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Regarding the investment in steel shop as we discussed in the past, thats something that we this plant is not putting a stop for that plant or anything. The strong cash from operations and significant increase in free cash flow in the fourth quarter, the CapEx remained relatively stable. GOMaximo. I hope with that I answered the.

Good morning and thank you all for joining us today. Whether youll be participating from your home office, attending from your plant or facility, or meeting us in person, we hope youll decide to take part in the many industry conferences being offered in the fall of 2021. Thank you very much, Timna. Yes, I hear you. We have your recap of the conference highlights from your IBM Maximo experts right here. So, it has been a constant work to simplify the corporate structure and this step was an important step for us. Privacy Policy, Leidos Antarctic Support Contract Recognized as the Best Maximo Mobility Program at the 2021 MaximoWorld Conference, All of these are record levels. Always one of our favorite Maximo events, this years oil and gas focused Maximo User Group has become a one-day online symposium.

Please go ahead. Thank you all for joining us today. And if this is not the case, it would be great to hear managements capital allocation plans for 2022? I think most of the points have already been addressed. The mobilitys capability to deliver uninterrupted functionality in an austere communications environment, and a secure, role-based, familiar interface designed for end-user success, enables ASC to securely experience Maximo on the highest, driest, windiest, emptiest, and coldest continent on the planet, where Wi-Fi is far from readily available. So this one, how much is the total investment in dollars that you expect for these finishing lines that I guess would add value to the new hot-rolled coil? If you ask today, we have nothing special in our pipeline today. My first question is on the volumes in Mexico. So our customers and our customers of our competitors, they -- we couldnt as an industry fulfill all the needs of our, I mean, our ramp up of Pesqueria started in July and so we couldnt get that capacity in time. Georgetown University Law Center These DRI models are among the greenest in the world. And then secondly, still on cash returns, I just wanted to hear from you, whether it could make sense to announce a buyback program, especially given that your shares are trading well below historical average multiples? Thank you. Thank you. No problem at all. And then after that, because of the complexity of the transaction and the different steps the transaction is having could take an additional 15 days to 30 days for completion. Near the end of October is the fall Maximo Utilities Working Group (MUWG) this years event is a free, virtual one taking place over three half days. The 29th annual SMRP conference is scheduled to take place in St. Louis, MO. Let me start with the volumes in Mexico and try to explain it a little bit what happens and where we see 2022. Nowadays, running a business is much more than managing downtime, and competitive companies are expanding both the breadth and the depth of how they extract more value from assets. We will not have the level of floating that this company will need. Leidos works for NSF to implement a cost-effective, streamlined infrastructure for the logistics and planning required to support scientific research on the continent.Learn more about Leidos ASC at Global Industry Leader for Chemicals and Petroleum, IBM Any update on the potential timing of these transaction when -- if everything goes well when will this be closed? The board has found than many of our member organizations are unable to travel due to the Delta Variant situation. Operations Systems Technology Specialist, PowerGen Co. of Trinidad and Tobago Okay, I finished my remarks here. Taking place in Marco Island, Florida December 13-16, 2021, this conference is a terrific way to start 2022 with best practices, news ideas, and methodologies that you can implement. Note: The red dot indicates an upcoming event. Okay. Mainly the cost issues of that increase were slab purchases, iron ore, coke or carbon coke or metallurgic coke? So, we have been, I think, that the company has been drawing attention to reinforce the distribution of dividends and allocating to shareholders part of the return on cash generating during this year and try to come up with something that is sustainable over time. If these imbalances are not addressed appropriately, instability in the main macroeconomic variables in the country could have a negative effect in Ternium sales in the market in the year ahead. Appreciate it. Regarding consolidated steel shipments, volumes were higher year-over-year in 2021, although they remained below the levels achieved in 2018 and 2019. So Ternium is not alone right we see guys like Mittal and others trading at 40%, 50% discounts.

