how to transfer photos from android to android

This is called Move to iOS, and youll find it in the Google Play store. Here's what you need to do on the old phone: 7. With a little bit of know-how, you can quickly transfer all your contacts, precious photos, useful apps, passwords, messages, and much more, whether youre on an iPhone or Android device. 6. Android Beam is very ideal for sharing content web pages, maps, videos, photos, and more with other peoples Android phones and tablets. Choose from the list all the apps you'd like to install on your phone. I change to a new android phone and need to transfer all photos from old to new phone.. If either feature has been disabled, enable it. 5. Transfer data between Android, iOS, and Windows phones with 1-click. Part 1: How to transfer photos from Android to Android using MobileTrans [Best Choice]. Best of all, the data that's automatically backed up by Google doesn't count toward your 15GB free Google Drive storage quota, so you don't have to worry about running out of storage. This means that if anything goes wrong, youll be able to recover all your data. Now please tick "High quality" and turn "Back up & sync" on. You can simply tick the files from the interface, click "Start Copy" and the process will start automatically. Download and install Google Photos from Google Play store on your sending phone. Google Photos is an outstanding service for backing up photos and videos. Transfer Photos from Android to Android by Android Mobile Phone Transfer, Part 2. You can see how to do that above.

Run the app on your old Android device, you need to sign in to your Google Account. If you want to transfer your pictures from one phone to another in a simple way then go for the Android Transfer tool. Can't find the app on your Samsung Galaxy? Google Photos expands its printing services to more countries. The best way to do it uses an iCloud backup. Please go to the "Photos" folder and select photos and other files (if needed) you wish to transfer from your Android. 2. So, if you want to sell a mobile phone, keep hold of it to check which apps you want to download before you get it packaged up and ready to be posted to Mazuma. Web Page: Open it in Chrome (it is always advisable to use chrome for this purpose). YouTube Video: Open it in the default YouTube app, pre-download the app on both devices). The program supports almost all Android brands with Android version 2.0 to Android 9.0, such as Samsung Galaxy S9+/ S9/ Galaxy Note9/ Note8, HTC U12+/ U11 EYEs, Motorola z3/ z2 play/ e5 plus, LG Q7+/ Q6, SONY Xperia XZ2 Premium/ Xperia XZ2 and so on. Click on it and you will see several types of content that can be backed up like call history, device settings, photos, text messages, etc. Now, you can disconnect your Android phone from the computer, and connect the new one to the computer via a USB cable. Delete/ import contacts in batches and edit contacts on the computer. 3. James Leak is a technology expert and lives in New York. If your backup hasnt been done recently, you can select, Transfer your SIM card over to your new device, Power on your new Android phone and follow the steps on your phone to set things up, including connecting to your Wi-Fi network, Eventually, itll display a screen called. Here are free trial versions for Windows/ Mac: Step 2. Part 4: How to transfer photos from Android to Android using Android Beam? That's all there is to it. But as we know that every problem has a solution so transferring pictures from one phone to another is not a big deal. Once your photos and videos are safely backed up to Google Photos, you can get started with setting up your new phone. If you don't want to install all the apps, choose the Apps setting. "High quality" is recommended first because it can save storage space and will not lower the photos' quality. Transfer photos, and 17 other types of data between 6000+ mobile devices. Then enable USB debugging and enter the main interface. Copyright All Rights Reserved. Ensure that both NFC and Android Beam are enabled on both of your devices.

After selecting the services, you can set up a PIN to use face unlock and fingerprint authentication. Transfer iTunes to Android (vice versa). Now, share photos between those two android devices.

Make sure the toggle for Back up & sync is set to On. I learned some new tricks for data sharing and its very nice explanation. Whatever youre doing, just check the relevant guide below before you recycle your phone.

Map Directions or a Location: Open the Google Maps app and pull up the directions or the location that you want to share. Unlike old phones from days gone by, where you would have to manually move all your contacts across from one device to the other, modern smartphones offer a much more seamless transition between phones. Backup and transfer data from your phone to PC. Once youve downloaded it, youre ready to set up your new phone. How to Transfer Text Messages from Samsung to Samsung Easily? Is there an easy solution to help me? Youll need to be logged into your Google account. If you did not install any file manager app on your phone, you can go to Google Play to download one. LG to Samsung Transfer - How to Transfer Data from LG to Samsung? The entire files of your Android phone are shown on the left. This is a handy data transfer software that transfers pictures from Android to Android without any difficulty. So, whether your new device is a top-tier flagship like the S22 Ultra or a mid-range phone like the Galaxy A53 5G, you can take advantage of Smart Switch to copy all you need. Correct the phones' sides after your devices were detected. Samsung Data Transfer is a mobile phone transfer tool to help users transfer data from phone to phone directly by simply clicking once. To check for NFC support, open your devices Settings screen and tap on More that will be located under Wireless & networks. Part 3: How to transfer photos to New Android using Google Photos. Remember, Android Beam supports Android 4.0 and above, First, go to those pictures you want to transfer, Then open photos in the gallery as you can send more than one pictures from the default gallery application, Now choose and long-press photos thumbnail and click on other images as well you want to transfer. Samsung's propriety app called Smart Switch makes everything much simpler and easier. All methods are easy to follow and they will definitely help you to transfer pictures between devices. You've unboxed your new phone and are ready to set it up. Once you enable it, all the data will be backed up automatically. She has a passion for all things tech & gaming and has been an honorary Goodreads librarian since 2011. Here are 4 ways for you to transfer photos from Android to Android. Transfer all your photos from old Android phone could be tricky, especially when you run out of Google Photos space. At this point, you should switch the SIM card over to the new phone. Confirm the screen lock of your old phone to authenticate the data transfer. Apart from blogging, he loves to travel, play games and reading books. By You can check if youve got automatic backups turned on and manually back up your data by navigating to your Settings app. 15. dr.fone will recognize them and display them like below. Learn about 5G Technology & Get MobileTrans to Transfer data! An App: Open its download page on Google Play Store. There are other ways you can transfer photos. That said, it is the best way to back up photos and videos from your Android phone. Android Beam is a software that allows you to send content between devices just by pressing them back-to-back. Here in this blog, I will guide you in different ways to transfer photos from Android to Android in an easy and convenient way. transfer pc android file phone Thankfully, Google makes it extremely convenient to migrate your texts, call logs, contacts, music, and photos over to your new phone seamlessly. Step 2. Select Photos from the supported file type list and click on the "Start" button.

