how to stop pomeranian hair fall

Pommy mommy for oreo! Our rescue Pom, Cooper had the beginning of Alopecia X when we adopted him 6 years ago. I just found your website and think its great I have a Pom and actually wrote an article for my work about his BSD. Pomeranian care, Pomeranian training, Pomeranian grooming. Increasingly dry, cottony undercoat, Hyper-pigmentation (darkening) of the skin. Gradual loss of color and lushness of the coat. I eventually felt the need to bring Peach to the vets office to find out what was going on with my sweet girl.

An unknown cause destroys the sebaceous glands. Like a baby! Her skin has turned black everywhere there is no hair. Maybe caused by cancer or numerous other diseases. CBC, chemistry panel and test the function of the thyroid gland. He has stopped losing hair, has some fuzzy hair on his sides, and most of his black skin is showing pink underneath! No treatment. He is the sweetest little boy and only wants to be cuddled. 2. If your little dog is losing his/her fur, try feeding some spirulina. 3.

When I was ready to rinse her I noticed the bath water filled with black specs. Symptoms generally appear on the dogs body in places with minimal hair e.g., the abdomen. Secondary infections may occur.

Rule out other causes. Most commonly done in dogs that arent neutered. He has fur around his head and face and on all four legs. concerned mommy Dogs keep their puppy coat.

It is very hard for me and my husband to do it as well as my groomer can. Thank you for sharing this information . Blood tests. I spoke with a person in Smithfield, VA she owns a pet grooming shop and she told me to try Gelatin I put in his food in the AM and PM feeding time, she also told me to give him Epson Salt Baths I do this once a week. I have him on Science Diet, plus a skin supplement with omega 3 & 6. Update you later about that , thanks again !Love from Lie Kong and Suay, Really appreciated this down to earth info!

He has weird looking hair on his back where his tail rests. More common with sulphonamides, penicillins and cephalosporins, and generally happens within the first fortnight of using the drug. I have been rubbing his bare areas with liquid coconut oil to keep his skin moisturized. Overly sensitive reaction to drugs or infections. I first thought that this was fleas. Sharon Jones. bickmore After two weeks I noticed hair growth on both side of the stomach than the neck and upper back his tail and back legs is taking longer. History and physical exam. Rule out other possible causes.

It bothers me none. If caused by use of steroids, a slow weaning off the steroids.

Sharon. The dog can have an allergic reaction if he inhales house dust, pollen, mould and mites. I started to give him coconut oil thinking that might help. Skin can thicken. The substances in the shots are chosen according to the allergens identified from a persons medical history and by the allergist during the initial testing. We were to feed him raw turkey necks for bones and teeth. Nothing was found so he concluded it was alopecia X. Skin pigment may increase. His hair is so thin , bald & black spotted skin on his hind legs & rear. Help, I have a 4 month old (male) Pomeranian puppy. He got through their fence and must have fallen in.

Its a hereditary problem in dogs with fawn or blue (diluted black) coloured coats. I belief this has to do with poor diets. See seborrhoea if any changes to the skin. Alopecia (AKA Black Skin Disease) in Pomeranians is a very hot topicamongPomeranian owners. Well I can honestly say his gorgeous thick coat is back and better than ever. My handsome boy was just giving me the idea that the weather was hot and he was normal shedding . Unregulated dogs may have other diseases and conditions and may also develop xanthoma or epidermal metabolic necrosis. Some breeds may have an oily or dry coat. I gave them to her, one a day and after 2 months, didnt notice anything! Can you help me understand whats is possible going on? Hair follicles may become infected, sometimes with staph bacteria. This comprehensive list enables you to appreciate why a vet may be unable to diagnose a problem quickly and he must perform numerous diagnostic tests. Its congenital in certain breeds which increases the risk. The hair on his body is so thin it parts & skin is visible. Infections are one cause. Keep the affected area(s) clean and prevent urine contact. Bulls-eye lesions, hair loss and vesicles around the groin, mouth, ears and axilla. Poor thing needs something to help keep him warm over the cold Wisconsin winters. Being away from his family traumatized the dog and he lost all his hair.

Understand that these changes dont occur over night. Fever may develop. I am using Stella & Chewy.

