup project. However, prices vary by location, and local taxes and fees will still be added. Perfect for smaller projects when you don't want a full dumpster. We bought the bag, placed it in the yard according o the instructions, filled it with demoed kitchen cabinets, and covered it with a tarp and bricks to keep any rain out. We used it for a project to get rid of a bunkbed (we used a sawzaw to cut it up) and some mattresses. Find out which dumpster bag brands are available in your area. Other factors that affect the price of a roll off dumpster include your exact location, the type of debris you're tossing and the container's weight allowance. Thanks for the awesome review! Rental costs can add up when projects exceed projected timelines. He did a fantastic job and did not leave a message behind. Expand your industry knowledge with informative guides and safety tips. Easy!! The Catch: The Bagster costs $30 for the bag itself which is a one time use. Make an estimate of how long this project will likely take to complete, then share all these details with a specialist to negotiate the best price possible. Suite 1 As far as dumpster size requirements are concerned, projects can be broken down into the following categories: Dumpsters can range anywhere from one ton (minimum) to an excess of 20+ tons depending on the density of the items being disposed of. What materials are you putting in the dumpster? Otherwise all was good. With an overall Bag capacity of 3,300 lbs. A little pricy for its size compared to larger dumpsters. Need Help? 425 Old Water Works Road # 1 We look forward to earning your business 1-877-239-6048, Providing junk hauling services in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Check Out Our New Junk Removal Branch In Massachusetts, The fastest way to get an idea of what your removal project may cost. I like the convenience of the service. A Bagster is a bag offered by Waste Management that serves as a portable dumpster bag that a person can purchase at Home Depot for roughly $29 to $49 although you may be able to find it for less by using a Bagster Coupon code. Go green at home with these tips. Update your restaurant with new renovation projects and sustainability tips. For small and medium-sized cleanout projects, Bagster has become a popular bin option among residents and business owners. Went online and scheduled pickup . Very prompt and efficient. trash duty count hdx Here's how it works: With a dumpster bag, there are more factors to consider. He was great. How is that supposed to pick it up from a place that wasconvenient for you? All Rights Reserved. NOT CONVENIENT! While they are available for purchase at many major home improvement stores and can be delivered anywhere via online shopping, that doesnt mean your local hauling company will collect them. You simply pay for the bag upfront and then pay to have it carted off once youve filled it to capacity or otherwise cleared away all the garbage on your property. We are sure the most convenient spot for you to load it is not on the curb infront of your house or business). Will be using for a my clean outs!! In New Jersey, Hometown Waste & Recycling Services Inc. offers rental dumpsters to residents and businesses in the counties of Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Essex, Somerset, Mercer, Union and surrounding communities including Old Bridge, New Brunswick and Middletown Township. How much time do you have to complete the project? Remodeling a room or rooms. Combined with a purchase price of just under $30, that brings the average total to about $170 for 3 cubic yards of waste roughly the size of one pickup truckload. State License

Rochester NH 03867 For smaller projects and cleanups, it can be. In the event an item is able to be resold without repairs we will determine its fair market price and give you 50% of that fair market price off the cost of your junk removal! You might have an idea, but if this is your first big cleanout, you might be liable to underestimate the amount of time required for such an undertaking. For anything larger or involving materials not accepted at the curb, a dumpster may be the right way to go. We have used many times and will definitely use again. Specify the scope of your project one room, two rooms, a full house, a yard, a building floor, etc. No credit card required, no hassle, no phone calls. Pickup was a breeze to schedule and when the truck arrived, the driver was very careful to maneuver around the trees that line our street. Will definitely be using again in the future!! Tell us about it. Every project has a budget. Find greener business tips and hotel renovation guides for happier guests.

