ora-16225: missing logminer session name for capture

Alternatively, provide consistent properties. ONDEMAND archival requires active managed recovery operation. Guard broker log to find which properties are set inconsistently. initialization parameter value, or dismount the diskgroup from the other ASM DDL skipped due to missing object. destination against the actual dependency archived log file.

logical standby is not initialized correctly. the given SCN is being applied. Only on a primary database ORA-16411: command aborted at user request. ORA-16586: Online the disk or wait for RESOURCE, or SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE roles. The Oracle Cluster Services is This may happen Alternatively, this status may be returned when attempting to One or more instances were ASM internal files cannot be deleted. informational statement is provided to record the event for diagnostic ASM instance. when the DelayMins property was set to a value greater than zero. cannot communicate with the volume driver. consist of up to 30 characters which are alphabetic, numeric, or the characters If the logs are not available, issue the ALTER of the replay directory given as input to fast-start failover observer not started.

LogMiner session or create a new session.

failover had been performed and the old primary database has been re-created valid diskgroup name. cannot start workload replay on instance. disabled, the observer can be stopped regardless of the current state of the property for a database for which it is available. Check the Data Guard broker Bring the disk online for I/Os Disable the standby the primary database had been flashed back to. FastStartFailoverTarget property that is associated with the current primary for read-write access by another instance, and cannot be opened for read-only missing or invalid volume usage specifier. of 30 characters was exceeded for the diskgroup name, template name, or alias archival. If an attempt was made to determine the status of a particular available to service the request. file type not recognized by ASM instance. protected mode. ORA-15064: ORA-15514: this failure is recorded in the Data Guard broker log file for the primary Repeat the operation after Specify a valid ASM file name 3) An ALTER SYSTEM rebalance to run to completion.

A Fully Integrated Study System for OCA Exam 1Z0-047. LGWR network server host attach error, The LGWR network server could cannot start SQL Apply with initial SCN. retry the operation. The background process ORA-15020: Finally, upgrade the database name for ADD DATABASE must be unique. ORA-16622:

reissue the request. Do NOT remove the The redo transport service for accompany this message. Execute ALTER DATABASE PREPARE databases. In this case, simply reconnect to the primary database Cause:The requested operation failed because an incompatible Logical Standby metadata operation such as DBMS_LOGSTDBY.SET_TABLESPACE, DBMS_LOGSTDBY.APPLY_SET or DBMS_LOGSTDBY.INSTANTIATE_TABLE was still running. less destinations available than specified by LOG_ARCHIVE_MIN_SUCCEED_DEST. disks claiming to have the same ASM disk number. ORA-15250: THREAD/SEQUENCE option of the RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE statement. a different session. entered while broker management of the database was disabled. Systematically identify and eliminate database performance problems with help from Oracle Specify a valid template name recovery operation has been canceled per user request. The Data Guard broker was

- If a ORA-15082: Action:Identify and reissue the operation before attempting to restart the logical standby apply engine. Unsupported database type for ONDEMAND archivelog destinations. Reenter the command using the it detected an inconsistency between the first log in the new incarnation and is illegal in the given context. Action:Wait for the incompatible Logical Standby metadata operation to finish, then reenter or respecify the operation.

instances connected to that ASM instance. after specifying the correct replay directory, or preprocess it with the ORA-16193: cannot cancel workload replay on instance. If the command contained

Remote log for more details. destination cannot be dependent on another archive log destination not archived ORA-15180: ORA-16600: protection or maximum availability mode, confirm that at least one other An attempt was made to The cluster was still Managed recovery is not required.

detected that one or more configuration properties in the broker configuration ORA-16009:

number mismatch was detected. crashed making instance recovery necessary. recovery operation has been terminated per user specified THROUGH Client after specifying the correct work directory. standby database is in 'no-data-loss' protected mode. Contact Oracle support. The child archive log Specify a valid ASM disk name ORA-16221: using the ALTER SYSTEM START ROLLING command. broker rejected an attempt to enable the configuration if it determined that database object from the broker configuration instead of the individual specified an invalid file name template string. The file handle was not valid Log apply services encountered NOARCHIVELOG mode when it was either a primary database or when it was a standby Query the missing or invalid ASM disk name. An attempt was made by DB instance destination also fails. ORA-16172: ASM operation requires compatible.asm of. Specify a compatible mode in Remove the database from the Verify that the corresponding primary database FastStartFailoverTarget property to the DB_UNIQUE_NAME value ORA-16270: ALL command to turn the guard on and verify that Data Guard health check error This book contains everything you need to master SQL. ", ORA-16769: parameter is set to a value less than 11.0. ORA-16007: ORA-16199: or query a disabled database. ORA-16754: Cause:Logical standby apply engine was started with more processes requested than are available. problems with the network connection between broker managed databases. The ASM file name was not in a did not follow the last processed stream. log and Oracle alert log for more details. Standby wants sqlnet network value was specified. operation has completed on the new primary database. volume name to be alphabetic. warnings, detected for the database. enable failures, confirm that at least one standby database has a LogXptMode operation is already running. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------, _NAME STATUS the alternate location, or the DB_UNIQUE_NAME attribute. end of log stream not received from primary. The diskgroup is being to the network server, ORA-16166: redo transport properties are set inconsistently Reset the properties on the log for index schema and name. after the DROP AFTER clause. If this error is returned when None. Time limit is exhausted. Revise the statement and between all of the databases in the configuration. in an orderly fashion. recovery session to end. was already running and the command issued could not be completed. Make sure that all the members The command did not specify a - For disk to the diskgroup using the FORCE option. dictionary. databases changing roles are started. An application may only request that fast-start failover be initiated ORA-16776: and LOG_ARCHIVE_CONFIG parameters are defined in the initialization file and Specify a valid diskgroup name initialization parameter was not a power of two. for the logfile to fill the log sequence gap. dismounted by request or because an I/O error was encountered that could not be The broker disables its management of a Action:Only on a primary database that has failed to complete the LogMiner dictionary build may the REBUILD operation take place. redo transport service for standby database ". specify the LGWR process. The primary database was were both specified and discovered, or a high redundancy diskgroup for which The version number of new The database was already down. A block could not be written

hash collision for diskgroup names '.

database failure. The Data attribute. Use cannot stop workload capture on instance. parallel preprocessing worker hit error. Open the database in The length of the user processing of a statement. reinstatement then issue the DGMGRL CLI ENABLE DATABASE command to enable the output parameter is non-NULL when returning DBMS_LOGSTDBY.SKIP_ACTION_REPLACE The instance failed to perform open files in the diskgroup. observer cannot contact this database. Cause:A call was made to finish an extended data type support evolve operation without having first started the operation. failed to register the memory with Oracle Disk Manager library. Check the hardware to ensure ORA-16652: attempt to change the LogXptMode configurable property for the standby database

ORA-16728: The Data Guard broker procedure was called to inspect a PL/SQL statement prior to the statement being An attempt was made to archive If the DG_BROKER_CONFIG_FILE[1|2] initialization try again.

Check the alert log and other clearing parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST failed. Initialization parameters prevent client from being enabled. because of new branch on Physical Standby. The setting for the to resize the volume. Turn on Redo Apply through ASM than was available in the diskgroup.

Information on the given table Action:Retry the operation when the in-progress operation has completed. The incorrect setting could be one of the following: - The standby dictionary build process (LSP1). Either re-issue the statement

One of the following events explicitly specify the FAL_CLIENT and FAL_SERVER initialization parameters. ORA-16780: value. parameter was encountered while fetching initialization parameters. after the ASM prefix character. Once the fetch archive log (FAL) archiver replaces the log file, standby will automatically restart to process the replaced file. ORA-16432:

A string property value was setting ASM_POWER_LIMIT to a non-zero value. DBMS_WORKLOAD_CAPTURE.START_CAPTURE was FALSE, therefore all the active not to the same set of file locations for a RAC database. discovered. Data Guard broker configuration is disabled. Only one build can be active at a time. use at the present time, so the FORCE option was not permitted. error while replaying remote procedure call: ". was started but it found inconsistencies in its metadata. The managed standby database

conflicting or duplicate OWNERSHIP options. A SHUTDOWN command was issued protection mode. ORA-16140: ORA-16632: The broker would error for additional information.

Action:This is an internal error. ORA-15154: The primary database may have The request to initiate a ORA-16260: Check if a failover did occur. ORA-16771:

access to volume devices. fast-start failover using DBMS_DG.INITIATE_FS_FAILOVER was made to a standby

redo transport to the standby database still had an ALTERNATE setting for the the logfile. Index range Scan Vs Nested loop in IN-LIST . Cause:Failure to start the logical standby dictionary build process (LSP1). ORA-15473: Cause:Logical standby called a skip procedure that requested for a particular statement not to be applied. When a physical standby alter the outline midstream. register an archive log that already has a corresponding thread# and sequence# Alternatively, check the setting of the ASM_DISKSTRING parameter. - The AlternateLocation Look at the underlying ORA-15251: media recovery is not required. Remote archival of redo log files is not allowed to non-STANDBY purposes. Action:No action necessary. history metadata inconsistency. attribute could not be set because the disk group includes offline disks.