Oral melatonin is used as a sleep aid for most people, but for dogs it can help stimulate hair growth. Turns out he actually has alopecia x and has lost a lot more hair since then. The skin colour grows darker. Scrape skin and do blood tests to determine underlying reason. Use flea control methods in the environment and on the dog himself. Designed and Developed by askROCCO Media, ENZYDERM Pomeranian Topical Skin Spray, ENZYMX All Natural Antioxidant Formula, Pommy Mommy of the Week: Christal McBride, Pommy Mommy of the Week: Stephanie Branam, Pommy Mommy of the Week: Trelayna Stormborn, Pommy Mommy of the Week: Christina Rallo-Daniels, Pommy Mommy of the Week: Jennifer Culicchia. Can be primary (genes) or secondary causes. Find breeders of Pomeranians. Thank you!!!

He has lost his lower front teeth. The Huskies have a reddish colour to their hair and some hair is lost. The vet gave me medicated shampoo and cream rinse Virbac for Sebolux shampoo and Virbac Epi-Sooth cream rinse. My wife and I tried everything with our pom, vets, shots, blood tests, melatonin, different shampoos etc and nothing was working until one day a few months ago I was giving my boy pom his usual bath but instead I decided to use a new dish sponge ( the blue one that is a sponge on one side and is slightly rough on the other for scrubbing) Well, after about 2 weeks or so I noticed his hair started to grow in. Anyway, thanks, good to know Im doing the right thing. Its possible for whiskers to be lost as well. My precious 4 year old pom is slowly loosing her hair over the past year, just recently I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with alopecia X. Dogs who have hair that continuously grows (e.g. Her usually glossy lion-like coat was becoming dull, lifeless, and thin. He had SUCH a GORGEOUS, thick, luxurious coat it was so heartbreaking watching it all fall out.

The cause is a parasite of blood cells.

It gradually progressed until his hair was mostly either completely gone on the back of his legs and toward his tail, or scraggly up to about his front shoulders. I have had several poms before and never had this issue before. Everyone fell in love with him when we got him. This summer suddenly Cooper developed hot spots, with areas of pimples and scaly skin. I have a pom that also has black skin disease and I also tried everything all the blood test and trying diff shampoo, melatonin, etc. However, geographic locations may cause some of the results to vary.

Antihistamines and steroids are used. He also likes to sleep on his back.

Then it slowly moves to the dogs body. Stop using the problem drug and treat symptoms as they appear. Special blood tests to detect specific hormones. Try Oral Melatonin! He prefers the Lamb, but they have numerous flavors.

If its chronic, hyper-pigmentation may occur. Vets think it will come back in time but probably will not be as thick as it was. Symmetrical Hair loss and it can be pulled out easily. I recently learned about melatonin from a cousin and we will be starting his treatment this week. After nearly three weeks, his skin is noticeably softer, feels normal and I think I see a little bit of fuzz at least growing back. If necessary, ease the itching with steroids. Comedones (black heads) on the back and some mild itching. Skin may darken in colour and symmetrical loss of hair with defined borders, generally on the flanks and back. I have 2 Poms and a Sheltie. His sncks consist of apples and bananas. Gradual and symmetrical loss of outer coat, usually ranging from shoulders to hind legs. I was aware spirulina and wheat grass could help a woman stop hair loss, so I started giving him a couple of tablets in his food. If its congenital, treat secondary issues including: scaling or infections. History is essential. Crossing my fingers that he gets even just a little fuzz back. I took her to the vet, they did a skin scrape test and was negative. His fur grew back and his skin was no longer dark/black. Where his skin was once blochy and black was now pink and normal with hair coming in. Alopecia X can SOMETIMES be reversed. Took him to the vet and was started on thyroid medication. I worked up to 4 tablets twice a day, usually giving them to him while I was preparing his other food with the supplements. Prevent the dogs exposure to the contact irritant or allergen within his normal environment. Today were going to discuss Alopecia in Pomeranians. Thank you for your advice!

I have my Pomeranians groomed every six weeks to make sure the under coat is professionally groomed out.

Its believed to be a disorder of the immune system. Corticosteroids are the cause. Increased hair loss, red area on the prepuce. She is currently not scratching and is on flee medicine regularly. It has helped quite a bit on his back!

Inflamed ears, licking paws, redness, itchiness and loss of hair. Lots of diseases and other medical issues can cause dogs to lose some of their hair. Hes been itchy for quite some time but hes on flee medication so I thought the itching was due to that. Can you please give me the info on the allergy testing kits? I am definitely going to try these things with my 11 yr old white pom. Loss of hair, ulcers on the ears and nose and scaling Sometimes nodules appear as well as other signs unrelated to the skin. Common in unneutered dogs and is secondary to other issues including hypothyroidism. I cant afford all the testing etc but his black spots and hair loss just as you describe. Loss of hair, scaling, redness, crusting and muscles involved with chewing start atrophying and scarring on the tail, ears and face. My Pom does the same thing. Thanks! Her brother has a full body of hair and both came from the same parents.

