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One of the highlights of the castle is the Great Hall on the second floor. From June until the end of August you can experience Hamlet Live. In fact, it is the largest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. The gardens are open all year round. BOOK YOUR TICKETS TO ROSENBORG CASTLE HERE. BOOK YOUR TOUR OF AMALIENBORG PALACEHERE. More than this, the palace has been home to the Danish Parliment and the countries Supreme Court since the early 1800s. Today, Frederiksborg Slot houses the Danish Museum of National History. Or, giveAirbnba go. It served as a royal residence several times during the 17th century. You can visit the Royal Reception Rooms, the Royal Kitchen, The Ruins, The Royal Stables, and the Palace Chapel. The castle is also referred to as the Danish Versailles. One of the best ways to discover the old history in this stunning city is to visit some of the Danish castles. Check here for great deals on accommodation. You can take the S-train line A to Hillerd station. You can buy your ticket on the website. We Weigh the Pros & Cons. And I agree with you, I would definitely recommend visiting all three of the palaces/castles in Copenhagen if you have time. Youtube | Tiktok | Instagram | Bloglovin. Its definitely a fab place to visit Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave such a lovely comment , Your email address will not be published. The Crown Jewels are still being used today by the current Danish Queen, however, they can only be worn within the borders of Denmark. Our team checks each review posted on the site disputed by our community as not meeting our, Historic Sites Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites Points of Interest & Landmarks. The Great Hall or the Ballroom at Kronborg Castle was the largest of its kind when it was finished in1582 and measures 60 meters.

It is up to you. These are;Frederik VIIIs Palacewhich is the home of the Danish Crown Prince family. The Danish royal family currently lives in Amalienborg so much of the wings are private! The second palace was finished in 1828, but yet again a fire burned it down in 1884. For a long time I have been wanting to visit Copenhagen. In 1842 the house was bought by King Christian VII, but it was King Christian IX who used this as his summer residence until his death in 1906. Around the lake, you will find large baroque styled and landscaped gardens, which makes the surroundings absolutely gorgeous. Totally unique to most other European palaces, Amalienborg Palace is actually made up of four identical buildings that surroundan octagonal courtyard, the centrepiece of which is a statue of King Frederik V. The classical facades of the buildings are simply beautiful. You have the opportunity to observe the Danish crown jewels up close at Rosenborg Castle, walk through the history of Hamlet at Kronborg Castle or learn about the present life of the royal family at Amalienborg Palace. Because of this,ChristiansborgPalace is perhaps the royal attraction that has the most things to see. We planned our itinerary for the city and doing so in advance with the Copenhagen Card allowed us to save quite a bit. In the last couple of years the palace has been carefully restored and its now used as a wedding and conference center.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'visiteuropeancastles_com-leader-3','ezslot_4',172,'0','0'])};if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-visiteuropeancastles_com-leader-3-0')}; Bernstorff Palace is a Neoclassical palace in Gentofte. Kronborg Castle visitor information: the castle is open daily May-October and Tuesday-Sunday in the remaining months. OOTD: Comfy Casual at The Hideaway Hotel, , 7 Days in Northern Italy Itinerary: Pastels, Prosciutto & , 10 Stunning Attractions You Cant Miss in , 21 Copenhagen Museums that Show the Unique Beauty of Denmark, Where to Stay in Copenhagen: The Ultimate Guide, 5 Cool Day Trips from Copenhagen: Castles, Swedes & Vikings, Follow This Itinerary for a Blissful 3 Days in Copenhagen, Non-cliche Ways to Spend A Weekend in Copenhagen - Travel Monkey, This Is the Best Time to Visit Copenhagen, an impressive Oval Throne Room with royal red chairs. The Royal Guards will be parading from their barracks at Rosenborg Castle, through the streets of Copenhagen all the way down to Amalienborg Palace. Visit the website for more information. But it is also used for official Royal events such as the wedding between Crown Prince Fredrik and Crown Princess Mary. Around the corner, you can also see Denmarks crown jewels which are kept in a temperature controlled vault. As a result, Frederiskborg re-opened as a Danish national monument and is now the Museum of National History! Highest rated attractions on Tripadvisor, based on traveller reviews. This post will show you the best historic castles and palaces in Copenhagen and those you can visit on a day trip from the Danish capital.

