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While there, they learn about themselves and the world around them. Please carefully review the staff experience material. Some helpful tips of searching for jobs after finishing your studies, and how to set yourself apart. Core Staff, Camp Augusta May 2008 May 2012,Nevada City, CA. Participants experience culture shock to varying degrees; some hardly notice it at all, while others can find it very difficult to adapt to their new environment. The days are quite long, the activities are often rigorous, and youll sleep well, eat well, and get plenty of exercise! Supervised fellow staff and reinforced their commitment to the agreements they made with camp, Mentored 5 teenage boys, 24 hours a day for two weeks and oversaw their physical, mental and emotional well-being, Supervised the safety of campers with valid CPR certification, Managed injury and illnesses at camp with 1st Aid certification, Oversaw all water-based programs and ensured camper safety with Lifeguarding certification. Designed and led adventure programs on a 26-element low-ropes course, debriefed team-building activities and taught over 20 different activity areas. A counselor is a friendly guide in the middle of a cold, dark, wet night on the long winding trail to the TLC. Empathized with fellow staff member who was struggling to connect with her cabin by being in rapport and reframing what she was saying in a more positive light. Whether hunting for a job or a partner, you need to look over several possibilities until you find one that is a great fit.

How did I inspire and motivate others? Thus, we leave popular culture at the door. You can learn more about culture shockincluding symptoms and tips for copingin our Inside the USA guide. Be as specific as you can as this demonstrates leadership, management, and personnel skills, as well as your engagement with the role. Some of those positions include: Skills and Characteristics Gained (that employers will be interested in): Hobbies and skills resume section will be a conversation starter! Being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs at camp is prohibited. You show them that adults are not all bad. Life at a Camp in the USA If there is a responsibility that is assigned to you, but you do not understand it, find it to be too difficult, or if you just have questions in general, do not be afraid to ask your supervisor for help. Walk around your camp and learn the layout instead of hiding away in your cabin. Children need heroes. A counselor dislikes waiting in line, cabin inspection and rainy days. Top 10 Reasons Staff Dont Work Out PDF. For all this she is paid enough to buy the second text in psychology, some aspirin, some new socks, two tires for Mrs. Beasley, and some new tennis shoes. Useful tips and reminders for your next job interview. You sleep in the same area, eat at the same table and go everywhere together. There are no edicts at camp, and everyone has equal power. An article on expecting the unexpected from your next job interview.

. Usually, you will spend most of your time at your specialty area, teaching different children from various age groups. Our participants and hosts embrace this aspect of InterExchange programs and understand its importance whether theyre part of a seasonal business, camp, family or professional environment. Youll find that your work offers both an outlet and a challenge to your creativity. An article that invites us to rethink what we value when considering choosing a career. She is a strict disciplinarian with a twinkle in her eye. Were looking for folks who have a calling. Sleeping arrangements and cabin responsibilities vary from camp to camp. People under the influence of alcohol and other drugs make poor decisions and place campers at risk. Child Development Specialist and Support Staff Probably. People pitch in and share the load. strong resume phrases use action verbs, the active voice, and highlight your specific responsibility, creativity, and innovation from your experience. Displayed confident public speaking through facilitating 100+ activities throughout the summer, Innovated new activity for camp based on my previous passion for acrobatics and yoga, Created and performed in several campfire skits, Developed several fictional characters for special wake-ups each morning, Created and developed a completely original, 90 minute evening program with 25 characters, Brainstormed and edgecrafted 10+ brand new campers choice activities throughout the summer, Facilitated the growth of 5 teenage boys through educational praise and setting them challenging goals, Taught 5 girls about teamwork by instructing them on a 25 element ropes challenge course, Mentored a 17 year-old Junior Counselor through direct scaffolding and success counseling. An article about the perks of using social media to enhance your resume and your public profile. Every summer, more than 7 million American children go to one of more than 12,000 summer camps throughout the United States. Seeing your fellow staff be crazy and innovative adds fuel to the creative fire that amazes us all every year! Advice on making sure you know what the company youre applying to is looking for. This article explains the concept of nameplates and provides links for sites for you to create your own. This can leave you feeling lonely and cause you to miss home a great deal. Some camps have large centralized shower or bath houses, while other camps have bathing facilities located within each cabin. Be yourself and be accepted. Youll be with high-quality staff who survived a rigorous selection process and share the same values. Demonstrated patience through working with children who have more diverse, complicated and unique personalities than adults, which required adaptability and strong understanding of rapport (physical, vocal and emotional), Worked 24 hours a day for 3 months straight, tending to the various physical, emotional and mental needs of campers and staff, Performed in several campfire skits and songs. logistics plus micro and macro management of material and human resources. Empowered campers to make more powerful choices through using the tool of Success Counseling. Beauty in the experience occurs when children strive to have the arrow fly true, the art be artful, the drama well-rehearsed, and the dining decorum playful, yet reverent. People can have a job, career, or a calling. dora v2 concentration camp mittelwerk nordhausen mittelbau factory tunnels tunnel inside were areas workshop systems stories while views use rocket Children benefit from thinking about canoeing, roasting marshmallows, appreciating community, enjoying true friendships, singing, wondering at the stars, and communing with nature. You have what employers are looking for; they just dont know it yet. Discussed homesick campers feelings and needs, resulting in her finally enjoying her camp experience. performance arts, 1st aid / emergency preparedness and experience in teaching over 50 activity areas. What do people say when you tell them you are considering working at a camp this summer? Maybe they come from a broken home. This article helps you prepare to navigate what can be a potentially tricky question. You have to put your needs behind the childrens and the camps, and that isnt something everyone is able to do, or able to be happy doing.