Begins as hairless red areas and soon after that it becomes draining ulcers, which can get infected. Miconazole shampoos or oral ketoconazole. May be due to ovarian cancer. Try to get the blue sponge with one side having a rough surface sort of like a light sandpaper, dont get the green one that looks like a brillo pad on one side. Secondary - treat the underlying disease.

hello, vickie. plz help n tyvm. Keep with it, it does take some time, but I hope by posting here I can help someone else!

Hair loss happens a few months after such an injection. Also carried out on Keeshonden, Chows, Alaskan Malamutes, Pomeranians, Samoyeds and miniature poodles. References: Denise Leo, The Pomeranian handbook. Greasy scales, hair loss, redness and itchiness. Does that mean anything? The dogs reaction to foreign matter such as plant materials, suture, material, other regular irritants or unknown reasons. I spent hours cutting out the mats and bathing him with medicated shampoo. Redness, intense itching, scales, crusts, loss of hair and papules. Discover why this tiny dog with the big attitude is unique. Physical examination and history.

Hey, by any chance did your sponge have dish washing detergent on it?? Test blood to determine hormone levels. In Dobermans, hair loss is over the dogs lumbar area.

It is full of nutrients and protein and cannot harm them. SO i started giving her one egg a day again! Since a week ago the black colouring has increased and I am becoming worried. Hair loss patches, particularly on the neck, body and head but no itchiness. Possibly need systemic treatment with Iitraconazole or ketoconazole. Do you have any suggestions? He doesnt seem to be bothered with this condition.

But after reading all of the comments here, I actually have some hope that my Boo Boo Bare as I named him, will possibly get to be a Boo Boo Bear! I just dont have the financial means to have all of the testing done by a vet right now. Rule out other options. So sad seeing my bald little guy. Possible secondary infection, small crusts and thinning of the hair. Believed to be due to an enzyme deficiency. It may occur on tails, thighs and necks of Portuguese Water Dogs and American Water Spaniels. Over brushing and bathing can cause damage to the hair follicles. Got shots and was spaded about a year and a half to two years ago we noticed he was loosing his under coat. Blisters or bumps and red skin in parts of the dogs skin with minimal hair. Even the top of his head is thin. Protect the skin as much as possible to help Stop secondary bacterial infections.

I think allergy testing should be done also, because when you change the Poms diet you dont want to be changing to a food that they are allergic to or have a sensitivity to. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2017 - Pommy Mommy. Oh, and the hair where he wore either a collar of harness also rubbed off. She will tell us all about how she first started to notice the warning signs of Alopecia in Peach. Ask your local pet store to show you skin and coat foods available. Tumour on the testicle. I am still searching for the cure, but even if we are unable to find it, he will always be my handsome, best friend. Thanks for sharing Lindsey, at least I know Im on the right track. The animals that it can affect cant be predicted but its more common in dogs with thick undercoats such as Chows and Huskies. The small amount they have is gone by the time theyre 4 months old. Hairless, thick, raised spots above bony pressure points (e.g., the elbows). Loss of hair at an injection site where a vaccine or medication has been used. The conditions that are underlined within this table are the most common reasons for hair loss in Pomeranian dogs. Most commonly appears on the nose of Shelties, Collies and other similar breeds. Give your dog better, softer bedding and padding around the problem area. Sorry for the typos its pomeranians I have. Past U.S.A Pom Breeders, Kennels & Exhibitors, Everything You Need to Know About Red Pomeranian Dogs, Complete Teacup Pomeranian Puppy Facts: Size, Price, Health and More, The Complete Guide To Wolf Sable Pomeranian Dogs, The Truth About White Pomeranian Dogs and Puppies, Black Pomeranian Dogs: Complete Breed Information.

My Tulip is 6 years old and I would be devastated if she lost her fluffy black coat!

Secondary folliculitis may also develop.

We tried the vet, melatonin and a variety of food changes and shampoos. I too would love to know which allergy test kit you used. Heres hoping little Spartacus wont be bald from the shoulders down forever .