Privacy Policy. Yes. So, let me go back to the comment on the presentation that we have today and review Ternium performance for the full year 2021 and then I will be analyzing the performance of the quarter. So I have two questions. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Let me take if you allow me Mximo these questions. Theres been definitely Ternium tonnes shipped into the U.S. makes perfect sense the U.S. has shipped to Mexico. For years, companies have created more documents and unstructured information supporting business transactions than at any point in our history. Yes. Read our MaximoWorld blog for tips on getting the most out of your Maximo conference experience. Thank you, Pablo. But we are thinking that in 2023 or 2024 should be running at least very close to full capacity. Dive into the details of the University of Kansass Mobile Implementation. And we are seeing an increase in our book orders for the first quarter and also for the second quarter. We will work -- the Board of Directors or what the company is trying to do is that, we have a way in distributing and returning to the shareholders in sustainable way and whenever we can increase, we have built that and now with a good result of the company compared to -- of sustainable results, of course not at the level of 2021, we more than doubled the level of returns and dividend payments and we are -- we of course into sustaining these new effort. If you attended MaximoWorld in the past, you know that end users, thought leaders, and service providers come together in a venue to discuss all things related to technology in the maintenance and reliability space. And Rodolfo capital allocation, as I said, besides these new planning fiscal year, which is pointed out to make more value-added products, which I think theres a huge opportunity. So in a regular basis the $600 million is normalized CapEx, and again, this is not including as Mximo mentioned on the final stage of the new CapEx plan that we have, so this is we would say the normalized CapEx. We have also launched a project at our slab facility in Rio de Janeiro to increase its slab processing capacity, with the aim at reducing the CO2 emissions rate of steelmaking in these locations. Now, to finish the presentation, lets turn to page nine to review Ternium cash flow and balance sheet performance on a quarterly basis. But just understand -- to understand its seems that youre going to the organic growth line in terms of future capacity. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. has facilitated calls and conversations from user groups and sponsors/partners to gather input on the concerns and issues from your peer community. Its now free and if you are not able to make it to Texas, you can now attend virtually from anywhere in the world! Caio, hi. My question has been answered. OpenText and Qellus are hosting a Maximo document management webinar! To use our website, please upgrade your browser to Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. Wed be remiss not to mention that Michael Guns, Associate Director of Maintenance Planning and Strategy at the University of Delaware, will be presenting at SMRP. Please go ahead. Top quartile performers realize that safety, reliability, and maintenance should all be aligned. By tightly integrating data and observations, you can make better decisions and achieve business success. Leidos Antarctic Support Contract (ASC), the primary support contractor to the United States Antarctic Program (USAP), announced today that they have received the Best Maximo Mobility Program award at the 2021 MaximoWorld Conference in Orlando, FL for their work with the Interloc Solutions Mobile Informer product to augment reliability centered maintenance procedures in Antarctica. So, some of the inputs that were supposed to come in the second quarter or third quarter arrived in the fourth quarter and so that -- for our customers a way of putting inventories normal was not receiving shipments from the local suppliers and I think this happened to all the companies in the region. So the question I have is a follow-up maybe to the investment programs. I mean, if you take 2022, 2021, apparent consumption of steel increased more than 20%. As a part of this larger circle of professionals, we now boast the largest number of IBM Maximo certified consultants and the premier authority on the Maximo Application Suite (MAS). We have seen your dividend proposal, I mean, and I was wondering if this is not the time to maybe be more aggressive, become more aggressive on cash returns, considering the company, lets say that, such a solid financial position? So in the release, you mentioned an expectation of the lower sequential EBITDA and I wanted to get a little more color on two topics regarding that, which is cost and realized prices. While we have been participating in a multitude of online and in-person events throughout 2021, the last quarter of the year is shaping up to be our busiest yet. Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professional Conference (SMRP). The 2021 event is now over. It didnt have yet the Board approval. So and this is something that the Board of Directors of Argentina did not yet take and they are still considering the proposal. Terniums effort to improve its safety performance were recognized by worldsteel with the safety and excellence recognitions, and diversity, equality and inclusion continue to be strategic topic in Terniums ESG agenda. rivera professor temario scholarship celebrating phiso distinguished

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