2016 2020 Camp Augusta, a 501(c)(3) organization. a. She is an idol with her head in a cloud of woodsmoke and her feet in the mud. Through play, children learn social skills, their passions, and their potential. How did I manage my time to ensure all my responsibilities were met within my agreements? A list of the Top 10 things you can do to improve your resume. Campers also learn what most modern children have forgotten how to simply play and be a kid without television, video games, cell/smart phones, the internet, or social pressure. One of the best opportunities you will have over the course of your time in the United States is to learn more about American culture. A Table of the Skills, Knowledge and Experienced Gained From Working at Camp Augusta (and how to phrase them to include them on your resume): When thinking about what to include on your resume to help present yourself in the best light for that job, it can be helpful to ask yourself some questions, to ascertain what experiences you are most proud of and how youd like to present them: In what ways did I adapt my contributions to new circumstances, roles, tasks and responsibilities? Make sure you are familiar with your camps policies before the first week of camp is over and do not disobey their policies. Introduced new camp store process to minimize excess stock. Village LeaderCamp Augusta Summer 2010. What did people say when you told them that you were going to work at camp this summer? There are a lot of distractions here at camp. People belong. Focus on the three big questions behind nearly all interview questions so you can be prepared to tell the interviewer what they really want to know. Ask if youd seen the movie Meatballs one too many times? Tips for finding jobs in the current economy climate. . Unfortunately, the challenges, learning, and growth that come with working at a summer camp are not always understood by folks who spend all of their time in the real world. As well, it can be difficult to translate the skills you learn and develop at camp to a real-world resume or interview. We expect you to be a very good big brother or sister while mixing parental responsibility with the compassion of a best friend.

Smoking is hazardous to our campers health and we dont want a camper to learn that smoking is cool from his or her counselor. She is a humorist in a crisis, a doctor in an emergency, and a song leader, entertainer, and play director. At Camp Augusta, we believe that every child needs a childhood! Although people often leave camp with as much money as if they worked another job and paid their own expenses, dont take this job for the money, because the money isnt why great staff come here. Pack so that you have resources when planning your activities for children of varying ages and levels of experience. This can include its culture, customs and day-to-day practices. Design Lead Because camps often use language that makes sense only to people who are familiar with camp life, translating the true scope and magnitude of the skills and responsibility of a summer at camp can be a challenge. Fast and deep friendships are made living and working with your teammates. Built community within a 7 person village by initiating weekly breakfast meetings. She is a comforter under a leaky tarp on a canoe overnight, and a pal who just loaned someone her last pair of dry socks. You teach them that it isnt only ok to dream, but essential. An article about what a strong resume looks like and how to tailor your resume for the job youre applying for. Will this job change your life? 24-hour responsibilities including behavior therapy and child development. Being in a new and unfamiliar place can be challenging, even for the experienced traveler, and some feelings of isolation and frustration are completely normal. . Another article with advice on smart questions to ask while youre interviewing for a position. Use specifics from your summer(s) this will offer more details and examples that will stand out. Not a superhero, because those dont exist in real life. Even after a summer or two, the full scope of what we do may not be totally evident. She is poor at crawling out of bed on rainy mornings, and remembering to fill out forms. A search engine to put you in touch with companies youd be delighted to work at. When camp is running, youll receive real-time training from a dedicated mentoring structure. Some camps will allow body piercings or large tattoos while others will expect all piercings to be removed and tattoos covered. Many of the customs in the U.S. may seem odd or uncomfortably different than those in your home country. Get to know the specifics of your camp before you arrive in the United States by looking at its website or emailing your camp with questions. Real heroes dont care about fame, fortune, or a place in history. Analyzed camp policy on flat hierarchy and challenged its effectiveness, Critiqued and suggested improvements to camps mountain board program through the process of knowledge management. Contributed new ideas for campers choice activities on a regular basis. Please watch these and be sure to comment on them in your writings to us. A counselor is expected to repair 10 years of damage to Jill in 10 days, make Julie into a woman, rehabilitate Judy, allow Joan to be an individual and help Gertrude adjust to a group. Inspiring resumes to remind you that youre a Camp Augusta, you can think outside the box too! Take care to make sure everyone feels at home at camp. Interview Tips Even more interview tips. Our staff are the life-changers at Camp Augusta, creating magical and memorable experiences for the campers who come here. By caring for them in the proper manner while they stay here, you give them the hope that love is more than just an idea, but rather something real they can experience. An article reminding us of the importance of acting now for the future we want. Enjoy! Living within a closely-knit +140 person community and acting as a primary caretaker with Camp Augusta is about FUN with all of the activities youd expect, but also so much more.