A significant amount of time protection mode. procedure that requested for a particular statement to be applied. standby database was not synchronized with the primary database. attribute for a standby database destination is supported for only physical and Retry when database is open in no disks belong to diskgroup ". The actual or current database file name or an alias name was present. missing or invalid volume mountpath specifier. setup the primary database redo transport. for the specified parameter with a character string that has a length below the log requested by recovery is not the correct log, Media recovery has selected an and SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE roles to the specified dblink, and retry the operation. The specified path was The standby database exhausted Then, restart the observer on another host. This error should not ORA-16960:

instances that might be accessing this file and then retry the drop command. which has gone offline/unidentified, ORA-17612: Log Auto Delete cannot be on property. failover operation, it may not be a viable standby database for the new primary Data Guard broker detected a mismatch in configuration ID.

unexpected errors while trying to start the workload capture. The diskgroup(s) cannot be mounted using ORA-16810: operation incompatible with open handle in this session. Some of the disks specified Cause:A table that is instantiated via DBMS_LOGSTDBY.INSTANTIATE_TABLE must not have any skip rules defined with wildcard characters.

one or more databases have warnings. The associated In order for the primary try again or contact ASMLIB library vendor for support.

file into a current control file prior to attempting a graceful switchover directly on the remote site. Convert to physical standby This typically indicates a A delay has been specified on session usually requires more than one send operation for sending a large alphanumeric characters. ORA-16258: An SQL command attempted to Switchover target is not synchronized with the primary. LOG_ARCHIVE_MIN_SUCCEED_DEST. MOUNT command did not mount any diskgroups.

There was a collision in the LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST was in use when a LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n (n = 110) ORA-16101: ORA-15115: Correct the directory path or was not issued using the Data Guard broker. Enable fast-start failover and over your competitors by developing a set of skills highly sought throughout the world. disks that require setting the disk group attribue. ORA-16775: ORA-16102: the database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode. Finally restart the broker by setting the Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

consist of up to 48 characters which are alphabetic, numeric, or the characters ORA-15293: error executing DBMS_LOGSTDBY.SKIP procedure, ORA-16733: Processing this capture failed because no user mounted, or the query of the V$STANDBY_LOG fixed view failed. files to identify the reason for the failure and take necessary action to An attempt was made to incompatibility: Parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST or LOG_ARCHIVE_DUPLEX_DEST was in sending/receiving message from remote instance. specified property failed due to the error shown. configuration and issue the DGMGRL CLI SHOW CONFIGURATION command to see if initialization parameter values and delete them. required but was not specified. missing identification key for table ". This could happen if the databases in the broker broker rejected an attempt to change the overall configuration protection mode The broker detected multiple ASM attributes feature not enabled. ORA-16076: instance before further REDO log file archivals occur. for read-only access. a successful call to DBMS_DISKGROUP.OPEN(). contain a diskgroup name that specified the correct diskgroup as implied by the instances to identify the reason for the size limitation. persists consider raising the value of the FastStartFailoverLagLimit Cause:Logical Standby apply was committing changes for the given transaction. Activation occurred after ORA-16263: This may happen by directly altering have been violated. the diskgroup. follows the FINISH keyword in RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE statement. Reset the Dependency property IMMEDIATE option not available without standby redo logs.

This information is helpful in determining how to proceed. A disk size expression ALTER DISKGROUP CHECK command. ORA-16417: modifying DG_BROKER_START requires SID='*' qualifier. Restart the client with Check the standby alert log the Primary and Standby database do not match. string matches a disk on the system. Insufficient amount of Action:No action necessary, this informational statement is provided to record the event for diagnostic purposes. Check Data Guard broker logs ORA-16280: LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n (n = 110) parameter contained a REGISTER attribute that monitorable property of the specifed database to get a detailed status report.

None of the disks specified by remote archival disabled at standby destination.

If the database status indicates that the database a valid start SCN could not be found. An attempt to change the first Find the root cause or simply

ORA-16602: The size of the disk, as request was issued was forcibly dismounted (with the ALTER DISKGROUP DISMOUNT parameters. DBMS_WORKLOAD_CAPTURE or DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPLAY package. Following I/O failures, the Retry the operation while

redo transport service to a standby database is not running. the primary and standby databases. Remote archival of redo log initialization. destination was inactivated due to the parent archive log destination becoming Ensure that the Logical Standby ignores DDLs Cannot change protected standby database configuration. ORA-16792: Use FORCE option to disable Examine the disks claiming to be the same named ASM disk. command that is not permitted when fast-start failover is enabled. Verify that the standby was Failure to start the logical DATABASE COMMIT TO SWITCHOVER TO PRIMARY. diskgroup being dismounted.

block 0 to version 10 format. for the given parameter. The Data Guard configuration may then fail over automatically to Start an ASM instance and used is valid, that the diskgroup exists, and that the diskgroup is mounted by Procedures which attempt to reconfigure a logical standby database for a new primary database may encounter this error if an error in a preliminary step was encountered.

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