One of the most unique parts of this place and an absolute highlight is the Castle Chapel. The Best 5 Castles to Visit in Copenhagen, A guide to De Haar Castle in The Netherlands, A Guide to visiting Marksburg Castle, Germany, The Remarkable Monolithos Castle of Rhodes. The Guardleaves its barracks at Rosenborg Castle at approximately11:30 and marches through the city to Amalienborg Palace, residence ofthe Danish monarch Queen Margrethe 2. I like the statue of king Fredrick V. Hopefully we can visit Copenhagen some day. Looking for more information on Copenhagen? For 400 years, Kronborg occupied a strategic coastal position where the owner could control entrance to the Baltic Sea. This was very useful, not just for the time factor but money-wise I think I can only handle one tour. The floor is made of marble and 7 big brass chandeliers are hanging from the ceiling of the beautiful hall. But it didnt stay in the Royal family for long. Every day at 12:00 noon you can witness the changing of the Royal Danish Guard. Christiansborg Palace is located on a small island called Slotsholmen in the heart of Copenhagen. Today, the castle is open to the public. (Although I did get to see some Royal Horses training outside the palace, so my trip to the palace wasnt a complete waste)! Copenhagen is a royal city, and home to one of the world's oldest monarchies. Surrounding the palace are two romantic gardens that have lakes, canals, and a Chinese pavilion.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[728,90],'visiteuropeancastles_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_11',168,'0','0'])};if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-visiteuropeancastles_com-mobile-leaderboard-1-0')}; Kronborg Castle is best known as Hamlets Castle as Kronborg was the inspiration for William Shakespeares Elsinore. Frederiksborg- a unique Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. Visiting these royal houses would take me back to ages of strict monarchy and itll be nice to see in motion what it was like back then. I think we would be more into Rosenberg as it looks more medieval and like a palace. And yes the gardens are 100% free to visit, Id definitely recommend going . However, Christian X, who was the Danish king at the time, chose not to move into Christiansborg Palace with his family. Take a peek behind the scenes of the Danish Royal Family. Thanks for the descriptions of what each offers to help travelers who are short on visit time! Here you can discover the original decorations back from the time of King Christian IV. During the English siege of Copenhagen, the palace was the headquarters of General Wellesley (the later Duke of Wellington). Ibsens Hotel Review: Is This the Best Hotel in Copenhagen? Copenhagen Sights, Activities & Tours We Especially Enjoyed: Will a Copenhagen Card Save You Money? The city is quite large so it was nice to base ourselves in different districts!Hotels get quite expensive (well, Copenhagen as a whole is wallet shattering) so check hotel availability and book in advance. The castle was built in the 17th century and largely rebuilt after a fire in 1859 badly damaged the castle. Btw Christiansborg Palace took us a while to find. In the basement of the castle, you will find real treasures as it houses all the royal crown jewels and even the royal crowns. Here the actual change of the guards takes place at exactly 12 pm each day. You can find a ruby set, a diamond set, an emerald set (known as being among the worlds finest), and a pearl set. Today you can see four sets of Crown Jewels at Rosenborg Castle, which were all redesigned by the Danish Queen, Caroline Amalie in the 1840s. Alternatively, you can book a guided tour that visits both Kronborg and Frederiksborg castles in a day- find here more info. Combination Ticket(Royal Reception Rooms, The Royal Kitchen, the Ruins and the Royal Stables), The Royal Reception Rooms (including the Great Hall with the tapestries). Agreed!