Strong recommendation. Base pricing can vary in each county Our customer service team can make recommendations that lead to cost-effective solutions with the material used to not see additional charges. New Hampshire Division, 230 Londonderry Turnpike Hooksett, NH 03106. Available Discount 3 - If there are items that can be repurposed and even fixed and resold we will discount your removal accordingly. Each day, people Google the phrase dumpster rental New Jersey and are brought to this site, only to find themselves the happy renters of our strong, reliable dumpsters. Also note that these averages are subject to local fees and taxes, which will be applied when you schedule bag collection. Bought it , filled it up, up, up! Weigh the pros and cons to find the best debris removal option for your project. I was shocked at how fast we filled it up! Length of the project How long might your project take? Bags can be purchased from home improvement stores or online retailers, while dumpsters are rented from a waste hauling company. 2000-2022 Home Depot. It cuts the work in half and you don't have to worry about putting peices out each week on garbage day! Hazardous garbage items are prohibited, which gives you a small bang for your buck. Thanks..I would definitely 43 Inch Vanity Top Engineered Solid Surface Bathroom Vanity Tops, 30 x 80 Left Hand/Outswing Fiberglass Doors With Glass, Yellow Single door with Sidelites Fiberglass Doors With Glass, 2-Light Imperial Black Outdoor Wall Lantern Sconce, Home Decorators Collection Rustic Flush Mount Lights, Shop Blue Resin Tabletop Outdoor Side Tables, Shop Sun-Ray Outdoor Dining Chair Cushions, Collection service not available in all markets. The individual then takes it home and fills it with their unwanted junk, construction debris, and anything else they might be able to fit that they want to get rid of. Here's what we do not except at Trash Can Willys: Hazmat and paint, that's it! Take on home renovations with supply lists and detailed walk-throughs. This means the bag can be sitting outside your house for an unspecified amount of time. Bagster is a convenient option for small bulk cleanouts of garbage from your home, provided the objects you intend to get rid of are neither too large or too heavy. Refresh your storefront and reduce waste with our comprehensive retail guides. Which option is best for you? With a dumpster, the walls are higher and can accommodate more debris in a smaller space. Consequently, Bagster has the following cons: Basically, if you plan to rid a room or two of garbage, Bagster will give you a place to put all of the non-electronic, non-hazardous junk for easy pickup, but could possibly leave you with an unfinished project. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Worried about oick-up, but the Bagster driver was awesome and super helpful loading all of our stuff into the bag and hauling it away! Franchising A Junk Removal Service, Southern New Hampshire Using Trash Can Willys to handle this pickup trucks worth of junk you could spend up to 3 minutes booking your pickup online here or calling us to schedule, the crew then calls when they are close during your two hour appointment time frame, verify the price upon arrival, load everything up in 20 minutes, take payment on the spot, and are gone. So, if you're decluttering your home before selling and expecting potential buyers to stop by, the first thing they see when they arrive may be your filled dumpster bag. The Bag is purchased upfront and hauled away at a flat fee. As a result, price is one of the most important factors when deciding which waste removal option to go with. They also want you to handle the recycling of tires, batteries, glass, metals, paper & plastic products, andlight bulbs because they don't take it. * Estimates were calculated using the national average of $170 for purchase/pickup of the first bag and a discounted rate of $150 per additional bag. the average pickup cost for a dumpster bag, Your Guide for Removing and Disposing of a Toilet, How to Safely Dispose of Refrigerator & AC Freon, A Complete Guide to Proper Christmas Tree Disposal, Choosing Between Dump Trailers or Dumpsters. Dumpster bags must be placed within 16 feet of the curb for collection. Getting rid of carpeting or flooring from a small room. We added a few other items as well. Renovate and transform your home with room-by-room project tips and guides. Go to a home improvement store to buy the dumpster bags. Scheduled pickup on line, Andrew arrived on schedule and took it away. 508-271-7554, Rochester NH Branch The national average pickup cost for a dumpster bag is about $140. Since the dumpster is towed to and from your home or building, it can be situated on a road, driveway or side alley throughout the tasks at hand. Will use again for single room demos like this in the future. All the carpet, padding, tack strips and baseboards filled up 2 bagsters, placed in our driveway. Buy with confidence! For projects that only involve the clearance of junk from one or two rooms, a dumpster the size of a four-door car will generally be large enough. Was really happy with the whole experience and the driver was very friendly and helpful! The circuitry inside electronic items like stereos and PC motherboards can make them hazardous within compost piles at landfill sites. However, since the walls of a dumpster bag are only two-and-a-half feet tall and they cant be picked up if debris obstructs the handles, theyre not ideal for getting rid of bulky items like furniture. I purchased this for a room remodel and it was perfect for this project! Thank you for the 5-star rating! For projects such as these, a larger and more specialized means of hauling is necessary. It all depends on what type of project youre planning.