Skin turns a darker colour. I was told to take him off of chicken. He is the love of my life. Listed in the table below are the majority of ailments that cause dogs to lose hair, even a few that are rare. Scaliness and itchiness. But we got the right meds (vibra- vet) and liver supplements . Its a great name for those little guys If its severe, hair loss may also happen. Hair loss, redness, itchiness, inflamed ears and. The second option is a decrease in adrenal hormones, allowing certain other hormones to amass in the body.

However, hair generally grows back but can take up to two years. I am very concerned that the coat may not come back. Even though he looks silly (my friends call him my zombie dog! Middle-aged dogs can get testicular tumours. It may cause itchiness. Breed, history, physical examination and a skin biopsy. He hasnt experience hair loss and I dont over brush or over bathe him but Im curious if Peach had any of these sypmtoms? Hair will eventually return. It has now grown long again with all the tips of her hair reddish. That gland becomes bigger. Please help

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees the standards used in preparing the materials for allergy shots given in the United States. The sponge definitely did the trick for me, now that Ive been using it every time I bathe him, months later hes got his thick coat back. I really hope this works for you and everyone else out there reading this.

Minimise the exposure to UV lighting and trauma, fatty acids, vitamin E, short term usage of prednisone or oxpentoxifylline.

After a few weeks, I was stunned to see the growth of some really lush hairstarting on his backall the way to his tail. Hormone supplements, growth hormones or neuter the animal. I said goodness what had happened to him. In Terriers and Boxers, the skin could be hyper-pigmented and the lumbar area will lose hair. Three types: 1.

Two things happened. Good fats promote hair growth and healthy skin.

His hair loss has been over the last year and a half and is pretty bad. In English Bull Terriers. It kept growing and holy cowit grew out to be the most fabulous coatbetter than she had before!! Each of these products had to be massaged into the skin and left on for 5 to 10 minuteswhich made for a very long bath time. Systemic: responds poorly to chemotherapy drugs. We love him so much but pray that the coat will come back. Please help. Biopsy done to rule out other potential causes. At some points in the year, the hair growth cycle stops. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

No treatment. (off-label use. We started melatonin for about two months. In rare cases also itchiness and Seborrhoea. I kept massaging it into his skin the whole timemostly so he wouldnt try to escape from the sink. In fast growing puppies in big breeds. A few areas have now returned to pink skin. I attempted a sensitive skin regime for Peach and usually a change like this can reverse whatever damage had been done, but not with PeachAlopecia in Pomeranians. Scrape skin and microscopic exam. My neighbor found him nearly drowning in their swimming pool. I cant believe that after 8 years of trying everything possible, a sponge exfoliation bath cured it. The hair is soft and the dark skin has even reverted back to its original color! My pomeranian was a rescue dog about a year old four years ago. The number one hormonal disease that affects dogs skin. When I realized what was going on, I took her to a Dermatologist vet. Intradermal or blood tests to look for allergies.

Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your dog. Microscopic exam and scraping of the skin. Ongoing lack of new hair growth after being clipped (e.g. Measure the levels of estrogen in the blood.

Thanks for all the info! Perianal glands and the tail gland become enlarged. Just before my dog lost her hair we had gone away and left her with a friend for two weeks.

Seborrhoea. Little Roxie is a sweetheart. Castration may be a good idea and surgery may be required to remove it. (In its secondary form - see scratching and hair loss.). The one month meds were almost fatal kong trew up again but liver was functioning was almost back to normal but Kong got ARF acute renal failure ! Fix dietary deficiencies, use medicated shampoos and treat secondary infections. His thyroid was low. This condition causes loss of hair on most of the body as well as scales, thin skin and secondary infections. Malignant: nothing effective. Do you think this could be BSD, or the beginning of him shedding his puppy coat? So I am trying to help him as much as I can. We took him everywhere with us, that dogs are allowed, and at times it became a bit of a hassle being stopped every 2 steps, because EVERYONE freaked out at how beautiful his fur is, and hardly anyone knew Poms could even be Blue Merle, but we still enjoyed the fact everyone loved him immediately due to his personality and very handsome looks. Apply black ink or tattoo the nose.

I do try to brush his teeth. I can say thank you to this lady enough for this simply cure maybe I should not say cure but I have my pom back.

She was beautiful! His face was fluffy and his legs had long hair but completely matted to his skin. If its an infection, use antibiotics.

The larvae cause the problem accidentally.

Also he licks his paws a lot. Copyright Pomeranian.Org.
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