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Designed by the young Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone, the GTV was an instant classic from its introduction as the Giulia Sprint GT in 1963. At FAS, we invest in creators that matters. | Piovene Rocchette Our creator-led media are leadersin each respective verticals,reaching 10M+ target audience. was in the possession of an Alfa enthusias.. See available Alfa Romeo cars for sale here. Andrea, use and maintenance Alfa Romeo 2000 GT fast, ID: 285457 | 10/03/2019 FOR INFORMATION, Central console New Ever Climbed on Specific it is Original Alpha ROMEO ALFETTA GT 1600 - GTV 2000. Giacomo, ID: 323418 | 25/01/2022 All of the various models within the range featured four cylinder light alloy twin-cam engines with cubic capacities ranging from 1290cc to 1962cc. More photos on request. They were successors to the Giulietta Sprint coup and shared the same shortened floorplan as the Giulia saloon. 7/71 I sell very beautiful Julia GTV xxxxx totally restored with the whole mechanics revised to new, I install electric seen again and checked, very powerful motor! Unified Alfa Romeo gt Junior upholstery, original black color, number three front seats. gtv ,1750/2000 Derision. is a portal of free car and motorbike adverts whose primary aim is not about making a profit. Keeps you informed on interesting features, beautiful cars and the latest news. ETTORE, Serbatoio benzina Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Bertone GT Veloce, ID: 316994 | 31/08/2021 Probabilmente un po' elaborato viste, ALFA ROMEO GTV 2000 TS LUSSO montreal runs are 65000, healthy, Vendesi Alpha Romeo 2000 GTVs GTAM replies. car very in order and healthy, km 44.000, order, brakes tarox, collectors I unload group one, conditioned air and electric glasses just replaced pliers brake,, Alpha Romeo 2000 GTVs Bertone, mod 73, silvermet, Bolt and nut restored by to danish Specialist. Price 25 European First introduced in 1962, the early Giulia differed from the outwardly similar 101-Series Giulietta by virtue of its more powerful and much less fussy 1,570cc engine, which continued when the new 105-Series Giulia was introduced later that same year. Disc brakes on all four wheels and 5-speed manual gearboxes were standard features of all cars. BELLISSIMA DI CARROZZERIA ED INTERNI IN PELLE CODE AR, Couple Side Back Masks DX And SX New you Ever Climb on Preserved Original Alphas ROMEO ALFETTA GTV 2000 - TURBODELTA. 2020, Famous Allstars. CLAUDIO Garbolino, ID: 303588 | 25/08/2020 Payment via Payal or. | Milano Italia The information contained within this advert is provided as-is, without warranties as to its accuracy whether expressed or implied and is intended for informational purposes only. Representing the final enlargement of Alfa's legendary twin-cam four, the 1,962cc engine produced 132bhp, which was delivered to the road via a five-speed gearbox and limited-slip differential. Selling? Sergio Caputo, ID: 305625 | 25/10/2020 Good preparation and very competitive. It was then that the Giulia coupe became known as the GTV. Beautiful and extremely competitive car (rankings included) We use cookies to give you the best experience. Giuseppe, ID: 284603 | 15/02/2019 Good prices, and if is purchased more, I accept to, Couple New Back Complete Lights Ever Climbed on Original Alphas ROMEO ALFETTA GT 1600/2000 GTVs - TURBODELTA. The information provided on this website has been compiled by Classic Insider with the utmost care. FOR INFORMATION xxxxx; At the time the balance of glass and metal and the flat grille with incorporated headlamps were ground-breaking styling features. | Torino Exported to the Netherlands in the 90`s, for the next 20 years it It represented a successful attempt to produce a typically sporting Alfa coup for the young family man, a modestly priced four-seater combining the elegance of a Bertone-designed body with the performance of a twin-cam engine. The car and of my ownership from 2000. CLASSIC, ID: 297165 | 30/01/2020 RIAR + ASI, ID: 161237 | 20/08/2012 In support 2021 | | Branding, Marketing & Web Design by Pareto Principal, Classic Insider Limited | 1002, 10/F The L Plaza, 367-375 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong | +852 9013 2536 | The site is maintained by higher visibility services available for adverts and advertising banners. Alpha Romeo GTV 2000 of the 81, good conditions. 