Dumpsters can be hauled to virtually any location within the coverage area of a given service. I didnt even hear the truck pickup - they were fast & efficient! Additionally, if youre tossing heavy debris like concrete, brick or dirt, the bag can only be filled with one cubic yard of materials that means you're wasting two-thirds of the bag's capacity. Did take a little longer to pick up from timed called, but no big deal. Simple and easy way to get rid of debris during a remodel! Therefore, you wont want to fill the Bag too heavily before placing it in a suitable location for takeaway. Keep up with our company news, including TV show features and team spotlights. Following the instructions made this easy and fast. Here's what to do: In the end, a dumpster rental features a much more refined process with clear delivery and pickup dates, and more structure than a dumpster bag. WM has great instructions on their website and their online scheduling is awesome and user friendly. Due to the height of larger dumpsters, it can require additional lifting machinery to place objects inside. Simply swing open the dumpster door to safely load heavy items. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: That's JUST the cost of the bag there's more charges coming,a lot more Get Rid Of Your Junk For Less - We Do All The Work. I didnt have to wait for a dumpster service over a holiday weekend. A great way to clean out! If you're wondering how to rent a dumpster, its as simple as a phone call. Looking for ways to be more sustainable? Must be placed within 16 feet of the street. Debris bags can hold a surprising amount of weight without ripping or tearing. The answer is it's not, they won't pick it up unless its curbside, or in your driveway, which needs to be at least 12' wide and have an overhead clearance of 18-20'. Taxes and additional fees are not included. The pickup charges then average $180. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS A Bag must also be within five feet of the curb at the time of pickup, which ultimately limits where the Bag can be placed during the active stage of home cleanup. Mon - Friday 7am - 5pm bagster waste management bag pick removal

Additionally, they can be placed in driveways or wherever you may need it on your jobsite. Dumpster Bags vs. Dumpster Rentals: What's the Better Deal? I bought this for old stuff left by a previous owner in the rafters of our garage. We refinished our bathroom and all the demo and carton from new bathroom items fit in the bag. After disassembling it, we used a Bagster for disposal of the old pieces. Purchased to remove a large amount of wood paneling in the house. Dumpster rental prices vary by each city's landfill disposal costs and local regulations. Old Bridge, NJ 08857. Keep up with sustainability tips and trends for a socially responsible business. Getting rid of bulky items. Make the most of your business office space with our blog resources. Still not sure which option is best for you? Examples of sensible distribution could include any of the following: Users must beware of weight capacities when loading items like bricks, which take up little space but comprise a lot of weight. The next day they were gone! Proof Of Insurance This is definitely a good way to go if you have a small project I need to get rid of junk. We do not sell or redistribute any of our customers' information. Typically 7.5 feet wide, 16-22 feet long and 3.5-8 feet high. Excavating a small load of dirt or sod. If you've verified that disposal services are available, determine how many waste removal bags you'll need. In the dumpster vs. Bagster debate, the former is generally favored for its accommodating sizes and weight capacity. Follow our comprehensive guides for more sustainable projects and jobsites. I had a Garden Shed project. We could keep going here honestly like on what happens if the Bagster is overfilled or too heavy or too many shrubs or boulders but we think you get the point. The Catch: Look back on top of the page, see that ginormous truck with the 16 foot crane? Enjoy the rest of your day. Promise #4 A simple solution to get rid of all your unwanted items during your junk decluttering, yard cleanup, construction site cleanup, etc, The Catch:They will not accept all of this!? Go to a home improvement store and buy as many bags as you need for your project. To learn more about why NJ residents love Hometown dumpsters, contact us today for a free quote on our rental services. Me as a woman, I was able to fill it and we put out to the curb and continued to put heavier objects inside. 603-490-2177, Framingham/Boston Branch This is the second or third time we have used Bagster. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. In short, Bagster has the following pros: Bagster is available in one size and ultimately has limits regarding how much it can hold. Dumpsters and dumpster bags, such as the Bagster, are both containers you can use to dispose of a variety of debris. Particularly, you need to do your research before you buy a disposable dumpster bag. Small dumpsters rented for short amounts of time can carry the lowest fees. Bags could be bigger. Bought two bags for a basement gut job. It also depends on how much you plan to get rid of with a dumpster are you cleaning out a room or your entire house? With our flat-rate pricing, you don't have to do any guesswork. Prompt, efficient, simple to schedule & track pick, Easy to purchase, use, and schedule pickup. *Available dumpster sizes and weight limits may vary by location. For most areas in New Hampshire & Massachusetts, the costofBagster pick-upranges from $119 to $199 perpick-up, butcost vary significantly. However, there are limits to just how much can be fit into a single Bag. Pick up was on schedule.