Camp Augusta has many treasures . Remember, you are not the only one who is away from home; your campers are, too. We find that the deepest community can arise out of the strongest individuality when trust, tolerance, and understanding prevail. Coordinated and facilitated activities, and supervised five 9- and 10-year-old boys at a traditional overnight camp in Nevada City, CA. Youll live with your fellow staff, and theyll become your second family. Therefore, it is very important that you have a lot of energy and a good attitude for everything you do at camp, from arts and crafts to the food to waking up early in the morning.

Play is a tool for learning, and not something given so many minutes during the day. These activities will last approximately one hour per group and you will have several groups coming to your activity each day. Ask The College: Summer Camp Counselor Or Summer Internship? Site built by Willow Solow, former staff member. She is an underpaid babysitter with neither television nor refrigerator. Some camps will allow smoking only at certain times and specific locations while others do not tolerate smoking at all. . Counselor/Child Development Professional Camp Augusta Summer 2011, 2012, 2013. And while it is sad to say goodbye to the amazing people who work for us, we understand that they need to move on and find new opportunities to make a difference in the world. On a clear night, our view of the heavens is simply breathtaking. In short, your mission this summer is to be a hero. , Campingly yours, Cultural exchange occurs when people gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of another country. Talk about what you all like to do and involve yourself in activities you enjoy. b. Self-definition / career selection: it is common for staff to say theyve learned more about themselves in three months than in several years before being here. the employer will know it is you writing the resume, so theres no need to use first or third person language. Additionally, we give our staff a ton of perks and benefits that make their experience at camp unforgettable. Some simple advice on making yourself indispensable. Additionally, some camps may give an hour break per day. If you are really interested in knowing more about what your life will be like at Camp Augusta, then check out the other links in this staff section, and the two special links below. An article encouraging you to communicate what makes you, you. Lots of useful and interesting resources to help you find a job with other humans! Addressed the 150+ camp community with an inspirational speech at the end of Session Two, 2011. Most camps offer one 12 to 24-hour period off per week. When you first arrive at camp, it may be hard to make new friends and get adjusted to camp life. Created dozens of meaningful learning experiences for multiple age groups ranging from 8-16 boys and girls. Camps may ban smoking. Orchestrated the planning, preparation and execution of nightly all-camp games. I think my experience influenced me more than any other job Ive ever had had more of an impact than I think any job could have had.. These feelings are completely normal! To be a hero, you must provide a child with one thinghope. In what ways did I foster teamwork and cooperation amongst the campers and staff I worked with? Troubleshot camper ideas for cabin activities, analyzing them for risk, practicality and engagement. They link to Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which give you a deep appreciation for life at Camp Augusta. Well, comments such as those are frequently shared at the end of summer staff banquet, in letters received after the summer, and on the community e-mails/groups. Finding your passion is important, but so is having a back-up plan, this article advocates. Photo via InterExchange. In others, you will have general counselor responsibilities part of the time and activity responsibilities the rest of the time. Who but she can cure homesickness, air out wet bedding, play 16 games of 4-square in succession, whistle Dixie through her fingers, carry all the cook-out food, speak Pig Latin in Spanish, stand on her hands, sing 37 verses of You Cant get to Heaven, and eat four helpings of Sunday dinner. troop organization chart organizational generic brigade bulldog

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