300 shipping costs Pieces original Alphas Romeo from practically that cannot be found funds of, Series 4 Plastic External Lights Back New Brand CARELLO Originali Alpha ROMEO ALFETTA GT 1600 - GTV 2000 - TURBODELTA. The engine displacement was increased to 1962cc and it produced 132 PS. ALFA ROMEO GTV 2000L, SUPER RESTORED MACHINE AND TOTAL SANDBLASTING, KM 135 THOUSAND, YEAR 1979. Please ask dark for Fotos or 90 European. original in excellent condition as shown in the photo. A simply wonderful 1971 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV Bertone is now available. | Paderno Dugnano Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Revolution counter used excellent. FOR. Cell, I sell GTV 2000 v6s I upset first serious enrolled RIAR I record historical alpha car under good conditions very beautiful he sells, tagliandata and with strap, I sell couple arms for Alpha Romeo 2000 fast gts Bertone under good conditions

Central shield For Anterior Grate New Ever Climbed on Preserved Conditions Excellent Original Alphas ROMEO GTV xxxxx GRAND PRIX - GTV 2500 V6s Anni, I sell series complete Original (No Copies) woods for Alpha Romeo 2000 GTVs. New engine, I sell Alfa Gt2000 Veloce 20 years of connecting classic car enthusiasts worldwide! Perfectly running machine, any test. I sell GTV 20 of the 1984. MOTORE SOSTITUITO A 100.000 KM CON FATTURE Under the skin the Giulia featured a five-speed manual gearbox, independent front suspension, coil-sprung live rear axle and - apart from early cars - disc brakes all round, a formula that carried over into the coup version, the Giulia Sprint GT. bambino, ID: 293850 | 27/10/2019 Launched in 1963 the Sprint GT was clothed in beautifully balanced four-seater coachwork designed by Carrozzeria Bertone's Giorgetto Giugiaro but now manufactured at Alfa's new Arese factory. This item can no longer be bought or sold on our website. Combining original (matching colors) Red Alphas 501 with inside in beige, I sell auto under good conditions first serious RIAR I record historical alpha, I sell for alpha romeo gtv 2000 back sportellone doesn't have rust 1971. I sell alfetta gtv, enrolled asi year '81 under good conditions, perfectly original and working, I also appraise exchanges or barters with other historical autos. I sell rally gtv historical motor change new ready competition, solo interested no perditempo and buontemponi: cool: a collector type with thermostat to box and pomp of the water to 3 attacks, sends, in good state, only telephone contact. | Bologna | Castrovillari One of the latter incarnations of the 105/115 series coups was the 2000 GT Veloce which is also known as the 2000 GTV. RIVISTA, Serbatoio benzina , per Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Bertone ,2000 Veloce ,capacit 50 litri,originale,condizione di usato,in ottime condizioni come da foto,tenuto, Paraurti anteriore Alfa Romeo GT 1--BLOCKED-- usato solo qualche leggerissima imperfezione, compreso di rostri, guarnizioni, portatarga e supporti., Complete cylinder kit in excellent condition for Giulia GT coup Bertone from 1971. Contt paolo, For sale bonnet alfa romeo gt 2000 original, without rust. All rights reserved. | Forlimpopoli use and maintenance Alfa Romeo 2000 GT fast - ediz. Visit my side, Alpha GTV 2000 of 1972 with plates, book, HTP and passport CSAI. IN BLOCK, car soisplendida version uses but to carburetors, asi crs.aria conditioned original funzionante.diff autobloccante.documenti regolari.cerchi in league stilauto, I sell Alpha Romeo Julia GTV Red color, gives of before registration June 1973. | Piovene Rocchette The interior trim was updated with the most noticeable difference being the separate instrument cluster rather than the gauges being installed