Picturesquely located in the centre of the castle lake in Hillerd lies Frederiksborg Castle, the largest in Scandinavia. We knew when we pulled up to the airport that something was wrong because the lines were complete chaos and everyone stood still at the baggage drop off. Frequently Asked Questions about Copenhagen. Gorgeous Fairy TaleCopenhagen Castles- Don't Skip These! Thankfully I could visit and enjoy the other two attractions though . Love those gardens, too! Afterwards, check out Hamlet Hall where you can see all the actors who have played Hamlet over the years. The walk down by the long river that stretches through the park is peaceful, beautiful and the park is never too busy. Tickets:January 2019 May 2019 & Septemper 2019 December 2019, Begin your own fairytale now in the castles of Copenhagen. You can see the route here. Amalienborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle andChristiansborg Palace are all worth your time and Ive reviewed each below: The tiny island of Slotsholmen has been home to a Copenhagen castle or palace for over 800 years. You get to discover some real, authentic royal rooms and chambers with big collections of royal art, furniture, and sculptures. Although the Danish royal family relocation to Amalienborg Palace in 1794, reception rooms at Christiansborg Palace still provide the backdrop for many royal functions and events. The castle grounds are also famous, as Rosenborg Castle Garden is Denmarks oldest royal garden. Admiring architecture and exploring monuments is our favourite thing to do while travelling and I wouldnt like to miss any of these. Visit the destinations page to find castles near you. At times I didnt quite know where to look! We didnt know needed timed tickets but when we showed up (we had the Copenhagen card) we MAYBE had to wait 10 minutes before being allowed in. There are 3 floors to explore plus a basement. You will see that there are plenty of things to explore at Christiansborg Palace. I love period furniture, grand architecture and dramatic court intrigue. Another famous sight at this place is the enormous sculpture of Holger Danske, a Danish national hero. These are all very cool! The castle complex is established on three islets in a small lake. Experience 800 years of royal history at the awe-inspiring Christiansborg Palace. Rosenborg Slot was built by one of the most famous Scandinavian kings, Christian IV, as a Royal Hermitage in the early 17th century. Surrounding the castle are a Baroque and a romantic English-style garden. In the summer, Kronborg Castle offers live Shakespeare performances! This is by far one of the more tranquil, cosiest smaller of the castle parks in greater Copenhagen area. Kronborg Castle is strategically situated between Denmark and Sweden and at one point it was plundered by the Swedish king. Among the main attractions is the Knights Hall (which contains the coronation thrones and three life-size silver lions). 2022 Visit European Castles - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP, Spanish Castles and Palaces with a Royal History, 22 Beautiful Stately Homes in Gloucestershire. In 1859, a serious fire destroyed much of the castle and todays Frederiksborg is the result of a generous reconstruction project funded by brewer J. C. Jacobsen (of Carlsberg beer). Christiansborg Palace visitor information: for current opening times and to buy your ticket you can visit the website. The former summer palace of King Frederik IV dating to the early 18th century. Here you can also discover the small Bath House Castle and a small cafe which is open during the summer. Kronborg Castle is well known from Willam Shakespeares drama of Hamlet, which unfolds in the chambers of the castle. These are the best places for groups seeking castles in Copenhagen: Which places provide the best castles in Copenhagen for travellers on a budget? It is a Renaissance castle constructed with four wings and a huge courtyard in the middle. Id love to visit the medieval castles in Germany, top of my list for sure! Danish childrencan even visit the old wine cellar and dress up on Renaissance gowns on the weekends. If you dont have a car, you can catch a train to Elsinore station. However, you can visit every one of them on your own as well. Out of all the places Ive visited, nowhere has had as many enormous or impressive castles as Denmark, which really took me by surprise! But the palace is also used for official events by Queen Margrethe II. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. From the Amalienborg palace square, you can walk down to the Amaliehaven (The Amalie Garden) which is one of the youngest parks in the city. Almost all of them are completely restored, which makes them even more impressive to visit. The lodge was built by King Christian VI as a place to rest and dine with his guest in a private manner. The palace was built in the 18th century for Foreign Minister Count Johann Hartwig Ernst von Bernstorff. If you are visiting Copenhagen for more than just a couple of days, you can also go and explore some of the stunning castles outside of Copenhagen. Fredensborg Palace is the Spring and Autumn residence of Queen Margrethe II. There are some beautiful Danish apartments available for rent! Finally, the third and current Christiansborg Palace was built in 1928, in a gorgeous neo-baroque style. If the system detects something that potentially contradicts our. You can explore the Dining Room, the lavish Great Hall, the Flora Danica Room, and much more.
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