After that, establish a connection between the two phones to pair them successfully and exchange files. (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central), (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central), Google temporarily halts hiring as it reviews its 'headcount' requirements, Best Chromebook deals for students our favorite back to school discounts. The next page offers instructions on how to restore data. Photos: Open a photo in the gallery. Manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps, etc. Using this, you can easily transfer photos from Android to Android and others. Pro tip: Go to to see if all the contacts from your previous phone migrated to your Google account. MobileTrans is a very handy software that can meet all your data transfer needs. 13. 17. There was a problem. Whatever youre doing, its important to minimise the risk of losing any data from your current device. And Restore backups easily. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. When the two smartphones have been successfully paired and connected, open the File Manager option on the phone desktop, then select the music that you want to transfer and press it for 2 seconds to share to the destination phone via Bluetooth. Note:If your device doesnt follow this exact folder structure, you may need to search for Back up within your settings app. Do you want to share the pictures taken during trips with your friends or family members or you just got a brand new Android device and want to move all your loved photos from the old Android to the new Android device? 4. Then connect both your Android phones to the computer. You'll see a Copying your account progress bar at this point. 4 modes for mobile phone transfer - Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android and iPhone to iPhone. Download and install Samsung Messages Backup onto your computer, please choose the correct version according to your computer system. Go to the Photos tab on the top. Find and open Google Photos folder, select the photo folder and tap the three-point button, choose "Select All" and tap on "Download" to start to transfer photos from Android to Android. Why does it take so long for my phone to receive Android updates? You can reach her on Twitter @NamerahS. Step 4. Transfer Photos to New Phone with 1-click! You have successfully transferred photos from one Android to another Android Device. You can use it to transfer photos and other files from Android to Android without any data loss. Though there is no unlimited storage space for Google Photos, you can still get 15GB of free space.

You'll be able to see a sign-in window for all the Google accounts registered on your older device. He keeps daily updates on news or rumors or what is happening in this new technology world. Hit Next to confirm the screen lock on your old phone. Part 5: How to transfer photos from Android to Android using Dr.Fone - Phone Manager. Select your device language and hit Start on the welcome page. 18. Even you can upload photos to Google Drive manually, Now on another phone, open Google Drive and log in with the same Google account, and access it. Make sure youve got both devices to hand before you start. The program supports Android OS from Android 4.0 to Android 10 or up.0, including Samsung Galaxy S9/ Galaxy Note9, HTC U12+, LG Q7+/ Q6, SONY Xperia XZ2 Premium, Motorola z3 and so on. You'll now arrive at the Choose what to restore page. It helps to access the data from any phone by logging with the same account.

This is an excellent way to reduce the volume of photographs stored on your iPhones internal storage, too. 1. Move data between devices running on a different platform, i.e. 11. Your phone will now search for nearby devices. Transfer WhatsApp data between Android and iPhone. For example, maybe youre looking to set up a new Samsung phone after years of using iOS. Other manufacturers may have a similar system if you dont want to use Google Drive. gcash app tricksvile If youve decided to move over from iPhone to Android or add an Android device to your collection; the steps are slightly different. Follow the below steps to transfer photos from the old Android to the new one with Google Photos. The feature backs up call history, app data, contacts, device and home screen settings, and text messages. Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop only. The best part with a cloud restore is that even your home screen is preserved. If your new phone is a Samsung Galaxy phone, we have some good news. For instance, if you only want to move a small number, you can use AirDrop. Almost each Android user can use Bluetooth to transfer photos between Android phones. published 9 June 22. page to copy data to your new phone. Apart from the above automatic solution, there are other ways as well to transfer pictures between devices. You can use the Samsung Smart Switch app to transfer all your data from your old Galaxy phone to your new Galaxy phone without having to make backups to various cloud storage platforms. Get the best of Android Central in in your inbox, every day!