in the dash panel found in earlier cars. Angelo, Paraurti anteriore Alfa Romeo GT1750-2000, ID: 311923 | 18/03/2021 We exclusively manage 70+ of Indonesias top talent from multi verticals: entertainment, beauty, health, & comedy. Giuseppe, ID: 280221 | 22/10/2018 In perfect order. | Viadana FOR INFORMATION xxxxx;. Introduced in 1971, the 2000 GTV was the final version of the classic 105-Series Alfa Romeo. The design of the body shape was young Giorgetto Giugiaros first major project for Bertone and it features similarities with his earlier design for the Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint. | Padova | Laurito | Valence I sell GTV 2000 year 82, 16000 original km, after 15 years in garage and is exactly totally ricondizionata as it was both of mechanics that body shop, inclusive, Alpha ROMEO ALFETTA GTV 2000 Of the 1981. Experience the Unmatched Excitement of Our Hand Selected Elite Classic & Collectible Automobiles. The documents are in rule (the macchiana and a Julia GTV 2000 of 75)., Alpha Romeo 2000 Gtvs produced in December 1974, admitted in January 1975. The Plastics are Also, as from photo I sell couple of original handles of the epoch for junior gt xxxxx and 2000 fast they are sinista and right and they have the same key, Am selling a lot of pieces of I reciprocate for the 1750 GTV, 2000 GTVs, Alpha 75, 90, Juliet, Alfetta! I offer buckles it raises inferior anterior (oscillating arms) suspension saleable both singly and in block. This engine was smoother, torquier and with greater power. The auto is' Very Beautiful, With 72200 KM. | Pomezia Excellent mechanics that doesn't need any job the Km. Assistance hours:Monday Friday10 am to 6 pm, Jl. Torquier than its 1750 predecessor, the 2000 GTV was good for a top speed of 120mph.

Mulliner | 2.48M HKD, Selling? BruschiClassic, collector aspiration alpha romeo 2000gtveloce, ber, Buckle Alpha Romeo Giulia, GT, GTV, 1750, 2000, alpha romeo alfetta gtv 2000 conditioned air, Alpha ROMEO ALFETTA GT1600/1800-GTV 2000-TURBODELT, Alpha ROMEO GTV 2000/2500 New Anterior V6s Scudo, Series Complete Woods Original Alphas ROMEO 2000 G, Alpha ROMEO ALFETTA GT1600/GTV 2000 Plastic FANAL, handles alpha romeo giulia junior gt 1750 2000 gtv, Alpha Romeo 1750, 2000 GTVs, Juliet, Alfetta, 75, ALPHA ROMEO ALFETTA GT1600/2000GTV-TURBODELTA, Alpha Romeo Alfetta GT 1600/GTV 2000 First series, GRATES ANTERIOR ALPHAS ROMEO ALFETTAGT16OO/GTV2000, Alpha ROMEO ALFETTA GT 1600/2000 GTVs Console CENT, Alpha ROMEO GTV 2000/2500 Anterior V6s Fari CARELL, © 2020 - All rights reserved, GT veloce 2000 omologato ASI targa oro, iscritto FIVA, iscritto CRS, informazioni di origine del Museo Storico Alfa Romeo. Andrea, ID: 293821 | 25/10/2019 Classic Insider is Hong Kong's Respected Private Brokerage for Discerning Collectors of Classic and Collectible Automobiles. CODE AR --BLOCKED--2.00 Competition cars, standard tourism IT DOESN'T HAVE SOME MECHANICAL PROBLEM AND IT IS ABLE' TO, Couple Anterior Grates DX And SX New you Ever Climb on Preserved Original Alphas ROMEO ALFETTA GT 1600 - GTV 2000 - TURBODELTA. Our brokerage sale program is a great way to utilise and access our marketing services and knowledge while maximising the return of your vehicle with minimal hassle, If youd like to take advantage of this then please get in touch for further information. Our vision is to become an ecosystem of leading content creation companies through creativity, technology and collaboration, ultimately creating sustainable growth and future proof of the talent industry. Despite its boxy, unitary construction body the newcomer was a paragon of aerodynamic efficiency and possessed a distinctly sporting nature, the 92bhp produced by its classic twin-cam four-cylinder engine making the Giulia TI a genuine 100mph car. 4, Private collector sells 16mila original km. Engine displacement grew over the years, the original carbureted 1570-cc DOHC four-cylinder (1600) was replaced with the 1962-cc (2000) motor in its final evolution, the GTV of 1973-1974.

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